The Full Moon occurs in 11 degrees Capricorn at 4:39 AM PST, trine Jupiter, opposite the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, while sesquisquare Mars. This decan of Capricorn is ruled by the 3 of pentacles in the tarot, and calls for a stable foundation to be laid down in order to become something greater than the sum of it's parts. A sense of realism, along with discarding what is not possible, sensible or relevant while embracing what is, compliments and assists the earthy ambition of this decan. There may be a lot on people’s plates at this Full Moon, and a strong desire to upgrade, consolidate and steadily improve situations, materially, spiritually and emotionally. Feeling a bit out of sorts, frayed around the edges, or strapped with a lot of responsibilities can be a theme, but in spite of this, even if there are challenges, things are actually quite encouraging. The Moon goes on to square Chiron, so it wouldn’t be surprising if people feel a little weak in the face of all the work ahead of them. The squares that Mars and Venus have made to Uranus, along with Neptune’s station retrograde can see people feeling a bit of nervous overstimulation.“No pain, no gain”, as the saying goes. Go forward gently, and don’t underestimate the immense metamorphosis available in this mathscape. Enterprising new ideas and innovation can be in the spotlight. 


The Moon in late Capricorn conjoins Pluto as the day get’s started, and this can see obsessive focus on a goal. The perfection is exact around 9:30 AM PST, and then the Moon moves into Aquarius at 10:30 AM PST. This can see innovative breakthroughs, perhaps after considerable pressure. The Moon/Pluto conjunction can see a lot of intensity that’s best channelled into something constructive. This evening there can be something to pat yourself or others on the back about, with the Moon squaring Jupiter, creating a sort of congratulatory atmosphere after rolling a large boulder up a steep hill. Some people make it look easy, though it likely has been anything but. 


The Moon in Aquarius can have some difficult decisions to weigh up, or in the very least, it can be challenging to meet your own needs and desires and that of other people. There are a lot of changes to adapt to, and things can be exciting, but it can feel like adaptation needs to happen at a breakneck pace. Finding balance amidst it all, and being patient with both yourself as well as others can help alleviate some pressure and prevent clashes with others. Positively, there is a strong electrical charge to these configurations, as the Moon is square Uranus and opposes Venus and Mars. Evening time can be particularly active, and some people may find it difficult to sleep. Take time to ground out so that you don’t short circuit. People may need room to breathe and maneuver changeable circumstances. 


The Moon opposition Mars that goes on to conjoin Saturn after the Moon heads into Pisces this morning at 10:33 AM PST can see a lot of energy as the day gets going. Energy that could also be described as tension. There can be responsibilities to attend to and certain situations that need to be brought under control. By the time this week is over, things can look very different than they did at the beginning, and any tension that’s been present can be followed by a sense of relief. This evening can see some vulnerability or sensitivity, either due to challenging but ultimately beneficial circumstances, or potentially awkward but necessary confrontations with situations or people, possibly even authority figures, bosses, or VIPs, or a sense of looming responsibility. Things can go a lot smoother than you might presume, so if you’ve been stressed or your nerves have been overtaxed, try to relax and reduce any pressure.


The Moon in Pisces makes some lovely aspects today, offering a sweet sense of relief. There’s a lot of compassion and understanding in these configurations, with the Moon making harmonious trine’s to the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus. If you need to make some changes to schedules or do something differently for whatever reason, people are likely to be understanding and forgiving under these configurations. The heart and mind are in sync today, which can make it easier to go with the flow. This evening the Moon quincunx Mars can see some nervous tension. Although there’s a feeling of relief around certain things, it can still feel challenging to completely relax, because there is still so much work to do. The Pisces lunation really just wants to dream and unwind. Still, there are things to feel excited and motivated about. 


There can be a desire to get certain things more organized or sorted out today, and make some adjustments so that relaxation can truly be possible (at some point.) The challenge is that many people need to be able to relax NOW. The Moon conjunct Neptune this morning really wants to fall into reverie and dream, but the quincunx to Mars is irritated or compelled into productivity. The Moon enters dynamic Aries at 12:19 PM PST, where it will semisquare Uranus this evening while Sextile the domestic goddess Vesta. Getting things to flow more smoothly within the home, work, or every day environment can be integral to achieving more peace, ease and stability. There is a lot to integrate and consolidate. 


The Moon in Aries squares the Sun in Cancer while trine Chiron, and this can see a lot of action around home, family or domestic situations. Mercury perfects a trine to Neptune today at 27 degrees while opposite Pluto in Capricorn, and this can see a lot of understanding for people going through unusual circumstances or major changes. There can be a lot of pressure to get things sorted and more comfortable. Pallas, asteroid of creative intelligence, wisdom and mental strategy enters detail oriented Virgo at 11:55 late this evening, right before the new week begins, hinting at an exhaustive organization, healing and improvement process that requires attention to details, discernment, and dedication. Mars will follow suit, entering the zenith degree of Virgo bright and early Monday morning. Next week can get off to an excited and motivated note. What has felt like drudgery combined with a series of uphill battles or electrical shocks to the nervous system can begin to feel more inspiring. There can still be some indecision or uncertainty to navigate, but this incoming Mars cycle will help sort the gold from the dross and establish healthier, more efficient foundations and find solutions to longstanding issues. 


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