Sunday, February 26, 2023



The week begins with the Moon in Gemini squaring the Sun in Pisces, conjunct Mars, and in the morning hours, sextile Jupiter and Chiron. This can be a motivated start to the week. In the evening, the Moon is square Neptune. There can be a lot to do today, and a strong desire to do it. There can be some uncertainty around how much can get accomplished, but there's an imaginative and curious energy. Avoid exhaustion or burnout, but take advantage of the opportunities to connect with others or get absorbed in things you enjoy. Next week see’s a Full Moon in Virgo, right as Saturn enters Pisces. So this week draws attention to the remaining loose ends that need to be sorted out at the entry point of a new cycle. Although there is a noble drive to get things accomplished today, the itinerary can be full, or there can be plenty of distractions. Uncertainty, nervousness and a bit of whimsical energy can linger in the air. The Moon conjunct Mars can see a lot of motivation and drive, but a lot of rushing around to get things done. Later on, the lunar square to Neptune is sensitive, empathetic, uncertain, and a bit dreamy, seeing the wee hours into Tuesday morning focused on preparedness and being ready and adaptable to change.


The Moon in Gemini is trine Mercury and Saturn, while conjunct Mars and square Neptune. New routines or foundations being laid down can still feel kind of vulnerable, and there can be a need to be ready and adaptable. There can be a lot of communications, and although there is a sturdiness and resilience to these configurations, the lunar square to Neptune can see uncertainty causing a subtle drain on energy or confidence levels. The afternoon see’s the Moon also make a semisquare to Uranus, which emphasizes the need to remain adaptable and can see a certain jumpiness, but the lunar trine to Mercury and Saturn keep things relatively stable while being ready to innovate should things get shaken up. There’s a focus here on planning ahead while keeping a steady rhythm. The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 6:40 PM PST, bringing the focus on to security and creature comforts.


We are officially entering the long aforementioned month where everything begins to shift. This will be most notable at the weekend, and certainly by next week. The Moon in Cancer is trine the Sun, square Venus, Jupiter and Chiron, while conjunct Pallas. Having a strategy in place to preserve security and a comfortable foundation and home base while also continuing to make significant strides forward can be a theme here. The Moon trine the Sun is sensitive, easy going and suggestible, while the lunar square to Venus, Jupiter and Chiron, (while Venus and Jupiter go on to perfect a conjunction at 12 degrees Aries tonight,) is galvanized to make changes at a root level that increase security, pleasure, but also freedom of action and personal autonomy. These configurations point to a desire to overcome weaknesses in foundations. Minor tense aspects to Mercury and Saturn, and a sextile to Uranus suggest some indecision or slight delays, but upgrades or breakthroughs are imminent. 


Mercury and Saturn reach an exact conjunction today in 29 degrees Aquarius, and then Mercury enters 0 degrees Pisces at 2:52 PM PST. This all occurs while the Moon in security oriented Cancer is trine Neptune in Pisces, going on to oppose Pluto as the day wears on into evening. Dreams, ideals, and ideas are tested here. Mercury moving on while touching Saturn suggests an accumulation of wisdom, an apex point, a milestone. Mars in curious, communicative Gemini drives this point home even further by building a square to Neptune that will perfect on March 15 2023. This can see a sort of “psycho-social miasma” to navigate during the first couple weeks of March, along with Saturn’s entrance into Pisces, the collective unconscious, on March 7th. Having a clear sense of purpose will continue to be important, and that purpose can be found in the area of your chart ruled by Pisces. Mercury brings emphasis to this area by exactly conjoining Saturn in 29 Aquarius, the house before Pisces in your chart. To maintain the stability and reap the rewards in the house ruled by Aquarius, an increased focus and stabilization needs to be brought to the house ruled by Pisces. Saturn’s aim in Pisces is to essentially rehabilitate the collective unconscious, on a macro scale. On a micro scale, strengthening discernment, boundaries, inner peace, and obtaining a mastery over ones own psychic space, internal state, and inner world are running themes. The Moon in Cancer trine Neptune and opposite Pluto can see intense feelings or experiences, or a strong pull towards comfort and attachments, while Venus in Aries conjunct Jupiter and Chiron and semisquare Saturn can see a desire for independence feel hampered by security, -or vice versa, a desire for security can feel hampered by independence.  


The Moon enters Leo at 7:16 AM PST, where it makes a fired up, restless semisquare to Mars, going on to form a trine to Jupiter, Venus and Chiron. The Sun in psychic Pisces still in sextile to Uranus can see unique opportunities, insights, or ideas, and a draw to unusual experiences or proclivities. The day can begin on a restless, curious, or excitable note, and the energy builds through to the evening. Saturday can see a lot of “zang” in the atmosphere, with the possibility of something to celebrate. There could be a milestone, upgrade, or breakthrough looming, (if one hasn’t already been reached), with the Moon in Leo preparing to directly oppose Saturn in the anaretic degree of Aquarius. 


Today is filled with excitement, and has a spicy flavor. The Moon in Leo is trine Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron, while square Uranus. There can be some curve balls. The Moon in expressive and creative Leo in synchrony to Venus, Jupiter and Chiron in independent and enterprising Aries, while also squaring Uranus, can see a focus on fun, freedom of expression, and independent initiatives. The differences between others can keep things interesting. Under these configurations, people need a lot of room to simply be themselves. That being said, there are also opportunities to connect with or be spurred on by likeminded weirdos. What others think of you is their business. Follow your joy. The Moon goes on to sextile Mars this evening, which can see a lot of creativity, passion, and enthusiasm. A sort of party atmosphere, (even if just inwardly), or in the very least, a lot of drive, desire, excitement and motivation. “What in the dopamine is going on here?”


The Moon in Leo opposes Saturn today at 29 degrees Aquarius, while quincunx Neptune, and trine Juno, giving a curious mixture of maturity and playfulness. Apart from the potential of this exhibiting itself as classical reward circuitry crash, an inevitable limit or boundary, or a return to responsibilities, this math could also manifest as overly self conscious behaviors, or an over concern with other peoples opinions. Should this occur, make your own self opinion your primary concern, and focus instead upon impressing yourself. Again, “what other people think of you is none of your business.” (A quote made famous by Eleanor Roosevelt). It’s solid advice, and an important reminder that one of the primary pillars of self esteem is personal integrity. The Moon enters Virgo at 7:38 PM PST, bringing the attention back into the body and the somatic reality, and on to what needs improvement. Late evening see’s the Moon opposite Mercury while sesquisquare Venus, still holding it’s opposition to Saturn. This can see some indecision around timing, nervousness, or self doubts. It can help to eliminate distractions and stay focused on the basics. The upcoming week see’s a Full Moon in Virgo the same day Saturn enters Pisces. This stresses the importance of details and of cultivating the zen zone required to produce quality works. 

Sunday, February 19, 2023



The New Moon is still very much in effect as we enter this week, and Venus is fresh into Aries, so the week begins in a liminal space, with the Moon still in Pisces, and Venus having switched signs. There’s a lot of new energy coming in to adapt to, and as the Moon squares Mars, while sextile Uranus, semisquare Pluto, changes coming down the pike can feel both exciting and a bit intimidating. The Moon square Mars can be a little irritable and can see energy feel lower than current tasks or duties may be demanding, which can see some impatience with impediments or cause some self doubt at times. This is best met with self compassion as loose ends are tidied up during Pisces season. Although New Moons highlight new seeds and new potentials, the day of and right after one aren’t typically the launch dates of these seeds, but attention is drawn to the new potentials unfolding. By now, you already have an idea of what these new potentials are. The Moon sextile Uranus is adaptable and also inspired, while the lunar semisquare to Pluto can tap into deep reserves to make way for changes and keep the beat going. This week suggests to ease into things gently and allow the energy to pick up gradually. March will kick off with a bang, so savor this liminal space, don’t be in too much of a hurry, and allow the enthusiasm and vital forces build.


The Moon see’s a beautiful conjunction to Venus and Neptune today while sextile Hygeia, which can be very healing, compassionate and soothing. These are easy going, even surreal configurations, and intuition can be high, the psychic antenna are sensitive. Inspiration can be easy to come by, and there is an emphasis on beauty, pleasure, compassion, spiritual connections, and the imaginative faculties. A lunar sextile to Pluto can see a lot of powerful things unfolding under the surface, and it highlights the importance of vision. There can be powerful intuitive experiences, and the imagination can be wielded constructively. The Moon also semisquare Mercury and Uranus can see creative brainstorming or putting out the feelers to come up with new ideas. There can be interesting things going on interpersonally or socially, and today can be great for brainstorming. There’s still a lot being taken in from the energy of the New Moon, so savor these moments and tune into your impressions. Something new is emerging and it can feel exciting. The Moon enters dynamic Aries at 9:14 PM PST, seeing tomorrow kick off on a motivated and reinvigorated start. There can be a lot to look forward to.


The Moon in Aries is conjunct Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron, and this can see morale significantly boosted. New people have entered the fold or new initiatives are percolating with promise, and it can feel that our worlds are pleasantly expanding or that we are pioneering into new territory. These configurations are passionate and enthusiastic, and Venus particularly, is excited to move into new territory and leave unwanted baggage at the door. The Moon goes on to semisquare Saturn, which can see a need to slow down just a little bit, but a lunar sextile to Mars and Mercury are eager and endlessly curious, which can see a lot of banter, back and forth, and questions seeking answers. There can be a need to stay focused and keep your feet on the ground to keep the momentum of progress going, which can be showing a lot of promise. New potential is percolating and it can be really motivating and energizing to liven things up with fresh energy and ideas. This can see new alliances emerging. 


The Moon makes a conjunction to Juno, which can emphasize new partnerships, or new phases in established ones. The Moon squares Pluto and forms a sextile to Saturn today, which can see a quiet intensity, and an obsessive focus on goals and creating more stability. This can be all the more motivated by new potentials making themselves known. Venus making her way towards Jupiter is thoroughly excited, and in some ways there can be a sense of emancipation or personal empowerment building up. A sense that hard work or sacrifices have all been worthwhile and that things are opening up. There can be real, tangible rewards on the other end.


The Moon enters Taurus at 12:29 AM PST, where it sextile’s the Sun and conjoins Uranus. Today can see surprises, shocks, or slight deviations from routines. Mercury semisquare to Venus can see some minor tensions or pressures to adapt at lightning speed, but Mercury trine Mars is quick on the draw and very communicative, (and also really busy.) It’s possible today can see some running around for practical reasons, but also a bit of a scramble to adapt to changes or solve problems. The Taurus lunation is easy going, but conjunct Uranus, wants to see a bit of excitement. Evening see’s the Moon also make a semisquare to Neptune, which can see a dreaminess or uncertainty mixed with excitement. This weekend can see a need to think on your feet or be adaptable to last minute changes to plans or routines. 


The Moon is square Mercury while semisquare Venus and sextile Neptune, seeing some indecision around opportunities presented. There can be a pressure to act, and Venus conjunct Jupiter can feel wide eyed with excitement and impulse. The Moon in Taurus is slow to adjust, and square Saturn while trine Pluto as the day progresses, so there may be obstacles or delays, or issues of timing and practicalities in spite of compelling pulls, offers, or opportunities. The Moon sextile Neptune and trine Pluto is sensitive, impressionable, and easily tempted, but the Moon trine Hygeia in Capricorn suggests tuning into the body and looking after well being, and using that as a compass to navigate any complex decisions that might be navigated today. Venus in Aries getting closer to Jupiter can carry a sense of urgency.


The Moon enters curious Gemini at 7:48 AM PST after making an intense trine to Pluto in 29 degrees Capricorn. There can be a sort of nervous, squirrely, sense of stir crazy as the day begins, with the Moon in Gemini square the Sun and Saturn at different points today. This can manifest as a bit of an inner conflict, or a sense of blockages, timing, or obstacles can create uncertainty. Evening see’s the Moon sextile Venus, and then Jupiter, which can smooth things along, and adds some charm and ease to social interactions, and bring some good news, which can ease uncertainty and stoke enthusiasm and optimism. This can get next week off to an excited, extremely motivated but dreamy, slushy start. Even if things are a little slower due to the fact that we’re still in Pisces season, March (which will be here by Wednesday) contains shift after shift, and this upcoming Saturday (March 4) promises to be very exciting. Amidst all this, it’ll continue to be important to keep feet firmly on the ground and not drop the ball on routines and structures that are working well and gaining traction. 

Saturday, February 11, 2023



This week begins with the Moon in late Scorpio trine Venus and Neptune, which are both conjunct. The Moon is also square the Sun and Saturn, while sesquisquare Jupiter, and sextile Pluto, which can see a lot romantic idealism funneled in a focused, even obsessive manner. The Sun and Saturn strengthens a conjunction all week, seeing a stabilizing influence driven by high ideals. Hard work over the previous months can begin to crystalize a solid new foundation which can function as a springboard for further progress. Venus and Neptune conjunct at the moment potentiate the highest octave of love, creativity, and aesthetics, which is a truly romantic and sappy configuration, apropos for Valentine's day. Today can be pleasantly driven. In some cases, there can be a downright smitten energy that can feel slightly inhibited by duties or by other obstacles. Some astrologers might say Venus and Neptune together is nothing but "good vibes," which can be true, but it can also see an element of sadness, or speak of a longing for something or someone unreachable, impossible, or long gone. It's certainly a compassion of the highest order. The true hopeless romantic configuration. Faith based love. Spiritual love. The ultimate sacrifice. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:31 PM PST, to trine Jupiter, which can see an unstoppable quirky idealism endeavor to prevail over the grittier parts of reality. This set’s the stage for an emotionally adventurous, and even spicy Valentines day that can highlight curiosity, travel, learning, and communications. For some, there can be some brazen statements, proclamations, or confessions. Love knows no bounds. For the less romantically focused among us, this is a pioneering, idealistic and motivated energy that can expand horizons. 


Happy Valentines day to all you lovebirds out there, and to the single folks as well. Today can put a pep in many people’s step, with the Moon in truth seeking Sagittarius trine generous Jupiter, Chiron, and Juno, while opposite Mars. Love can feel like an adventure right now, and although Venus is exalted in Pisces, those who find themselves in ill defined territory can begin to become a bit restless with a lack of clarity or s sense of vagueness that leaves a lot of longing in it’s wake, and this trend will be accentuated by Venus moving into Aries late on Sunday night at the tail end of the week. For now, much can be forgiven, and any sense of mystery is embraced with wide eyed idealism, fervent curiosity, courage, passion and exploration. This math epitomizes a happy dog wagging it’s tail, and there can be an emotionally generous, and motivated atmosphere that can boost morale, and make it easy to see the good in people and in situations. There’s an endless curiosity here that desires to get right to the point, so retaining a sense of subtlety might be helpful, as Venus conjunct Neptune is highly absorbent and sensitive to nuance. Intuition, passion, and curiosity can combine in morale boosting ways, just try not to go over the top or get in over your head.


The Moon is sextile the Sun and Saturn today while squaring Venus and Neptune, which perfect a conjunction today at 24 degrees Pisces. Here is where too much mystery, fantasy, surreality and irresolution can begin to grate up against a desire to feel some solid ground. Although there is a thoughtfulness, beauty and sensitivity to today’s configurations, with the Moon in hoof in mouth Sagittarius square shy and sensitive Venus in Pisces, take care to verbalize any potential distaste for elusiveness, empty promises, and lack of clarity with care, as the shoot from the hip straight forwardness can be interpreted as off-putting, brash, or counterintuitive to the cause. There is a strong desire here for clarity and certainty, -which is the complete antithesis of Venus in Pisces. Today can be excellent for making creative visions a reality and bringing inspiration down to earth. There can even be some helpful reality checks. The Sun and Saturn perfect a conjunction at 27 degrees Aquarius, which is extremely helpful for solidifying foundations and crystalizing new structures and rhythms. Just as easily, carriages can turn into pumpkins if there's been a lack of realism, (pie, anyone?). In either case, after wading through a lot of murkiness, things can finally begin making a little more sense as this week plays out. In the very least, things within your locus of control can begin stabilizing a lot more, and a solid set of priorities and time management can begin to take root. This requires focus and tuning out things that get you chasing your own tail in futility. The Sun conjunct Saturn can help weed out any subtle, demoralizing influences, which can be self empowering. The Moon enters reality centric Capricorn at 9:00 PM PST, doubling down on the theme of healthy boundaries and reality checks.


The Moon in Capricorn is square Jupiter, Chiron and Juno in Aries, while trine Uranus, and this can see a declaration of independence from anything confusing, time wasting, disempowering, and demoralizing. There is a healthy sense of pragmatism and autonomy here that is aversive to waste and unnecessary distractions. For some, this can manifest in a rather pronounced way that can feel like a personal reclamation of ones own time, energy, power, initiative and drive. There can also be a focus on health or healing, physical issues, and clearing away impediments to well being. Surprising insights can be helpful and boost morale, even if matter of fact issues have to be dealt with. This math is on a mission, and instils a solid sense of purpose. It can actually feel liberating to adhere to a certain structure or to impose certain limits or boundaries on how much you deviate from a core quest. Mercury sextile Jupiter suggests there’s much to be explored, a lot of growth potential within a more defined framework and set of priorities. New information can be helpful and reassuring. Venus conjunct Neptune has high ideals that tend towards the intangible and ethereal. Todays energy can be used advantageously and provide intuitive insights that have a basis in common sense. Having high values that you’re unwilling to settle on, (along with a good grasp on reality) is amazing for efficiency, self preservation, and saving time.


The Moon in Capricorn is trine Uranus, sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto this morning, seeing the day get off on a focused, inspired, and goal oriented start. The Moon goes on to sextile Venus, seeing inspired visions and hopes become tangible reality. There may be some pleasant surprises or even some rewards for sticking to your guns. Intuition can be high, and interpersonally, there can be a subtle, magnetic intensity underscoring the day. The Sun and Saturn can see the week closing out on a very accomplished feeling note. Not only are things stabilizing, but they're evolving. Today can see some interesting undercurrents going on under the surface socially or interpersonally. Financial, physical, creative or commercial endeavors can be impacted by these energies as well. Evening especially, can see some intense moments with the Moon conjunct Pluto and sextile Venus, with Venus getting ready to shift into Aries on Sunday night. It’s possible that for some, there are make or break moments are in the works. There can also be new alliances forming, or new people can enter the fold. There can be more going on under the surface than meets the eye, and meetings can be more significant than we first realize. A new corner is about to be turned socially, interpersonally, or financially. The Moon enters community oriented Aquarius at 9:35 PST, which can see a great deal of curiosity, excitement, and enthusiasm around new initiatives, friendships, or signs of growth. Good news is on the way that might be quite unexpected.


The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Pisces at 2:34 PM PST, seeing a conscious shift towards releasing a lot of unnecessary baggage and deadweight, leaving certain issues firmly behind us. The Moon in social Aquarius is excited and focused on the future, and makes a conjunction to Mercury, a trine to Mars, and a sextile to Jupiter.  Good news or positive feedback, and possibly even some solid gains can be an incredibly motivating force to keep going forward and doing things that clearly seem to be working well. This can see some generous benefactors come out of the woodwork, or can be positive for commercial or artistic affairs, or even for healing. A solid support network can be getting established and seeing growth, or the benefits of one already in place can be showing themselves. Friendships and shared goals or aspirations can be highlighted. A mutual admiration society can do wonders for spurring people on to actualize their dreams. The Moon squares Uranus this evening, seeing some flashes of inspiration, shocks, surprises, or deviations from the norm. New people are entering the fold. Curiosity abounds, and innovation paves the way forward to get solid foundations established. Venus in the anaretic degree of Pisces is at a threshold and grows restless and less tolerant of sticking with things that don’t serve her interests, or where the terms of certain arrangements are unclear. Fresh territory beckons. 


Today's mathscape is intense. There is a commitment to new structures and priorities here. A solidification of processes that has been underway for quite a while. Simultaneously, there is a walking away, a leaving behind of certain things that are necessarily dissolving. The area in your chart ruled by Pisces is now being deep cleaned and prepared to make way for Saturn to set up shop here. The majority of today is future focused, goal oriented and disciplined. Venus makes an intense, exact sextile to Pluto, both at 29 degrees, which can see make or break moments building interpersonally for some, with new opportunities presenting themselves, subtly at first, -but powerfully. Power dynamics can be a factor in certain dynamics, which can see tricky territory for some. The Moon then enters Pisces this evening at 8:56 PM PST. The New Moon climaxes at 11:06 PM PST at 1 degree of Pisces, making an out of sign conjunction to Saturn in late Aquarius. This is followed by Venus entering the zenith degree of Aries at 11:56 PM PST. This is all deeply symbolic.  This decan of Pisces is ruled by the 8 of Cups in the tarot, a card that pictures a man walking away from something that once was very important to him, but has since lost relevance or ceases to fulfill his desires. He abandons something that he once put a lot of emotional investment into, in order to embark on a personal quest for satisfaction. There is something that is dissolving necessarily here, it may have been based on false pretenses, projection, or fantasy, or it simply ceases to provide the pleasure that it once did. Here, fantasy meets reality, and self honesty makes a rational assessment. In the name of authenticity, energy can no longer be wasted or poured into things that don’t provide the satisfaction we seek. Venus doubles down on this sentiment by entering independent Aries after an intense exact sextile to Pluto, suggesting something is reaching the end of the road, or can't be suppressed any longer, and new opportunities are presenting themselves, begging to be explored. Something either needs to transform to continue, or be abandoned entirely. In Aries, not only is Venus unafraid to go it alone if need be, but she is enthusiastic and excited to follow her whims and impulses unapologetically in pursuit of her passions. A certain way of being is left behind because it no longer nourishes the vital forces, or serves the long term aims. With this can come a revitalization of the authentic self, and even of the body. What Venus has been denied, she now seeks with abandon, or in the very least, she seeks to self affirm.


Sunday, February 5, 2023



We enter the week with the Moon in late Leo opposite Saturn. There’s a need to focus in order to keep momentum going and stay on course. The Moon enters Virgo at 1:14 PM, shifting the focus firmly on duties and the little details of life that need to be handled. The Sun trine Mars and inching towards Saturn see’s a strong motivation to solidify progress and lock in for a new sustained rhythm. There’s a lot to manage and a lot going on, and still much that needs to be tidied up. Tomorrow see’s the Moon in Virgo opposite Venus and square Mars, which can see a frenzy of activity or push for productivity, progress, and keeping to a schedule, while Venus may feel a bit fatigued by it all. 


The early part of the day can see a need to improvise in order to “cram it all in”. The Moon opposite Venus and square Mars is while sesquisquare Mercury early on is a bit harried and pressed to meet deadlines, make appointments on time, as there can be little “extras” today that may subtly interfere with the usual routines. The Moon goes on to trine Uranus while sesquisquare Pluto, and making an awkward quincunx to Chiron. This suggests that sheer determination and willpower along with a flexible mindset can pull people through, but it can leave people feeling a bit frazzled. Venus and Uranus in sextile see some really great creative inspiration that could result in some interesting rabbit holes. A lunar trine to Hygeia this evening prompts a focus on health, healing, and self care. Get your bearings so that you don't burn yourself out.


The Moon in Virgo is trine Mercury and Pluto, which are approaching a perfected conjunction to one another on the 9 th and 10th. The Moon is also opposite Venus and Neptune. This suggests a desire to get to the bottom of something, sort through muddles and mysteries, tune out distractions, and “secure the bag.” There can be an obsessed focus here that is thorough, intense, and unwavering. I liken Mercury conjunct Pluto to the Golem and the Ring Of Power in the Lord Of The Rings. Whatever “the precious” means for you, it is a motivating force. For some, this is an intense ambition around a dream or a goal amidst a need to wade through demoralizing factors, doubts, uncertainty, troubles, woes -or actual, legitimate fuckery that’s been undermining progress. For others, this can take the shape of an undeniable attraction or obsession that gets them into tricky or taboo territory. Whatever is the case, the ring of power must be secured, -but you must not look directly into the ring, lest it overpower you, or worse still, corrupt your very soul. This can actually be a productive day for brainstorming, research, and investigating. It’s also possible that certain hidden things can be coming to light this week. A determined, and focused, but dreamy and creative day.


The Moon enters cooperative Libra at 12:47 AM PST, where it opposes Chiron, Jupiter, and Juno, while trine Mars. Although weaknesses and vulnerabilities may be apparent, there’s also a lot of courage, motivation and drive. Today can be busy and communicative, and there can be some interesting negotiations or discussions on the table, as well as team efforts. The focus on the ring of power is obsessive and all consuming, and Mercury in Capricorn conjunct Pluto is excellent for research and mental discipline. Jupiter, Juno and Chiron in Aries stress independence and autonomy, while the Moon in Libra is conciliatory, cooperative and eager to please. There can be new and interesting bridges being built interpersonally and socially, but just as easily, this math can see a negotiation and dissolution process around needing to go it alone in pursuit of the precious ring of power. There is a middle ground that also highlights a concerted team effort. Mercury perfects it’s conjunction to Pluto this evening and on into tomorrow morning, which can see research or investigative processes yield results, or a concerted, unrelenting ambitious focus, research or negotiation process reach an apex point. For a select few, this can entail make or break situations, confessions, weird, backdoor deals, “unspoken rizz”, or understandings. Feelings and expectations around relationships and agreements, social, business or personal, can be heightened. 


The Moon in Libra is trine the Sun and Mars while opposite Chiron. This can see people coming together around joint projects, goals or dreams, or in support of an underdog of some kind. The focus on the ring of power is at a peak this morning, making securing the bag of the utmost importance. In many ways, progress made is palpable and reassuring, but there can still be some lingering vulnerability around the security of said bag. It just requires sustained effort and vision. Venus conjunct Neptune longs for he impossible dream, and has vision in spades. A lunar trine to Mars and quincunx to Venus is horny for progress, just take care to avoid excessive sycophancy, thirst, martyrdom, or people pleasing by overly catering to others at the expense of your own needs or self interests, in your enthusiasm to get them on board with you. Otherwise, this looks like a smooth and constructive day that ends on a highly accomplished note, with the Moon trine Saturn. The game has changed. New level unlocked.


Mercury enters Aquarius at 3:22 AM PST, emphasizing visible progress and hurdles that have been overcome. Of course, there are still more levels to unlock, but progress is happening, and it’s rather exciting.The Moon enters obsessive and passionate Scorpio at 10:34 AM PST, squaring Mercury initially, seeing a keen observation and assessment of progress made so far, and a weighing of pros and cons around certain approaches. Next, a lunar sesquisquare to Venus returns to the vision board to dream, muse, and concoct ideas. Venus conjunct Neptune from the 10th-20th can see dreams and ideals highly stimulated, which can be excellent for love, creativity, and aesthetic matters. The combined configurations of today can see a lot of day dreaming and fantasizing, with the imagination so activated.


Today can get off to a bit of an irritated note with a bit of nervous tension as the Moon in Scorpio is quincunx Mars. There can be a desire to push yourself for some reason, or there’s other factors under the surface irritating the collective grundle. The later half of the day is much more pleasant, with the Moon trine Venus and Neptune and opposite Uranus, while Venus and Neptune hold hands. There can be some pleasant surprises in store, or a lot of creative juices flowing. Emotions can be rich, changeable and all over the place, but this math can be excellent for creative, artistic, musical, or spiritual pursuits that can be very therapeutic and cathartic. Catch the wave and ride it. The Sun conjunct Saturn on into next week see's a solid new foundation taking root, laying the groundwork for increasingly progressive trends. Next week starts off on an inspired, imaginative, resilient, -but obsessively determined note.