The week begins with the Moon in Gemini squaring the Sun in Pisces, conjunct Mars, and in the morning hours, sextile Jupiter and Chiron. This can be a motivated start to the week. In the evening, the Moon is square Neptune. There can be a lot to do today, and a strong desire to do it. There can be some uncertainty around how much can get accomplished, but there's an imaginative and curious energy. Avoid exhaustion or burnout, but take advantage of the opportunities to connect with others or get absorbed in things you enjoy. Next week see’s a Full Moon in Virgo, right as Saturn enters Pisces. So this week draws attention to the remaining loose ends that need to be sorted out at the entry point of a new cycle. Although there is a noble drive to get things accomplished today, the itinerary can be full, or there can be plenty of distractions. Uncertainty, nervousness and a bit of whimsical energy can linger in the air. The Moon conjunct Mars can see a lot of motivation and drive, but a lot of rushing around to get things done. Later on, the lunar square to Neptune is sensitive, empathetic, uncertain, and a bit dreamy, seeing the wee hours into Tuesday morning focused on preparedness and being ready and adaptable to change.


The Moon in Gemini is trine Mercury and Saturn, while conjunct Mars and square Neptune. New routines or foundations being laid down can still feel kind of vulnerable, and there can be a need to be ready and adaptable. There can be a lot of communications, and although there is a sturdiness and resilience to these configurations, the lunar square to Neptune can see uncertainty causing a subtle drain on energy or confidence levels. The afternoon see’s the Moon also make a semisquare to Uranus, which emphasizes the need to remain adaptable and can see a certain jumpiness, but the lunar trine to Mercury and Saturn keep things relatively stable while being ready to innovate should things get shaken up. There’s a focus here on planning ahead while keeping a steady rhythm. The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 6:40 PM PST, bringing the focus on to security and creature comforts.


We are officially entering the long aforementioned month where everything begins to shift. This will be most notable at the weekend, and certainly by next week. The Moon in Cancer is trine the Sun, square Venus, Jupiter and Chiron, while conjunct Pallas. Having a strategy in place to preserve security and a comfortable foundation and home base while also continuing to make significant strides forward can be a theme here. The Moon trine the Sun is sensitive, easy going and suggestible, while the lunar square to Venus, Jupiter and Chiron, (while Venus and Jupiter go on to perfect a conjunction at 12 degrees Aries tonight,) is galvanized to make changes at a root level that increase security, pleasure, but also freedom of action and personal autonomy. These configurations point to a desire to overcome weaknesses in foundations. Minor tense aspects to Mercury and Saturn, and a sextile to Uranus suggest some indecision or slight delays, but upgrades or breakthroughs are imminent. 


Mercury and Saturn reach an exact conjunction today in 29 degrees Aquarius, and then Mercury enters 0 degrees Pisces at 2:52 PM PST. This all occurs while the Moon in security oriented Cancer is trine Neptune in Pisces, going on to oppose Pluto as the day wears on into evening. Dreams, ideals, and ideas are tested here. Mercury moving on while touching Saturn suggests an accumulation of wisdom, an apex point, a milestone. Mars in curious, communicative Gemini drives this point home even further by building a square to Neptune that will perfect on March 15 2023. This can see a sort of “psycho-social miasma” to navigate during the first couple weeks of March, along with Saturn’s entrance into Pisces, the collective unconscious, on March 7th. Having a clear sense of purpose will continue to be important, and that purpose can be found in the area of your chart ruled by Pisces. Mercury brings emphasis to this area by exactly conjoining Saturn in 29 Aquarius, the house before Pisces in your chart. To maintain the stability and reap the rewards in the house ruled by Aquarius, an increased focus and stabilization needs to be brought to the house ruled by Pisces. Saturn’s aim in Pisces is to essentially rehabilitate the collective unconscious, on a macro scale. On a micro scale, strengthening discernment, boundaries, inner peace, and obtaining a mastery over ones own psychic space, internal state, and inner world are running themes. The Moon in Cancer trine Neptune and opposite Pluto can see intense feelings or experiences, or a strong pull towards comfort and attachments, while Venus in Aries conjunct Jupiter and Chiron and semisquare Saturn can see a desire for independence feel hampered by security, -or vice versa, a desire for security can feel hampered by independence.  


The Moon enters Leo at 7:16 AM PST, where it makes a fired up, restless semisquare to Mars, going on to form a trine to Jupiter, Venus and Chiron. The Sun in psychic Pisces still in sextile to Uranus can see unique opportunities, insights, or ideas, and a draw to unusual experiences or proclivities. The day can begin on a restless, curious, or excitable note, and the energy builds through to the evening. Saturday can see a lot of “zang” in the atmosphere, with the possibility of something to celebrate. There could be a milestone, upgrade, or breakthrough looming, (if one hasn’t already been reached), with the Moon in Leo preparing to directly oppose Saturn in the anaretic degree of Aquarius. 


Today is filled with excitement, and has a spicy flavor. The Moon in Leo is trine Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron, while square Uranus. There can be some curve balls. The Moon in expressive and creative Leo in synchrony to Venus, Jupiter and Chiron in independent and enterprising Aries, while also squaring Uranus, can see a focus on fun, freedom of expression, and independent initiatives. The differences between others can keep things interesting. Under these configurations, people need a lot of room to simply be themselves. That being said, there are also opportunities to connect with or be spurred on by likeminded weirdos. What others think of you is their business. Follow your joy. The Moon goes on to sextile Mars this evening, which can see a lot of creativity, passion, and enthusiasm. A sort of party atmosphere, (even if just inwardly), or in the very least, a lot of drive, desire, excitement and motivation. “What in the dopamine is going on here?”


The Moon in Leo opposes Saturn today at 29 degrees Aquarius, while quincunx Neptune, and trine Juno, giving a curious mixture of maturity and playfulness. Apart from the potential of this exhibiting itself as classical reward circuitry crash, an inevitable limit or boundary, or a return to responsibilities, this math could also manifest as overly self conscious behaviors, or an over concern with other peoples opinions. Should this occur, make your own self opinion your primary concern, and focus instead upon impressing yourself. Again, “what other people think of you is none of your business.” (A quote made famous by Eleanor Roosevelt). It’s solid advice, and an important reminder that one of the primary pillars of self esteem is personal integrity. The Moon enters Virgo at 7:38 PM PST, bringing the attention back into the body and the somatic reality, and on to what needs improvement. Late evening see’s the Moon opposite Mercury while sesquisquare Venus, still holding it’s opposition to Saturn. This can see some indecision around timing, nervousness, or self doubts. It can help to eliminate distractions and stay focused on the basics. The upcoming week see’s a Full Moon in Virgo the same day Saturn enters Pisces. This stresses the importance of details and of cultivating the zen zone required to produce quality works. 


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