Monday, November 25, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Nov 25th-Dec 1 2019.

This week begins a series of decisive shifts, which will begin to surface outwardly in more obvious ways once December begins to unfold. It’s safe to say there could be some pleasant shocks, surprises, transformations, revolutions, 180’s, 360’s, or total revisions that tick out slowly but surely. We begin this week with the Moon in intense Scorpio conjunct Mercury, sextile Saturn and Pluto, and trine Neptune. This is some deep, wild, and decisive stuff. With Venus in the last degree of adventurous Sagittarius as Monday unfolds, forming a trine to innovative, liberating Uranus,  -breaking free from internal and/or external chains that limit growth, happiness, and stand in the way of fulfilling the expression of our own personal truth and authenticity is a notable theme. We could be up against challenges, as Mars in uncompromising Scorpio sacrifices people pleasing on an altar of authenticity, and Venus square Chiron can see some sensitivities, particularly interpersonally, as people adjust to the need to embrace and accommodate such fierce levels of authenticity, freedom, -and all the consequences and responsibility that being utterly true to ourselves entails. Venus leaves exploratory, horizon expanding Sagittarius, which boosted optimism levels, and shot arrows at distant, impossible seeming targets, you know, for fun. She enters stoic, determined, down to earth Capricorn around 4:28 PM PST. Mmmmm… ‘Tegrity. With Jupiter soon to follow her footsteps next Monday. Here, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will combine for a *massive* overhaul. Essentially, all those impossible seeming targets fueled by Jupiter and Venus’ trek through brave, and optimistic Sagittarius are going to require focus, determination, work, consistency, commitment, and patience.  There is a decisive, pointed focus of the will to these maths that for now, take place largely internally, and will begin to externalize more outwardly as the following weeks unfold. Consider this week the planting of the acorn in the ground, -and don’t underestimate it, or mistake a lack of racket or fanfare for a lack of movement or stagnation. It’s coming. The foundations are being laid for some major changes.

Today begins with a New Moon in expansive, philosophical, and optimistic Sagittarius, conjunct the Sun. Ahhh..The Dude Abides, and figurative or literal adventure and exploration calls.  New moons can be somewhat draining, and it can take a bit to pick up steam or build confidence for new endeavors or initiatives, so if you aren't super peppy and energized right away-give it time. Regardless, there's the feeling of possibility, faith, optimism, curiosity, and imminent growth spurts in the air. Fortunate solar and lunar trines to Chiron take the the edge off of the Venus/Chiron square, so, it’s otherwise chill AF. Sometimes, it’s not easy having so much ‘Tegrity.(TM) Sticking to our guns, having boundaries, and embracing our ‘Tegrity(TM) in such full throttle ways can mean disappointing people, pissing them off, letting them down, or potentially rubbing them the wrong way. Sometimes, other people’s ‘Tegrity rubs us in an unpleasant, sandpapery sort of way. It is what it is, -but the New Moon in Sagittarius makes it easier to focus on the positive side of having ‘Tegrity(TM), embracing our own personal expansion and freedom to explore life on our own terms, and just how healing and liberating it actually is to just accept and embrace whatever it is we feel strongly about, -come what may. The Sagittarius New Moon say’s “bring it on, I’m ready.” Venus now in Capricorn has narrowed things down somewhat, interpersonally, creatively, financially, and perhaps closed some doors, creating a more of a solid sense of direction to steer into personally or otherwise. It could be a rather surprising, innovative, unexpected,  or even refreshing direction, with a trine between Venus and unconventional, out of the box Uranus. This transit could see the formation of some interesting alliances, odd couplings, curious trysts, financial dealings, or creative endeavors. Things and stuff are definitely changing. Mars in Scorpio opposition Uranus can see people more willing to take bold risks, but links between Mercury in Scorpio (now direct), and Saturn in Capricorn caution to initiate massive changes that are spurred on by powerful instincts slowly, cautiously, strategically, -and in stages, -so as not to freak ourselves (or other people) out, more than we need to-even if it’s tempting to just go balls to the wall full throttle like the Koolaid man. This Mars/Uranus opposition can definitely create some restlessness, but ebbs off in the first week of December, so try to avoid self sabotage or quitting right before the miracle if you feel like ripping out your own hair at any point. This aspect reminds me of a calculated prison break, with Venus in Cap trine to Uranus representing the determined chiseling away of chains. Tuesday evening see’s the Moon square Neptune, which can see the imagination attempt to fill a void of unknowns with various hopes, fears, fantasies, or confusion. This passing emotional fugazi is otherwise awesome to funnel into the arts, music, healing, chillaxing, soothing, and esoteric matters.

This morning see’s the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter around 9:30 AM PST, still holding a square to imaginative, impressionable Neptune.  Mars in Scorpio also forms a sextile to Venus in Capricorn. This could see some deals being struck, meetings being arranged, and there could be a generous spirit. In the very least, some kind of alignment of wills being set into motion. Agrizzlement. Optimism, pep, mojo, and hopes can be high at this time, even if there’s something unsettling, uncertain, or subtly destabilizing about instigating changes, things can start to feel like they are gaining momentum, even in the face of challenges, controversy, or resistance. Actions towards pleasure and building alliances are supported now, and there could be something low key, understated, subtle, or discreet that creates a sense of inner optimism. The Moon goes on to conjunct Venus as well in the afternoon hours, and an affirming sense of more solidness or certainty can accompany feelings of optimism that perhaps have felt delusional or simply wary/uncertain at times. This can see a positive or reassuring interpersonal flow happening. Something could be clicking into place regarding others that’s mutually beneficial, serendipitous, or extremely synchronistic. It looks rad AF whatever it is. Zang. 

Today is astrologically eventful AF, but is perhaps in a low key, and discreet sort of way. It begins with the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Venus and Jupiter, trine Uranus in Taurus, and joining Venus to square up to Chiron. Around noon time PST a lunar sextile to Mars in Scorpio amps up the low key intensity, focus, drive, and sheer willpower. So.. ok… There’s definitely some rad stuff in the works, -but perhaps not absolutely everybody is 100 percent stoked about it, and there could be some insecurities or vulnerability in the face of changes. On the other hand it’s possible that we’re also a little vulnerable in the face of changes. The planets in Cap emphasize the necessity and value of patience, but the Mars/Uranus opposition is frustrating AF. (This starts to ebb off next week.) One way or another, lingering interpersonal sensitivities could be lurking in certain interactions today. Perhaps it’s just a matter of summoning courage in the face of vulnerability? Who knows. We could even be feeling somewhat intimidated or challenged. Regardless, the changes that are in the process of unfolding are innovative, odd, -and sweeping. The Universe isn’t fucking around right now, and it’s raising the bar to the next level in the name of ’Tegrity(TM). Later the Moon in Cap, still linked up with Venus, conjoins Saturn. Something positive, refreshing, and even stabilizing is happening in regards to interpersonal dynamics.  This week see’s some huge shifts or milestones in regards to relationships and alliances, business and/or personal, or even in regards to money, or creative projects. As the old sensei say’s in Kung Pow Enter The Fist right before his fart kills the dog: “It will be…significant.” Plans are being formed and agreements are being set into place. Even if there's some potential vulnerability present, these are some empowering configurations and an opportunity to step into a higher octave vibrationally.


Today see’s the Moon in Cap conjunct Saturn and Pluto, sextile Mercury in Scorpio, and trine Neptune. This kicks the weekend off with an interesting admixture of the practical and the inspired, a blend between heart and mind. There could be a somewhat preparatory feel to these configurations, and it may be easier to communicate certain feelings, even if it’s a more cautious and conservative lunation, Neptune can somewhat disinhibit people. We can receive news, communications, or even just psychic impressions that affirm whatever path we’re on, and we commit to a plan and prepare the groundwork for some radical changes potentially due to transpire next week. There’s a somewhat serious, stealth, and stoic vibe that looks almost ninja like in these configurations. Perched. Pensive. Wizard like. Working on something. Serious business. An understated, reserved intensity. Surprises loom around the corner most definitely, and it could feel like the universe has something super neat up its sleeve.  Ideally, it’s $1000000000.  But a cool t shirt would be chill AF too. I’ll take it. 

The Moon shifts from the serious sea goat into innovative, radical Aquarius around noon PST today. This see’s the Moon square Uranus, form a sextile to Chiron, and a square to Mars in Scorpio. There could be something unexpected, random, or spontaneous that maybe catches us off guard, and there could be a restlessness, rebelliousness, or a need to break free from constraints. It’s a bit of a wild card, as the tension of the Mars Uranus opposition on top of this lunar tension can see people growing restless, impatient, geared up for changes, or experiencing itchy feet, with a need to let off some steam or detach and liberate ourselves from intense or uncomfortable dynamics, situations, or blockages. For many, there's just an excitement about something. This could see some people feeling irritable and/or restless, it could also see others get a wild hair up their ass and just do something unexpected, inspired, or original. It’s an innovative, erratic, very excited, if somewhat high strung vibe, but it looks to have some pretty self affirming, self empowering and liberating impacts, in spite of the impulsive and unstable nature to the day. Something good and much needed is happening. Later, a lunar sextile to the Sun in expansive Sagittarius aligns the will and adds a generous, expansive, inspired, and optimistic vibe to the evening, even if restlessness and excitement lingers. Very stimulating, that's for sure. Perhaps some positive shocks, or mindfreaks have been going down that totally change everything. Albert Einstein calls it "cosmic religious feeling."

Welcome to the final month of 2019. Huzzah! We made it. Congratulations. You're  alive. Today see's the primitive and instinctual restlessness and impulsivity grow into a mental restlessness, as we attempt to intellectually and emotionally process intense thoughts, feelings, instincts, happenings, experiences, and synchronicities. (As the lunar Mars mash up throws in Mercury to the mix.) We may be wrestling with how to even approach something or someone, and there could something exciting transpiring. This could see some unexpected or impulsive communications transpire, mind blowing exchanges or thoughts, or some unanticipated news come in as well. It is illuminating. Enlightening.  The desire to embark upon an adventure into new territory could have a strong pull, but with the Sun in Sagittarius now squaring up to murky Neptune, we could have some feelings of uncertainty, but equally, we could feel inspired. There could also be a sense of longing, and the lunar squares to both Mercury and Mars in intense Scorpio can definitely see this longing amplified by restlessness or impatience, and perhaps at times, battling with intrusive thoughts, or even communications. Conversely, this could also see some new levels of communication being reached, or some inspired ideas coming in, or some kind information imparted that we didn’t even see coming, and we could just be kept on our toes by the pace and the psycho-social adjustments and even practical adaptations required to navigate the week ahead, which will see some major, energetic shifts. Things are going to be done a bit…differently going forward.  Everything's different now. 

Thanks for stopping by! Stay curious my friends. See you next Monday.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Nov 18-24 2019

We begin this week with the Moon in fiery, playful, creative Leo. With Mars at 29 degrees of relationship oriented Libra, and Mercury getting set to station direct in deep, instinctual Scorpio, this can see many of us preparing to make some pretty decisive moves. Where Mars in Libra acquiesced, accommodated, compromised, and weighed decisions, Mars in Scorpio is decisive and unwilling to compromise authenticity.   This see’s relationships/partnerships (business or personal) reaching a decisive tipping point moment, and “make or break” type of decisions loom this week. The Moon in Leo forms a square to Mercury rx in Scorpio, and a pleasant trine to Venus in Sagittarius. This places an emphasis on following our bliss, doing what makes us feel good, expanding our experience for fun, pleasure, or creative expression. There can still be some indecisiveness, or we can feel in two minds about something, (or how to go about it.) We are still sorting through some powerful instincts, urges, preoccupations, obsessions, compulsions, and getting to the core of certain drives, fears, desires, and solving mysteries in ourselves, and perhaps regarding others as well. As Mercury goes forward, it will plunge us deeper into these processes in a more thorough and irrevocable way, where certain things are more difficult to gloss over, compromise, or prevaricate about. This creates an opportunity for some powerful, potent transformations and experiences that can be very “out of the box”, where we can surprise perhaps even ourselves. The evening hours of Monday look excellent for passion projects, fun, pleasure, and enjoyable creative outlets. There is an optimistic, and expansive mood to these configurations which is excellent for fortifying courage in ourselves, our capabilities, and the possibilities that lay ahead, even if there are still lingering doubts, unknowns, and a need to improvise.

This morning see’s Mars move into deep and probing Scorpio, where we plunge certain depths, or broach certain topics or taboos in a more uncompromising and decisive way. Whatever is driving us can feel pretty intense through this transit, as Mars here is extremely powerful and even obsessive about going after what it desires, and will ruthlessly pursue whatever it’s on about. Lunar trines to both Venus and Jupiter, and a square to the Sun in Scorpio, have definitely got us amped about something, and our hopes and enthusiasms are high. With both Mercury and Mars squaring up to Uranus, our proclivities can be…pretty fucking weird to be totally blunt with you. This is a time of fierce authenticity, and it can be powerfully liberating to embrace certain denied aspects of self, and this can see people in a much more confrontational mindset, and less willing to stuff things down. Conversations or dialogue that’s been averted or avoided can come to the surface and people can be more inclined to say what they really think or feel, even if that ruffles some feathers, or creates the potential for shock or discomfort. Conversely, this can see certain powerful instincts, urges, obsessions, desires, or preoccupations being transmuted into a completely unrelated avenue if it’s not possible for such powerful desires to be either fulfilled nor extinguished. So, potent alchemy is a strong potential here. The afternoon hours see’s the Moon still trine Venus and Jupiter, adding in a sextile to Mars and a growing trine to Uranus. This is some highly creative math, and can see us preparing the groundwork for some completely new initiatives that are set to expand our world, and our way of perceiving and experiencing it. The drive, enthusiasm, courage, authenticity, and intensity behind this is pretty significant.  The Moon moves into detail oriented Virgo in the evening, placing a more practical bent on any inspired musings gleaned through the lunar phase of Leo. A very decisive tipping point is on it’s way, for some, as soon as tomorrow.  

Mercury stations direct today at 11 degrees Scorpio, with the Moon in Virgo forming a lunar sextile to it. The Moon also forms a trine to Saturn, and inevitably Pluto, while opposing Neptune. This is a decisive day, and although certain things are still unclear and there are still some unknowns, this detail oriented lunation can help us get down to brass tacks and come to some decisive conclusions that help us settle the mind and orient ourselves in a direction that satisfies both our need for authenticity and stability, setting the stage for more freedom, growth, and expansion. We may receive some positive, unexpected news or communication out of the blue, or find a practical solution or innovation around a problem or blockage, or at least, the beginning intimations of a solution. Whatever occurs can feel stabilizing, and we can be laying down some bricks, a foundation for something longterm that can transform how we do things going forward. Today can bring with it a feeling of relief, or at least, having reached some new step in regards to something. With Mercury now going forward, we can begin to take whatever we’ve learned about ourselves and gotten to the bottom of in ourselves, and put it into action. Making sense of, and making peace with our own inner demons and, for lack of a better way of putting it, make them our bitch, -make them work *for* us,(instead of the other way around.) Today, there is a sense of resolve, -even if some things are still as of yet …unresolved. We still have a shadow phase to get through, so.. patience.

Today see’s the Virgo Moon square Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius, and still in trine to Saturn and Pluto,  opposing Neptune, and sextile the Sun in 29 degrees Scorpio. There may be a lot we want or have to do, and our high ideals or expectations of ourselves or certain situations can make us anxious, and perhaps prone to indulgence, avoidance, escapism, worry over unknowns, or a general sense of social awkwardness. Maybe we are shit testing certain hopes we’re entertaining and finding reasons why this or that won’t ever work or how such and such is never gonna’ happen. It’s good to be realistic, sure, and to keep your expectations reasonable. But try not to be overly self critical, (or critical of others,) or to deflate your balloon too much. You need some wind in your sails to do stuff and things. These configurations can see people prone to overthink things to the point of analysis paralysis, particularly with regards to relationships/money/self worth/pleasure (Virgo Moon square Venus in Sagittarius.) This can also see people analyzing their options in regards to their personal lives, or feeling somewhat lost, anxious, or unsure of themselves in relation to others, or somewhat anxious or nervous around expanding their interpersonal or even financial terrain (Venus in Sagittarius), as it could entail the mixing and merging of completely different elements, cultures, languages, beliefs,-essentially a huge growth in consciousness. Foreign territories and elements. But we may simultaneously deeply crave this transformation and growth, even if it makes us kinda nervous or insecure, we know it’s necessary if we’re going to be completely and utterly true to ourselves.  The evening see’s the Moon enter relationship oriented Libra, strengthening it’s opposition to Chiron. This can highlight some wounds or insecurities in regards to relationships, and dealings with others can be a point of sensitivity for some reason.


The Sun moves into freedom loving and horizon expanding Sagittarius today, placing the solar emphasis on higher learning, consciousness expansion, beliefs, and people and places at a distance/from other cultures. This lightens things up considerably, and adds more optimism, less pessimism, and a desire for more space, exploration, and freedom is further accentuated. This morning is highlighted by a lunar opposition to Chiron in Aries that tapers off as the morning progresses. This illuminates some sensitive points or insecurities in regards to our dealings with others. A lunar square to Saturn later on can see some reality checks, blockages, or inhibitions in regards to personal interactions, and a square to Pluto can see some heavy breathing intensity under the surface that would be best channeled into creative pursuits. Venus, in late Sagittarius, also begins to form a square to Chiron today, suggesting that the need for growth, expansion, self fulfillment, honesty, space, openness, and freedom, by others and ourselves, can somewhat challenge relationships or illuminate unresolved insecurities, -for the sake of (actually) healing them. Mars in Scorpio opposing Uranus see’s people much less willing to compromise, and this Libra lunation can really highlight these tensions, and make the need for transformation very apparent. Reducing and minimizing your expectations of others would be the best way to handle this energy, as there is a very liberating and unconventional quality to these configurations. It’s best to simply accept people as they are, and seek your own personal fulfillment and enjoyment, as opposed to relying on others to fill your cup. If you can’t enjoy your own company, do your best to work on that, because the more you enjoy your own company, the more others will enjoy your company as well. There may be some mild disappointment and tension in todays math as people negotiate their differing needs and desires, but it all functions as a catalyst towards deeper levels of authenticity, pleasure, and personal fulfillment. 

This morning see’s the Moon in partnership oriented Libra form a sextile to Venus, a conjunction to Mars in early Scorpio, while still holding a square to Pluto. Something has shifted in regards relationships to others, and it feels optimistic. There is a building drive to go deeper into new, perhaps foreign territory, to get to the bottom of certain mysteries (or mysterious compulsions or compelling attractions.) The afternoon sees a lunar sextile to Jupiter and a growing opposition to Uranus. This can see rules or taboos being broken, or some pretty unconventional interpersonal situations unfolding, in the name of authenticity, curiosity, or irresistible pulls and urges. This might be unsettling for some, or upset the applecart of what is normal, customary, or “expected”, but it also looks exciting, even growth inducing. We can shock ourselves or others with some out of character behavior or deviations from the ordinary. This weekend can see some more decisive moves, particularly in regards to personal interactions. The desire (and courage/audacity) to expand our territory, and do and be whatever we feel like doing and being, grows stronger. The Moon enters passionate and instinctive Scorpio to conjunct Mars late this evening, which can see us act on some powerful, and perhaps deeply repressed, urges, or in the very least, can see us extremely determined to a heavy breathing, obsessive degree around something.

Today is kind of lusty, curious, probing, and intense, I mean damn yo… I don’t know how else to put this, but the universe is on it’s freak shit right now. Uncompromisingly. The Sun forming a trine to Chiron suggests that some healing and repair works can begin to happen, and this can be through expanding our consciousness and reference points in some way, or stepping into new territory or our of our comfort zone, literally or metaphorically. There can be something “inevitable” feeling about whatever is happening now, and in some cases, it’s a release of a lot of stuffed down feelings and drives. It’s definitely weird and new. This could be entirely going on within, privately, as certain epiphanies, but it can equally be transpiring within communications with others, perhaps a swapping of secrets, or private conversations, confessions, sharing confidences, things of that nature. It can bring a lot to the surface that’s been submerged. A lunar trine to Neptune can add a dreamy, wistful, and reflective element that can see us retreat to the imaginal realms to process whatever it is we’re digging up within ourselves and/or others. This can see us very sensitive to “picking things up” from the ethers, psychic impressions, intuitive insights, and we can be very much “feeling things out”. There could be unspoken nuances or things going on below the surface that have yet to emerge. The Venus/Jupiter conjunction see’s our optimism around relationships with others, and overall joy and pleasure in general, considerably heightened. A lunar sextile to Saturn in the evening hours adds a stabilizing influence and suggests that some kind of instinct we have that we’ve relegated to the realm of fantasy, actually has merit, and the potential to actualize. In the very least, we make peace with it somehow, and one way or another, funnel it into something tangible, making some kind of dream a reality, in one way or another. Sunday closes out on a private, reflective, dreamy, wistful, hopeful, yet oddly grounded and surprisingly stable and edifying note. A philosophers stone. This is some Holy Mountain type shit. If you’ve never seen that film, go watch it.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Nov 11-17th 2019.

We begin this week with the Moon in earthy, sensual Taurus, conjunct futuristic, rebellious, “shock therapy” Uranus, and trine stabilizing Saturn. As we build up to the Full Moon, the Moon goes on to oppose the Sun and Mercury Rx in Scorpio. With a rare, perfect occultation between Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio, this can see some major changes occurring within. With Mars in relationship oriented Libra sextile Jupiter, and Venus in Sagittarius squaring off to Neptune, this can see a lot of these changes being driven by our relations with others. People, including ourselves, can be hard to pin down, and there is a hopeful idealism and some strong desires that can border on the delusional, with a bent towards escapism. The Moon in practical, earthy Taurus can help us stay grounded, while simultaneously adaptable. This is about some major upgrades, and major releases. With Mercury rx in Scorpio very much highlighted by this lunation and the build up to the full Moon, this gives us a chance to confront a lot of buried stuff, strong compulsions, obsessions, desires, even patterns of self sabotage, and it offers a valuable period of reflection for everyone. Getting absolutely authentic about what’s driving us. People can have extremely high hopes at this time, but it’s important to stay grounded in reality, to avoid being disillusioned, or in the very least, be clear with yourself that certain fantasies are exactly that, and use the fantastical optimism and mojo they provide as fuel to accomplish things within the realm of what’s actually possible. There’s a lot of excitement and tension available in these configurations, and people can need a lot of elbow room and freedom at this time to follow the beat of their own drum and get in touch with their own instinctual natures. This is in fact a sort of liberation, where anything that doesn’t resonate with you or that holds you back can be cut out and released.  Later, a lunar sextile to Neptune and trine to Pluto adds to the pleasure seeking vibe of Venus ruled Taurus, placing an emphasis on pleasant escapism, reflection, and giving the evening a dreamy, somewhat lusty quality, as we plum the depths of whatever get’s our mojo going and explore our own complex, instinctual natures and what’s been driving us and/or others more fully. This spurs on a deep internal transformation process of getting real with ourselves. Perhaps there are certain realities that we don’t want to accept (Moon opposite Mercury), because they force us to confront powerful (but blocked) feeling drives, perhaps interpersonally, that require an outlet one way or another.  (Mars sextile Jupiter/square Pluto.) This can see an alchemical process of release and transmutation unfold.

The Full Moon this morning occurs at 5:34 AM PST, opposing the Sun, Mercury, and forming a trine to Pluto. Change and transformation is the name of the game, and the changes occurring are of a deeply personal nature. Driven by powerful instincts, a Venus square to Neptune simultaneously highlights our need for freedom to explore our limits and boundaries, forcing us to confront wherever we’ve become overly optimistic and perhaps a bit delusional in regards to partnerships, money, pleasure, and other Venus ruled things. Lunar trines to Pluto and Saturn suggests a positive sort of reckoning of “I like what/who I like”, but simultaneously, we have to accept the limits our own stubbornness imposes upon us, and embrace a more realistic attitude around what’s actually possible, what’s real, v.s what’s really actually just a wistful pipe dream that we refuse to let die. This full Moon illustrates a sort of “coming to terms” process, and certain situations can begin to come to a head. This may play itself out interpersonally, as certain facts come to light, or communications transpire, but by and large, this is mostly a private, deeply psychological process. 

This morning see’s the Moon in flighty, communicative Gemini, forming a sextile to Chiron. This can see a talkative, busy morning, and whatever communications or news coming in seems to ease certain wounds or insecurities, or fortify the self esteem in some way, but with Mercury still retrograde and trine Neptune, it’s important that we be completely honest with ourselves (and/or others), as there is still a haze present, or the tendency to project ideals onto people. These ideals can have their roots in some intense or compulsory instincts/drives, that we are perhaps unconscious of, and are working to become more fully aware of and in conscious control of (Sun/Mercury rx in Scorpio.) The Moon goes on to oppose Venus in Sagittarius, which can highlight conflict between our needs and those of others, and where we’ve been perhaps a bit unrealistic or overestimated something or someone.  Mars in late Libra also begins an opposition with rebellious Uranus in Taurus, that will further strengthen when Mars eventually moves into Scorpio. This can see some risk taking, and there can definitely be some excitement, or challenge. Having a strong internal locus of control will be a must, as people will be unpredictable as they strive towards deeper authenticity. If you find yourself pinning your hopes on something or someone, -take care. Conversely, this can see some healthy, and necessary confrontations with self and others, a healthy revolution, liberation, awakening, and “up-leveling”. (I doubt I will have to warn anyone any longer to avoid people pleasing once Mars leaves Libra. ) Still opposing Venus in freedom loving Sagittarius, the Moon goes on to square Neptune in the early evening hours. This can see a wistfulness, or an unfulfilled longing fueled by addictive optimism that perhaps is a bit delusional. Relationships can be highlighted. This energy will need an outlet, and can be amazing fodder for artists, poets, writers, and musicians, as the emotional pallet available is deep, wide, and varied, -and shooting off in all directions. Hone in on what it is you are manifesting/desiring to manifest. 

This morning begins on somewhat of an emotional spin cycle. Relationships can be an area of delusion, confusion, and oddly, inspiration. Again, this is great stuff for creative people, if you can find/make the time. Otherwise, this can be a busy time, and a lunar trine to Mars and opposition to Jupiter in the afternoon can highlight a lot of dealings with others. Perhaps to the point of making us feel woozy or disoriented. Take care to ground today, and check in with the self. There is an expansive and confusing element in play that can disorient our inner compass. The nervous system can feel revved up and there is an indulgent/mentally/emotionally escapist quality to these configurations, with an emphasis on communications, social, and interpersonal exchanges, negotiations, and interactions. People wanting things from/with you, you wanting things from/with others, -make some sense of it all. Get it together. My nervous system is overloaded just looking at this math. It’s a spin cycle. Straight up. Jesus christ. It’s like a phone blowing up with calls and texts being thrown into a blender. WTF.


The Moon shifts into comfort seeking Cancer in the early AM hours of Friday, forming a sextile to Uranus. This coming off of a trine between the Moon and Mars can see us more assertive in extricating ourselves and being more emotionally independent. It adds a detachment to the emotions, and how we seek comfort that perhaps won’t jibe well with everybody, as a lunar square to Chiron can see some sensitivities lurking. Someone else’s coolness could also strike a nerve. In either case, we’ve all personally gotta do whatever it is we’ve gotta do to seek comfort, self nurturance, and security, even if that deviates from previous plans or the expectations of others. This weekend can see a bid for emotional independence in some way.  Venus reaches conjunction with Jupiter in Sagittarius today as well, and this can see our optimism levels soar (perhaps to unrealistic degrees?) Either way, we won’t want to be too hemmed in or confined as far as relationships, money, and pleasure go, and we could be seeking to expand our horizons, and boundaries, or our sense of proportion (or realism) could be blurred. It’s all very exploratory. The evening hours of Friday see a lunar trine to Mercury Rx in Scorpio, highlighting some pleasant emotional reflections, or some private, revealing communications/exchanges with others. Perhaps some information comes to light that edifies our decisions/direction, or we find comfort and support via a selectively chosen confidant.

Saturday see’s some boundaries being put into place and lines being drawn. This could see some reality checks, and some people could be feeling some disappointment, shut out, left in the cold, or somewhat disillusioned, as high ideals confront reality. Lunar trines between Mercury Rx and Neptune adds a lot of sensitivity, empathy, and understanding in communications, and some things are just “implicitly understood”, -without having to be explained. But there is certainly an intensity of feeling involved around whatever is being “intuitively picked up”, or coming to light and needing to just be accepted at this time. Accepting human nature, both your own and others, can help make these configurations easier if you find them challenging. All in all, there is a lot of healing, reflection, inner alchemy, and personal growth available due to this Mercury Rx, as everyone gets to the bottom of …themselves.  Venus conjunct Jupiter encourages taking a philosophical view, seeing love as an agent of consciousness expansion, growth, and learning-rather than a means to any particular end. 

This morning begins with the Moon in late Cancer trine the Sun in Scorpio, and also forming a square to Mars and Uranus, opposing Pluto, and trine Chiron. Whoa man. Authenticity or bust. At 1:57 PM PST, the Moon enters creative, theatrical, and fiery Leo. The lunar square to Mars and Uranus can see relationships with others the stage at which theatrics or wild weirdness transpires. There’s a creative edginess to these configurations, and the moon/mars square can be somewhat irritable. Some people can do or say things for the shock value, or there can be a need for greater levels of personal expression. I don’t know why, but peacocks come to mind when I view these configurations. The way they make their glorious, feathery display to prospective mates. These maths could see people more inclined towards expressing themselves or seeking to gain recognition for what makes them unique, or pouring themselves into a passion project. Some people can be feeling down right provocative, and there's a lot of spark in the air. The lunar trine to Chiron suggests that getting more in touch with your own personal freak flag and unique callings and proclivities can be healing and edifying to the basic ego structure, and a growth in consciousness and expansion of your overall experience and confidence can ensue.

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Monday, November 4, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Nov 4th-10th 2019.

Monday begins with the Moon in Aquarius, trine Mars in Libra, while the Mars/Pluto square is exact at 20 degrees today. This could see some intense drives, feelings, and a wrestling with inner or outer demons coming to a culmination, in a bid towards liberation, emancipation, change, and revolution. The Moon/Mars trine encourages new directions, and a trine between Venus in Sagittarius and Chiron in Aries makes expanding horizons, stomping grounds, vantage points, reference points, and broadening our terrain, feel beneficial, pleasant, even healing. A subtle trine between Mercury Rx in late Scorpio and Chiron simultaneously assists in going over old ground, getting to the bottom of certain feelings, instincts, compulsions, obsessions, or hidden, buried things. Much may be coming to the surface that has been kept underground, repressed, stuffed down, or hidden away as Mercury backtracks through Scorpio. Things that have been held in can begin to work their way to the surface and begin a process of positive resolution. An expansion of interpersonal (Mars in Libra) territory (Venus in Sagittarius), and an emphasis on change, emancipation, shock, liberation, (Moon in Aquarius), can color most of Monday. Mars in Libra in exact square to Pluto, and an (ever weakening) square to Saturn, shows restraint in navigating intense instincts, drives, desires, and compulsions, or tricky feeling new territory. A Lunar/Mars sextile to Jupiter in the evening time makes efforts at expansion feel enlivening, and broadening our horizons and expanding our scope can feel positive, beneficial, and energizing, and a lunar square to Mercury can be adding new perspectives on old demons. 

Tuesday morning begins with the moon in the late degrees of Aquarius, trine Mars, and sextile Jupiter, which could see us ruminating over intense feelings, drives, instincts, compulsions, ghosts, skeletons, spooks, or obsessions with an element of detachment, in an attempt to make peace with things and find resolve/resolution. Around 3:08 PM, PST, the Moon shifts into sensitive, dreamy Pisces. A lunar square to Venus and a sextile to Uranus colors the rest of Tuesday, placing us in weird, exciting new emotional territory that could stimulate the imagination or even creative/artistic processes. With a Pisces lunar square to Venus, it could be easier to express emotions indirectly, (or via interpretive dance?), as opposed to revealing them directly to others. Either way, the Moon/Uranus sextile can provide some good creative fodder and some extra zang from the imaginal realms, as new terrain is entered or considered. 

This morning see’s a lunar trine to the Sun in Scorpio, a conjunction to dreamy Neptune, and a square to Venus in Sagittarius. As a Mars/Pluto square still simmers and provides energy for feats of endurance, these aspects stimulate the ideals, sooth, and increases our impressionability to a more alien aesthetic or sensibility than we are used to, as our scope widens, interpersonally or otherwise. The feelers are out, and picking up new signals and frequencies. It’s as if we are learning new languages or customs. A Lunar sextile to Saturn later adds stability, solidness, definition, and structure to something , perhaps an idea formed begins to show promise of materializing.Or we begin to feel emotional resolve or a sense of closure or completion around something, or a sense of determination to “see something through.” There is also a theme of "release" going on. 

Todays skies can have a rather indulgent, escapist, or highly romanticized/idealized vibe. A lunar conjunction to Neptune, square to Jupiter, and trine to Mercury in Scorpio, with a sextile to Pluto, can see some thoughts or conversations push into deeper or more “taboo” territory, or simply create a desire for quiet, reflective repose, fantasy, daydreaming, and big ideas, all fueled by a process of inner alchemy, obsessions, compulsions, and desires. Again, there is still a theme of "release", liberation and transformation being emphasized.  Feelings can be closer to the surface, even if cards are being played close to the chest. As the Moon inches ever closer to Chiron while holding a trine to Mercury Rx in Scorpio, this see’s a crescendo or build up to the weekend that hints at broaching new territory or emotional terrain and mustering confidence, even in the face of significant vulnerabilities, or perhaps as a way to address, face, or strengthen certain vulnerabilities via expanding reference points or otherwise broadening horizons.


Friday begins with the Moon in self assertive Aries, conjunct Chiron, and trine Venus in freedom loving Sagittarius. With the lunar/Chiron trine, there is a lot of empathy, care and compassion in the air, but a simultaneous need to nurture the self and look after our own needs. If you don't really want to do something, don't. If you aren't feeling a "fuck yes" about something, don't guilt yourself into doing it. Mercury in Scorpio's link with Pluto is about connecting to and honing in on your real authentic desires, what really drives you,-  and being able to assert boundaries towards whatever or whoever interferes with that. It's like crackhead initiative. There is a pleasant, rather buoyant vibe that grows throughout the day with a strengthening lunar trine to Venus. Enthusiasm for generally broadening our horizons, people and places from other cultures or at a distance, or otherwise just opening ourselves up to some kind of “foreign influence.” We can feel a tad vulnerable in the face of new things, people, or situations, but perhaps is pleasant, welcoming, or refreshing to let in some fresh air and open things up in our world a bit, or let go of ingrained habits or patterns, perhaps involving relations with others. Positive lunar links to the asteroid Hygeia suggest that this can all even be good for wellbeing.

Today see’s the Moon in Aries trine Venus, and square Saturn and Pluto. In spite of optimism and feelings of enthusiasm and general good will, something or someone may apply the breaks, or something causes delays. There could be matters that require more thought and contemplation, and it's a good time to slow down and process certain things to arrive at a more settled direction or conclusion.  A lunar opposition to Mars as well can see a need to perhaps attend to our own needs or something going on in our own lives, which can be at odds with the needs, wants, or rhythms of others now, or even our own desires or goals involving others. This is generally a subtly frustrating vibe, and with Pluto involved, there can be some intense undercurrents, instincts, desires, and compulsions involved that can feel somewhat unsettling, but can be channeled into creative or productive ends.  This can also spur some kind of action, but we can feel blocked by people or circumstances in some way, and have some steam to let off somehow. There’s a lot of resilience available though, and a lunar trine to Venus, and later, Jupiter, makes it easier to maintain a positive attitude and see the silver lining in things. There can be some major transformations and changes underway. 

Sunday begins with the Moon in late Aries, trine Jupiter, opposite Mars in Libra, and steadily building a conjunction with Uranus. This can see us in a process of breaking free of limiting circumstances, perhaps in regards to others, and expanding our territory or horizons with, through, or because of others. Later in the afternoon, the Moon heads into slow and steady Taurus, emphasizing the lunar/Uranus link up, which can see a plodding willfulness towards new, exciting possibilities, the unconventional, which can see a subtle “I do what I want” vibe underscore things going on now, and we are determined towards some kind of liberation and driven by powerful instincts, some of which might not even make any sense to ourselves or others, but authenticity and preservation of individuality commands us. We may also be getting to the bottom of what’s motivating ourselves or others.

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