Monday, September 27, 2021



Today begins with the Moon in talkative and busy Gemini squaring Neptune while trine Mercury and Jupiter.  With Mercury stationed retrograde in Libra, it can feel like the universe is set to “spin cycle”. This Mercury station can feel particularly disorienting, with the Moon in Gemini squaring Neptune, attention can be split, and there can be a lot of communications and things going on in the local environment that are disorienting and it can feel a bit chaotic or confusing. Lunar trines to Mercury and Jupiter magnify this even more, and interpersonally there’s a lot of communications to keep up with. Venus in sensitive Scorpio is trine Neptune, square Jupiter, and opposite Uranus, and this can see a lot of highly unusual circumstances going on interpersonally, financially, commercially, or creatively. Compassion is high, but so is unpredictability and unconventionality. People need a lot of space and freedom to explore their emotions, and there can be extreme's of circumstances that create an unpredictable feeling atmosphere. Today can see a lot of "catch up" going on, as social and interpersonal shifts occur, and the Mercury retrograde in Libra can see a feeling of being between two worlds or approaching a crossroads. This can bring a lot of contacts, old and new, entering into the fold or the periphery, and between now and the Mercury direct station, there can be a lot to reflect upon, and information to gather so that bridges can be constructed between worlds. The Venus/Neptune trine adds a feeling of surreality and serendipity to everything, and we can feel highly attuned and sensitive to the environment and subtle nuances. 


The Moon enters security oriented Cancer today at 6:34 AM PST, where it squares the Sun and Mars in Libra, and Chiron in Aries. There can be a lot of action going on and there can be push to get on the same page as others, although there can also be some challenges and perhaps some vulnerability or weaknesses as well. There can be an impatience or irritability in the maths today, and the lunar square to the Sun can emphasize the importance of making sure our own needs are met while also still cooperating with others. Finding a balance between our own needs and with what’s going on in the environment can be the primary challenge of today, and the lunar square to Mars is very action oriented, and security, comfort and safety can be a primary motivator.  A Mercury/Pluto square is almost exact, and will be exact tomorrow at 24 degrees. This can see impactful news, or transformations going on interpersonally or within the local environment or home. Some of it can be really intense, but there can also be some very beneficial contacts occurring now that can feel somewhat “fated”. Intensity of circumstance can play a roll in whatever is unfolding now, and news received or things occurring over the next few days can make impact, commercially, financially, interpersonally, etc. Overall, today can be a very action oriented day and it’s possible that it can feel a bit high pressure as a lot can be going on. Significant shifts can be taking place regarding interpersonal contacts, meet ups, etc. 


Today see’s the Moon in security oriented Cancer trine Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, sextile Uranus in Taurus, opposite Pluto and square Mars in Libra. This can see a very dynamic day and there can be pleasant exchanges interpersonally that can contribute to a feeling of well being. A lunar square to Chiron can see a bit of vulnerability but there is a lot of compassion in the air and a desire to smooth things over and make things easier and more pleasant and calm amidst a lot of dynamic changes. It can be an exciting atmosphere and there can be some huge shifts going on as people are brought together under highly unusual circumstances. It’s possible that contacts established (or reestablished) now can have beneficial impact down the line. There can also be experimental financial or commercial initiatives taking place now as well, and Venus in Scorpio can be focused on investments or merging of resources. There can be a lot to talk about in the coming days, and the atmosphere can be fun, exciting, and experimental under the Leo lunation that begins tomorrow early evening. The Cancer lunation can be focused on settling in and getting comfortable after a period of adjustment or musical “chairs.” There are a lot of social and interpersonal shifts occurring now and there can be a lot of contacts to keep up with. Venus squaring Jupiter can feel larger than life, and Venus also forms a sextile to Pluto today as well while trine Neptune, so things can truly feel surreal and even divinely guided as major and impactful transformations are underway. A highly unusual time, with fateful contacts. A lot of serendipity. The universe is working in mysterious ways right now, so having an open mind and being gentle with ourselves and others through these dynamic changes can help get the most out of these configurations. Late night see’s the Mercury/Pluto square perfect, so there can be some very impactful news or communications or interpersonal or commercial initiatives can experience a crescendo moment tonight and tomorrow. As they say in Kung Pow Enter The Fist, “It will be significant.”


Today see’s us under the perfection of the Mercury/Pluto square, which can see some significant contacts, news, or social/ interpersonal or commercial initiatives reach some sort of transformative turning point that can make an impact for some time to come. Nothing happening now is “random”, and it can feel as if things are being guided by some higher forces. Granted, this is a Mercury retrograde, so allow for some delays, indecision, hiccups or changes of plan. This whole period is best used to gather information, make contacts, build bridges, expand contacts, and navigate what will ultimately represent a sort of crossroads for everyone. If you feel uncertain or indecisive between now and then, just remember that it’s okay to make mistakes or change your mind, Mercury in Libra needs to weigh the pros and cons of everything before getting off of a fence or committing to a particular direction, so being in a sort of “free fall” or experimental frame can actually be an asset right now, as it provides room to maneuver. Today can see pleasant contacts and social experiences with the Moon trine Venus, but there can also be an undercurrent of intensity coming from certain quarters to navigate with the lunar/Pluto opposition. Embracing the intensity of changes and releasing any tendency towards jealousy, or a desire to control other people if that’s a tendency that exists at all in your character, will get you through any potential discomfort this particular configuration may pose. For the most part however, there’s a lot of diplomacy and pleasantness in these configurations. The Moon enters theatrical Leo in the early evening, where it will oppose Saturn and Pluto simultaneously, and this can see some underlying tension, challenge, or a possible undercurrent of drama, passion, intensity, or possible competitiveness to navigate. Hopefully, any potential pettiness can be set aside for a focus on social grace, respect, peace, getting along, humanitarianism, and dignity.


Today can be socially dynamic and exciting, it certainly isn’t boring, with the Moon in fun seeking Leo sextile the Sun and Mars in socially oriented Libra, while trine Chiron, square Uranus and opposite Saturn. There can be some unusual dynamics to navigate, but there’s an emphasis on fun, excitement, play, passion and social enjoyment with the Moon in Leo making pleasant contacts to the Libra planets. There can be supportive relationships, socially and otherwise, and even if there are some subtle challenges, inhibitions, or a need for some self restraint, self control, pacing, or slight holding back for whatever reason, there’s an air of excitement, and there can be some surprising exchanges and a dynamic atmosphere. This can be a fun way to kick off the weekend and there can be parties, get togethers, or creative endeavors to enjoy. Saturn might damper spontaneity just a bit or create some obstacle or other that means maybe we can’t let loose as much as we may want to or there’s something else we have to consider that keeps us grounded in reality or practicality a bit, but there’s still plenty to enjoy. There may be a bit of competitiveness in the social atmosphere to navigate but nothing too terrible, as Mars is in diplomatic Libra after all. 


Today can see a slight continuation of yesterday’s proclivity towards enjoyment with the Moon in Leo sextile Mercury in Libra, opposite Jupiter, square Uranus, and Venus. Letting loose a desire to control things will help get the best out of these impassioned and indulgent configurations. The lunar square to Venus in Scorpio can see undercurrents of intensity, and the day can see a desire to indulge and have a good time. There can be enjoyable conversations today and even some bonding experiences are possible where a lot is shared between others. Overall, it seems this weekend is about letting our hair down a bit and having some pleasant experiences and indulging a bit. The Virgo lunation will shift the focus towards adapting to upcoming changes and shifts for yet another phase of musical chairs, where perhaps in some cases, the need for realism, problem solving, making improvements, practicality and crisis prevention, and being prepared takes precedence over simply having good times.


Today see’s the Moon in practical Virgo, bringing us back down to earth to navigate more changes and adjustments coming down the pike. The Moon forms a trine to Uranus so there can be some innovation or experimentation in the air, and a minor aspect the Moon makes to Mercury can see adjustments or last minute changes or revisions being discussed. Perhaps some of this was already anticipated. Venus in aspect to Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto wants to squeeze as much magic and enjoyment out of things as possible while it can, and the Virgo lunation can highlight the limits of time or resources and the need to economize wisely or plan ahead and be prepared for changes ahead. The week ahead can being on this note of planning and organizing the details of incoming shifts, and there can be a certain element of uncertainty or a feint longing to navigate this upcoming Monday, but a determination and fortitude to see things through and minimize potential problems along the way. This see’s a practical and down to earth end to the weekend.

Sunday, September 19, 2021



We begin this week with the Full Moon in Pisces, which is exact at 4:55 PM PST, 7:55 PM EST.  This see’s the Moon opposite the Sun in Virgo, conjunct Neptune, and sextile Pluto. The major theme of Pisces is emphasized, letting go, release, rest, recovery. Essentially, a system reset, to make way for the planting of new see The Full Moon in Pisces is a good time to pay attention to the needs of body and soul and to recalibrate.  The Moon enters Aries late in the evening, 8:13 PM PST, 11:13 PM EST, setting a more energetic tone for the remaining first half of the week, and this can highlight new initiatives, interpersonally, socially, commercially, or otherwise. 


Today see’s the Moon in independent Aries, opposite Mars in partnership oriented Libra, sextile Saturn, conjunct Chiron and trine Juno. There may be certain weaknesses or vulnerabilities we are aware of, and perhaps a conflict between our own needs and those of others is highlighted, but there’s a determination to create some stability between the two. There can also be the presence of supportive relationships. The square Venus has made to Saturn lets up today, and only the opposition to Uranus remains. The Venus/Uranus opposition highlights a need for freedom to be our unique selves, and it can be difficult to want to forge binding commitments. This is an experimental aspect that emphasizes exploration and interpersonal exchanges that encourage freedom and independence. This aspect discourages insecure clinging, possessiveness, or fear based interacting, and encourages developing appreciation for your own and others unique qualities, talents and contributions. This can be an uplifting and exciting time, and can see some unusual situations unfolding interpersonally, socially and financially. This aspect certainly isn’t boring. 


The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Libra today. Happy birthday Libra! The Moon in Aries opposes Mercury in Libra, squares Pluto, and sextiles Jupiter today. There could be some big news, or some communications that make an impact today. There could be some indecision or it could be a challenge to get on to the same page as others somehow, or a problem to resolve. But the sextile to Jupiter is generous and there could be help on hand if there are challenges to push through. There’s a determination here with the Aries lunation. There could be some intensity to navigate but optimism, positive thinking, and generosity helps to overcome any potential glitches or unexpected hiccups. There may be some delays or unexpected blockages to deal with that will require improvisation. 


The Moon enters earthy Taurus at 5:38 AM PST, where it squares Saturn in Aquarius. This can see a need for resilience as there may be some sort of delays, blockages, patience, or hard work required. The lunar conjunction to Uranus can see excitement, surprises, or a lot of innovation and applied creativity, perhaps challenges have created a need for experimentation or some last minute revisions. A lunar quincunx to Mars can see some nervous tension or irritability, and may highlight a need to make some adjustments. Later the Moon opposes Venus and this can once again highlight the conflict between our own needs and those of others, and a need to find balance. With the Moon in Taurus, this can be in regards to practical or physical realities, and adjustments are needed.  There’s a really “experimental” atmosphere under these configurations and nothing is set in stone.


The Moon in Taurus opposes Venus, and conjuncts Uranus. There’s a need for greater understanding of give and take, and there may be some limitations that need to be overcome, or some financial or material haggling required. The lunar conjunction to Uranus is resourceful and innovative, and there can be a quirky weirdness to the atmosphere. A quincunx to Juno can see a need to strike a balance between taking care of ourselves and taking care of others, or taking care or financial or material responsibilities. Later on, a lunar square to Jupiter, trine to powerful Pluto, and sextile to Neptune can see a more indulgent atmosphere. Perhaps some positive breakthroughs have occurred that can see something to celebrate, or in the very least, there could be something to feel relieved or optimistic about.


 The Moon is in late Taurus for the first part of today, squaring Jupiter, trine Pluto, with a trine building up to the Sun. This can see a focus on social indulgence, and on things going on in the local environment, as the Moon is gearing up to enter Gemini in the evening. Today can see an earthy focus on feeling good, self nurturing, stability, and getting practical things out of the way to clear the way for a more busy and social evening and rest of the weekend. There can be a lot of optimism with the lunar square to Jupiter, but if there is a need to get anything done, this aspect tends towards laziness and indulgence, so this can be a rather slow moving day, but the lunar trine to Pluto lends some focus and determination towards something specific. The Moon enters Gemini at 5:36 PM PST, 8:36 PM EST. This see’s a trine to the Sun and Mars in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, while still holding a trine to Pluto. This can see a dynamic and social atmosphere, and there can be a talkative, indulgent, and pleasantly stimulating environment. 


Today carries over the talkative and social atmosphere of yesterday, there can be a lot of forward momentum going on in regards to social commitments , meet ups, or get togethers. The Moon sextiles Chiron, so whatever is going on now can be boosting morale and there could be something to feel good about. The Mars/Saturn trine can aid in a sense of stability and a sense of mutual social and interpersonal support and dependability. There may be a lot of experimentation and rethinking needing to happen, as Mercury stations retrograde today until Oct 18th, in the partnership oriented sign of Libra. This period can see a need to go back over certain things, maybe there’s loose ends that need to be tied up or thought about before deciding upon a certain direction. Mercury retrograde in Libra can be about a need to gather more intelligence before arriving at a definite decision or direction, or a need to think about things before forming a plan that could have a significant, life changing impact. This can see us feeling between worlds for a spell, or wrestling with a need to make a decision about a fork in the road. 

Monday, September 13, 2021



We begin the week with the Moon in adventurous Sagittarius, sextile Mercury in Libra, trine Chiron, square Neptune. The Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune this week, indicating an acute awareness of problems, and fears around unknowns, along with a need to surrender and place trust in the divine that you are being guided. The early morning hours can see some beneficial contacts or communications, or positive news, prayers, or perceptions that can boost morale amidst confusing or uncertain times. As the day progresses we see a lunar sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius, while also squaring the Sun in Virgo, and this can see a boost in optimism that can help motivate productivity, improvements, or increase efficiency. The Sagittarius lunation can add a sense of adventure or faith to things and even if there is a lot of uncertainty, or a lot of tension to navigate, there's also creative problem solving as well as a philosophical attitude, even if there are some demoralizing influences and things aren't exactly feeling 100 percent safe, certain, or secure. We can be brimming with ideas, and possibilities can be all over the place, with a lot of things being improvised. While we can be acutely aware of all of the things that could go wrong, there is also a determination to make the best of things and look for the silver linings in our circumstances. Late night sees the Moon square Mars in 29 degrees Virgo, and this can see a peak in tensions, or a key point in actions being taken, as this is the final and most urgent degree of Virgo. There can be a need to overcome pessimism. Mars changes signs tomorrow, entering partnership oriented Libra, and this can see a cycle where a lot of action is happening interpersonally, and there is a need to bring balance to situations. There can be subtle controversy or some vulnerability, insecurity, and things are being shaken up, but there is also solidarity, perhaps even across great distances,  cultures, or differences, and there is a sense of shared purpose or a common cause. 


Today sees the Moon enter stoic and serious Capricorn, making a sleek sextile to Venus in mysterious and instinctual Scorpio, while squaring Mars in 29 degrees Virgo, and Chiron in Aries, while going on to trine Uranus. There's a determined, somewhat secretive element in these configurations, and actions are being taken to ultimately create more balance, harmony and cohesion, but this can come with some upheaval, or there is a need to break free from something or someone. The lunar link to Venus is emotionally and financially conservative, and playing it's cards close to it's chest, or being strategic, -perhaps to avoid either making oneself vulnerable to attacks, or to avoid upsetting others. Venus is not the most comfortable in Scorpio, and can bring out extremes. This can see obsessiveness about something or someone, and can bring about submerged shadows or highlight the darker underbelly of love, but it can also highlight deep and mysterious bonds that transcend distance, time, resistance, challenge, silence, or tribulation. Venus in Scorpio is about a love of power, or the power of love. There can be some surprising or liberating experiences, or highly unconventional situations unfolding, interpersonally, financially, or creatively. Mars enters Libra at 5:14 PM PST, placing the emphasis on partnerships, interactions with others, and bringing a need for cooperation, harmony, and balance.


Today see's an earthy triplicity between the Moon in disciplined Capricorn, the Sun in conscientiousness Virgo, and Uranus in sensual, and practical Taurus. The Moon in Capricorn also makes a square to Mercury in Libra and Chiron in Aries, while conjoining Pluto. This could see a whole lot of changes underway, and perhaps some very big things are being contemplated or discussed, or plans are being formed that could involve experimenting with working together with others somehow. There could be some vulnerability or subtle tensions present to navigate, and a need for diplomacy, economy and practicality amidst some intense and dynamic undercurrents. There could also be some indecision to grapple with around practical matters. Later on, the Moon sextiles Neptune, and this can see feelings of relief, catharsis, letting go, and release, as well as highlight feelings of idealism, compassion, sensitivity, and longing. This can also see an increased focus on creativity. Things are definitely in experimental and unusual territory, and we may be following powerful instincts and using our intuition to navigate unusual circumstances and dynamic changes that require experimentation or innovation. Interpersonally, there can be a lot going on under the surface. Venus in Scorpio squaring Saturn can see some strong and enduring feelings present, but there is inhibition, shyness, or something that blocks expression or consummation, whether internally, externally, or circumstantially. Compelling forces could be at work in certain dynamics, and sublimation may be required for the time being. There could be something unusual or unorthodox about what's going on right now with relationships, finances, interpersonal dynamics, or creative endeavors that requires "making due" somehow. A lot of subtle undercurrents can be going on under the surface, and the Capricorn lunation has a stoic, solid duty, "taking care of business" vibe that can be experienced as somewhat somber, particularly through the first portion of the day, as there may be a lot of work to do, and a need to stay on a grind, adhere to a time table, and focus on the business at hand. The lunar link to Hygeia, the asteroid of health and healing, can highlight matters relating to physical, mental or emotional health somehow as well, and this can come up in conversation, and actions can be taken to bring more balance to these areas. Late night sees a lunar trine form to Mars, which will gather strength tomorrow, and this can bring a liberating feeling or see us enter new terrain somehow, particularly socially, interpersonally, or commercially. Musical chairs and dynamic changes. 


The Moon in Aquarius has brought a feeling of freedom and part of embracing freedom comes uncertainty. The only thing certain however, in freedoms opposite, is the fact that you know the limits of your engagement, and that the bars of certain karmic entrapments will always be there, along with their consequences, lest they are questioned and overthrown. Today the Moon is squaring Uranus in Taurus and trine Mercury in Libra while conjunct both Jupiter and Saturn. This can see a very experimental atmosphere, and this can take us into wild, unpredictable, or liberating territory. There may be some unexpected hiccups to deal with. The maths point to eliminating what has been a burden and weighing us down this weekend. The lunar conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius can see some work that needs to be done or a somewhat disciplined, perhaps subtly challenged mindset in the first portion of the day, but as the day wears on, things can feel more expansive and we can feel more open to taking the odd gamble or being less risk averse and more open to embracing an innovative or experimental approach. There can be some pleasant diversions, surprises, or conversations, perhaps even some serendipity is at work somehow. Communications can play a key role in today and there can be news and information exchanged that can be beneficial and perhaps help us feel more at ease about certain intense changes that have taken us into uncharted territory somehow. With Mercury trine Jupiter and square Pluto, weird times can see us guided partly by instinct and partly by serendipity, and changes going on interpersonally, financially, or commercially can feel larger than life and be making a big impact on our nervous system. Some communications can be laden with intensity, and with Mercury squaring Pluto this can highlight obsessive focus, power dynamics, or even fears around relationships or work partnerships, or just an intense preoccupation with something. Perhaps it's the unpredictable or uncertain nature of things right now that generates intensity, but the weekend seems to indicate that the focus shifts towards a more positive mindset and a more positively experienced intensity. 


This morning sees the moon in Aquarius trine Mercury in Libra while conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius, and this can see idealism particularly high, and can see an amotionally generous atmosphere. There can be good news or positive or fortunate exchanges, with a friendly and perhaps somewhat indulgent atmosphere. In the afternoon, the Moon enters dreamy and imaginative Pisces, where it goes on to trine Venus in intense Scorpio, and this can see a reflective, restful, wistful and mystical mood descend upon the remainder of the weekend. With Venus in do or die Scorpio squaring off with Saturn and opposite Uranus in Taurus, relationships, finances and creative endeavors are being shaken up and experimental terrain is being entered. This can feel both exciting and scary but the Pisces lunation is inspired, creative and imaginative. With Venus squaring Saturn there is a holding back that is present so as not to turn the carriage into a pumpkin too quickly and to maintain a sense of proportion, realism and not walk any planks that can't be turned back from. The landscape is wild and it could feel like anything could happen. Mercury trine Jupiter and square Pluto could see downloads and exchanges of large amounts of information, or discussions revolving around intense or even taboo topics, and it's possible to be taken into confidence or to be placed into the role of confidant. It can be easy to over share, but these aspects have a knack for doing so with the right people. 


Today sees the Moon in Pisces trine Venus in Scorpio, conjunct Neptune and sextile Uranus in Taurus.  This is a simultaneously restful and restless vibe, as we build up to the full moon tomorrow. There can be some changes to prepare for, but the Moon/Venus/Neptune contacts prefer to take it easy and focus on feeling good. There can be some pleasant contacts today, and the configurations tend to favor an easy going schedule as opposed to a demanding one or just having too much going on all at once. There's definitely a creative vibe in the atmosphere and there can be some highly unusual situations unfolding. The tail end of the weekend is restful but also energetically preparing for some more dynamic changes.

Monday, September 6, 2021



We begin this week with the Moon in Virgo, and today sees the New Moon occur at 5:52 PM PST. With the New Moon emphasizing connections to Uranus, adapting to change and improvising are key elements. There may have been situations in which necessity or crisis aversion or management (Virgo) has required dramatic changes that have seemed spontaneous, last minute, experimental, or very outside of the box. The trine between Venus and Jupiter helps us focus on the positive, and we can feel supported by like minded connections, while the Venus square to Pluto indicates that changes have all occurred through some intensity, and the changes unfolding can be far reaching and have lasting impact, which can bring up intense feelings. It can feel good to ban together with others through intense transformations, as if the universe is assembling little pirate ships of people to weather the changes. This week can see more forward movement. The New Moon opposes Neptune while trine Uranus, indicating the unknowns we may face and the need to improvise, adapt, and overcome. This can involve working together with others somehow. Tomorrow can see some actions taken or signs that things will begin to unfold that can have a big impact. 


Today the Moon in Virgo conjuncts Mars, while opposite Neptune and trine power broker Pluto, and this can see the beginning of some power moves being made in order to navigate uncertain times. The Sun also conjoins Mars, highlighting the need to take action steps. The Moon enters partnership oriented Libra at 8:20 PM PST. The Moon forms a trine to Saturn, indicating some solid partnerships or agreements being established, and serious decisions could be involved.


Today sees the Libra Moon trine Saturn in Aquarius, and conjunct Mercury, and this can see some serious discussions or agreements unfolding, or news can come in that means business. With a lunar opposition to Chiron, there can be an element of vulnerability, but it can be helpful to know that other people have your back and you're not alone. With Mars trine Pluto, big decisions are on the line, and this can highlight actions that need to be taken out of necessity that can pack quite a punch, and carry weight, power, and significance. These are no small potatoes, things being considered and weighed here are a big deal, and there can be a lot to consider. Whatever is decided this week can open up a whole new world of possibilities and this can set the stage for some beneficial developments, contacts, and agreements. It can be a case of "teamwork makes the dream work", but there are probably certain people in more powerful positions than others.


Today the Moon in Libra conjoins Mercury, Venus, trines Jupiter and squares Pluto, and this can see some big changes unfolding. There can be optimism and hope present, even if things are driven by a sort of intensity that make big transformations necessary in some way. It can be clear that some beneficial arrangements are possible. A lunar quincunx to Neptune can see a bit of a martyr vibe, or in the very least it can feel as if sacrifices must be made in one way or another which can see some big decisions on the line. The lunar trine to Jupiter can see some good fortune, or a generous atmosphere. The Moon enters emotionally intense Scorpio at 11:05 PM, to be followed by Venus tomorrow.


Today sees the Moon in Scorpio conjunct Venus and trine Jupiter in late Aquarius, emphasizing the Venus/Jupiter trine. This can see some positive vibrations, and optimism can be boosted by these configurations. There can even be some strokes of good luck, and some beneficial contacts being established where forces and powers can be merged and combined in mutually beneficial ways. Although this could occur through some challenges, as indicated by a lunar square to Saturn. There could be some tension, challenges or uncertainty to navigate. A lunar opposition to Uranus can indicate some wild cards, shocks, surprises, or a need to take some risks or improvise somehow. There could also be some differences between others to navigate or alchemize somehow. 


Today sees the Moon in Scorpio make a sextile to the Sun in Virgo, a tribe to Neptune, square to Jupiter, and opposition to Uranus, highlighting forward progress being made towards transforming situations and innovating solutions, perhaps by merging forces and taking leaps of faith into the unknown or taking calculated risks. The lunar square to Jupiter can see an indulgent atmosphere, and the Scorpio lunation can be pensive, deep and reflective, as there can be a lot to take in. Dynamics are shifting as well, and new elements and possibilities are entering the fold. With Venus now in deep, do or die Scorpio, there is a lot on the line, and a need to dig deep into energetic and/or financial reserves, as well as transmute darker, more emo energies into gold. There is a deep creative potential here as well, and it's possible to spin something beautiful out of life's rougher edges. The Moon goes on to sextile Mars and Pluto, and this can see some situations positively transformed and a trajectory improved.


The Moon enters broadminded traveller Sagittarius at 1:34 AM PST, and this can end the week on a note of increased possibilities that can create a feeling of stability within a lot of unpredictability. A lunar sextile to Saturn and trine to Chiron can boost morale and also create a feeling of groundedness, or in the very least, a sensation that some stability is being achieved through means of innovation or taking calculated risks. Even though there's a lot of uncertainty, next week begins on a note of more optimism and faith as new possibilities are unfolding.