Monday, February 28, 2022



This is a week filled with noteworthy conjunctions comprising the last 3 signs of the zodiac, emphasizing wisdom, discipline, ambition, (Capricorn/Saturn), justice, freedom, change (Aquarius/Uranus), and faith, compassion, release to a higher power (Neptune/Pisces.) Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius conjunct both Mercury and Saturn, while squaring Uranus. This suggests our minds may be on serious plans, projects, relationships, negotiations, or endeavors, -and on bracing for changes or making significant shifts. This week has a particular “build up” to it, with the New Moon in Pisces on Wed. Making way for new energy or approaches can mean releasing what no longer holds relevance, whether that be emotional baggage, hang ups, fears, inhibitions, insecurities, or even particular attachments or relationships. This week it will be challenging to continue on with something that we just aren’t feeling anymore. With Mars and Venus conjunct at 25 degrees inching closer to perfection with Pluto, and the Moon aspecting serious Saturn and multitasking Mercury, today can be busy, ambitious, passionate, and productive. The lunar square to Uranus can see nervous excitement or an element of the unexpected add a certain electricity to the day. There can be a lot to do or manage, but the day can end on an accomplished note.


This morning begins with the Moon in late Aquarius. The passion and creative drive of the Mars/Venus/Pluto conjunction continues to build in intensity, keeping the ball rolling on some creative, social, interpersonal, career or financial breakthroughs. These configurations can see people desiring to explore new sides to themselves or new avenues to growth. The Moon heads into Pisces at 12:53 PM PST, to conjoin the Sun, which is conjunct Jupiter. This can emphasize dreams, visions, creativity, spirituality, serendipity and faith. The Moon goes on to conjoin Jupiter this evening, activating a sense of hope, optimism, idealism, inspiration, and releasing things to the fates. The Sun and Uranus are at a perfected sextile of 11 degrees, and this can see us more open to change, experimentation and widening our lens on the world, and less resistant or prone to clinging on to outworn, repressive patterns of stagnation. This evening is ideal for envisioning that which you’d like to manifest into the concrete realm. Synchronicity can be high and the imagination and creativity can be highly activated.


Today see’s the New Moon in Pisces exact at 9:35 AM PST, conjunct the Sun, Jupiter, and sextile Uranus. This New Moon is absolutely lit. Venus, Mars and Pluto are all exactly conjunct at 27 degrees. Make a wish or 12, and meditate upon what you need to release and what stands in the way of you and expanding your potentials. Under these stellar configurations, it’s easier than ever to commit to releasing anything that we know no longer serves us. The call of fresh stimulation and inspiration is just too loud to keep at bay anymore. Anything that makes us feel trapped, limited, or stagnated will clearly beckon to be addressed in one way or another. This new Moon calls us to make peace with our own real, actual wishes, and to at least begin the process of casting aside anything that stands in the way of their fulfillment. Whether it’s fear, limited mindsets, self sabotage, insecurity, inhibition, people pleasing, the fear of judgement from our peers or established social groups, or outdated relationships, dynamics, or patterns, this New Moon calls us to honor our need to release ourselves from whatever tethers us to things that no longer inspire or positively challenge us. These configurations can see intuitive nudges in new and inspired directions that beg to be explored, and encourage us to dip our toe into the water to take positive, calculated risks that maybe previously felt scary, alien, intimidating or strange. We can begin to find our feet for new territory and might even crave to be a little bit challenged, or in the very least, more free to explore and meander. 


Wow. This math is a sight for sore eyes. The Moon in Pisces makes a sextile to Venus, Mars, and Pluto, which are all still conjunct. These are some potent and magical configurations. That thing you’ve been wanting to do, that person you’ve been wanting to contact, that social group you’ve been wanting to get together with, that creative project, collaboration, fitness regiment, or business you’ve been wanting to start: Follow your authentic instincts. You’re being divinely guided right now. Heed your own inner muse. What’s stopping you? Ideals, passion and inspiration can be very high today. Spiritual, creative, or romantic experiences can be visceral and powerful. There can be something almost cathartic or inevitable about whatever is happening now. This can see some fated meetings or experiences that can have a long term impact. It may actually take a while for everything to fully register and sink in. It’s possible whatever is unfolding has been a long time coming. Much of this can take place in our internal landscape, but don’t be surprised if there are also some interesting social, creative, or interpersonal shifts and noteworthy occurrences. This can bring in fresh light and leave us feeling lifted, perhaps scratching an itch we’ve had or soothing a private sensitivity we’ve felt for quite a while, -possibly even repressed or unacknowledged. Evening see’s the Moon shift into action oriented Aries to conjunct Chiron, boosting confidence and courage. 


Today see’s the Moon in courageous Aries conjunct Chiron. The Sun and Jupiter perfect a once a year conjunction, this time at 14 degrees of Pisces. Today can see a lot of enthusiasm, generosity, and good will. It’s a day for living out loud. We can be filled with big ideas, hope, and boundless imagination. We may not have all the details worked out, but that’s ok. We can get the ball rolling in a positive and growth oriented direction that can let in fresh air and inspiration into our lives.  Mars, which rules Aries, is at 29 degrees of ambitious, goal oriented Capricorn, and this can see a strong desire to push into new territory. For many, this can see a desire to widen our social circle, build bridges between ourselves and others, or simply expand upon goals somehow, and loosen restrictions upon our being in some way, to allow for more freedom, new experiences, and different perspectives. The same old same old can feel stifling to our expression and we can be seeking out people and experiences that we instinctively feel will help unlock hidden potentials and capacities within ourselves. Evening see’s the Moon sextile Saturn, and with Venus and Mars both at 29 degrees Capricorn and the Sun and Jupiter both at 14 degrees Pisces, perhaps a bridge between ourselves and others, or a project or goal is solidified or reaches a new level, -or is in the process to being negotiated. Passion, enthusiasm, and idealism are high. 


This morning see’s the Moon in Aries sextile Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius. This could see plans being formed, perhaps for the weekend. Communications, news, dialogue, or planning can feature today, and can revolve around significant shifts or meetings. The Moon goes on to square Venus, Mars and Pluto, and this can represent a sort of energetic climax of sorts as Venus and Mars spend their final moments in 29 degrees Capricorn. This can see long overdue dialogue or conversations opening up. For some this can involve navigating complex power dynamics. With both Venus and Mars entering Aquarius this evening at 10:23 PM PST (Mars) and 10:30 PM PST (Venus), perhaps this revolves around negotiating more freedom for ourselves somehow. The movement of these planets into unconventional Aquarius can see us chomping at the bit to break up monotony and get out of our cage or our usual scene, or to at least create the possibility for new stimulation or more freedom to experiment socially or interpersonally. These maths can see us obsessively but perhaps pleasantly driven, but the lunar squares to Venus/Mars/Pluto can also create quite a stir and there’s some potential here for some serious intensity (or chemistry?) This can see some irresistible pulls, or can result in some very concentrated and driven efforts. For some this can simply translate to intense enjoyment of something. There’s a certain compulsivity and obsessiveness to these configurations. Late evening see’s Venus and Mars shift into unorthodox Aquarius to hoist their freak flags high up on the flag pole together. This can see some interesting, perhaps unexpected meetings or alliances. Perhaps a breath of fresh air.


The Moon enters earthy and sensual Taurus this morning, to conjoin Uranus while squaring Venus, Mars and Pluto. This can see plenty of new stimulation or some surprising dynamics going on socially or interpersonally. Perhaps some spontaneous get togethers or other impulses of change are reverberating through the atmosphere. We could be seeking some significant shifts, or they could be coming our way regardless of what we had planned. The Moon goes on to sextile Jupiter, indicating that our world, or our horizons, socially or otherwise, can be pleasantly expanding. There can be a buoyant optimism and excitement. Venus and Mars perfectly conjunct at zero degrees Aquarius can be like a bolt of lightning, generating an impulse of liberation, mixing and mingling, social experimentation and networking. Aquarius also rules over the internet as well, so surprising contacts can occur online as well as in real life. These configurations can see us drawn towards people that are outside our usual or familiar crowd, or to do things and express ourselves in new and unusual ways and push the envelope a bit on whatever our tried and true habitual haunts, social patterns or lifestyle is. This Venus/Mars cycle ushers in a time to break out of ruts and established patterns that have us feeling trapped or stagnated. This can see us feeling pleasantly challenged and driven. 

Monday, February 21, 2022



The Moon enters intense and passionate Scorpio this morning to trine the Sun and Jupiter in imaginative and sensitive Pisces, opposite Uranus, and square Mercury. These are some deeply creative and transformative configurations. The imagination can be highly active and the emotional landscape can be rich, varied and complex. Attention can be all over the place, and it’s easy to go off on tangents. This is great for artists and creative inspiration, but a bit more challenging if you have a lot of work to do. Regardless, the Scorpio lunation is willful, intense, and determined, and has access to deep inner reserves of power. The lunar trine to Jupiter is expansive, indulgent and explorative. Mars and Venus are conjunct in Capricorn at 20 degrees while sextile Neptune, making for some passionately driven, playful and creative energy, with the potential for peak moments creatively, financially, or interpersonally. Venus and Mars in the stoic, disciplined goat loosen up a bit and allow for whimsical meandering. There can be a lot to manage however, and the energy is quietly loaded. There can be much going on behind the scenes.  The Moon squares Saturn this evening, emphasizing the need for grit, discipline, focus, and resilience in order to keep up with duties and responsibilities amidst waves of passion or inspiration inwardly, socially, creatively, and otherwise. 


The Moon in Scorpio sextile’s Venus, Mars, and trine’s Jupiter and Neptune, while squaring Saturn. This can be a peak moment of inspiration and can be deeply creatively productive if you can strike a balance between order and chaos. Venus and Mars sextile Neptune are at 21 degrees conjunct and inching closer to perfecting a conjunction to Pluto by the day, so this can see a powerful energetic build up occurring that creates quite a bit of momentum. This is an extremely potent mathscape of fecundity, productivity, and transformation, there’s a lot to pick up on in the atmosphere and even from within ourselves. There can even be telepathic connections and psychic experiences. The Moon goes on to sextile powerful Pluto later on, and this can see an obsessive drive or focus on something, and the atmosphere can be rich with meaning, innuendo, or impactful subtlety, feeling, and nuance. The Sun now in Pisces now calls our attention to our dreams and what inspires us and makes life beautiful. 


This morning see’s the Moon enter adventurous and buoyant Sagittarius, to trine Chiron in Aries, square the Sun and Jupiter in Pisces, and sextile Mercury in Aquarius. This can see an electric, inspired, and dreamy atmosphere that can boost morale and inspire the spirit to greater heights. It can be a bit of a loopy atmosphere, but perhaps everyone needs to unwind, loosen up, and experiment a bit. Mercury sextile Saturn see’s a unique ability to concentrate while having access to flashes of insight and inspiration-some of this may even be able to be brought down to earth from the magical realms. A lunar sextile to Juno can see others play a role in inspired ideas or notions that may permeate our consciousness. There may be a lot of impressions to sift through and explore. 


 Today see’s the Moon in Sagittarius square Jupiter and Neptune in dreamy Pisces while sextile Saturn in Aquarius. This can see a bemusing but charming atmosphere, with a lot of day dreaming and fantasy as we go about our daily tasks. Mercury squaring Uranus can be a conduit to so many original thoughts and ideas that it can be hard to capture them all as they fly in, but it’s worth a try, as it’s not every day that Venus and Mars are this close together-and this close to powerful and regenerative Pluto. This evening is reflective, laid back, and explorative. It can be easy to see the hidden potential in certain ideas, endeavors, projects, or relationships. 


The Moon enters earthy Capricorn at 8:27 AM PST, where it sextile’s the Sun and trine’s Uranus while squaring Chiron. Ideals are very high, and perfectionism can be an issue. This can see us experimenting with new techniques and approaches to bringing our inspired visions into reality. The Sun in Pisces sextile’s Uranus in Taurus, bringing our attention to the muses and how we generate inspiration. With the Moon square Chiron there can be some tinges of vulnerability, shyness or inhibition, but as the weekend unfolds, this can be cast aside for a less risk averse attitude, and a desire to dive headlong into something with courage, passion, determination. 


The Moon in Capricorn conjoins Venus, Mars, and Pluto today. The first half of the day see’s the Moon trine exciting Uranus, which can see some surprising feelings or exchanges. We can be following our muse and seek out more excitement, change, and inspiration. There can be unexpected meetings, or others can surprise us in some way or bring more color and vibrancy into our world somehow. The Moon goes on to sextile Neptune later on, and this can see us very sensitive to nuance, subtlety, and beauty, and there can be some intensely pleasurable experiences this weekend, either in fantasy, reality, or both. This energy is lit.


This morning see’s the Moon in late Capricorn conjunct Venus, Mars, and Pluto, and we can feel powerfully drawn in towards something or someone. Our attention can be locked in and fixated. This can see some powerful chemistry, creatively, interpersonally, or otherwise. It’s ripe fruit. The Moon enters Aquarius at 10:36 Am PST. Here, the Moon meets Mercury the messenger and squares Uranus while sextile Chiron. We could be surprised via communications, news, or exchanges. Perhaps we’re preparing for a change of tack in regards to certain dynamics or initiatives. We could be bracing ourselves to dive into exploring unknown territory next week. 

Monday, February 14, 2022



Happy Valentines Day. We begin this week with the Moon in charismatic and passionate Leo, while Mercury enters into the opposite sign of Aquarius. If there’s something that you’ve been fixated on while Mercury was conjunct Pluto, this week could see the beginning of solutions, resolutions, changes, or a closing out of a cycle.  The Moon squares Uranus in Taurus and trines Chiron in Aries, while being opposite Mercury today. This could see us open to innovation and change, and feeling passionately driven, motivated and ambitious. Venus and Mars are in sync for the next few days. Today they are exactly conjunct at 15 degrees Capricorn while trine Uranus, so this can see passion and creativity combining with ambition, discipline, and excitement. Take advantage of this lit, passionate and ambitious energy while you can, you can make a great deal of progress and make some sweeping changes and improvements while these two walk hand in hand all week, power couple style, making ambitious moves and strides upward and onward. There can be electricity and change in the air that can create sparks, inspiration, and motivation. This is a powerful energy for really getting your shit on lock and zooming in on a goal. The Leo lunation emphasizes a desire for fun seeking, creative expression, and playful competition, while Mercury in Aquarius places the focus on cooperation, teamwork, collaborations, future goals, friendships, groups, social networking, and innovation. Communications can be highlighted, and there can be some surprises or shifts in store. Late night see’s the Moon opposite Saturn, so we may need to grapple with our own self doubt, inhibitions, challenges or blockages. The Moon/Uranus link can highlight breaking out of ruts or challenging any stifling or stuffy, stuck in the mud influences. The Full Moon on Wednesday can help us see where discipline and realism can help us refine our approach to something while also encouraging authenticity and courage to be true to ourselves. There’s a happy medium between stuffing everything down to protect other peoples feelings, or carelessly acting out.


Today see’s the Moon in Leo opposite Saturn and the Sun in Aquarius. This influence can focus on refinement. There can be some inhibitions or shyness to contend with, as Saturn tends to constrict. We could be very aware of how we’ve been holding back in certain areas. This energy can also see some defining moments in regards to goals, wishes, groups, friendships, and social networking. This energy could see us very concentrated on something or working towards refining or perfecting something. Venus and Mars are in perfect step with one another and are perfected now at 16 degrees, yesterday saw them perfected at 15 degrees. There’s plenty of passion and motivation around a goal, and we could feel driven to improve and outdo our previous bests and continue an upward trajectory. They’re both sextile Jupiter in Pisces and trine Uranus in Taurus. Inspiration, passion, idealism and motivation can be high. This energy is about mustering the courage to express ourselves, be true to ourselves, release stagnating influences and blockages, and truly dedicate ourselves to follow a dream and step into a more fully realized version of ourselves. The Full Moon tomorrow helps release baggage or stagnation that’s been blocking our joy or inhibiting our potential. 


Today see’s the Full Moon in Leo at 8:56 AM PST, opposite the Sun in Aquarius. This highlights our goals, social networks, groups and communities we are a part of, collaborating with others, creative expression, creative projects, passion, innovation, future goals, and things that inspire us and make us feel alive.  Venus and Mars are still walking in step with one another and reach 17 degrees Capricorn. A process of perfection, mastery and preparation has been occurring. We may need to find a balance between our own desires and those of a group, friendship, or social networks we are a part of, or have the courage to express ourselves or go after what we want, even if it sets us apart from certain others. We could acknowledge previously unacknowledged needs or desires. Stepping more into alignment with our own wider vision and goals and sharpening our vision around them while fortifying our courage is indicated by these configurations. The Moon enters earthy Virgo at 12:42 PM PST, to trine with Uranus and oppose Jupiter. A surge of passion and creative drive can be a part of the picture. Releasing or addressing any issues that may have been a thorn in our side or holding us back is also highlighted. We can feel motivated to ring in some radical changes, do a deep clean, and eliminate blockages to realizing our inspired visions.


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo trine Venus and Mars, which are perfectly conjunct at 17 degrees Capricorn. The Moon is also trine Uranus and opposite Jupiter and Neptune, and this can see us excited and inspired to ring in some changes. There can be a lot of motivation to get organized and perfect and improve something. Idealism and perfectionism is high, but so is the drive and discipline it takes to actualize things. It can be easier to spot flaws or things that don’t quite measure up to our highest visions, but this ability to critique ourselves or hold ourselves or our life to a high standard also serves to motivate and inspire us to do better. There can be a pleasant restlessness to these configurations, and there could be some surprises in store. We could be seeking ways to reinvigorate ourselves and add new things to our routines. This could see some people on a health or self improvement kick. For the nicest of reasons, we can feel motivated to do and be our best while also bringing more excitement, inspiration, and fresh perspectives into our world. 


The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Pisces today at 8:43 AM PST, encouraging everyone to let loose a little bit and give way to some relaxation, dreaming, release, and creative visualization. The Moon in Virgo is trine Venus and Mars, who are still walking side by side in perfect synchrony at 18 degrees Capricorn. The Moon is also opposite Neptune, as well as trine powerful Pluto, -making this energy doubly potent. This energy can see a pleasant surrender to our own desires, motivating us to make some major transformations in order to bring more pleasure into our lives. There can also be a lot of creativity to this energy. There can be some powerful interpersonal, social, or financial, collaborative shifts taking place that can set the stage for improved dynamics, or fresh ones altogether. There’s a new corner being turned and this energy can inspire us to set the stage to accommodate new possibilities and potentials. With Pluto involved, something or someone can definitely be making an impact and we can feel powerfully focused on ringing in some deep changes. The Moon enters Libra late tonight, to trine Mercury in Aquarius, placing the focus on communications, collaborations, and working together with others to build bridges and create solid foundations.


Today can highlight communications with the Moon in partnership oriented Libra trine Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius. This could see certain agreements, collaborations, partnerships, friendships, or negotiations become more cemented or goals around them become more defined. The Moon is opposite Chiron, so it’s possible that certain sensitive or thorny issues require diplomacy, objectivity and realism in order to negotiate a path forward or negotiate our terms. The Moon goes on to square Venus and Mars in Capricorn, who are side by side at 19 degrees in Capricorn, and this emphasizes partnerships, love, relationships, social dynamics, money, creative projects, passion, pleasure, drive, competitive instincts, and conflict resolution. There can be some spicy feelings that require some detachment and diplomacy, but the stage looks set for constructive resolutions or creative compromises.  We may be drawn to people or situations that appeal greatly to us but simultaneously make us feel vulnerable somehow or arouse competitive instincts. It’s possible we have to negotiate the pursuit of our own desires with those around us, or simply integrate the passion we feel around our goals with the vulnerability required to truly commit to them. In either case, this weekend can see potentially thorny issues being addressed and negotiated to make way for some serious transformations and deep seated improvements. Striking a balance between being completely authentic and true to ourselves and diplomatically navigating interpersonal dynamics are highlighted this weekend. 


Today see’s the Moon in conciliatory Libra squaring Venus, Mars, and Pluto in Capricorn, while trine Saturn. This is some powerful and passionate energy, and Venus and Mars are both conjunct Pluto and sextile Neptune, so ideals are very high, and eyes are fixed on the prize. Neptune has a softening influence on the otherwise cut throat, desirous, and ambitious influence of Venus/Mars/Pluto. But make no mistake, these influences see people wanting whatever they want, fervently, -and willing to put in the work and sweat for it as well. Something can feel “just out of reach” with Neptune’s influence, and the Moon squaring up to Mars can be a bit impatient to see results. Neptune brings a softness, compassion and understanding for how the pursuit of our desires and goals may be impacting others, which can help a great deal if there are social or interpersonal complexities to navigate. The diplomacy of the Libra lunation barely veils the fierce authenticity of these configurations. We want what we want and that’s all there is to it. Keeping in mind that there are no shortcuts to success, and that playing nicely with others and navigating interpersonal, social, or business power dynamics, competing interests and responsibilities with grace and diplomacy, will help accelerate success.  Next week kicks off on a very passionate and idealistic note. 


Monday, February 7, 2022



Today see’s the Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus, trine Venus and Mars in Capricorn and sextile Jupiter.  This could see some excitement and expansive plans being made for the long term. This is an easy going and somewhat indulgent energy but it can also be geared towards ambitions and productivity, and this might indeed have to be the case as the Moon goes on to square Saturn and the Sun in Aquarius later on, suggesting that work must be done. So we could get off to a pleasure seeking, earthy start this morning that has plenty of enthusiasm for things that excite us. As the day wears on it becomes more ambitious, but that doesn’t mean the passion and motivation in this energy has to wane, it just needs to be directed with more focus, and these configurations can strike a balance between being in the present while planning for the future. 


Today see’s the Moon in earthy Taurus squaring the Sun and Saturn while trine Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn and sextile Neptune. With Mercury gearing up to perfect a third conjunction to Pluto later this week, there could be something we can’t stop thinking about, perhaps fantasizing about. Maybe we are thinking of what to say or how to break a particular silence, or overcome a particular blockage. These configurations can highlight communications and news, but can also see the imagination working overtime trying to figure something or someone out. These maths can see us attempting to curtail certain urges, or being more strategic in our approach to something. Mars in harmony with Uranus can see excitement, passion, and innovation, and a need to walk down a new path or take an experimental approach to goals or the passions. With the Moon trine Mercury and Pluto there could definitely be something preoccupying us to distraction that has our attention very absorbed, perhaps in a good way though, as whatever it is, it’s something we’re passionate about. 


The Moon zooms into curious and inquisitive Gemini this morning, to square Jupiter in Pisces and sextile Chiron. This can see our mind running all over the place with ideas, and there can be a lot of inspiration, but also a lot to do. The Moon goes on to trine Saturn later on in the evening, so this can see us preparing to make some inspired ideas a reality. The majority of the day can see a curious vibe that picks up whatever is around it like a sponge, so make sure you’re exposing yourself to people and ideas that inspire and encourage you. This energy can see a lot of day dreaming or meandering , and it can be friendly and emotionally generous as well. Something can boost morale or encourage us in regards to a goal. 


Today see’s the Moon in multitasking Gemini attempting to bring some inspired visions down to earth, with a trine to the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, and squares to Jupiter and Neptune in the early morning hours. We may get off to a somewhat dreamy or sleepy start, but as the day wears on, the drive to stay focused becomes sharper, but the lunar square to Neptune can still see our imagination and curiosity (or fears of unknowns) going strong. This can see creativity and innovation, along with interesting insights. It can also see a need to distill bullshit, and separate fact from fiction. This can be a busy day with a lot of distractions. Tomorrow see’s Mercury perfect it’s conjunction to Pluto for a third time, and this can see some turning points or “big reveals” in communications. 


Mercury and Pluto are perfecting a conjunction today at 27 degrees Capricorn. The Moon in Gemini trines the Sun in Aquarius in the early morning hours, placing the focus on the future, on revelations, and on seeking more definition around goals and responsibilities. The Moon goes void of course for the rest of the day suggesting there is much to think about. With Mercury conjunct Pluto we can be in deep thought about something, and there can also be some intense discussions or negotiations for some to navigate as well. There can be a pressing need to get to the bottom of something, sort something out, or make something more defined. The Moon heads into comfort seeking Cancer at 3:27 PM PST, to trine Jupiter and square Chiron, so this can see compassion, for ourselves as well as for others. There is a sensitivity and awareness of vulnerability here, perhaps a keen awareness of negotiating power dynamics as well. The lunar/Jupiter link encourages a more retiring, private energy, a retreat in order to replenish reserves. It’s possible some surprises, changes, or powerful transformations are around the corner, interpersonally, financially, or otherwise. Communications, negotiations, trade, and commerce are highlighted in a powerful way.


Today see’s the Moon in Cancer opposite Venus and Mars, trine Jupiter and sextile Uranus, while square Chiron. This is an exciting energy, perhaps something spontaneous or unexpected comes up. Maybe we feel a bit caught off guard by external events with the Moon square Chiron, or there is just a general sensitivity in the air. Nonetheless, this is quite an electric vibe, and there can be something experimental or liberating about it. Changes can be delightful, but also come with a lot of responsibility as well. We could be on the receiving end of someones generosity, or perhaps we are generous ourselves. It can be a challenge to get on to the same page as others today, and there can be various issues competing for our attention, but equally there is also excitement and passion in focus with the Moon making contacts to Venus and Mars. Something can expand our world or open up new possibilities we hadn’t considered before, there is something expansive and exciting about these configurations even though this lunation is more quiet, domestic and restful. There’s something here that can give us something to look forward to or feel excited about. 


The Moon in Cancer is opposite Mercury, Venus, and Pluto while trine Neptune today, and this can see us fantasizing about something or someone pretty heavily, or perhaps engaged in conversations or dialogue that engage our sense of mystery. There can be some powerful dynamics in play here, perhaps there is a lot to reflect on. This looks like an otherwise restful Sunday, but we could be heavily preoccupied with something or someone, or absorbed in a project, planning, or communications. Valentines day can see some surprises. People can be unpredictable.