Sunday, March 31, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of April 1st-7th

Here we are. Fresh out of a Mercury retrograde, with the Moon in friendly Aquarius, going from a trine, and then angling towards a slightly frustrated, awkward square to Mars Monday morning, -who is now in mentally active and mercurial Gemini. The Moon then slips into sensitive Pisces in the morning hours of Monday (around 8ish AM PST), and we could be scrambling to tie up loose ends in a very short time frame, and negotiating a lot of transitions and changes. However, many hold ups, messes, glitches, delays, blocks to progress, changes of schedules, or misunderstandings that occurred during the retrograde period could take some time yet to unravel and smooth out. The dust is still settling.

In short, we could all be playing the game “catch up", as we get through what is known as the "shadow phase" of the retrograde.

It’s worth mentioning again that Mars in Gemini can tend to overtax the nervous system, with a lot going on all at once, so pacing ourselves and making it a point to ground, center, and soothe, will continue to be important during this transit, as it's a rather high strung and anxious placement for Mars.

That being said and out of the way, the week kicks off on a rather dreamy, inspired, imaginative, -though rather busy note. Another interesting thing to note now is the sextile Mars in Gemini forms to Chiron in Aries, suggesting that actions and initiatives being taken now are serving a deeply healing purpose.  

We are gearing ourselves up towards a lot of change, and are navigating a lot at the moment. This being a New Moon week, it is sure to represent a pinnacle of sorts, as fresh seeds are planted and new chapters begin to be written. The results of which will start to show signs of bearing fruit most likely towards the end of April.

 In brief, this week could feel rather intense, and it’s going to be important to maintain a “solutions oriented” approach, reduce pressure, and enjoy the process, wherever possible. 


Monday see’s the Moon slip into Pisces, forming a crotchety square to Mars, a conjunction to Venus, and a sextile to Uranus. 

In spite of "Ye Olde Crotchety Square", (which can create some stress, or bring underlying tensions to surface, there is definitely an inspired and exciting feeling to these configurations, even if there is a certain pressure. 

There is a peculiar creative genius and pleasantness available, and a motivation to take some rather inspired and innovative actions. If you are an artist (of any kind), and are pushing to complete, perfect, or simply work on a project, these aspects can function as a sort of muse. This is also an excellent time for learning new skills, brushing up on old ones, and perfecting certain systems and processes. Although, there may also be so much going on, so much to think about and consider, and so many distractions to navigate, that it can also be quite difficult to concentrate on one thing at a time, -and the pressure to produce results "as soon as humanly possible"- can be great. 

Deep breaths everyone. Take your time.. pace yourselves. Embrace “the process.”  

There is a noticeable nervous excitement to Monday that can give way to some inspired innovations, even amidst a lot of activity, communications, errands, and many things to do and problems to solve. 

Tuesday see’s the Moon in Pisces conjunct not only Venus, but Mercury, and Neptune. Mercury’s sextile to Saturn suggests that some inspired visions are in the process of finding form, and can have concrete, long term implications. 

Although potentially pleasant, there can be a certain “longing” and “elusiveness” to these configurations.

Some people are definitely birthing a creative or artistic project here, others are in the process of  manifesting the idyllic visions of their imaginations into reality somehow, ..slowly but surely making the unreal, real. 

I can’t overstate how amazing these configurations are for artists, poets, musicians, designers, and those in creative professions, as our aesthetic senses can be very much stimulated at this time. 

Late afternoon/early evening Tuesday, the moon forms a sextile to Saturn, followed by a square to Saturn from the Sun. There is definitely a need to make some extremely beautiful things happen and bring the inspired visions of our highest ideals down to earth. There could be minor blockages, and a tendency to be quite hard on ourselves, competitive even. Exacting in our drive to live up to our ideals. This can be great for discipline (it really comes in handy here.) 

A Lunar square to Jupiter Tuesday night blows up our imaginations and longings to epic proportions, and we could also feel rather indulgent. It’s good we have Saturn keeping our feet on the ground without raining on our parade too much, because these configurations scream “Let’s make some dreams a reality” as opposed to “Let’s be apathetic and resign to escapism.”  

Even later, the Moon sextiles Pluto as well. We could feel intensely idealistic and even rather obsessed about actualizing our visions, dreams, and longings. 

The inspired Neptunian visions continue to be in the background with Venus holding her conjunction with Mercury in Pisces. The thoughts are on pleasure, beauty, love, and a longing for sensual and aesthetic enjoyment, and all that is lovely and pleasant.

Wednesday see’s the Moon traveling in the later degrees of Pisces, where she forms a conjunction with Chiron in Aries that grows more potent as Wednesday proceeds. The majority of Wednesday is dominated mostly by the Lunar squares to Jupiter and Saturn, and this conjunction to Chiron that grows in intensity. This suggests our ideals and expectations are perhaps exceedingly high of ourselves, others, or circumstances we are involved in. Pressure can definitely be felt.  We may really want to live up to our own and others ideals and expectations here, and could feel a bit vulnerable about being able to do so. Sensitivity, a competitive drive, combined with feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do, could all be present, with a lunar sextile to Mars in the mix here. 

The Moon moves into Aries at 7:57 PM PST on Wed evening, perfecting her conjunction to Chiron in latter hours of Wednesday.  We can be very aware of our own and others sensitivities at this time, and with the Sun also square Saturn, we can perhaps feel a little shy, inhibited, or self conscious, and feeling the weight of our own and others expectations of us, and the weight of circumstances in general. Although, a lunar sextile to Mars in Gemini see’s us challenging ourselves to “improvise, adapt, overcome.” 

There may still be hurdles to overcome, and at certain points we could feel pretty challenged in regards to making progress, but the impetus to rise to challenges is there.

Thursday see’s a continuation of these themes, surrounding bringing more beauty and pleasure into our day to day worlds, actualizing an idyllic vision , and a even a fervent competitive drive, and an awareness of the work we still have ahead of us to achieve our goals and measure our reality up to our fantastical, (if just a tad delusional) ..visions.  

Although we are geared towards pleasure, enjoyment and creating idyllic experiences, the Sun/Saturn square can hang duties, unfinished tasks, blocks, and responsibilities over our heads, and this can create some exasperation, frustration, and a need for…(please don’t shoot me).. patience. The Lunar conjunction to Chiron fades and eases off entirely, close to 5 PM PST on Thursday, helping to alleviate any vulnerabilities we may have felt alongside a lot of pressure and befrazzlement. 

Late Thursday evening, the Moon joins the Sun in a square to Saturn, making us acutely aware of our responsibilities, limitations, inhibitions, blocks to progress, and a need for discipline, fortitude, patience (ugh) and emotional resilience. In spite of any wet blanket vibes, we could be bringing stability to situations and slowly manifesting a long held inspired vision that is perhaps taking a lot of work.  

This rather driven, (if frustrated) energy leads into the New Moon.


Friday, April 5th, see’s the New Moon in Aries, at 1:50 AM PST. This New Moon is an amalgamation of all the energies previously described above. It is dominated by a solar and lunar square to Saturn, with Saturn sextile Mercury in Pisces. 

This implies we are getting serious about our dreams, and that we are beginning to crystalize and reap the harvest of an emotional, spiritual and creative “sorting process” we underwent at the Mercury retrograde. Although progress has been slow, and at times, thwarted, it is assured,- as long as we persist.

 Now that we are clear about certain things, we can begin to get serious about the process of culmination. 

This will require blending, balancing and negotiating our visions, ideals, and dreams with those of others, so that everything can eventually gel.

 This month will be about finding a groove, and finding our balance in this regard.  

In spite of the seriousness that Saturn lends to this New Moon, a lunar trine to Jupiter in broad minded Sagittarius keeps our enthusiasm, optimism and morale alive and well. 

A lunar square to Pluto suggests that we are definitely feeling intense, obsessed, and driven about whatever we have going on at this time, and we could be taking some actions that significantly shift the landscape of our lives in a way that expands things, but also requires some discipline and structure in order to maintain or bring to completion. 
Whatever these things involve, it’s clear that more pleasure, love, beauty, stability, inspiration, and enjoyment are at the heart of things. 

Later in the afternoon on Friday, the Moon conjuncts Uranus, keeping things “interesting”, and hinting at the need for equal parts discipline and innovation. We may be working hard towards manifesting some breakthroughs that we feel really intensely about, and any confinements, “brick walls”, or restrictions on our individuality, freedom, autonomy, and making progress on our goals towards the future at this time can feel pretty uncomfortable and stifling. 

Saturday morning see’s the Moon move into earthy and sensual Taurus, to perfect her conjunction to unconventional Uranus. Around 9 AM Saturday, Mercury in Pisces forms a sextile to intense and probing Pluto, suggesting that some communications, written or spoken, or short distance travels, bring some pleasant transformations of circumstances, that stabilize and enhance things, or in the very least, have a deep and pleasing impact. There is a certain intensity, excitement, tension, and expansive enthusiasm to the weekend, that is somehow liberating, pleasing, and stabilizing at once. It also appears this all has a happy ending.

Sunday looks pretty outstanding actually. It begins with a lunar sextile to Venus and a trine to Saturn, followed by a sextile to Neptune, a trine to Pluto, and a sextile to Mercury. Some longed for circumstance that we feel intensely about and have worked towards reaches a peak phase here, or, very simply, an extremely pleasant time can be had. It appears that changes we have been gearing towards lead to a pleasant outcome to say the least, and perhaps something can be celebrated and savored. If anything, it is apparent that progress is in fact being made. It may not be the final vision, but there are signs that continuing are going to yield results. With the Saturn aspects involved at the new moon, this may have been a long time coming. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by! May you all have a most excellent week, and I’ll see you next Monday. 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of March 25-31 2019

This week brings some relief, as Venus softens her stance, leaving the unorthodox sign of Aquarius, where she has stood up for herself and created distance, and entering Pisces, where she will become more yielding and sensitive. The square between Venus and Mars has been challenging, but will dissolve over this week, as both planets leave their fixed positions, to end the standoff. Venus enters Pisces on Tuesday, Mars will leave Taurus and enter talkative and versatile Gemini on Sunday the 31st.  
Mercury will end it’s retrograde in Pisces and station direct on Friday the 29th, at 16 degrees Pisces. Dust will begin to settle as we get through the shadow phase and regain our footing, having sorted through a variety of feelings. The Sun in Aries slowly but surely distances itself from Chiron, which has been a painful but healing configuration. This can slowly allow for any wounds that may have been brought to light, activated or reopened, to mend. This Sun/Chiron conjunction will remain with us throughout the week, but will lessen over time and be mitigated by other configurations.  All of this can create some kind of movement within stalemate (or standoff) situations that have had a “hardness” or a “coldness” about them. It will take some time, but the proverbial dust can finally begin to settle.


We begin the week with the Moon in Sagittarius, bringing some optimism, goodwill, and expansiveness. A necessary courage amidst potentially sensitive or delicate dynamics due to the full Moon we just had in Libra, with the Sun in close proximity to Chiron. This brought our attention to wounds and sensitivities within interpersonal relations. We’ve got to “feel it to heal it” as the saying goes. The Moon in Sagittarius assists us in developing courage and optimism, and there is a drive towards taking positive initiatives towards healing,  and maintaining a positive attitude in the face of having wounds activated, triggered, opened and exposed through the build up to the full moon that just occurred.  

Tuesday see’s the Moon conjoin Jupiter, and square Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. It is clear that our ideals and longings are acutely present, and our desire for a positive outcome, peace, healing and tranquility is fully apparent. Venus reaches zero degrees Pisces at approximately 12:44 PM PST on Tuesday, where a softer, more sensitive, receptive and yielding approach can begin to take hold in partnerships. This sets the stage for a much more empathic landscape, where defenses can begin a process of disintegration. Sensitivities are very heightened, and although the Venus/Mars square is still active all the way to Saturday the 30th, negotiating around tensions and sharing feelings can begin to feel easier as time goes on. Emotional generosity, empathy, and sensitivity is available to navigate any residual fallout or lingering tensions.


By midweek, the conjunction between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces perfects at 16 degrees, our longings may be considerable at this time, and the idea of detachment, or the awareness of subtle or overt rifts can feel painful. There can also be connections felt that run deep, even when little (or nothing) is said. This aspect though in general is amazing for artists and musicians, as the inspiration and connection to the imaginal realms is significantly boosted. It isn't the most rational time, but it's definitely amazing for creative inspiration, as we are particularly impressionable under these configurations. 
Wednesday morning see’s the Moon enter stern and serious Capricorn, bringing a bit of a heavier vibe to the table. Perhaps a “scorned” feeling, or of having been placed “in a dog house” so to speak. An awareness of previous actions that cause a lingering, unresolved guilt, memories that are hard to shake, or simply a challenge to remain positive within circumstances where there have been misunderstandings, rifts, and wounded feelings. Steering clear of negative thinking and staying grounded (and creative/constructive) amidst changing circumstances and shifting dynamics will be important here. A sextile the Moon forms to Venus,  a trine to Uranus, and a square to Chiron, suggests that even in the face of lingering pain, there is forgiveness available, and a desire to move in positive new directions. As long as there is a resolve not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, there is an opportunity to face down fears and break negative emotional patterns, but it will require courage, consistency, discipline, and patience. There is a chance here to establish better emotional coping skills and relational patterns.


I have a small tarot deck, that is a tribute deck to the under appreciated and little known artist who was behind the famous Rider-Waite deck, Pamela Coleman Smith. This special tribute deck contains two extra cards that are just works of hers, unrelated to the tarot, and are not meant to be incorporated into the deck for use in spreads. However, I actually use them, and circulate them into the deck, and have assigned my own meanings to these “Cards”, and have given them names. One of the cards I simply call “Gramma.” When “Gramma” appears in a spread, it is symbolic of the emotional legacy we have received from our family dynamics growing up. Our attachment styles, and various learned emotional patterns we inherited as children. It is symbolic of how consciously aware we are of how our past, our histories, and our emotional upbringing have factored into our behavior, and whether or not we are setting a better precedent to the examples and patterns we were shown as children. When “Gramma” comes out in reverse, (Reverse Gramma), it is a signal that there is some sort of dysfunction going on at an emotional level, insecure attachment styles, fears, insecurities, wounds from childhood or previous relationships, learned behaviors from what we have witnessed as children or in the past, negative emotional behaviors that we are not letting go of, etc… With the Moon in Capricorn midweek, conjoining Saturn and Pluto, there could be a “memorial of pain” to deconstruct.
Reverse Gramma is very akin to the challenges posed to us by Chiron, the wounded healer, because the wounds of Reverse Gramma run deep. I bring this up now, because astrologically, there appears to be an opportunity available for all of us to confront “reverse Gramma” in ourselves, our lives, and our interpersonal relationships, to flip her into the upright position, where we can use our conscious awareness of our wounds and inherited emotional patterns and traumas to heal ourselves and one another, rather than perpetuate them. “What would Upright Gramma Do?”

By Thursday, the 28th, the serious and committed Moon in Capricorn subtracts a square with Chiron and adds a conjunction to Pluto to go along with Saturn.  But again, the Moon’s sextile to both Mercury and Neptune in Pisces suggests there is some deep healing available, with Venus in the mix helping to cultivate much more sensitivity. This suggests some healing transformations are in the works, even if things are taking some time to find a “sweet spot.”  Dropping any kind of power games and defense mechanisms, and looking deeply into their root causes (often a feeling of insecurity, fear, mistrust, abandonment, etc) will do much to speed along any kind of growth and healing. There is much intensity involved here, with a Lunar conjunction to Pluto. Becoming vulnerable and sharing ourselves can feel scary, but with Venus now exalted in Pisces, the idea of fighting, distance, and maintaining a defensive position, no longer holds as much appeal, and she is working to soften our hearts.  


Friday, the Moon in Capricorn forms a trine to Mars Taurus, suggesting serious actions are being taken to bring more stability, decisiveness, and sure footedness to what has felt unstable and in flux. Although Lunas conjunction to Saturn can create a lack of self confidence, shyness, and subtly drain energy, the trine to Mars can help rebuild our reserves.  A sextile Mars forms to Chiron suggests there is something deeply healing about actions taken at this time. The Moon also forms a square to Uranus, and this can add a bit of stubborn or erratic energy into the mix. Mercury stations direct, and although much dust is still settling, a period of emotional reevaluation and uncertainty can begin the process of coming to a close. With Mars in the final degrees of Taurus, this will be a decisive time. A positive use of this energy is maintaining courage through trying circumstances. This is a difficult decan of Taurus for Mars to inhabit. In the Tarot, this decan of Taurus is ruled by the 7 of Pentacles. A card of waiting. Waiting for something we have invested a lot into. Prayer and courage are the best ways to handle this energy.  Friday early evening, the Moon shifts into unconventional and emotionally detached Aquarius, forming a sextile to Chiron. Perhaps this offers us some perspective on other peoples pain, and/or allows us to deal with our own in a more detached way. Being able to empathize with others, or see how we may have unintentionally wounded them, -without our vision being clouded or monopolized by a preoccupation with our own shame- is a helpful emotional skill that facilitates healing.

Saturday, March 30th, the Moon in Aquarius forms a sextile to the Sun in Aries, and Saturn in Capricorn forms a sextile to Mercury (now direct) in Pisces. Emotions can perhaps be expressed in a way that is in alignment with our conscious will, and there is a wise, stabilizing influence from the Mercury/Saturn sextile. Perhaps plans are being made, or there is simply a sense of good timing.  Wisdom can be extracted from what may have felt like a maze of incongruence or uncertainty. Some kind of resolution can be felt at this time, and there is an ability to move forward. The square between Mars and Venus comes to an end, and this can bring a feeling of relief.

Sunday morning, the 31st of March, Mars takes center stage and enters quick witted and multitasking Gemini, heralding a busy and communicative cycle, with a focus on variety, and a lot going on. Later, the Moon in Aquarius forms a happy sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius, suggesting a positive view of the future and things to come. Towards evening, the Moon forms a square to Mars, suggesting that we are perhaps in two minds about something, or perhaps just overstimulated by all that is going on at once. There could also be impatience, argumentativeness, or simply feeling high strung or mentally overwhelmed. The energy of Mars in this face of Gemini is volatile, and can stress the nervous system. It will be important to rest the mind and make time for grounding activities and meditation. Although there is an overall optimistic and expansive note to the end of the weekend, there could simply be a lot of things, activities, and commitments to juggle all at once, and we don’t want to drop the ball on any of them. Being that we are fresh out of a Mercury retrograde in Pisces, it’s a good idea not to rush anything, and to take our time, so as not to overwhelm our nervous systems. This Mars cycle will be extremely expansive, with a whole lot of activities and communications to balance, travel, comings and goings, and generally a lot of things happening all at once. Brace yourselves. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a great week, I’ll see you next Monday. 

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of March 18th-24th 2019

We begin this week with the Moon still in Leo, from over the weekend, opposing Venus in Aquarius, squaring Mars in Taurus, and forming a trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. This suggests emotional generosity and general good will, even in the face of the considerable tensions of the Venus/Mars square, and the deep sea diving of Mercury retrograde in Pisces giving us all a case of "the bends".

Later on Monday, the Moon forms a trine to Uranus in Taurus before shifting into earthy and practical Virgo at precisely 6:42 PM PST, seeing the evening hours of Monday carry on the tone of good will and generosity, but with a grounded shift towards practicality, health, routines, organization, improving dynamics and taking new emotional approaches. Midst all of this, the Mars/Pluto trine continues to bring forth intense drives and feelings regarding transformations that are ultimately intended to be positive and bring growth. Mercury retrograde in Pisces sextile Pluto suggests there is much to ruminate over, sift through, and digest, when it comes to emotions and communications, and plunging the depths around what have been some highly emotional exchanges. 

The Moon’s movement through Virgo will be rather anxious, but also simultaneously grounding and innovating, assisting in an emotional sifting process with a focus on making corrections, improvements, and new, innovative and positive changes. An opposition the Virgo Moon forms to Mercury, the Sun, and Neptune in Pisces can further blur objectivity (perhaps in order to find it?) and can pull us towards strange situations and people, to make sense of our feelings, correct and unravel misunderstandings, or bring stability and structure to what feels nebulous, tenuous, and uncertain. There could be an anxious longing, and a pull between head and heart, logic and emotions, and some self doubt due to feeling unsure of ourselves or others. Finding a balance between the two will be key.  

The Moon forming a trine to Saturn, Pluto, and Mars Tuesday evening, can actually help a great deal with feeling more confident about something that’s had us out of our depth. These aspects help to add more sure footedness, stability, single mindedness and determination to get to the point and simplify things, in spite of the rather confusing and nebulous influences in play.  Later in the evening on Tuesday, the Moon forms an inflated square to Jupiter in Sagittarius, an influence that will grow stronger as we head into Wednesday. With the Moon in Virgo, we may blow criticisms out of proportion or overly magnify flaws. A sense of perfectionism or emotional anxiety can feel a bit over the top as the moon grows ever fuller. Fortunately, a simultaneous trine to Saturn can help to stabilize and pinpoint areas where we may need to discipline our own emotional reactions, creating an opportunity to find moderation, emotional stability, and create new neural pathways. 


Wednesday, March 20th, is Spring Equinox. It is also International Astrology Day. This day see’s the build up to the Full Moon. The Sun enters zero degrees Aries at 2:58 PM PST, and the Moon enters Libra at 6:28 PM PST, to reach full culmination and lunar climax at 6:43 PM PST.
This full Moon is the first of two full moons in Libra, the next being on April 19th. This suggests a great deal is being worked out in partnerships, and it could take some time to get it just right. This full moon  highlights the dichotomy between self and other, and partnerships and seeking harmony and compromise will certainly be under the spotlight.

 This full moon also opposes Chiron in Aries, so there are wounds to mend and negotiate around, and considerable courage is required in order to take healing initiatives in the face of vulnerabilities. A trine the full Moon forms to Mars suggests a harmonizing of wills is present, and in spite of potential tensions, differences, and wounds, there is a shared common aim, and a desire to mitigate conflicts.

 Venus still in detached and independent Aquarius, squaring Mars however, does make for some challenging interpersonal landscapes that require space and distance at times, to navigate in a way that minimizes misunderstandings and conflicts in the midst of a highly emotional Mercury retrograde. There is a lonliness and distance to these configurations. Venus in Aquarius is preoccupied with basic respect between equals, and distance can exist if that feels lacking. Mars in Taurus wants physical sensuality and can come off as base to Venus in Aquarius, and these polarities can be felt within ourselves as well as in partnerships, making it difficult to reconcile conflicting desires. It is a passionate aspect, but peace can feel difficult to maintain or even achieve at times under such a push/pull configuration.

 The Lunar opposition to Chiron however, lingers, and it may take some time, effort, courage, bravery, and teamwork to heal wounds and misunderstandings that have perhaps had a long time to fester and grow, amidst a lot of distance, either physical, emotional, or both.

 This is certainly not the most objective time, and there could be the potential for certain lingering animosities with Venus square Mars, but there is also the potential for a lot of passion, even amidst distance, and taking unorthodox approaches to otherwise intimidating (or alienating) circumstances.

A little bit of love, empathy, and understanding can go a long way to untangle deeply embedded and knotty wounds, but someone has to make the first move. With the Sun now in Aries, there will certainly be more initiative, even if such initiative is difficult to take due to latent wounds or insecurities.
 The skies suggest there are wounded parties, and a need to seek compromise, soothing, damage control, and retribution, to prevent further pain. 

Thursday, March 21st, the Moon in Libra is largely left to her own devices to harmonize and smooth over lingering tensions from weeks prior, initially only forming two minor aspects to Venus and Mars, challenging us to learn from interpersonal conflicts and tensions.

Later, early Thursday evening, a square to Saturn can create some heaviness, or perhaps some feelings of guilt, but also an opportunity for emotional maturity when it comes to our conduct in relationships. Although not the most lighthearted of aspects, it is one that lends emotional resilience amidst adversity or struggle, and an ability to learn from our mistakes.

 While there may be some challenges and tensions, there is also the will to surmount them. This square is intensified when the Moon also inevitably squares Pluto, bringing power dynamics in partnerships more sharply into focus. There can be intense emotions, and a need to direct them positively and constructively, rather than destructively, and we are challenged to harmonize and seek compromise amidst powerful emotional undercurrents, doing what is fair and right, as opposed to seeking the upper hand. If there can only be one “winner”, then we all lose.

 Later, the Moon forms a helpful trine to Venus in Aquarius, lending harmony and objectivity to potentially tense and heavy feeling dynamics. This makes way for the possibility for otherwise intense and heavy feelings to be discussed in a way that is more objective and detached, and produces positive exchanges, and potentiates healthy transformations of problematic dynamics or emotional landscapes. There could be some inner or outer resistance to grapple with, but a lunar trine to Venus can certainly help smooth the way.


Friday morning, the 22nd,  see’s the Libra Moon form a helpful sextile to Jupiter, adding more generosity, and increasing the harmony of the lunar trine to Venus considerably. The sextile Venus has held to Jupiter has helped to maintain a certain amount of high mindedness, even amidst the tensions created by her square to Mars. This lunar support is much needed, as the Moon in Libra is faced with a lot of challenges, the square to Saturn and Pluto, and an opposition to Uranus in Aries. There are certainly tensions to navigate between self and other, and we are challenged to do so diplomatically.

The Lunar opposition to Uranus can cause a feeling of restlessness, perhaps a need for excitement, or a feeling of being “stir crazy,” and a need for something “different.”  There could be some challenges to communicate our feelings in constructive ways.  Around 7:17 PM Friday evening, the Moon shifts into intense and moody Scorpio, so the restlessness or rebelliousness can intensify or take on deeper or more submerged dimensions before it dissipates. 

Saturday see’s the Moon in Scorpio form a harmonious trine to Mercury retrograde and Neptune in Pisces, suggesting that “going deeper” instead of “going crazier” can significantly improve and stabilize dynamics. Much can be shared, and a willingness to be vulnerable and extend compassion and open hearts can make a world of a difference when it comes to navigating this Venus/Mars square and extremely emotional Mercury retrograde. A minor aspect the Moon in Scorpio forms to Chiron later on Saturday evening suggests some sore spots are triggered, but perhaps in such a way as to be able to finally begin to apply a salve.

Late evening, around 11 PM PST Saturday, the Moon naturally makes an inevitable opposition to Mars in Taurus. It will be important to make sure that while hearts are so open and so many feelings are being shared, that defenses are not triggered, that will only lead to conflict.

Managing feelings of anger will be of prime importance here, as the vulnerability on all sides is extremely high. With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, over emotionalism is a constant issue, so in the face of a lunar/Mars opposition, it will be extremely important to do everything we can to deescalate situations when we sense our own or others defenses or hostilities rising, as the mode of conflict while Mars is in Taurus can quickly escalate to the physical.
Fortunately there are other lunar aspects mitigating this one with Mars, but the potential for anger arousal and intense feelings is certainly there. 

Sunday the 24th see’s the Moon in Scorpio form a square to Venus, perhaps creating some difficulty expressing feelings in relationships, or an inability to relax and be ourselves around loved ones. The combination of aspects suggests a desire to connect and feel close, but also a desire to avoid conflict or arouse anger. A bit of a feeling of “walking on eggshells” could be subtly present in interpersonal connections.

There is also an ever present desire to smooth this over, stabilize and transform this for the better as well, with the lunar connections to Mercury, Saturn and Pluto, “taming” a beast (or a shrew?) in a sense.

Later on Sunday afternoon, the Moon in late Scorpio forms a trine to Chiron, suggesting some healing magic is certainly working, even if the process has been painful and difficult. In the late hours of Sunday evening, around 11:06 PM PST, the Moon shifts into optimistic Sagittarius, and the energy will shift considerably with it. Although tensions and sensitivities are still present, there is an optimism and emotional generosity, and a growing determination to take brave initiatives to resolve things settling in.
With Venus heading towards the final degree of Aquarius to head into Pisces next week, she will soon be out of tension with Mars, and will be feeling much more at home in her sign of exaltation.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a great week. See you next Monday.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of March 11th-17th 2019

I can’t overstate the theme of “trying to make something ideal into something real” enough as far as this Mercury retrograde is concerned. On some level it seems, we are all attempting to actualize something out of the realm of fantasy, or bring something fantastical down into the earth plane. With Venus in Aquarius, people are more independent and individualistic, and there is an “unconventional” slant to interpersonal dynamics.

Monday has some "ZANG" to it.
We begin this week on a rather loopy, escapist, but also sensual , stimulating, excited, yet still somehow oddly grounded, determined, and practical by necessity-(although still slightly destabilizing, “whacky” and nebulous) note, with the Moon in Taurus perfecting a conjunction to Mars at 16 degrees Taurus, ringing in Uranus’ recent re-entery into this Venus ruled sign for the next 7 years. 

Something fresh, new, and exciting is happening, and in spite of the “spaced out”, sensitive, glamorous, highly idealistic, mysterious or delusional haze that the Sun, Neptune and Mercury retrograde in Pisces colors everything with, it appears that we are well on our way to enter exciting new territory. 

The 5 senses could be especially engaged this Monday, as Taurus is a very physical sign, and ruled by Venus, geared towards pleasure and beauty. Pleasing looks, pleasing smells, pleasing tastes, pleasing sounds, and pleasing sensations. This combination of Neptune/Venusian influences suggests a desire to escape into fantasy realms and perhaps gloss over life’s less than lovely elements, and bring some fantasies down into physical reality, perhaps in a way that allows more regular access to realms typically not within our grasp.  Some sort of desire to “permanently augment” and transform reality into one that is more to our liking is evident, and the drive to do so may border on a subtle mania or delusional fervor.

These configurations certainly speak of changes, and a strong desire towards an “enhancement” of our experience in some way. 
 Harmonious contacts from the moon to Saturn and Pluto suggest an intensity of feeling and a serious determination behind all of this, with an intent towards greater stability when it comes to making life generally more “idyllic”. Powerful and potentially permanent transformations to the landscape of our lives are occurring, and our thoughts can be rather inflated (or potentially delusional) around a picture perfect result or the manifestation of ideal results or scenarios. This will be a trial and error process.

 The conjunction to Mars from the Moon suggests that Monday could be rather action oriented, sensual and physically and emotionally sensitive to aesthetics and sensation. There is simply a strong drive towards pleasure and enjoying the finer things in life.  
Later in the early evening hours of Monday brings our mental and communicative faculties into play along these lines, and pleasing discussions, communications, thoughts, or short distance travels revolving around pleasure can be a focal point, that could cause perhaps significant and long lasting transformations. Again, our ideals around whatever this revolves around are highly…highly.. inflated, and we are definitely longing for something that transcends our usual experiences of life, or that incorporates more of what is “unusual”, “beautiful” and “ideal”  into our everyday reality.


Tuesday morning, March 12th, the Moon enters talkative, versatile, and multitasking Gemini, where Luna will eventually form a pleasing trine to Venus in Aquarius, adding a lighthearted, curious, entertaining, and inquisitive pleasantness to the interpersonal atmosphere, even in the face of lingering tensions due to the Venus/Mars square. Such tensions can now easily translate into fascination, charm, and flirtatious coquetry, while the Moon brushes up nicely against Venus.

Wednesday, March 13th, sees the Moon in Gemini form an inevitable opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius, adding to our perhaps already inflated desires and expectations. This could feel potentially excitable, high strung, extravagant, and indulgent. There could be a tendency to attempt to squeeze in too much of a good thing into too condensed a period of time, and the challenge here is to find a middle road. It is a lesson in moderation. 

The square the Moon makes to Neptune as well shows a tendency toward fantastical thinking, but it could be a very pleasant departure from every day routine, and also be wonderful creatively. As long as things aren’t taken too far, to a point of negatively impacting the more mundane aspects of reality or demanding too much of others (or of ourselves), this could be a delightful reverie that stimulates the imagination, pleases the senses, and enhances our everyday experiences.  The tendency towards day dreaming, escapism, and indulgence is strong, but perhaps sometimes we all need a little “YOLO” in our lives  to stay motivated and inspired, and to keep being “productive and exemplary citizens” every day. We could be easily distracted and our attention spans could feel like that of a goldfish through this portion of the week. 

Thursday, March 14th, the Moon forms an excitable sextile to Uranus in Taurus, and a square to Chiron in Aries. This energy could be scattered, excitable, and perhaps some latent sensitivities or insecurities are activated. Much of what is happening has taken us into new and alien territory, and we could feel challenged to adapt our identities accordingly as we are taken out of our comfort zones in certain regards. 

Speaking of comfort zones,  around 1:50 PM PST Thursday, the Moon shifts into security oriented and emotional Cancer, leading into perhaps a more emotionally vulnerable (or potentially cozy and snuggly,) beginning to the weekend.


Friday March 15th begins with the Moon in cozy Cancer forming an idyllic trine with Neptune in Pisces.  Although, mid morning, we are quickly reminded of our responsibilities and the necessities of life, when Luna moves in for a swift opposition to Saturn (and Pluto) in Capricorn.  As much as we may want to cling to the cozy feeling comfort of reverie, snuggles, and warmth, duty and necessity calls. We can still hold on to the lovely impressions and memories left of our pleasant interludes, and use it as fuel and motivation. 

Early evening on Friday sees the Moon form a trine to Mercury retrograde and the Sun in Pisces, and a sextile to Mars in Taurus. This suggests there is much activity, much pleasantness to reminisce about as well as to look forward to in the future, and a lot of coming and goings, communications, and exchanges could be a part of the weekend.  A longing for more good times, warmth, security, safety and comfort, could be behind these aspects. Although there is an intensity behind it all, and it isn’t necessarily a negative one, in some cases, some people could feel rather “do or die” about having things (or people) be a very particular way, a way that matches their idyllic fantasies, -so it could be imperative to remain realistic about what is humanly feasible. 

With Saturn involved, it is inevitable that we will be reminded of the limits of reality, but with a positive relationship to go getter Mars, there are many benefits to working within the realms of what is practicable, as patience and a reasonably realistic approach, combined with determination, will pay off.

Saturday, March 16th, see’s a continuation of Fridays theme,  with the emphasis on communications, comings and goings, and perhaps exchanges of a rather emotional nature. Catching up, recounting stories, touching base, and emotionally reorienting ourselves to shifted (and ever shifting) landscapes. A lunar trine to the Sun, Mercury and Chiron, and a square to Uranus, suggests some deep healing is setting in amidst a whole lot of changing and dynamic situations that we are sorting our feelings over and acclimating our routines to. Finding ways to make things work for us longterm and to keep improving our experience could be at the forefront of our thoughts somehow. It is a lot to juggle and although essentially positive, there are certain elements that can feel rather emotionally (or otherwise) destabilizing. 

Fortunately, Mercury backtracking in Pisces will assist us in sorting out our emotions about things and testing out our ideals in reality, to learn what is feasible and what is not.  

Close to 5 PM PST on Saturday evening, the Moon shifts into enthusiastic Leo. Initially, other than a trine to Chiron in Aries, and a square to Uranus in Taurus, she doesn’t yet make any other super noteworthy aspects right away.  Saturday evening could see us feeling excited, confident, and enthusiastic about the future, even if slightly manic or perhaps just shaken by all of the changes we are adapting to at once, and perhaps it will find us seeking fun and entertainment. We may feel somehow reassured and more confident and excited about particular terrain than before, and this can be motivating and inspiring.

Sunday morning see’s the Moon in Leo oppose Venus in Aquarius, suggesting a conflict between our own needs and the needs of others. Finding a balance can prove challenging, but a challenge which will provide a greater understanding of the need for give and take in our interpersonal dynamics. A moon in Leo opposition to Venus in Aquarius can sometimes increase the likelihood of “drama” if it isn’t properly channeled. Later the Moon adds in a square to Mars in Taurus as well, suggesting “action”, (or irritation) and perhaps some kind of “physical” outlet might might be helpful if you happen to be frustrated by circumstances (or the behavior of other people.) 

This can be a rather impatient and intolerant energy that requires self control, as it can cause people to behave in ways that unintentionally alienate others via an easily aroused temper. 

The Leo Moon can have a tendency towards unnecessary theatrics, and a square to Mars can definitely increase the likelihood towards irritability and temper tantrums. Best to channel any potential frustration into something physical, like exercise, musical activities such as drumming, creativity, -or sex if possible- as opposed to creating dramatic interpersonal messes. 

An inevitable trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius adds emotional generosity, buoyancy, and assists in maintaining a positive, broad minded and upbeat attitude, even if there is impatience in the air. The excitability and enthusiasm of things to come, and the power of positive thinking when it comes to all the future possibilities, ultimately prevails over negativity, or any potential for petty squabbles. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I’ll see you next Monday.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of March 4-10th, 2019

We have quite an eventful week in store astrologically. We begin the week with the Moon still in Aquarius from over the weekend, where it formed a conjunction to Venus which just moved into Aquarius.  Zooming into Monday, Luna forms a sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius, adding a benevolent feel to Monday’s configurations.  Venus in Aquarius squaring up to Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, in the final degree of Aries, suggests some restlessness, impatience, possible interpersonal tension, rebelliousness, individual quirks, a need for space, unconventionality, radical revisions, freshness, and in some cases, a need to shake things up just for the sake of shaking things up. The old adage “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” comes to mind, as Uranus is in the most impatient degree while squaring Venus.  Mars in Taurus sextile Saturn in Capricorn adds a stabilizing (if stubborn) effect here that assists in the cultivation of patience and an attitude of slow, methodical success. Patience and thoughtfulness will continue to be a valuable asset. You will see why, shortly.


Tuesday, March 5th see’s the Moon enter Pisces at 12:11 AM PST. Mercury, planet of the mind stations retrograde at 10:19 AM PST, in 29 degrees Pisces. This is a rather impatient decan, a decan traditionally ruled by Mars. In the tarot, this decan of Pisces is ruled by the 10 of cups, signifying “perfected success.”  Mercury stationing retrograde here suggests there is some dearly held ideal, something we have longed to actualize. Whatever this is we may feel uncompromising and willful about it, and we may be willing to make great sacrifices to actualize some ideal scenario. With Pisces, elements of “martyrdom” can be present. Mercury is considered debilitated in all of Pisces, but stationing retrograde in this final degree definitely amplifies a lack of objectivity to the cognitive faculties, and our thinking can be especially clouded by subjective emotional impressions during the whole of this retrograde. It is an opportunity to sort through our feelings about particular matters. Mercury stations direct on the 28th of March at 16 degrees Pisces. It would be best to wait until some time in April to come to any definitive conclusions about any matters we find confusing, unclear, nebulous, or uncertain. Regardless, this retrograde provides wonderful fodder for the imagination and creative impulses, and adds a poetic, (if at times, delusional) flair to thinking and communications. It’s appropriate during this time to sort through the various feelings and impressions about our experiences and the circumstances unfolding around and within us, as Mercury is excellent at “sorting” and categorizing, and Pisces is inherently emotive and reflective in nature. For the large part this retrograde revolves around some ideal scenario or circumstance we feel very deeply about that we would like to negotiate into actuality. 


Wednsday’s skies are rather eventful. March 6th see’s Uranus move officially into Taurus once again, this time for the next 7 years. This occurs at 12:26 AM PST in the wee beginning hours of Wed. This is followed by the New Moon in sensitive and impressionable Pisces at  8:04 AM PST. These shifts will be palpable and there is a distinct “idealistic fervor” to this new moon, that further accents on the Mercury retrograde. The Sun and Moon in Pisces both square Jupiter, conjunct Neptune, and sextile both Mars in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. There is certainly something we are trying to bring down to earth and make real, and we can feel particularly emotive about it. The square to Jupiter lends an almost “crusade” flavor to proceedings. Uranus fresh into Taurus assists in mitigating any interpersonal tensions felt previously while Venus in Aquarius squared Uranus, this square is no longer an issue with Uranus’ new position in the spheres. Later in the afternoon the moon in Pisces forms a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn, suggesting some deep transformations and perhaps emotional “power exchanges” are afoot. In the very least some profound emotional turning points or experiences are occurring in which the feelings are very involved. With the new Moon in Pisces shaking hands with powerful Pluto, intensely so, as nothing involving Pluto is “tepid”, luke warm, or indifferent, there are no half measures. It’s all in or all out.  There could be some profound shifts and transformations that alter the emotional landscape that could occur via communications, short distance travels, or exchanges as the Moon travels over Mercury retrograde in Pisces, during the evening hours of Wednesday. 

Thursday, March 7,  around lunch time, approximately 12:28 PM PST, the Moon shifts into fiery and enthusiastic Aries. Still conjunct Mercury retrograde in Pisces, Thursday could be a rather busy, talkative, and action oriented day. A conjunction that the Moon in Aries and Mercury retrograde in late Pisces form to Chiron suggests some sensitive matters are touched upon, possible “identity wounds” could be brought to the surface in the mind, in feelings, and in conversations. Aries moves quickly through emotions, even if rather intensely, but is swift to want to resolve matters and move on. Thursday’s skies offer the potential for healing and forthright conversations about sensitive issues, or in the very least something is stirred and matters can begin to surface for resolution. 


Friday morning, March 8th, see’s the Moon in Aries form a pleasing sextile to Venus in high minded Aquarius, soothing the feelings, and elevating perspectives for much of the morning. The afternoon takes a more serious turn as the moon makes a square to stern Saturn. Aries being Mars ruled, there could be a subtle combative nature to these configurations, or issues of discipline, emotional control, and boundaries can arise. There is an opportunity however to turn “lemons into lemonade” with this aspect as it offers a particular brand of emotional resilience. The will towards conflict resolution is strong, and later on a buoyancy and emotional generosity is amplified by a trine the Moon in Aries forms to Jupiter in broadminded Sagittarius in the early evening. Later however, a square the Moon forms to Pluto intensifies feelings, and there could be a lot going on under the surface. It isn’t necessarily “bad,” but there is a potential for perhaps latent fears, suspicion, intense feelings, obsessions, compulsions, or underlying power dynamics or control dramas lurking under the surface. (Pluto isn’t the most lighthearted of dudes and can lend a sort of “heavy breathing”, deep, intense, or dramatic feel to things.) Fortunately, the trine the moon holds to Jupiter keeps things bubbly amidst whatever intensity is going on, which insinuates that it isn’t necessarily a negative type of intensity. But there is certainly intensity. *Heavy Breathing*. 

Saturday morning, this excited, if rather serious heavy breathing enthusiasm continues unabated, only things get er….”weirder” when the Moon in late Aries forms a restless conjunction with unconventional Uranus in zero degrees Taurus. Perhaps some kind of “experimentation” is in the air,  who knows, it could be fun? Feelings are definitely heightened, and perhaps some people are feeling a need to rebel against constrictions or lengthen their chains somehow? Later in the afternoon, Venus in Aquarius forms a square with Mars in Taurus, suggesting a need for either some kind of unconventional bedroom action or that there is a clash of cultures relationally or interpersonally. Some kind of experimentation or reaching new ground interpersonally is bound to happen here, as squares indicate “action”, Mars indicates action, (and actions of a lusty nature) Taurus is very physical/sensual, Venus is love, money, values, partnerships, artistic matters, and Aquarius is just, well, weird.. So something could be stirring within relationships here, and a change could be as good as a rest, as the saying goes.  Equally, there could be creative or artistic breakthroughs and innovations. Keywords here are “innovations”. Naturally of course this square could indicate tensions between equally fixed viewpoints, so it will help to incorporate broadmindedness and emotional generosity, should such impasses arise.  Late in the evening on Saturday, the Moon shifts into slow, sensual and plodding Taurus, to conjunct unconventional Uranus perfectly. The emphasis this weekend on a desire for “something different” or something “strange” or outside of the box or simply just refreshing and outside of the usual routine is very apparent. 

Sunday morning, Mars in Taurus perfects a trine to Pluto in Capricorn, further suggesting profound shifts (perhaps of a very physical nature) to the landscape of either relationships or even simply just environments. Certain actions taken around this time could have longterm implications, with some sort of ideal or commitment attached. There could be interpersonal tensions to navigate as certain changes are made and adjusted to, but there is an idealism driving things that adds a serious determination to it all. 
Later on Sunday around noonish, the Moon in Taurus squares Venus and conjuncts Mars, amplifying the Venus/Mars square and the potential interpersonal tensions, or just a lot of spicy action. There could be a lot of uhhh…very “physical energy” to release on Sunday. 

Later in the evening, the Moon forms a stabilizing trine to Saturn, and then even later, a soothing sextile to Neptune, grounding us and feeding our imaginations and longings, and our compassion for others at the same time. With Mercury retrograde in square to Jupiter it will be important to remain grounded and avoid unrealistic (or even delusional) thinking, and we are fortunate to have Saturn and Mars holding hands in earth signs for now, keeping our feet on tera firma as we attempt to make our dreams a reality. Part of actualizing our dreams and longings is consistency. As boring as it sounds, there are always the simple nuts and bolts behind the grandeur. Other ingredients of course, include patience, discipline, and commitment, which Saturn in Capricorn will continue to tell us all about throughout it’s transit. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has a great week, I’ll see you next Monday.