Sunday, February 24, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Feb 25-March 3, 2019

We begin the early morning part of Monday with the Moon still moving through the late degrees of moody, powerful, Scorpio, forming an emotional trine to Chiron (freshly in Aries) and Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, along with a sextile to Venus, and coming out of a direct opposition to Mars. This suggests deep contact, bonding, healing, transformation, compassion, reflection, and connection is available. Perhaps an attention to a rift that has occurred that would like to be mended, a longing, or a deep letting go/release. No matter what form it has taken, there was a deep and emotive focus that was highlighted over the tail end of the weekend. Emotional release, authenticity, feeling some deep emotions, and finding peace, sanctuary, and solace, amidst great change.

Venus forming a square to Uranus in the last degrees of Aries and a conjunction to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn suggests that some profound revisions are underway in regards to complex psychological realities, or matters of power and control within certain connections. In some cases, a certain rebelliousness, spontaneity, or a break for freedom has reared it's head, and there is certainly a lot of action and change afoot. A need to assert a new vision and way of relating is present. A new foundation must be laid that assists us in releasing fears, suspicions, and in cultivating a lightness of being that is less encumbered by a need for control.

By 1:20 PM PST on Monday, the energy shifts considerably, towards a more optimistic, generous, and expansive persuasion, as the Moon enters broad minded, happy go lucky Sagittarius. This places the Moon in a square to the Sun and Neptune in Pisces, and inching closer to Jupiter in Sagittarius to eventually form a beautiful conjunction. This, along with Mercury in Pisces square to Jupiter suggests that ideals and expectations are highly inflated, and although the vibe can be one of hope and inspiration, and travel of the mind or body can be a part of the picture, it's important to stay grounded in reality and in what is truly humanly feasable. It can be easy to project our inflated ideals on to persons or situations or to place them on lofty pedestals from which they are bound to inevitably fall. The risk that we are then subject to disillusionment when people prove to be merely mortal is considerably greater.  Regardless of the above stated pitfalls, the hope and inspiration available within these configurations can be a wonderful motivating force for upliftment.

Tuesday see's the conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter begin it's process of perfection at 11:08 AM PST, becoming exact at approximately 5:11 AM PST on Wednesday morning in 21 degrees of Sagittarius. If you happen to be an early riser, keep your eyes peeled to the sky with your morning coffee or tea, to see this perfect conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter in the sky around 5:11 AM PST Wed. Conjunctions such as these are always a beautiful sight to behold.

Celestial aesthetics aside, there could be a boundless optimism or an expansion of horizons felt at this time, a feeling of new frontiers being traversed. Of course there is an underlying seriousness in the back round, surrounding the responsibility, sacrifice, and hard work it will all entail to keep such a hopeful ship afloat. A sense that new foundations are being laid for a more positive future however, will be difficult to ignore, and there could be a fresh feeling excitement around as the Moon forms a trine to Uranus.

Although, suffice to say, nothing worthwhile comes (or is kept) easily, so it will be important to keep our feet on the ground, and our expectations realistic.

With Venus traversing the final degrees of Capricorn this week, hand in hand with Pluto, square to Uranus, and sextile to Mercury in Pisces (which will station retrograde in March), deals are being struck, negotiations are being made, power couplings and/or power meetings are being had, and we are investigating the terms and the implications, with an open ended approach, but with very definite ideals in mind as to where we would like the chips to fall.
Venus' square to Uranus in Aries as she leaves Capricorn implies negotiating a revolution of terms, a fair amount of chaos, a sea change to the way things have been done before, and a need to break down stale, existing power structures, codes of conduct, or modes of interchange, to allow for new ways of doing things, -and new foundations, interpersonally, financially, and/or in regards to possessions, values, pleasure, and resources.

Overt displays of or abuses of power and control will no longer be acceptable, and there will be rebelliousness if a stuffy, inhibiting, power tripping or controlling atmosphere or dynamic continues to try and perpetuate itself ad libitum.

Wednesday, late evening at 10:48 PM PST, things take a decided turn for the serious, as the Moon enters  duty bound Capricorn. Here, Luna will sextile the Sun in Pisces, sync up with Mars in Taurus, while still trailing on a trine to Uranus, setting the stage for a new (and potentially greatly improved) reality. Interpersonally and perhaps even socially, this looks pretty good. There is a sense of having achieved a milestone of some sort, some long awaited goal, or a solid implementation of some much needed fresh approaches. It's as if an ideal is coming to be within our grasp at last. Of course, there is work involved, and we have to come back down to earth in order to maintain everything, and knuckle down to get the job done, but there is a certain unmistakable feeling of accomplishment, achievement, authority, "officialdom" and ambition surrounding things. Set in stone? Not quite yet... In the very least, we are certainly gaining some traction.


On Friday, March 1st, at 8:48 AM PST, Venus finally begins to escape the clutches of Pluto, when she enters free thinking, detached, weird, humanitarian and cerebral Aquarius. This marks a time where a significant and beneficial shift has occurred within partnerships. Perhaps we have reached higher ground, and a calm, stable, relaxed, and self posessed maturity has taken root, where space, individuality, independence, and little personal quircks are no longer quite so threatening, and can perhaps even be viewed as an interpersonal (if rather bizarre) asset.
Venus here places interpersonal and social emphasis on a shared vision of the future, causes, individuality, space, unconventionality, intellectual rapport, friendships, groups, hopes, wishes, the future, humanitarianism, the collective, individuation, brotherhood/sisterhood, higher perspectives, and thinking outside the box. All things weird and unorthodox are in vogue when Venus travels through zany Aquarius.

Saturday, March 2, at 11:07 AM PST, the Moon enters futuristic Aquarius to perfectly conjoin Venus freshly in this detached and intellectual sign, suggesting a meeting of hearts and minds, and a fusion or agreement of sorts. A sextile to Mercury implies a satisfactory outcome and an agreement in good faith, even if there are still many unknowns, or underlying differences in values or approaches. A trine between Mars and Saturn shows a foundation has been laid, and with Venus in Aquarius conjoining the Moon, there is hope and inspiration about the future.

Saturday evening, around 7:46 PM PST, see's a more heated, spicy, rebellious, action oriented, exciting, (or perhaps argumentative) tone set in, as the Moon in Aquarius squares up to Mars in stubborn Taurus. Being that these are both fixed signs, there could be views, drives, and feelings with equal and opposite competing inertia. This aspect highlights some things to come, when Venus eventually perfects a square to Mars in Taurus through the coming weeks.
Sunday can highlight the necessity of independence, detachment, individuation, and higher perspective, and where this may conflict with our ideals around physicality, creature comforts, or our proclivities towards posessiveness (Mars in Taurus.) It can also simply be a mentally and emotionally stimulating, busy, exciting, (if chaotic and unsettling), action oriented day, with a lot of changes still afoot. Again, this brief lunar aspect will highlight potential challenges (or simply just excitement) to come, when Venus squares Mars. This definitely won't be a boring time.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I'll see you all next Monday. Stay tuned for the upcoming Mercury retrograde...

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Feb 18-24 2019

We begin this week with the Moon still in Leo from Sunday, which left the weekend on a note of perhaps awkward, nervous excitement, drama, and/ or irritation, leaving some feeling a bit frayed around the edges and uneasy with some of the over inflated theatrics. The skyscape has a definite "climactic" feel about it as we enter the week. 
With Chiron now having officially shifted into zero degrees Aries, the Sun moving into Pisces, a full Moon in Virgo on Tuesday the 19th, and Venus closing a deal with Saturn and Pluto, there are definitely signs pointing to some completions, eliminations, goodbyes, letting go's, do or die commitments, and essentially, strong evidence that we are standing on a precipice of change. 

In some cases there could be pain involved, (sado masochism?), or simply fears of the unknown. Venus is not really comfortable next to power tripping Pluto and strict, disciplinarian and confining Saturn. Although there is opportunity there for a very serious commitment, (or some very weird BDSM?) perhaps it is all rather intimidating, with strict or confining terms and inflexible roles, (Saturn), and/or the psychological complexities of underlying power and control dynamics, abuse of power, fears, vulnerabilities, and the need for total transformation/(or domination/submission ) required to either sustain or (destroy it), (ahem...Pluto). With Venus in serious Capricorn between these two heavy hitters, it isn't the most lighthearted vibe. The weight of heavy expectations, responsibilities, guilt, and high standards can feel pretty extreme at times. The art to this celestial landscape is patience, and to reduce and minimize expectations as much as possible. Lean on Mercury in Pisces to just relax and melt with the flow.
(...I hear weed helps.) With Mars in Taurus in trine with artsy Venus, creative outlets that are very physical, tactile, and pleasing to the senses can be great as well.
It's a rather complicated system of whips, chains, handcuffs, and slippery fish we have going on here, so let's just break it down bit by bit, shall we?

On Monday the 18th, early evening the Sun shifts from detached, and cerebral Aquarius into dreamy and emotive Pisces, to join Mercury in echoing Chiron's final steps through this sensitive, imaginative, escapist and self sacrificing sign. There could be grief, loss, sacrifice, longing, selflessness, martyrdom, recovery, afflictions, addictions, or perhaps simply vague unconscious fears ...and many unknowns. The emphasis is very much on the unconscious now, as we are steeped into a realm of feelings, fantasies, hopes, fears, ideals, denials, secrets, addictions, afflictions, escapism and recovery. Pisces/Neptune/12th house is extremely psychological in nature, and can range from the dreamy and inspired, to the escapist, nebulous, troubled, or confusing.

On Tuesday Feb 19th at approximately 7:54 am PST, the Moon climaxes in earthy Virgo. Luna climaxing on this axis highlights a process of elimination and purication. Something or someone needs some straightening out, sobering up, and stabilizing, whether on practical and/or emotional, psychological levels, new approaches need to be deployed and adaptation is required. Health of body and mind are highlighted. 
Releasing an unconscious or destructive habit in thought or deed,  saying goodbye to unconscious forms of self sabotage in one way or another, grieving a loss, or "making a sacrifice to the gods", could be emphasized under these configurations. Some kind of release and reprogramming is needed, and  there can be some sobering moments, and a need to set healthy boundaries, and adapt to new patterns and routines,  -although the pathway and the outcome can feel nebulous or uncertain in some way, -requiring faith. This moon phase will trine to Venus, Saturn, and Pluto, and oppose Mercury in Pisces, so this could involve relationships, money, merging, power dynamics, boundaries, transformations, endings, rehabilitations, improvements, ultimatums, lines in the sand, or some heavy handed negotiating, waiting, wondering, or just not knowing-it's some pretty serious stuff.

With Mercury in Pisces set to go retrograde in early March, there is still no telling where things will land, and we're really going to kind of have to make this up as we go along, because to be blunt, it's all pretty weird and mysterious. There is much yet to suss out.

Thursday morning see's the Moon enter partnership focused Libra, to oppose Chiron who is freshly back into Aries. This could highlight  sensitive issues in relationship to others. Areas that are perhaps still pretty tender and sore. A wound in the self that needs to heal so that we can experience the harmony we  desire with others.
With Saturn, Pluto and Venus all sextile Mercury in Pisces, there is a call towards sorting through our feelings over our relationships and commitments. This could prompt some to get back in touch with their vulnerabilities, and feeling out boundaries that may need to be applied, reworked or adjusted. Conversely it could prompt others into escapism, putting on a tough facade, denying the feelings, or  reducing (sacrificing) their needs. Protecting ourselves from hurt (or abuse of power and control) is one thing, and is necessary in circumstances or interactions that are harmful to us. However, cutting ourselves off entirely from our emotions, needs, feelings, our hearts, and our capacity for empathy, in the name of power, control, or (perceived) invulnerability and imperviousness, is quite another thing...and this week will mark the beginning of a test on how sustainable such "tough guy facades" really are, and where we should draw the line.

In either case, the anesthetic that Mercury, Neptune, and the Sun in Pisces provides amidst these rather weighty feeling matters can in the very least, somewhat mitigate pain, and assist in the cultivation of faith.


Friday, the Moon in Libra squares Saturn, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn, highlighting relationship comittments, power struggles, or disagreements, and a need to harmonize, (or destroy?). Finding some kind of middle ground, or abandoning something entirely, the Moon in Libra has her work cut out for her in navigating some fairly charged interpersonal dynamics. Finding a compromise isn't entirely impossible, but can feel challenging.

Squares generate tension, frustration, agitation, and/or action. With Pluto involved, themes of power, control, intensity of feeling, obsessions, love/hate, fears, compulsions, mysteriousness, investigation, and extremes, -can lurk just under the surface. The Moon in Libra tries to act normal or unruffled for appearances and harmony's sake, but can be cracking under the pressure. "This is fine. I'm fine. We're fine." 

Mercury in Pisces is rather avoidant and doesn't really appreciate confrontations either, so there could be some sweeping things under a rug out of fear. Conversely there is also the potential for great empathy and compassion if it's decided that speaking up is a risk worth taking, and could in fact be a good opportunity to purge destructive control issues. 

A weighing of values is a potential under these configurations. One has an opportunity to decide what matters more: Love or control?

If one refuses to drop their weapon, then it makes no sense for the other to drop their shield.

 Relationships to ourselves and others can be going through a pretty intense metamorphosis under these configurations, and it can feel dead serious, (rather like Anubis pictured above.)  The sextile the Moon makes to Jupiter in Sagittarius inflates feelings, but thankfully, also adds buoyancy, levity, and a philosophical optimism, courage, and broad minded expansiveness to an otherwise weighty feeling landscape, suggesting that it's really all what we make of it, and can be a unique learning experience.

Saturday see's the Moon enter intense, powerful, moody, and freaky naughty Scorpio, placing the Moon in trine to the Sun, but in opposition to Mars in stubborn, possessive and practical Taurus. There could be anger and conflicts, barely veiled hostilities, or perhaps just an inner conflict of emotions, will, and desires to contend with.  Bothersome feelings, possesiveness, or obsessive desires or compulsions that refuse to let up. A conflicted impulsiveness could be a factor here with a lunar opposition to Uranus in the final degree of Aries. (The fortunate among us will be resolving this in the uh.. bedroom.)

With the Neptune influences in the mix, there is some soothing, but also a tendency towards passive aggressive or simply less direct means of handling uncomfortable or extreme feelings or desires. This isn't the only way these configurations can be handled, however, it's just the lowest common denominator potential. 

There is no denying certain feelings, although we can certainly try.

With Mercury in Pisces about to go retrograde, some things just require a wait and see approach, or perhaps a sacrifice. There could be a "suffering in silence" sort of theme to this upcoming retrograde, or a need to seek psychological relief, as we sort through a variety of complex emotions.

Sunday looks a little bit easier, as the Moon eases out of direct opposition to Mars and into positive relation to Venus, Saturn, and Mercury. Perhaps some deep talks, confessionals, vulnerabilities bared, or secrets shared, increase closeness, trust, soothe pain, alleviate fears, and stabilize turbulent emotions. Bonding.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has a great week. 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Feb 11th 2019

We begin this week with the moon in earthy and sensual Taurus, making a sweet and stabilizing trine to Venus in Capricorn, as Venus herself inches closer to Saturn. After the moon formed a square to Saturn over the weekend, reminding us of the need to be patient, and attend to our duties and responsibilities (no matter how excited we may feel to just "get to the good parts already,") the dust of many transitions is (slowly) beginning to settle into something more concrete.  Many deep transformations have been well underway that could have some potentially pleasant, solid and real results. The Week kicks off on a practical, if rather determined and ambitious bent, with our eye on some kind of pleasure, prize, reward, or indulgence that's required patience, sacrifice, committment, hard work, and determination of us. "Slow and steady wins the race." As Venus closes ever so closer to Saturn, we get what we deserve. This works out better if we have been committed to something or someone important to us.
 At times, we may have wanted to run headlong into things, take actions impetuously, hurry a process, but the Saturnian emphasis has continued humming it's mantra of patience, planning, strategy, integrity, commitment, steadiness, consistency, realism, ...and common sense. If you've heeded this and held your ground, in spite of the restlessness, "wild cards", and the loud, demanding calls towards recklessness, urgency, or thoughtless action, and impetuosity, good on you. Your rewards will be sweet, your foundations will be sturdy, and your ship will be sea worthy.


Speaking of the sea...Mercury, planet of communication and the mind, has moved into sensitive and emotional Pisces as of Sunday the 10th, placing our thoughts and communications in a more imaginative and sensitive plane, as it draws closer and closer to Neptune in Pisces, and Chiron, who is in the final degrees of this boundary dissolving sign. Some sort of catharsis is being stirred, as we confront various longings, fantasies and illusions, and release a store of psychological and emotional detritus that we've held on to for perhaps.. a very long time. This will also give us a chance to realize some long held fantasies or ideals that we've nursed for ages.
Mercury won't be at it's most logical in the realm of Neptune, and is considered badly debilitated here, as  far as following directions, keeping a schedule, staying organized, and checking off a to do list goes, but this will certainly be fuel for the poetic imagination. Neptune being the God of the Sea, there are many unknowns about the deep, dark ocean. Unknowns of what is and is not possible. With Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, and Lilith, all in emotive Pisces, certain fears or unseen psychological complexities buried under the surface of consciousness could be faced and released, as we take a plunge into the deeper, dreamier, and less rational realms. We can begin sorting what is possible from that which simply, is not.  Saturn in Capricorn will help to assist us and keep us grounded firmly in reality throughout this process of sorting the gold from the dross, the ideals that are achievable,- from those that are best laid to rest. Having dreams and fantasies can be a wonderful elixer that keeps us striving to be our best selves and experience our best life- or conversely, can be just another clever way in which to torture ourselves into a divine discontent.

Easing our own as well as others suffering may be part and parcel of this transit. Pisces is about completions. An ending of a cycle. The sea is where things go to dissolve. It will become important to be especially clear to others and with ourselves, as the energy of Pisces gathers steam, as there can be an element of confusion, fantasy, and a blurring of boundaries that comes with such emotional hypersensitivity. The function of Neptune is generally that of an anesthetic, an escape from pain, and with the planet of cognition here, there could be some full scale denial going on in some cases, and for others, just a concerted effort to make the daily grind of living a bit more fantastical, poetic, and serene. Suffice to say, it isn't the most rational or "together" face of Mercury, -but a wonderful storyteller, with a penchant for altered states.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Midweek, on Wednsday the 13th, the Moon enters busy and chatty Gemini.  There could be a lot of movement and communications going on, a lot of errands, possibly even travel for some.  The chaos and wild cards aren't completely over yet, but Venus in steady and determined Capricorn is perservering enough to cut through all of the whackness and maintain a steady course. A lunar opposition to Jupiter in boundless Sagittarius suggests an inflated enthusiasm, and perhaps some nervous excitement, as if something "big" is about to happen. Maybe the (somewhat stifled) excitement and restlessness experienced over the past weekend begins to find it's outlet manifest in concrete form at last. Uranus in Aries, still conjunct Mars in the final degree of Aries, now forms a sextile to the Sun in Aquarius, while Luna trines it. This suggests a cohesion of wills forming towards an exciting or refreshing change of scenery.

Valentine's Day

In the very wee hours of the morning of Valentine's day itself, Mars enters zero degrees Taurus, creating a decided shift towards a more slow, plodding and sensual pace, that will blow a kiss to Venus in Capricorn, forming a supportive trine. This could portend some long awaited developments that are finally becoming more tangible. "I can touch it! Feel it! Hold it in my hand!"

The moon spends Valentines day in chatty Gemini, which shows a lot of talking and multitasking, perhaps a high strung sort of day, of travel, errands, communications. 

This could build up to be an emotionally heightened time however, as the moon shifts into sensitive Cancer early in the AM the very next day. Fantasies, ideals, longings, romanticism, and emotions combine to create a wallop of an impact (and perhaps heavily loaded expectations as well), in the name of love, comfort, romance, security, pleasure, and enjoyment. With the Moon in opposition to Venus, then Saturn, and eventually Pluto, it will be important to steer clear of putting entirely way to much pressure on our relationships, or allowing our relationships to put entirely way to much pressure on us. Expectations in love can be pretty inflated this time of year, and these particular configurations can make people want to really go all out for their loved ones, feeling a need to live up to extremely high (inhuman?) ideals. If you happen to be coupled up, enjoy eachother, enjoy what you have together, make the best of each (very human) moment, -and try not to give yourselves a complex about it or hold it all up to impossible standards. 

Conversely, this could also make people who are without a significant other feel extra emotional about that this week. Whether that be in the form of pining over an ex, someone unavailable, or feeling an intense pressure to locate "The One", -let us not forget "Singles Awareness Day" this week folks. My advice here however, remains the same: If you are not pair bonded, enjoy yourself, enjoy what you have, make the best of each (very human) moment -and try not to give yourself a complex about it or hold it all up to impossible standards.


The majority of the weekend see's the moon at home in her own sign of rulership, Cancer, where she is usually most comfortable and at her comfy, emo best. For the reasons mentioned above however, the only pitfalls to avoid here are unconsciously placing a lot of pressure on ourselves and on our relations (or lack thereof). As each time the moon enters her homeslice Cancer, for the next long while, she will be pelted with the high expectations of Saturn, Pluto, and the South node in Capricorn. The main difference here, is that Venus, the planet of love, is also currently in serious and commited Capricorn.
This could actually sweeten this usually intense configuration a bit, and provide an opportunity to release burdensome expectations and pressures on self and others, and learn to ease into the comforts on offer, as we relax our expectations just enough to allow our simple humanity to emerge. 

Aside from the above mentioned precautions, this looks set to be a rather cozy, (if, again- very emotionally heightened) weekend. Another peak experience perhaps?  Needless to say, with Mars, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and the South node all in earth: Shit is definitely getting real. There could also be talks of shared dreams or visions, or simply solitary thoughts and daydreams of "all that could be."

Sunday will see the moon shift into dramatic and theatrical Leo, placing the emphasis on fun, entertainment, expression, glamor, theatrics, playful competition, and creativity. The day begins with the Leo moon forming a square to Mars in Taurus and Uranus in the final degrees of Aries. This suggests spontaneous actions, livening things up, perhaps a bit of a raucous "party atmosphere", (or in the worst case scenario, agitation, argument, drama, spats. Keep it clean people. Do try to be more creative than that.)

Midst all this, Saturn's sextile to Mercury freshly in Pisces suggests that perhaps some dreams, ideals, and longings we've envisioned for a long while can begin showing evidence of a slow and steady process of materialization and actualization. All in all, Sunday could be a good day for an outing of sorts, or doing something spontaneous, fun, and enlivening to the spirits. It certainly won't be a "boring" day.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everybody has a wonderful week.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Feb 4, 2019


After the intense, rapid, and profound inner and outer transformations, some of which, for many of us, mimic what American psychologist Abraham Maslow refers to as a"peak experience," things begin to settle into a more stable and less uncomfortable groove. This is largely due to Venus, who has joined the heavy hitting combo of strict Saturn and psychologically probing Pluto. Venus lightens the blow of some of the perhaps arduous inner work or cold, hard realities and limitations we have had to confront, accept, metabolize, and work within. There is some comfort however, in having definition, as previously, while Venus was accentuating the emphasis on boundless and expansive Sagittarius, Kafka put it best when he said "You are free, and that is why you are lost." Now a new path can be forged, within the safety of definitions, and with the wisdom of excess giving us a renewed appreciation of our limits, and those of others. With Venus now teaming up with the power brokers Saturn and Pluto, next to the south node, much pleasure can be found in probing the depths, and engaging in the inner and outer work of releasing various levels of resistance to a process of psychological maturation. A process which may have previously seemed painful, daunting, "heavy", stern, or frightening, becomes welcoming and reassuring, after a period of chaos, uncertainty, overstimulation, and ill defined boundaries.  "Monsters under the bed" can now be seen in a more compassionate light, and what was once seen as daunting, hopeless, or irresolvable seems more inspiring and hopeful.


As we kick off the week, a New Moon occurs in the humanitarian mad scientist, Aquarius, exact at 1:04 PM PST, along side the Sun, Mercury, and Lilith. Further emphasizing collective consciousness, the need for rational detachment, individuation, friendships, groups, wishes, change, innovation, liberation, the collective and the future. 
There is an expansive, contagious, and communicative optimism, an undeniable hopefulness about the future at this new moon, as Jupiter in Sagittarius forms sextiles to the moon, Mercury, and Jupiter in Aquarius. It's as if we have all recieved a massive download from the cosmos. An upgrade, if you will, in an extremely condensed period of time, to our individual and collective consciousness.

With Lilith in Aquarius conjunct the Sun, Moon, and Mercury, there is a visionary quality at work here, where we are implored to think beyond merely ourselves, and engage in the process of living and relating from a more elevated, liberatarian perspective. It is a restlessness and a desire for change, space, and more freedom.  It has certainly been a lot to metabolize, but the changes ocurring under the surface of consciousness and within our lives are setting the stage for a future we can truly feel excited about exploring. This new moon has a profoundly liberating effect, and there is a feeling of openness, freedom, and respect for individuality, all within a comforting, elegant and dignified structure which Venus conjunct Saturn provides.

A pragmatic egalitarianism calls us beyond our ego, it's attachments, fears, and desires, and serves as an excellent guiding principal that assists in navigating any previously challenging (or potentially explosive or combustible) "power struggles", that have perhaps been just under the surface, within ourselves and our interactions.
There may still be interpersonal differences to navigate, but working together, as in "you and me" v.s "the problem", as opposed to "you" v.s "me", makes for a much easier, more rational, and free flowing atmosphere, with a much more hopeful, and constructive outcome possible. Any differences are perhaps more differences of style rather than substance, and is nothing a shared vision can't accommodate. This emphasis on Aquarius assists us in a vital and necessary rational detachment towards personal or interpersonal issues, that are typically far too emotionally charged for us to approach in any kind of constructive, beneficial, or dispassionate way.


Tuesday evening, at approximately 6 PM PST, the moon enters sensitive and emotive Pisces, bringing us into the heart center, while forming a lovely sextile to Venus, who is doing the hard work of making limitations, structures, boundaries,  commitments, and all that is durable and lasting, feel not just tolerable, but in fact, pleasant, vital, and necessary. It is always reassuring to have a safe and dependable structure in place in which to emote, a raised bed in which to seed with the infinitude of our dreams, fantasies, ideals, and longings, -but to also maintain the capacity to individuate, be a little bit crazy, or make mistakes. This is the kind of rich soil in which the human spirit can truly grow.


Friday morning the moon moves into action oriented and passionate Aries, forming a square to both Venus and Saturn, and a conjunction to shock rocker Uranus and go getter Mars. This takes us into an action packed weekend, with... a lot happening. There could be a lot of impatience, or just overt enthusiasm, that could potentiate frustration or a rebellious streak, but regardless of what transpires, ACTION is the key word of these configurations, and there could be a "frantic", "hectic" or "urgent" feel, perhaps driven by the prior frustrations and the long waiting game we had to play while Mars was still square to Saturn. This also places the moon in square to deep diving and transforming Pluto by the tail end of the weekend, so there are some highly charged feelings involved in any "game changing" actions that are being taken this weekend.

 Aries is a mover and a shaker, so there will certainly be an adventurous and expansive enthusiasm about this weekend, perhaps a complete change of scenery. If nothing exciting happens, and you find yourself chomping at the bit with pent up energy or frustration, get moving! Sweat it out! Get those endorphins and endocannabinoids flowing, get out and about, and resist any inclination to nurture potential frustrations into hostilities, conflict, or to blow anything out of proportion, because it will pass and mellow out quite a bit (and perhaps in a rather pleasing way.) Regardless, it looks like an action packed weekend in one way or another for everybody, full of nervous energy, surprise, and excitement. Buckle up your seatbelts and enjoy the ride! 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a wonderful week. See you next Monday.