Monday, July 27, 2020



Today see’s the Moon in intense and investigative Scorpio square the Sun in theatrical Leo, opposite Uranus, and trine Mercury in Cancer. This can see some very interesting twists and turns, and there can be a lot of intrigue and mystery, as well as some rather unusual forms of expression, unusual communications, or news that can be stranger than fiction. With the Moon in penetrative Scorpio squaring the Sun in Leo there can be sources of underlying tension, or friction, and with Uranus involved this can be a source of restlessness and highly unusual ways of handling the intense, fluctuating undercurrents. The Moon’s link to Mercury in Cancer indicates intuition and psychic receptivity is high, and we can be highly impressionable to incoming information or impressions we pick up from the macro and micro. There can be some flashes of insight or creative genius as well. With the Moon in sensitive Scorpio this can be an odd mixture of introversion and extroversion, that can also cause us to reflect how we may be coming across, as well as generally trying to suss out the various external theatrics around us. This is an intense and passionate energy that can see unpredictable shifts in mood, and is an odd combination of playful and dead serious at the same time. Somewhat mischievous even. The lunar/Mercury link can see emotional resonance or psychic links even in the face of differences, misunderstandings, or petty disagreements. With Mercury also square Mars in Aries, as well as now opposite Pluto, some disagreements can get under the skin more than others, but there can be a strong desire to expand perceptions and horizons, and to think outside the box. It’s possible that certain emotional dynamics can take us outside our comfort zone, and things can feel unpredictable for now. This lunation provides a reflective enough atmosphere, and the Sun in Leo trine Chiron in Aries suggests that the use of humor or a playful approach can help to mitigate sources of tension. With Mars squaring Jupiter and increasing in strength, everything can feel “really big” right now, and there can be a growing desire to do or be part of something significant, or just make significant changes. Later, a lunar trine to Neptune deepens the reflective atmosphere, and can see the day wind down with a sense of repose, solitude, or emotional replenishment. This can see some interesting creative activities, meanderings, dreams, communications, emotional or psychic impressions, and inspirations as well, with a focus on exploring the inner mysteries of the emotional and instinctual world, weird or beautiful fantasies, and longings (with Venus square Neptune), and perhaps a growing sense of restless excitement and low key intensity. 

Today see’s the Moon in Scorpio trine Mercury in Cancer, sextile Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, and trine Neptune in Pisces. This can see some real beautiful and fantastical longings, and a deeply impressionable, sensitive and creative atmosphere can be present that really longs to make the ideal real, and bring the idyllic down to Earth somehow. There can be a desire to dissolve boundaries but there can also be a lot of silence or communications can be more subtle and less direct, but the atmosphere can feel big with all kinds of feelings of varying dimensions. Mercury squaring Pluto now can see fanaticism, and none of us are off the hook when it comes to being absolutely obsessed with our ideas, with a strong urge to impress them upon others. In the very least this aspect makes it somewhat difficult not to mentally or emotionally fixate on certain things, so there is a certain mental and emotional compulsivity and tendency towards fixation under this aspect. We can also be deeply impacted by something we read, see, or hear, or the conversations we have. Something can make quite an impression. Later, a grounding lunar sextile to Saturn is formed, and there can be a concerted and intense effort towards making reforms and transformations to lay solid foundations down in order to set the stage for bringing more magic, beauty and divinity down into the realm of the real. The energy of the day rolls out a bit like a wind up toy, winding itself up for tomorrows more buoyant Sagittarius lunation, which can liven up the mood significantly. 

Today see’s the Moon in adventurous Sagittarius trine the Sun in playful Leo, and Mars and Chiron in Aries. This is a warm, active and passionate energy that can lift the spirits considerably or set us out on our own personal excellent adventure and bogus learning journey. With the Sun and Moon both trine Chiron, there can definitely be something boosting morale here, or giving us a sense of increased optimism, confidence, courage, curiosity, and expanded horizons or possibilities. A lunar sextile to Juno in Libra suggests that relationships to others could be involved somehow in opening up our world, expanding our horizons, or teaching us something new. We can be less averse to what is strange, foreign, or different than what we’re used to and rather drawn towards a change of scenery or opening things up and expanding our reference points. Adventure and a desire to learn, play, and expose oneself to new things, cultures, and activities beckons. This may see some hit the road and travel literally, but others may simply be more adventurous and impulsive wherever they’re currently located. A potentially fun, active, playful, and explorative day.

Today see’s the Sagittarius Moon trine Mars in Aries, opposite Venus in Gemini, and square Neptune in Pisces. This can see a loopy and confusing, but impulsive energy. It’s a bit punch drunk really. Balancing our own needs with those of others can be challenging a bit today, and there can be more than one interaction to navigate at once, or simply confusing dynamics, decisions, crossed signals, or mixed messages to handle. Utter confusion. Clown world. Being content to ad lib along with the currents and not get too stressed about unknowns for the time being can help make the best of the energy. There’s a dynamic energy available that can be channeled really well through creativity, but otherwise I would try to ease back on taking any major consequential initiatives with the Moon and Venus both a little punch drunk behind the wheel. Evening time is a good time to slow down, dream, reflect, visualize, imagine, and prepare for the journey back to “earth,” with the night closing out on the lunar/Venus/Neptune note.


Today see’s the Moon enter stoic and earthy Capricorn, to trine Uranus, and square Chiron. Something may shock us down to Earth, not necessarily in a bad way, but perhaps just catches us off guard or before we were entirely ready, which can make us feel to be not exactly in the strongest position. This can see some really unique situations unfolding however, that are somehow “unorthodox” or just really unusual, odd, interesting, or exciting. This can build momentum over this weekend, and can see some tensions or conflicts of interests with others, or simply just a lot of activity and action in regards to relationships. A lot of changes are unfolding now at a foundational level. Certain kinks are being worked out, and the lunar square to Chiron highlights weak points that need to be addressed.  With Venus nearing her end of her (EXTRA LONG) journey in indecisive Gemini, to enter Cancer next Friday, the time period between now and then will be an important decision making time interpersonally and/or socially. Venus here will seek more emotional fulfillment, creature comforts, hugs, and security, and won’t be so content with surface level or superficial interactions. Mercury too will shift sign next week into Leo, with a Full Moon in Aquarius on Monday, so this points to following what makes us feel most alive and creative, rather than sticking to what is familiar. This weekend sets the stage for dynamic change. 

Today see’s the Moon in down to earth Capricorn opposite Mercury in Cancer, square Mars, trine Uranus, conjunct Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, and eventually sextile Neptune. There can be some differences of opinion, conflicts of interest, or just poor timing to navigate here, with a definite potential for some slight crotchety vibes, frustrations, or a subtle undercurrent of butthurt, tensions, misgivings, or misunderstandings. Equally, there is the ability to take an elevated and mature perspective, and penetrate to the essence of things, with the Moon in serious Capricorn trine unorthodox Uranus in common sense Taurus, and conjunct Jupiter and Pluto. The addition of the lunar sextile to Neptune as the day progresses helps connect us to our intuition and compassion, but also increases the desire to avoid and evade any intrusiveness, argumentativeness, or confrontational behavior, or in the very least try to bring some peace and work towards dissolving conflicts at their roots. Today can see the possibility for some charged discussions or intense undercurrents within dynamics, but the Moon in Capricorn does it’s best to carry this all with a cool and stoic head. These can actually result in some productive exchanges, and any tensions present can actually result in significant growth opportunities that can really make longterm impact and be beneficial, if handled constructively and with an open mind.  

This morning begins with the Moon in the final degrees of Capricorn, making it’s super sewious aspects to Saturn and Pluto, as well as it’s crotchety opposition to Mercury. Certain topics can be a source of misunderstanding, yet simultaneously too intense to discuss, which may just see people go their own way or carve their own independent path, haters be damned. This can also see some rifts in alliances, some permanent, if people aren’t careful. Unless that’s what you’re looking for, take care, as Full Moons, (as we have tomorrow) do signify endings, and the closing of chapters. If you need to make an exit, try and make a clean one and keep your dignity intact. The Moon in Aquarius opposes the Sun in Leo, and I’m sure by this point, the build up to the Full Moon can begin to be felt. With the Sun in Leo trine independent Mars in Aries, there’s a feistiness to this energy that can see people really feeling themselves and determined to do their own thing, follow their own bliss, and go their own way if they have to. Giving people a lot of room to breath and be themselves under this lunation, including yourself, will get the best out of these configurations. The Moon goes on to sextile Chiron, and square Uranus, which indicates people will want freedom to experiment and individuate themselves, and tinker, toy, and play with their identities a bit. This sets the stage for an interesting week ahead next week, with a lot of dynamic interpersonal and social changes in store. The Full Moon kicks it off with a bit of a bang. 

Monday, July 20, 2020


Today heralds the (second) New Moon in Cancer at 10:33 AM PST. This energy ushers in new beginnings regarding emotions, security, fulfillment, foundations, and where, and with whom, we feel we belong. The aspects preceding this New Moon over the weekend showed a profound transformation. Something has irrevocably shifted, and this could have seen some intense situations, inevitable endings, a series of events, or fated changes that it was only a matter of time to see unfold. Now the New Moon plants new seeds and beginnings in it’s place, and calls for a revitalization and renewal of the area of life ruled by Cancer in your chart. Cancer is about rootedness, nourishment, soul family, tribe, foundations, -and the emotions.  We need to be emotionally fulfilled by the environment we’re in, have a sense of community, and to emotionally resonate, trust, and be able to connect with the environment and the people around us to feel human, safe, nourished, and motivated towards our goals at all. The New Moon conjuncts the Sun, to bring attention to our foundations in life, and it opposes Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, which can apply some pressure, and make it clear that certain things need to transform for the better, and things simply can’t go on as they have. Ruts and habituated patterns need to be broken out of in order to grasp the new opportunities this cycle presents us with. This can see Monday begin on a somewhat pressured note, but there is a profound catalyst towards growth, mastery, and taking our own emotional fulfillment and sense of rootedness more seriously. The pressure may be on, but it can also be one of those instances where it’s a source of “positive stress.” Around 1 PM PST, the Moon enters playful, creative, competitive, and joy seeking Leo, to trine Mars and Chiron in Aries, square Uranus in Taurus, while still opposing Saturn in the most urgent degree of Capricorn. These configurations scream getting out of self imposed ruts, taking a realistic self inventory, and seeking to make positive changes that improve self esteem, revitalize and reinvigorate a sense of joy in life, and give us the feeling that there is still something to play for. The aspect to Saturn implies that the standards we have set for ourselves as regards certain revisions we want to make may be exceedingly high, but the will and passion is certainly there to provide ample motivation to initiate a new cycle. Even if certain things are in a process of dissolving, and could remain confusing or unclear, with Venus in Gemini once again making a second go around with her square to tricksy Neptune that I warned about in previous weekly scribings, this time around, any potential deception, bullshit or fuckery should be obvious enough to avoid and step around. It will still pay to take care before rushing into agreements, whether monetary, commercial, or personal,- and make sure you have a complete understanding of any fine print for the duration of this highly creative, whimsical, fantastical, (though sometimes rather delusional and easily deceived) aspect however. It’s great for artists, poets, and musicians, and playing with beautiful ideas, but I wouldn’t recommend signing any legally binding agreements under this aspect.

Today see’s the Moon in playful and showy Leo trine Mars, and Chiron in Aries, square Uranus in Taurus, and sextile Venus in Gemini. This can see a whole lot of changes happening, and there can be a feeling of liveliness and increased possibility, and it’s possible something and/or someone can have us feeling pretty stoked and inspired. There’s definitely a lot of motivation available here, and this can see communications or interactions with others in the local environs (Gemini) are a source of positive motivation.  This can see some novel or experimental shifts in dynamics, and a revitalization of routines that brings more pleasure, passion, joy, and enthusiasm to life. This can see a playful, active, busy, and talkative day that can offer a beam of sunshine and vitality right where it was most needed. The links between the Moon, Venus, and Mars suggest new connections being  made, or new initiatives being implemented in personal or social dynamics. It’s a warm, friendly, welcoming, and encouraging energy that brings a sense of life back into…well…life. It’s like the Universe has pounded an entire case of Rockstar and has lit a fire under our asses. This energy looks pretty dank actually.

Today see’s the Sun enter Leo. Happy Leo season! The Moon in Leo doesn’t make any major aspects, -until entering Virgo around 5 PM PST. With the Sun’s annual entrance into the creative and fun seeking sign of Leo, this places the emphasis on getting more joy, passion, entertainment, love, and “oomph” out of life, and increases the desire to turn things up to 11. The Sun here highlights our creative center, and the heart of what get’s our mojo going. Whatever house ruled by Leo in your chart will be highlighted by the Sun’s entrance to this area of life. Leo represents our desire to seek the limelight, express ourselves, create, play, and engage in healthy competition. The Moon enters perfectionistic Virgo around 4:40 PM PST, to form a trine to Uranus. This can bring a nervous excitement build, and see us motivated to get our shit together and make big improvements in a way that really “sticks”. Something is definitely motivating us here to really out do any previous personal “bests” and have a sort of personal revolution.

Today see’s the Moon in practical, and improvement focused Virgo, sextile Mercury in Cancer, square Venus in Gemini, trine Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus, -and opposite Neptune in Pisces. Today can see some surprising communications or emotional revelations that can help lay and prepare the foundations for new routines, dynamics, and initiatives.  The lunar square to Venus and opposition to Neptune suggests there could be some vague fears, confusion, or anxieties around certain unknowns. It could just be a fear of disillusionment as it appears our ideals could be very high around something or someone and perhaps that makes us nervous. It’s clear that some pretty major shifts are under way, particularly in regards to or perhaps because of personal dynamics, with the lunar links to Venus, Jupiter and Pluto. With the Moon in perfectionistic Virgo, we may be anxious about getting things right, and may be overly critical of ourselves, and hence, more sensitive to perceived criticism from others. Don’t let these aspects get to you. Deep breaths. There are definitely some powerful undercurrents present here, that indicate actions being taken with, or motivated by others, and it could see a powerful and dynamic sea change unfolding that can be really positive and beneficial, and help to enhance life.


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo trine Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, and opposite Neptune. It also makes a sesquisquare to Uranus in Taurus. With Saturn now backtracking through Capricorn, it’s possible we get a second go at something. The virgo lunation is about simplification, purification, and elimination. It’s a “sage the fuck outta yo life and get your shit together” type of vibe. This could see us making a concerted effort towards tidying up, organization, crisis prevention, and handling mini crises, needs of the physical body, and making improvements in regards to our routines, diet, fitness, work, etc…in preparation for a weekend focused on cementing connections with others. This can see people eager and anxious to get to the good parts of the weekend and tie up any loose ends, cover contingencies, and prepare ground for dynamic initiatives and connections. It could also be that in spite of a desire to focus on connections with others, that little inconveniences crop up that we know might subtly undermine our ability to fully enjoy that, which could have us a bit anxious and high strung.  The Moon enters partnership oriented Libra around 7 PM PST, where it remains sextile to the Sun in passionate, fun focused Leo, and a stabilizing trine to Saturn in Capricorn. It’s possible certain connections are made or begin to get off the ground or set a foundation that has been a long time coming. A lunar opposition to Chiron suggests some potential for some vulnerability or insecurity. With Saturn in the mix, even harmoniously, it indicates a need for patience, which can be frustrating if it feels as if you’ve already waited forever and ever. In it’s most urgent degree, and with the Moon about to oppose Mars, this could indicate some slight bumps in the road or obstacles that are no ones fault, but are simply a matter of timing. Mars can be impatient and frustrated, but not entirely disheartened. Trends look ultimately promising, and show long term potential, as long as issues of timing or circumstance aren’t taken to heart, as big downloads and adjustments such as these take time to assimilate and align with. 

Today see’s the Moon in Libra square Mercury in Cancer, opposite Mars and Chiron in Aries, square Jupiter and Pluto, and trine Venus in Gemini. This is an interesting, somewhat sensitive bag of energy that can see certain contacts that may have experienced false starts or otherwise been impacted by the Mercury and Venus retrograde receive a charge.  There is the presence of a lot of assertive energy, and there could be some irritability, impatience, frustration, restlessness, and excess energy that needs an outlet to let off some steam. Fortunately, in spite of the fact that our own needs and those of others may be temporarily at odds, a lunar trine to Venus helps maintain a sense of shared values, pleasantness, diplomacy, and common ground. This one redeeming aspect can help navigate the otherwise intense and passionate undercurrents. The lunar conjunction to Juno indicates that there are some significant turning points and fated interactions unfolding. The lunar links to Mars and Pluto indicate that we are anything but indifferent about whatever or whoever we’re dealing with this weekend, but with the Moon in Libra, making a trine to Venus, we may do our damndest to at least appear detached, reasonable and objective, even if underneath there are far more primitive, animalistic, or instinctive stirrings. With the Sun in the first degrees of Leo now opposite Saturn in the last degree of Capricorn, this poses us with the challenge of working through our own inhibitions, and at times we can feel blocked or restricted from enjoying ourselves, letting our hair down, or wearing our heart on our sleeve as much as we’d like to, or taking risks expressing ourselves creatively or romantically. There’s an inherent shyness to this aspect that can feel scared or inhibited from fully expressing itself. This is a good time to slowly but surely challenge the inner voice of doubt that tends to make us feel afraid to push passed our own self imposed restrictions or inhibitions. It’s also an aspect that indicates that something that we feel passionate about may take time, patience, consistency, and fortitude, but in the long run, we tend to appreciate more what has not come so easily.  

Today begins with the Moon in late Libra, trine Venus, and square Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. An intense undercurrent can be building towards an instinctual crescendo later this evening when the Moon enters moody Scorpio. Take care to avoid high drama people or situations under these aspects, as once the Moon enters Scorpio late this evening, it will square the Sun in theatrical Leo, which could bring some drama, tensions, or hissy fits to the surface from certain quarters, that may have been buried. It doesn’t have to be entirely negative, could equally be an eruption of positive feelings, but for whatever reason, there appears to be tensions. The Libra lunation throughout the day tries it’s hardest to maintain civility and an air of “It’s fine, really, I’m fine. This is fine, I’m totally cool and detached,” while the intense lunar link to Pluto indicates anything but detachment. For whatever reason, there is some level of intensity building in the air regarding relations to others, as something is in a process of shifting, and it’s possible that whatever is shifting, isn’t to everyones liking, and perhaps stokes feelings of jealousy, envy, insecurity, or competitiveness. The Moon enters Scorpio late this evening, and it’s possible to feel somewhat emotionally and otherwise blocked, or stifled from being able to express ourselves, and this can lead to a broody sort of inner restlessness. It’s possible we’re keeping certain passionate feelings to ourselves because maybe we feel it’s inappropriate to express certain things, or there is shyness, or some other inhibition, blockage or circumstance that discourages the free flow of expressing the feelings or the passions. We could seek an outlet through art or music or some other creative or escapist activity that engages the imagination and soothes the demon beast within. These aspects sort of look like the epitome of frustrated, pent up, stuffed down, and repressed animalism. It's clear we're feeling passionate about something but maybe unable to do or say anything about it for whatever reason. Fear, insecurity, or some other kind of wet blanket blockage could keep us on some kind of a leash. Monday can open up surprising communications, sooth troubled waters, tense dynamics, and lower defenses.

Monday, July 13, 2020


This morning begins with the Moon in late Aries, still squaring Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Mercury, having officially stationed direct on Sunday, will begin to pick up speed over the next 2 weeks, and certain muddles and tangles can begin to stabilize and unravel themselves, which is always good news. Around 11 AM PST, the Moon enters earthy and sensual Taurus, to conjunct Uranus, and sextile Mercury, while still maintaining a square to Saturn in the most urgent degree of Capricorn. This suggests some surprises or innovations, perhaps some shocking communications or revelations emerge, but there can also be an element of stubbornness or resistance by authority or those who prefer appeals to authority and the “status quo.” This can see some whimsical or rebellious behaviors gain traction, as this square to Saturn ebbs off by evening and will soon be replaced by a trine over the coming days. This lunation can highlight outside of the box thinking, as well as produce some surprising revelations and illuminations. The lunar sextile to Mercury in Cancer suggests that listening to your intuition and following your gut, and even listening to your body, can produce accurate leads. Although a minor tense aspect with Neptune suggests that there’s some muddles, confusion, fugazi, or deception to work through yet, but the Taurus lunation can help bring common sense to the picture and help ground us into the practical reality in front of us.

Today begins with the Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus, with no other major aspects until the afternoon. This highlights practical breakthroughs and revisions, as well as spontaneity that can keep us on our toes. Although, Taurus is rather laid back, sensual, and pleasure seeking. There can be some interesting diversions that can make life more pleasant. In the afternoon, a lunar trine to Jupiter occurs, followed by a trine to Pluto, and a dreamy sextile to Neptune. This favors making positive changes, transformations, and enhancements, and can produce a pleasantly buoyant, easy going mood, that can be accompanied by an intense drive to get more out of life and enjoy the beauty it has to offer. There’s an opportunity here as well to make some positive adjustments that have a pronounced impact. This can be a pleasant, earthy, and indulgent energy, that can help take the edge off of the somewhat irritating square between Mercury and Mars that has highlighted disagreements, and differences of opinion, that have somewhat stoked insecurity or provoked feelings of clannishness, self protectiveness, and defensiveness between others. Divide and conquer has been having a field day under this aspect, and Venus has been doing her best to mitigate things, but we all need a break sometimes. Todays configurations, and the Taurus(Venus) lunation, can illuminate a door to our own personal version of Narnia, and enhance the drive towards making life more enjoyable and beautiful. 

Today see’s the Moon in Taurus sextile the Sun in cozy Cancer, trine Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and in the early morning hours, sextile Neptune. This can see the day off to a dreamy, relaxed, and reflective start, but there’s certainly a lot of purpose and intention behind it. Pleasant and stabilizing. A great combo. A semi square to Mars can be potently energizing, and create a certain amount of zang that can be funneled into taking positive initiatives that make an impact in some way. The lunar connection to the Sun and Jupiter can create a lot of empathy, caring, nurturing, and emotional generosity. The link to Saturn and Pluto can be stabilizing and show the beginning of some potentially positive or life changing transformations. The Sun’s opposition to Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter indicate that some of these changes are brought about through contrast, perhaps something didn’t quite go as planned or something we hoped for didn’t come through, but there could be a stroke of luck that shows this was all for the best. Sometimes having situations turn out differently than we may have liked function as a positive catalyst for change, and that seems to be the case now. There is definitely a desire for more pleasure and fulfillment in these configurations. Late evening, towards the final hours, the Moon enters talkative, curious, and multitasking Gemini, shifting the emphasis to communications, and our relationships to others.

Today see’s the Moon in Gemini conjunct Venus, and sextile Mars and Chiron in Aries. This can see a wave of courage, confidence, or assertiveness. Perhaps we get a brave impulse or wild hair up our ass to finally send “that” message, or reach out to “that” person. Whatever the case, there’s more bravery and boldness in regards to communications with others. There can be some passionate impulses that can push people to make connections that wind up boosting morale or self confidence somehow. A sesquisquare to Pluto can indicate some underlying intensity or powerful undercurrents, that can make it easy for people to take things to heart and increase sensitivity. This aspect also indicates that underneath certain casual exchanges there could be more emotional investment than is indicated, or perhaps just the presence of lopsided feeling power dynamics. A lunar sextile to Chiron shows increased compassion for other peoples pain, so in spite of the Moon being in “keep it casual, keep it light, keep it fun” Gemini, there is still a perceptiveness there into the motivations or secret struggles of others. The Mars contact can do a lot to help increase courage, bravery, and confidence, and today can see impulses acted upon that can produce pleasant results or healing exchanges. 


Today see’s the Moon in Gemini conjunct Venus and square Neptune, getting the weekend off to a somewhat spacey, enchanting, serendipitous start. This aspect can dissolve boundaries and lower defenses, and is peaceable and serene. It can also cause some delays or misunderstandings, and increased sensitivity to what is said, but places the emphasis on communications, or contacts in the local environment. This energy can bring with it some feelings of uncertainty, longing, or confusion, and it can be difficult to know where we stand with others (or where they stand with us.) But it can also bring increased creativity, and a desire to enhance beauty and peace via contacts with others. A lunar quincunx to Jupiter and Pluto indicates a need to try and slow down and not go too overboard chasing rainbows, but there is a sweet idealism here that can have intense undercurrents and produce powerful communication breakthroughs. Try not to become obsessive around specific outcomes, persons, or lose all objectivity to inflated fears or expectations. A good time to slow down and have a good time, and not become carried away by excessive nervousness, vague pressures, cloudy emotions, hypersensitivity, dashed expectations, poor timing, missed communications, or feelings of lack, loneliness, or disappointment. The weekend get’s off to a spacey, bemused, somewhat belligerent and escapist start, that can indicate a need to seek out more fulfillment, magic, and enjoyment. Just don't let internal or external pressure, negative assumptions, or hypersensitivity muck up the gears, and this can be a really chill energy.

Today see’s the Moon enter comfort seeking, homebody Cancer, to conjunct Mercury. This can see some interesting downloads, and both the brain and feelings can be highly stimulated. The lunar square to Chiron also indicates the presence of some insecurity that's gotta be worked out, or a shell to crawl out of. It’s possible we can be acutely aware of our own and/or others weaknesses and vulnerabilities, but this is really good for empathy, but maybe a slight vulnerability or anxiousness there for whatever reason. In the afternoon, a lunar square to Mars gets thrown into the mix, and this can see a push towards action, a lot of activity, passion, charged emotions, or conversely, at the worst, some slight difficulty, irritation, impatience, clashes, frustrations. There can be a somewhat emotionally confrontational atmosphere, maybe just a pent up assertiveness, doesn't have to be negative. But sometimes Moon/Mars hard aspects can see a degree of crankiness, and raw, crotchety old man feelings. This is most likely just impatience. The feeling nature is definitely invigorated.  A lunar sextile to Uranus can add a stir crazy, experimental, and adventurous vibe to the mix, that can see us apply new, innovative approaches to old, outworn patterns, feelings, dynamics, or just.....liberating ourselves from ruts we may have been in and refreshing, and reinvigorating certain aspects of life that may have become stale, redundant, unfulfilling, or uninspiring. There can be some surprising communications that maybe reveal something new that we previously never considered, or we gain a new perspective on our own or others thoughts and feelings, or just venture into new territory that can actually be really refreshing. It’s possible some people can be at odds with each other somehow this weekend, maybe just a difference in style or pace, or timing, and there can be some tensions or just a certain electrical charge around particular dynamics. Definitely a download of a new emotional frequency. It's a passionate vibe, but there also appears to be a desire to bring some detachment to the situation, so that things don't become overwhelming going at lightning speed. There can definitely be some new emotional bandwidth available that hits like lightning. It’s possible that someone's level of detachment, or just an issue of timing or circumstances, or serendipity, could cause some raw, vulnerable, impatient, or sensitive feelings. It's very likely nothing personal, but it's possible to take it that way. Give it time. This is especially true instigating new conversations or dynamics. Energies today are very receptive as well as assertive. Very emotionally engaged, but detached, as if processing it all as it rushes through the system.

Today see’s the Moon in comfort seeking Cancer square Mars, opposite Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, and trine Neptune. These are actually some pretty huge downloads. It's like on a new bandwidth altogether, and can be challenging, motivating, and powerful. This can see a desire to escape and slink out of any high pressure situations with Neptune involved, perhaps in order to reflect. On the other hand, this can see a the possibility that someone, somewhere, holds a grievance. There could be a certain level of butt hurt in the atmosphere coming from certain quarters, but for the most part, whatever is happening now was inevitable. There can be some very significant turning points, shifts, and transformations in key dynamics this weekend. There is an empathy, comfiness, and compassion here, and some powerful changes at an emotional level. There are limits that one cannot get passed, and this can be interpreted as coldness or aloofness by those feeling a need for TLC, connection, or reassurance. With Saturn involved, this can all just really just be about timing. In either case, the lunar link to Neptune can provide a lot of empathy, compassion, and intuition, and can see some powerful psychic links and serendipity as well. Neptune is a softening and yielding influence, and can be slowly dissolving barriers that have thus far seemed to be impenetrable. Sensitivity to stimuli can be high. is there, and the lunar oppositions to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto indicate a need for just a little resilience, consistency, and patience. It's clear that something shifted this weekend and changed the emotional or social landscape. The lunar conjunction to the Sun can indicate a good time to sit with the feelings and bring some attention and consideration to getting in touch with and making some sense of them. It's a cozy and comfort seeking domestic type of vibe that centers around seeking more emotional fulfillment and substance from life. Rooted.

Monday, July 6, 2020


 After a Full Moon lunar eclipse in Capricorn that highlighted a defining moment of change and transformation, today see’s the Moon in unorthodox, detached Aquarius making a trine to Venus in Gemini and a sextile to Mars and Chiron in Aries, along with a square to Uranus in Taurus. With the Sun in opposition to the grand conjunction in Capricorn, this highlights opposing viewpoints. People may not be ready to accept certain ideas or perspectives. The Moon’s lunation through Aquarius suggests a lightening up, in the midst of trends that emphasize anything but. These configurations are geared towards letting some fresh air in, and doing things a little bit differently. This can see some forays into new or experimental territory when it comes to the pursuit of pleasure, and there can be some surprising or unexpected happenings interpersonally, and a draw towards the unusual. With Chiron in Aries, having the courage to assert yourself is a factor. Even though Mars is very much at home in Aries and normally has no problem asserting itself, this Chiron conjunction suggests there are some complexes or insecurity to weed out. With so many sensitive issues highlighted by the Sun and Mercury’s retrograde through Cancer having oppositional relation to the planets in Capricorn, there are certain topics that can easily wind people up in hot water. Even if you are certain that you are in the right, others are equally certain of their own position. The Moon rolling through Aquarius can help lighten the atmosphere and place a focus on things that everyone can agree upon. Any effort to combat divisiveness and emphasize what unites us in a common humanity is energy well spent. This lunation also highlights strange, and futuristic ideas, that may go against the grain somehow, or challenge the status quo. Not everyone is ready or willing to biologically merge with their toaster to stay relevant.

The early AM hours are highlighted by the Moon in Aquarius still squaring up to Uranus in Taurus, which saw a lot of really out there, weird, or futuristic ideas brought into the narrative. The rest of today see’s the Moon void of course, with only a minor tense aspect to Mercury in Cancer. This suggests it’s wise to count to 10 before speaking the first thing that comes to your mind, as this aspect can easily create misunderstandings or frustrate any attempts to get your point across. Regardless, the Aquarian lunation highlights all things weird, unusual, and outside of the box, and there’s no shortage of the utterly bizarre under these configurations. I can’t help but remark upon the trends I see in these configurations that appear to be geared towards dissolving resistance to certain ideas, even through less than savory, or even forceful, or emotionally manipulative means. (Sun in Cancer trine Neptune and opposite Pluto, Mercury Rx in Cancer square Mars.) Mercury square Mars in Aries can very literally shove ideas down peoples throats and make emotional appeals that have little to do with logic or reason. In either case, the fact that nothing is “normal” right now is highlighted by the Aquarian lunation. It’s a case of “weird science” pushing itself into the mainstream, and there is certainly going to be continuous pushback, as Mars remains in Aries for the rest of the year. 

This morning begins with the Moon in late Aquarius, forming a trine to Mercury retrograde in Cancer. This can see some unexpected or surprising messages or communications, as the past and the future meet face to face. Something from the past can resurface for reexamination and discussion, and this can bring up a lot of feelings as the Moon heads into emotionally sensitive and reflective Pisces around noon PST, to square Venus in Gemini. Things are still uncertain and dubious, and there can be a lot of confusion present here, with the Moon in tension with Venus there can be some evasiveness around particular topics. The lunar link to Mercury suggests an almost telepathic link, where words become almost unnecessary, but simultaneously there is a desire to communicate. Words in this instance can do more to confuse or mislead than provide clarity. As long as Venus remains in Gemini, there is a flightiness here that prefers to keep things light and avoid being pinned down too much. The link between Venus and Mercury suggests some emotional conversations, but not everyone is on the same page with Mercury in tension with Mars. There are different perspectives here that are difficult to reconcile. In the final hours of the evening the Moon goes on to sextile Uranus, which can bring some surprising intuitive insights, but with a focus on the past, and an incoming link to Neptune, this can also see some strange attempts at revisionist history, and not everyone will be on board with that, as the configurations clearly illustrate some disagreements. Needless to say, the Pisces lunation brings compassion to the fore, but with Venus linking harmoniously to Mars, she will resist too much erosion of boundaries and will stand up for herself if need be. In spite of evidence of disagreement and differing approaches, there is also potential here to make peace, particularly if one can release attachment to specific outcomes or a desire to control others. 

Today see’s the Moon in Pisces trine the Sun in Cancer, conjunct Neptune, trine Mercury Rx in Cancer, square Venus in Gemini, sextile Uranus. The dominant theme of the day is that of confusion, and a longing for comfort and security. Perhaps a certain nostalgia is present that somewhat conflicts with a simultaneous push towards the future, the untried, the new, the novel, and the freedom and independence to choose differently and break with convention. The longing for the comfort of the familiar is very evident in todays configurations, with the Moon syncing up with the Sun and Neptune. The past can seem long gone and out of reach, and can be heavily idealized. These are some highly emotionally and psychologically sensitive configurations, so I definitely encourage an extra dose of compassion and empathy, and to do your best to speak with kindness, as many people are really feeling lost at sea, on a ship without a captain, and could use some words of comfort or reassurance. There can be a sort of “clinginess”, victimhood, and dependency to these configurations, and equally, the stoic, stiff upper lip of the Grand conjunction in Capricorn has little sympathy to offer, (so if you happen to have a lot of Cap in your chart, or Cap rising, understand that without realizing it, you could be coming across to others as rather cold, distant, or too preoccupied to care very much, even if internally, you care a whole lot.) There’s a chance of feeling alienated under these configurations, and this statement applies to just about everyone, albeit, for different reasons, regardless of chart rulership or ascendant. The Pisces lunation can bring up a lot to reflect upon, and everyone is kind of just feeling things out and making them up as they go. These are some dreamy and reflective maths that can see the day sort of ambling off into a fantasy world of ideals, memories, longings, and emotional comforts. Try not to focus too much on what you feel you’re lacking, and also, try to avoid over idealizing the past or other people. Once again, the maths make a strong case for nurturing a strong internal locus of control. Positively, a lot of psychic impressions can be picked up from the ethers, and receptivity is very high, (but equally, so is defensiveness with the Mercury square to Mars and Chiron.) Nonetheless, it’s easier to empathize with others.


This morning see’s some really good vibes, with the Moon in dreamy Pisces conjunct Neptune, trine the Sun in cozy Cancer, and sextile Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This can see some forays into enjoyable and tranquil activities, with some gusto. This definitely favors the arts, music, enjoying the fruits and flowers of the earth, and can see some pleasant imbibements. With Mercury preparing to station direct, and square Mars, there can be some minor glitches or annoyances, but for the most part, this is a pleasant, drifting energy. The lunar sextile to buoyant Jupiter, as well as stable Saturn, and intense Pluto, all in earthy Capricorn helps ground and center amidst the otherwise emotive , dreamy, etheric configurations. Today can be imaginative, and creatively productive. Around 10 PM PST, the Moon shifts into action oriented Aries to conjunct Mars, Chiron, and square Mercury. This can see more assertive or forward communications, or a lot of activities around the home or in the local environment, with an emphasis on healing, mastering, restructuring, building, and boosting morale in some way. The Moon in Aries square to Mercury about to station direct tomorrow, can see some mental and emotional restlessness and impulsivity that seeks a fulfilling outlet.


Today see’s the moon in Aries conjunct Mars and Chiron, and squaring Mercury in Cancer, which is about to station direct on Sunday. Chiron stations retrograde today, which can signal a journey of going over old wounds in an effort to heal them. This weekend can have some awkward moments and general glitches or misunderstandings to navigate, as the impacts of retrogrades are most pronounced at the station. So it’s a good idea to remind yourself frequently this weekend that “this too shall pass.” Today also see’s a lunar sextile to Venus in Gemini, which can help smooth any misunderstandings and keep communications from going too far off the rails. It also speaks to the influence that diplomacy, humor, cleverness, and a gentle finesse can have on lowering defenses and navigating disagreements and opposing opinions. Needless to say, there can be a forceful, impassioned, and impulsive trend under the Aries lunation, and people are more apt to stand up for themselves and maintain their independence. With the Moon/Venus/Mars link up, maintaining independence and self ownership, while keeping interactions light, variable, intellectually stimulating, and numerous has a natural appeal. This may not jive well with the more cloying or clinging nature of the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, as the clash between the Moon/Mars in Aries and Mercury in Cancer illustrates. As long as Venus remains in the flighty sign of Gemini, don’t expect to be able to pin people down for too much up close and personal heavy breathing type of enmeshment. Venus in Gemini prefers a little room to breathe and maneuver, and is infinitely curious and easily distracted. The Moon/Mars/Mercury contacts today can see some irritability or impulsiveness. Try to give people the benefit of the doubt and avoid taking things too personally and running with it. The day is well suited for building energy, taking independent initiatives and enjoying light social exchanges, although there is a subtle “warrior energy” to these configurations. It could see differences in opinion come under the spotlight. Tomorrow can see some heightened intensity.