Monday, September 30, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Sep 30-Oct 6 2019

After a new Moon in Libra that brought good news amidst a rather heavy background ambience, we begin this week with the Moon in penetrating, investigative Scorpio in opposition to Uranus in Taurus. It’s a bit of a “freak” vibe, with a chaos factor that could see us taking a lot in and doing what we can to prepare for….whatever the hell comes next. Freakish or unsettling concepts and potentialities can produce a slight unease or provoke vulnerabilities. However, Venus’ sextile to indulgent Jupiter could produce a lightness of being, encourage pleasant vibes and place emphasis on self soothing efforts to maintain balance, peace, harmony, and equilibrium in an unpredictable, rapidly shifting landscape. Later on, a soothing, escapist, lunar trine to Neptune can see us off into an imaginative dream world, and create opportunities for deep empathy and even a wordless, instinctual understanding. Excellent for innovations in creativity, the arts, healing, meditation, and emotional centering. An evening lunar sextile to Saturn provides a grounding, stabilizing influence.

Tuesday’s configurations see a lunar sextile to Pluto and trine to Neptune. Surprises (or shocks?) are in store from midmorning onwards via news, communication, or via short distance travel, running errands, people in the local environment. Maintaining balance and leaving wiggle room to adjust plans to new information coming in might be wise. With Venus square Pluto, we may be weighing decisions that could have significant impact, personally, relationally, and/or financially, or in regards to our values and self worth, making some major transformations. Mars in the final degrees of Virgo ticks like a clock and hastens the “get it together” impulse to improve, perfect, and scrutinize. Around 7:30 PM PST, the Moon in Scorpio forms a sextile to Mars, urging us to get down to the nitty gritty work of transforming our reality to suit our ideals as much as possible. This could see a rather energized evening, that could see us wanting to be as thorough and attentive to detail as possible. A lunar trine to Chiron suggests some kind of healing could be involved here, either physically, emotionally, psychologically, or all of the above. In either case, actions taken now revolve around feeling better about ourselves somehow, and strengthening ourselves via healthy self love.  We could have very high standards for ourselves and there could be an element of perfectionism involved with Mars in the last decan of Virgo, but Virgo naturally presides over healing, perfecting, improving. 

This morning begins with the Moon in Sagittarius, perfecting a trine to Chiron, forming a sextile to the Sun in Libra, a conjunction to Jupiter, and an eventual square to Neptune. This could suggest a significant boost in optimism, morale, and a feeling of expansive hopefulness, even if there are certain things (or people) that feel just out of reach. The power of positive thinking, and remaining open minded and philosophical is the primary driver of this day. Faith, good will, generosity, and positive intent are all wonderful, just try to avoid the trap of being overzealous, overly idealistic, or simply, gullible or naive. Otherwise, this actually looks like a potentially pleasant, horizon expanding sort of day that opens things up and lets in some fresh air, fresh perspectives, and new alliances. With Mars at 29 degrees Virgo, some sort of confrontation with others is inevitable.

Mercury moves into investigative Scorpio today, which could see us less willing to settle for surface talk, surface level involvement, weak compromises, or cool, detached niceties. Mercury in Scorpio wants to get at the truth, and get to the bottom of things, see what the other players are holding, but isn’t so keen on revealing it’s own hand. This can place our minds on deeper matters during this Mercury cycle, and see us less willing to compromise our authentic thoughts and feelings, potentially taking us into deeper, or more vulnerable territory with others, or ruminating about the potential of “going there”. There is an obsessive, compulsive, probing, and secretive quality to the Mercury placement, and it’s very much a sleuth, a depth psychologist, and is not afraid to discuss uncomfortable topics or contemplate uncomfortable things, and if anything, is very thorough, leaving no stone unturned. Mars also enters Libra today, seeing a drive towards interactions with others. Mars isn’t necessarily comfortable here, and can resort to passive aggression, or passive avoidance if others are too pushy. Libra is not typically comfortable with direct confrontations, but Mars here can create a stronger push to relate with others. This Mars cycle can also turn debating into a lifestyle, so take care to avoid unnecessary argumentativeness. All this aside, we will be more driven to interact and engage more with others. Pluto also stations direct today, so something regarding deep transformations, and increasing in personal power begins to gain traction. (Cue the myth of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Cue the dramatic music). This day could see high hopes in the face of particular longings, with the Moon conjunct Jupiter and square Neptune. A pleasant, conciliatory lunar sextile to Venus in Libra could see gestures of good will, peace offerings, generosity, or efforts to harmonize or simply accept differences between ourselves and others by expanding perspectives and transforming ourselves accordingly. Overall, it’s a high vibing day, in spite of a mental shift into the deep end, and a confrontation of sorts with vague uncertainties. 


Friday morning see’s the Moon sextile Mercury, forming a square to Saturn and Chiron. Perhaps certain tensions come to light and are openly discussed or gotten to the bottom of. There could be something positive about this, even if it opens a can of worms or jabs at a wound. Perhaps some truth comes to light, and it’s bittersweet, makes us think on our feet, or adds some new, totally unanticipated “wild card” to the equation. Around 11:00 AM PST, the Moon shifts into serious Capricorn, to conjoin Saturn later in the evening. This could see us adjusting to new practical and even interpersonal realities, as we adapt to both inner and outer life upgrades. With the lunar sextile to Mercury in Scorpio, there could be a lot of unspoken understanding, and some deep, psychological transformations going on that could have us feeling somewhat vulnerable as we step up a ladder into new terrain and push our comfort zone. Beneficial connections can be made at this time, in spite of a serious, somber, responsible, “nose to the grindstone” vibe. We could also be confronting certain limitations, accepting certain realities, and having to summon patience and discipline. Not exactly the most frivolous weekend, -but a constructive one.

Saturday is highlighted by the Moon in Capricorns square to the Sun in Libra, a conjunction to both Saturn and Pluto, and a trine to Uranus. Changes are happening and other people are the catalysts for it. New alliances, and new practical realities are being set into place that could be more far reaching or longterm than we perhaps realize. There could be slight tension around the issue of commitments, time, accommodating others, while still meeting our own needs and responsibilities. A lunar sextile to Neptune in the afternoon eases the transition and makes it easier to go with the flow, tune into others, and have sensitivity for where they’re at. Regardless, there’s an intensity to this lunation, and fitting our schedules with other peoples somehow can be an unavoidable challenge.

Sunday morning begins with the Moon in Cap square Venus in late Libra. We can feel a bit awkward or out of step with others, maybe a bit inhibited about expressing our own physical needs, or feelings. Timing could be a factor. Perhaps it could be better, and is just a bit awkward. Midmorning see’s the Moon trine Mars in Libra, which can see us more assertive about negotiating our needs with those of others. Around 9 PM, the Moon enters radical and detached Aquarius, squaring Venus, Mercury, and Uranus, and forming a sextile to Chiron and a trine to Mars. Even if we are somewhat shaken up and stirred, and things are “new” and “strange, maybe even slightly uncomfortable, tense, awkward, odd, surprising, exciting, and/ or destabilizing, it’s ultimately beneficial and appears to be leading to positive circumstances and beneficial alliances. There will be much to take in and ruminate on later.

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Monday, September 23, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Sep 23-29th 2019.

We begin this week with the Sun having entered zero degrees Libra, harkening the equinox. The Moon still in Cancer is opposite Saturn and Pluto, still having kind of a hard time. As the day wears on, it gets a little easier, and a lunar sextile to Mars and trine to Neptune shows actions taken to become more comfortable. The opposition to Pluto carries on, even though Saturn lets up. Monday for the most part is kind of a grind to get through and the maths look largely uncomfortable, but the closer the Moon get’s to Leo, the more this eases up. It’s kind of a grin and bear it sort of day that could be filled with little inconveniences throughout, but also small things to be thankful for that can ease the passage through this otherwise challenging, somewhat grumpy, sensitive, or uncomfortable mathscape.

This day see’s the Moon in Leo, forming a sextile to the Sun in Libra, a trine to Chiron in Aries, and a square to Uranus in Taurus. This could see us determined to make the most of our circumstances, and with Mars in the late degrees of Virgo, the push towards improvement is gaining in traction and urgency . This day could see us taking steps in a new direction and seeking input or assistance from new people, perhaps in some sort of healing capacity, or to resolve certain niggling issues that detract from quality of life or efficiency. The impetus to make our lives function more harmoniously and to remove blockages to inner and outer equilibrium, peace, and harmony, is set to increase as Libra season sets into full swing. With Mars still in late Virgo, we may be wrapping up unfinished business, tackling details, and essentially getting things more into “perfect order”. Anything that could get in the way of our ability to relate in optimal ways, anything that could interfere with our inner and outer balance, harmony, and capacity for peace can meet the force of our determination now, as Mars in Virgo see’s us tweaking, tinkering, improving, healing, and perfecting, and sweeping up, for a more relationally oriented phase. A lunar sextile to Venus later suggests that some new approach or innovation has perhaps produced successful results, or at least a feeling of ease that we will be seeing the back of certain challenges. A trine to Jupiter increases confidence further. 

The morning of Wed see’s the Moon in Leo sextile Mercury and Venus in Libra, and trine Jupiter in Sagittarius. This can see a surge of optimism, confidence and enthusiasm after a somewhat challenging time. Certain problem areas and weaknesses have been assessed,  and we can go forward with the benefits of hindsight. The lunar connection to Jupiter helps instill some optimism and broaden our horizons. We could receive some uplifting news or ride a wave of positive thoughts that could see us determined to prevail over any otherwise challenging circumstances. Something could be putting some inspiration and wind in our sails, especially if it's been recently knocked out of us. The evening hours of Wed don’t see any major aspects, but we can ride Jupiters wave due to Venus and Mercury’s sextile to the generous gas giant. This can see a key expansion happening interpersonally, and our interactions with others can provide a lot of inspiration and enthusiasm, and help instill confidence.

Thursday see’s the Moon in detail oriented Virgo forming a trine to Uranus in Taurus. We can be focused on organizing last minute details to accommodate exciting interpersonal changes and initiatives that are soon to come. Taking new approaches to old problems or challenges and applying new techniques from lessons learned to lay solid foundations for a new, dynamic interpersonal chapter can be a theme of this lunation. Much of this corresponds to Mars in late Virgo, wrapping up any loose ends and nipping any potential problems in the bud so that this next chapter can be kicked off smoothly. Lunar trines to both Uranus and Saturn suggest solid new foundations being played down that are certainly a level up from anything we’ve done before. This is a revolution on a micro and macro scale, and will mean something different for everyone, but for everyone, it is going to be “something different” than the way things have been done before. Later, lunar oppositions to Neptune, suggesting a draw to the unusual, and the potential to idealize people or circumstances. There could be a lot of inspiration available, but sorting out what is realistic and has long term potential from what is fleeting and merely fun to think about will be key. So sorting the gold from the dross of a number of inspiring ideas, in order to pick a direction and commit to it could be part of the equation. “Irealism.” Lunar square to Jupiter can also have an “info overload” effect, perhaps blowing up the Virgo Moons tendency towards anxiousness, and potentially magnifying small things into a much bigger deal than they really are.


Friday morning see’s the Moon in Virgo conjunct Mars, trine Saturn and Pluto, square Jupiter, and opposing Neptune. This could definitely see us potentially taking action to wrap something up, a sort of “sweep up” of necessary “to do’s”, and taking initiative towards making improvements and perhaps a series of small, but potent, sweeping changes to make things more ideal, comfortable, efficient. This could be a busy day of problem solving and getting to the bottom of certain things, in the practical, physical world. These configurations can see a series of improvements and upgrades to routines, money, health, scheduling, and it’s essential message is basically saying, “You’re handling it, getting it done, and making shit happen.” It could be a rather anxious, nervous energy, prone to perfectionism, and worry over every little thing, but can be funneled successfully into improvement initiatives.

The Moon shifts into Libra at 3:03 AM PST, (6:03 AM on the east coast.) This shifts the emphasis on to others, and the lead up to the New Moon can feel a bit sensitive as the Moon and Sun both oppose Chiron in Aries. Navigating our own needs, vulnerabilities, wounds, or sensitivities while we correspond our lives with others, and maintaining courage and bravery in the face of vulnerability can be a challenge that is highlighted now. The New Moon occurs at 11:26 AM PST, (2:26 PM ET). As this new Moon also holds a conjunction to Mars in late Virgo, it could signify preparing for some sort of confrontation, perhaps with a number of things, but mostly in regards to ourselves and others, and the compromises and things we must negotiate in order to create cohesion, peace, and cooperation. Later in the afternoon, the Moon in Libra forms a square to Saturn. Resilience, wisdom, patience, and maturity is called for, but if the ability to make lemonade from lemons is summoned, the fruits will be sweet. The Moon goes on to conjunct Venus, suggesting the rest of Saturday can see positive developments regarding others, even if things are slow coming or there are challenges involved. 

Sunday morning can see positive communications, and perhaps some major changes going on regarding situations with others. With the Moon in Libra conjunct both Venus and now Mercury, with a sextile to Jupiter and squaring both Saturn and Pluto, there can be a lot of energy and intensity around our interactions with others. A lot of optimism as well. With a lunar square to Saturn it can just be an issue of time, and there could be some challenges to negotiate. But with positive lunar links to Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, there is great optimism, hope, and promise on the horizon. There could also be some low key fears or things going on below the surface that create an underlying intensity with Pluto involved as well.  There’s definitely something “intense” about whatever is going on here, but maintains a somewhat demure, even innocent, civilized nature on the surface, but underneath is kind of just…well…intense.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Sep 16th-22nd 2019

We begin the week with the Moon in Aries forming a trine to Jupiter, and squaring up to Saturn and Pluto. This makes us aware of both positive and negative potentials, infusing us with optimism, while simultaneously not letting us forget negative potentialities or the harshness of reality, that frankly, we would prefer to overlook. The full Moon in Pisces phased out old situations, to make room for new ones. The configurations we kick off the week under can create a powerful drive, although the squares to Saturn and Pluto suggest a bit of frustration, unexpressed angst, stuffed down passions, and a somewhat disgruntled vibe, perhaps even anger, or simply frustrated passions under the surface for some. With Mercury and Venus in Libra opposing Chiron now, this can accentuate feelings of vulnerability, interpersonally, and in communications. Perhaps a feeling of having been too open or forthright, perhaps a second guessing around having put ourselves out there somehow, or some fears around doing so. However, whatever frustrations or vulnerabilities are bubbling under the surface, a diplomatic front, and an effort to maintain harmony, seek understanding, and to learn from differences, avoiding conflict, and keeping things running smoothly, can be the best way to handle things interpersonally. The lunar trine to Jupiter can make optimism more readily accessible, and also encourages a more indulgent streak. We can be quick to repent however, as with Saturn and Pluto around, we are quickly reminded of consequences. A little indulgence, if not taken too far, can do much to fortify the spirits, and energize the body and mind for further productivity. Later, afternoon onward, we are left with the Moon’s square to intense Pluto, and evening time begins a lunar conjunction to Uranus, ending Monday on an anticipatory note.

Sep 17th begins with the Moon in earthy and sensual Taurus, strengthening it’s conjunction to Uranus. This suggests a need for excitement, or perhaps shakes up our everyday routines by adding some out of the ordinary or unexpected elements into the picture. This is a resourceful, inventive aspect that can put some “ZANG” into the day by introducing some unusual, quirky approaches, possibilities, or potentials.  A lunar quincunx to Venus and Mercury in conciliatory Libra suggests that we can’t please all people all of the time, so it’s ok to leave others to look after themselves, rather than going out of your way to cater to everyone around you. Again, with both Mercury and Venus opposing Chiron now, we can be grappling with some vulnerability in communications and relationships, and it can be easy to see things through a lens of insecurity. Regardless, doing the practical ground work in preparation for new, exciting initiatives, interpersonally and otherwise, suits this lunation nicely. A lunar trine to Saturn early evening suggests exactly that. It’s as if we are preparing for something new and exciting to happen. With Saturn about to station direct, in the wee hours of Wed morning (1:47 AM PST to be exact), we are setting the stage for new cycles, where our discipline, hard work, patience, and diligence will be rewarded. 

Saturn stations direct in the wee hours of Wednesday Sep 18th, (1:47 AM.)  The Lord Of Hard Knocks and Keeping It 100 is all set for full steam ahead. This day looks rather eventful, with Lunar trines to Mars, Saturn, the South node, and Pluto, a sextile to Neptune, and an eventual trine to the Sun in late Virgo. With the Sun in late Virgo, it begins to build it’s opposition to Chiron, joining Mercury and Venus. This sets the stage for numerous social and interpersonal confrontations, interacting, and negotiating, facing and releasing fears, and engaging more with others, socially and interpersonally. This represents exciting opportunities to lay fresh groundwork for a new, dynamic social and interpersonal phase. The oppositions to Chiron that the gathering planets in Libra will inevitably further emphasize, suggests an opportunity to face and work through various insecurities, wounds, and vulnerabilities. As sensitive, challenging, or exposed as it might feel at times, it can provide opportunities for ego resilience, confidence building, growth, balancing, and healing. 

Thursday begins carrying over the notes of Wednesday, that revolved around new, beneficial social, commercial, and interpersonal initiatives. With a potent trine between Mars and Pluto, this is a day of decisive moves. Around 2 PM PST, the Moon sextiles Chiron and swings into chatty, multitasking Gemini, going on to form trines to Venus and Mercury. This livens up our routines and quickens the pace. This can see the remainder of Thursday occupied by pleasant exchanges, communications, short distance travels, and news, which could see the rest of the day fly by rather quickly, pleasantly, and with a whole lot going on. News we receive or exchanges had can have a subtle confidence boosting or healing component, which can strengthen resilience in the face of any particular vulnerability, or the subtle presence of wounds or insecurities. Communications, outings, exchanges and interactions had now can have a positive, beneficial, pleasant, and healing component to them. 


Friday begins with the Moon still in busy, communicative Gemini in trine to both Mercury and Venus in diplomatic Libra. Only now, the Moon throws in it’s opposition with Jupiter, suggesting a lot happening at once and a whole lot of information to process, and hence, a lot of distractions. Tuning them out to focus will be important. With Mars still in Virgo, it's been a nose to the grindstone energy for a while now, where focusing on work and the basics has been a dominant theme. Todays configurations could also increase an anxious, anticipatory energy, for the wave of emotion the Moons eventual entry into Cancer will bring this weekend. Midmorning see’s a lunar square to Neptune, adding a vague, longing, and an anxious foray into all of the unknowns involved. A lunar square to Mars in Virgo towards evening ratchets this up a notch with a desire for perfection, and for everything to be “just so.” Maybe some chamomile tea, exercise, (or perhaps breaking out your finest hash) will help calm the nervous system and mind, and keep it from going too crazy dwelling on unknowns, what ifs, or imperfections, or just in too many directions all at once..

Saturday see’s the Gemini Moon square the Sun and Mars, while still in opposition to Jupiter through to midmorning. This could see a fairly action oriented day, with a lot of movement. The build up of tension from anxious anticipation has culminated to a point where it needs an outlet. With Saturn in square to both Mercury and Venus in Libra, a certain amount of restraint is called for, or we could feel somewhat inhibited or insecure,  or simply applying new skills and lessons learned, releasing defense mechanisms regarding  relationships, as Mercury no longer opposes Chiron, but the Sun and Venus continue to usher along this evolutionary process. We could be working towards significant personal and interpersonal breakthroughs and graduating from outmoded patterns of relating to self and others, setting new boundaries, and mastering emotions. Later, the Moon squares Chiron, suggesting a pressure to communicate and facilitate catharsis. There could definitely be some anxious thoughts, nervousness, or perhaps a tendency to dwell on insecurities as we anticipate certain inevitabilities. Around 10 PM PST, the Moon moves into her home sign of Cancer, placing emphasis on security, emotions, comfort, and protective instincts. 

Sunday see’s the Moon in sensitive Cancer trine the North node, square the Sun, Venus and Chiron, and sextile Uranus, going on to eventually oppose Saturn. In combination with Mercury's square to Saturn, this can see some issues with timing and commitments, and a need to make compromises in scheduling. The Moons run through Gemini saw a lot going on all at once, and it perhaps left many of us rather scrambled, spread too thinly in too many directions, spinning too many plates. In Cancer now, opposing Saturn and Pluto, this can leave us feeling a bit vulnerable, challenged, and definitely uncomfortable. Later on, a trine to Neptune can take some of the edge off and actually make this rather graceful, and assist in lowering and dissolving defenses and barriers. It’s a little reminiscent of that Elliot Smith song “Between The Bars” in an odd way. People may have certain guards up, (bars), but there’s spaces between them to connect through. It's poetic my dude. These aspects look like some kind of “exposure therapy”, where the introduction of some new element, person, or circumstance requires that we face certain fears, vulnerabilities, or emotions in new, innovative, upgraded, or illuminated ways. It’s as if we are being presented with some sort of positive challenge to examine, transform, and upgrade certain defense mechanisms, and outdated emotional patterns. Something going on now can make deep, permanent, lasting impact going forward. With an inevitable Lunar opposition to powerful Pluto, this is about making permanent, and powerful changes. 

Monday, September 9, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Sep 9th-15th 2019.

We kick off the week with the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and trine Mercury and Venus in Virgo. This shows that some kind of upgrade, positive transformation, and new standard of living has been set into motion going forward. This kicks off the week on a disciplined, orderly, but earthy and sensual note, with a driven intensity of focus and intent through the early AM hours, thanks to the lunar/Pluto link. Under this sort of mathscape, it feels exceptionally good to “get our shit together,” organize our environment, eliminate waste, economize, and manage our time, energy, and resources to maximize efficiency. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus still in Virgo, and Pluto in trine to all 3, powerful transformations with very real, physical, and practical ramifications are occurring. Enjoyment can be found in the little things, and any anxious energy can be  positively channeled into the humble, daily tasks of everyday living, and making subtle and/or major improvements to our every day lives, routines, work, diet, fitness, health, etc. 
Oppositions of the Virgo planets to Neptune in Pisces make it very important to stay grounded in reality, and to try to avoid focusing on  feelings of “lack,”obsessing on unknowns, or things you otherwise have no control over. This is excellent energy for self control and attention to detail. 
Monday afternoon, around 3PM PST, the Moon shifts into quirky Aquarius, forming an erratic square to Uranus in Taurus, and a sextile to Chiron. The remainder of Monday can contain some surprising twists, and introduce some interesting possibilities, that can make us feel confident and excited about the future.

Tuesday continues this improvisational frame that yesterday evening began with the moons shift into unconventional Aquarius. Although there could be much to be excited about, the Sun in Virgo squaring extravagant Jupiter makes us aware of all of the details that as of yet, need to be worked out, and has us quietly shit testing anything that seems overly optimistic or unrealistic, while seeking to innovate around potential blockages and think on our feet. However, a buoyant and exciting lunar sextile to Jupiter around 2:30 PM can encourage us to think pretty expansively, and there can be an optimistic, generous good will in the air. This see’s the majority of Tuesday take on a “figuring it out as we go” type of energy, where we need to remain adaptable in order to accommodate changes in schedule, or prepare for/adapt to developments that can alter our routines in potentially positive ways. There is definitely an energy of excitement, unpredictability, and anticipation here, and a feeling that something new and different is right around the corner, and we can be laying the groundwork for future plans or initiatives. 

Sep 11th see’s the Moon void of course, so no noteworthy lunar aspects, with the minor exception of a trine to the Part of Fortune around 4PM PST, which could see some good news via communications or en route, that may require some action and adaptation. Otherwise, Wednsday’s skies are dominated by the Solar conjunctions to Mercury, Venus, and Mars, creating a brisk and busy, action oriented atmosphere that suggests some preparation for new social, interpersonal, and/or commercial projects, initiatives, relationships, and endeavors that have the potential to shift and transform our worlds considerably for the better. 

Thursday see’s the Moon enter sensitive Pisces, with the first aspect it forms being a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. This can see our imaginations positively stimulated, and our ability to entertain new possibilities and step into the unknown can feel like a positive release, even if we feel subtly challenged, sensitive, or uncertain, it is clear that embracing change with an attitude of peaceful surrender and opening ourselves up to the unknown in some way, (as opposed to being fixated on any anxiety inducing “what if’s”,)- is the best way forward. Releasing the need for certainty and any attachments to a desired outcome, while also saying goodbye to a chapter that has served it’s purpose, and anything illusory, unrealistic or fantastical that could interfere with getting the most out of the new chapter that is about to unfold, is part and parcel of this lunation. In a skyscape of "Fantasy v.s Reality", reality holds the trump card as Saturn and Pluto take sides with Virgo, while the Moon in Pisces idealistic fantasies are dissolved by Neptune, and carriages turn back into pumpkins. Around 6 PM PST, the Moon in Pisces begins it’s first opposition, to Mars, which is conjunct the Sun in Virgo. We may experience some inner or outer resistance to our plans, or the new direction we are going in. With a Lunar semi square to Pluto, people could be sensitive around this time, as we build up to the full moon, so although we can’t be responsible for other peoples ability to regulate their own emotional state, do try and tread softly, and if you can’t say or do anything that would help them, then do your best to avoid saying anything that could potentially hurt them. Sometimes silence is golden. With a lunar conjunction to Neptune, fantasy v.s reality can be a challenge, and there can also be a sense of “martyrdom” or sacrifice present. Some people could experience some disillusionment as they face the need to release unrealistic fantasies, and accept things and people as they really are, -not as they would like them to be. Still, there is much potential here for interpersonal sustenance and warmth, as long as expectations of others, (and of ourselves,) can remain realistic. Needless to say, this lunation can bring a lot of imagination, dreams, color, and originality to the table.



Friday see’s the build up to the full Moon, which occurs at 9:33 PM PST. With the Moon in Pisces and Sun in Virgo both squaring up to expansive and optimistic Jupiter, this could certainly see high hopes and longings pinned up against the need to deal in reality and operate within the laws of physics. The Moon opposes the Sun, and sextiles Saturn, which accentuates the desire (and -*gasp*- perhaps even the ability) to make dreams a reality, as long as we have the patience and the will to navigate all the practicalities and details, and we don’t try and skip important steps or stick our fingers in the pie before it’s ready. The Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and in opposition to the Sun and Mars in Virgo can see our energy levels lag a bit, or cause our nervous systems to feel overwhelmed in the face of all the details and practicalities there are to manage. We may just want things to manifest by themselves so we can daydream under a blanket and wake up to everything being suddenly wonderful, but life calls us to actively co create our reality,“do the work” and take initiative. It’ll be worth it. These aspects definitely indicate a fantasy coming within reach, and possibilities opening up that were previously closed, or simply not considered or taken seriously before. Evening time see’s the full Moon in Pisces oppose the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. This could see some slight discomfort in social situations, and balancing the needs of the self with the needs of others will be important. New times, socially, relationally, and interpersonally are right around the corner. 

Saturday morning begins with the Moon in late Pisces. Mercury and Venus both shift into conciliatory, partnership oriented Libra, and we begin to enter what many psychologists refer to as “cuffing season.” Venus is exalted and in it’s dominion in Libra. In Virgo, Venus focused on self improvement and prep work, so that she could bring an optimus prime version of herself into her interaction with others, in Libra. With Mercury and Venus both changing signs into harmony seeking Libra, this set’s the stage for pleasant exchanges and interactions with others, and heralds a more active and pleasurable period socially and interpersonally. This also takes a bit of the edge off of the somewhat anxious, perfectionistic bent of the Virgo stellium we had been under, although it certainly served it’s purposes and allowed us to make great strides and massive improvements. Around 4 PM PST, the Moon enters passionate and enthusiastic Aries. Combined with the other aspects, this signifies a brand new period socially and relationally. This could bring new faces into the picture, or reignite passions in existing involvements by kicking off a new phase. The Moon in Aries conjuncts Chiron and opposes Mercury and Venus in Libra. This suggests the potential for some sensitivity around new social involvements, with a need to navigate this with some care, diplomacy and decorum. Perhaps the addition of new social interactions or relationships make pre existing ones feel somehow threatened, undermined, insecure, or sensitive. Such feelings may be overblown, and no one should limit or curtail themselves from exploring new social avenues or connections in order to regulate the self esteem of other people, but do take care not to minimize the experiences of others or deliberately step on their toes. Otherwise, this looks set to herald a pleasing time socially and interpersonally. 

Sunday see’s the Moon in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn and trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, while still conjunct Chiron. Expanding our world, personally or otherwise, may require some effort. We may also experience some impatience or perhaps some frustration with obstacles or challenges that seem to be slowing things down or making things seem more difficult than they need to be. We could also vacillate between over and under confidence, optimism and pessimism. As well, it could also simply be a continuation of the social sensitivities I mentioned in Saturday’s forecast. Regardless, in spite of and perhaps even because of the Lunar square to Saturn and trine to Jupiter, we have access to emotional resilience, maturity, generosity, and a broadminded, philosophical attitude, if we so choose. We might have to make for some allowances, or some adjustments to our plans, but this otherwise looks like an enthusiastic, pleasant, and passionate end to the week, that is also grounded in realism. With Mercury and Venus holding hands in Libra, this could definitely see some pleasing communications, plans being formed, sparks of attraction, or fortuitous meetings while out and about or via traveling.

Thanks for stopping by! May you all have a number one super instant success forever week. I’ll see you next Monday.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Sep 2-8th 2019

We begin the week with the Moon in Libra, in growing opposition to Uranus, seeking to harmonize disparate viewpoints, agendas, and perspectives. With Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars currently in trine to Saturn, there is a serious, “get down to business” vibe in the atmosphere, and certain realities have had to be accepted and acclimatized to. With a lunar opposition to Uranus strengthening, there is a bit of the “unpredictable” in play, and a rather unconventional, detached, and independent streak runs through interpersonal dynamics, leaning people towards taking a bit more freedom for themselves. It’s as if a dollhouse is being shaken up and rearranged. Neptune in opposition to all the planets in Virgo can highlight a lot of unknowns, and test our sense of reality. This also can create a sense of longing, as if something is missing from the equation as we go about our daily business. Conversely, it can also potentially add an imaginative flair, where we entertain a myriad of possibilities. But more than likely, a sense of sacrifice can be present, where we are asked to relinquish certain ideals in the face of reality, because Virgo (and Capricorn/Saturn) is about dealing with things and people as they are. In some ways, this can be a bit depressing, but in other ways, leaves us open to dream up new solutions, as old dreams are phased out and released. Monday evening see’s the Moon enter moody Scorpio, prompting a focus on intense undercurrents, power moves, strategic preparation, and communications that have a secretive, though beneficial element to them.

We begin the morning of Sep 3rd with the Moon rolling through powerful Scorpio exactly opposite Uranus. It’s an “anything can happen” feeling that can keep us on our toes, but places emphasis on our own inner resources to deal with whatever could arise. With lunar sextiles to the Sun, Mercury, and Mars, we can be taking actions and initiatives to advance our positions somehow, and there is a focus on details, and a bit of an investigative, sleuthing, and a strategic “thoroughness” in play in here. Jupiter in square to the Sun, Mercury, and Mars as well can definitely magnify the little things, making small things much more noticeable and important than they otherwise have been. A lunar trine to Saturn and sextile to Neptune midmorning combines realism and idealism (irealism?), and we may receive news that calms and reassures us that our plans, actions, or strategies we are implementing, even if we are having too innovate around certain unexpected reality checks, are producing results. Something about whatever is unfolding can stabilize the emotions or ease concerns about recent shifts in our longterm plans. The lunar/Uranus opposition lets up early evening, taking some pressure out of emotional dynamics, leaving a soothing balm, and pleasant undercurrents. Someone has an ace up their sleeve. 

The morning of Sep 4th see’s the Moon in Scorpio still trine Neptune and sextile Pluto in Capricorn. A shift in power dynamics occurs for what appears to be for the better. The Moon makes no aspects until it reaches lates Scorpio in the afternoon, forming a growing and strengthening trine to Chiron. Something can be subtly boosting confidence and soothing wounds that may have recently been jabbed at. Around 8 PM PST, the Moon enters Sagittarius, boosting optimism, morale, generosity, and the tendency to think more expansively, making the remainder of Wednesday relatively uplifting and confidence boosting. 

Sep 5th see’s the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter, square the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Virgo, while still trine Chiron. This can see a magnified focus on perfectionism, details, health, fitness, and can enhance a sort of “anxious feeling”, although not necessarily in a negative sense. This energy can increase the drive to bring our best selves to the table in some way, and can create a bit of what’s known as “positive stress.” Demanding the best of ourselves can be taken too far sometimes, so remember that you’re only human, -as you strive for more superhuman qualities. This can see people doubling down on self improvement strategies, or taking on more work, while grappling with urges towards extravagance or indulgence. You will find your footing and create a balance that is sustainable going forward. In either case, whatever self improvement initiatives being taken can be very beneficial to the self esteem, and this otherwise looks like a morale boosting, if very busy, somewhat hectic, “high strung” day. 


Friday the 6th see’s the Moon, still in Sagittarius, carrying the buoyant energy of it’s conjunction to Jupiter, squaring the Virgo planets and Neptune in Pisces. Neptunes oppositions to all the personal planets in Virgo dissolve certain aspects of our reality, leaving a question mark in place of whatever seems to be going MIA, feeling incomplete, or shrouded in mystery, longing, or uncertainty. This leaves a lot of unknowns, as something is certainly different now, and we may be scrambling to pick up the pieces and find a new solid sense of direction, or simply gain traction on new, unfamiliar ground. The Moon in Sagittarius has big ideas,and adventurous impulses, curiosity and optimism in the face of any challenges, but Friday may see us quietly shit testing this new frame, in order to gain clarity on what the most realistic sense of direction, approach,o option going forward is going to be. With the lunar square to Venus and Neptune being the most prolonged of these aspects and the last to leave, this may play out mostly in our interpersonal direction. Relationship dynamics, and relationships in general, can be a catalyst for change, upheaval, or excitement. 

Sep 7th see’s the Moon enter stoic, serious Capricorn, to trine Uranus in Taurus, and square Chiron in Aries. Change is certainly in the air, and there may be some facts that perhaps are a bit challenging to swallow, or that challenge our self esteem a bit. However, this “reality check” energy has the potential to launch us into taking affirmative action, with a lunar trine to Mars in Virgo. The lunar/Saturn conjunction, combined with a trine to Mars either shows something or someone being eliminated, “You are the weakest link. Goodbye,” or something being simplified or diligently and meticulously prepared for. This could see a doubling down on self improvement measures, or people being more strict with themselves when it comes to any bullshit in themselves or others. There is definitely a “getting serious” type of energy about this day, with a focus on good time management, self discipline, focus, and efficient use of energy, or perhaps a commitment to a new routine, whether in work, or in general (diet, fitness, sleep, scheduling, etc.) Some sort of new strategy and initiative is being deployed, so making the best of our time, energy, and resources, and cutting out any crap or distractions is going to be key.

Sunday Sep 8th see’s the Moon in Capricorn trine the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars,  and conjunct both Saturn and Pluto, and sextile Neptune. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, this is some stable, and accomplished energy. In some way, something has been transformed for the better, and we can be feeling a powerful drive to maintain some sort of standard for ourselves going forward. When I look at this math, I picture a person standing triumphantly in a perfectly feng shui’ed house that they have meticulously organized. It sparkles. They proceed to do yoga while a Roomba rides around on the floor, continuing to sweep up particulate. By the door is everything they are taking to the good will, neatly bagged up and ready to go. This is a self congratulatory energy for a job well done, and also an ambitious energy for “how things are going to be going forward.” Some sort of leveling up is happening here, that has long term implications. Discipline in some area is bound to pay off. Look to the area in your chart ruled by Capricorn, to see more specifically where these long term transformations are playing out (and will be paying out.)

Thanks for stopping by! May you all have a number one super instant success forever week. See you next Monday.