Astrology For The Week Of Sep 16th-22nd 2019

We begin the week with the Moon in Aries forming a trine to Jupiter, and squaring up to Saturn and Pluto. This makes us aware of both positive and negative potentials, infusing us with optimism, while simultaneously not letting us forget negative potentialities or the harshness of reality, that frankly, we would prefer to overlook. The full Moon in Pisces phased out old situations, to make room for new ones. The configurations we kick off the week under can create a powerful drive, although the squares to Saturn and Pluto suggest a bit of frustration, unexpressed angst, stuffed down passions, and a somewhat disgruntled vibe, perhaps even anger, or simply frustrated passions under the surface for some. With Mercury and Venus in Libra opposing Chiron now, this can accentuate feelings of vulnerability, interpersonally, and in communications. Perhaps a feeling of having been too open or forthright, perhaps a second guessing around having put ourselves out there somehow, or some fears around doing so. However, whatever frustrations or vulnerabilities are bubbling under the surface, a diplomatic front, and an effort to maintain harmony, seek understanding, and to learn from differences, avoiding conflict, and keeping things running smoothly, can be the best way to handle things interpersonally. The lunar trine to Jupiter can make optimism more readily accessible, and also encourages a more indulgent streak. We can be quick to repent however, as with Saturn and Pluto around, we are quickly reminded of consequences. A little indulgence, if not taken too far, can do much to fortify the spirits, and energize the body and mind for further productivity. Later, afternoon onward, we are left with the Moon’s square to intense Pluto, and evening time begins a lunar conjunction to Uranus, ending Monday on an anticipatory note.

Sep 17th begins with the Moon in earthy and sensual Taurus, strengthening it’s conjunction to Uranus. This suggests a need for excitement, or perhaps shakes up our everyday routines by adding some out of the ordinary or unexpected elements into the picture. This is a resourceful, inventive aspect that can put some “ZANG” into the day by introducing some unusual, quirky approaches, possibilities, or potentials.  A lunar quincunx to Venus and Mercury in conciliatory Libra suggests that we can’t please all people all of the time, so it’s ok to leave others to look after themselves, rather than going out of your way to cater to everyone around you. Again, with both Mercury and Venus opposing Chiron now, we can be grappling with some vulnerability in communications and relationships, and it can be easy to see things through a lens of insecurity. Regardless, doing the practical ground work in preparation for new, exciting initiatives, interpersonally and otherwise, suits this lunation nicely. A lunar trine to Saturn early evening suggests exactly that. It’s as if we are preparing for something new and exciting to happen. With Saturn about to station direct, in the wee hours of Wed morning (1:47 AM PST to be exact), we are setting the stage for new cycles, where our discipline, hard work, patience, and diligence will be rewarded. 

Saturn stations direct in the wee hours of Wednesday Sep 18th, (1:47 AM.)  The Lord Of Hard Knocks and Keeping It 100 is all set for full steam ahead. This day looks rather eventful, with Lunar trines to Mars, Saturn, the South node, and Pluto, a sextile to Neptune, and an eventual trine to the Sun in late Virgo. With the Sun in late Virgo, it begins to build it’s opposition to Chiron, joining Mercury and Venus. This sets the stage for numerous social and interpersonal confrontations, interacting, and negotiating, facing and releasing fears, and engaging more with others, socially and interpersonally. This represents exciting opportunities to lay fresh groundwork for a new, dynamic social and interpersonal phase. The oppositions to Chiron that the gathering planets in Libra will inevitably further emphasize, suggests an opportunity to face and work through various insecurities, wounds, and vulnerabilities. As sensitive, challenging, or exposed as it might feel at times, it can provide opportunities for ego resilience, confidence building, growth, balancing, and healing. 

Thursday begins carrying over the notes of Wednesday, that revolved around new, beneficial social, commercial, and interpersonal initiatives. With a potent trine between Mars and Pluto, this is a day of decisive moves. Around 2 PM PST, the Moon sextiles Chiron and swings into chatty, multitasking Gemini, going on to form trines to Venus and Mercury. This livens up our routines and quickens the pace. This can see the remainder of Thursday occupied by pleasant exchanges, communications, short distance travels, and news, which could see the rest of the day fly by rather quickly, pleasantly, and with a whole lot going on. News we receive or exchanges had can have a subtle confidence boosting or healing component, which can strengthen resilience in the face of any particular vulnerability, or the subtle presence of wounds or insecurities. Communications, outings, exchanges and interactions had now can have a positive, beneficial, pleasant, and healing component to them. 


Friday begins with the Moon still in busy, communicative Gemini in trine to both Mercury and Venus in diplomatic Libra. Only now, the Moon throws in it’s opposition with Jupiter, suggesting a lot happening at once and a whole lot of information to process, and hence, a lot of distractions. Tuning them out to focus will be important. With Mars still in Virgo, it's been a nose to the grindstone energy for a while now, where focusing on work and the basics has been a dominant theme. Todays configurations could also increase an anxious, anticipatory energy, for the wave of emotion the Moons eventual entry into Cancer will bring this weekend. Midmorning see’s a lunar square to Neptune, adding a vague, longing, and an anxious foray into all of the unknowns involved. A lunar square to Mars in Virgo towards evening ratchets this up a notch with a desire for perfection, and for everything to be “just so.” Maybe some chamomile tea, exercise, (or perhaps breaking out your finest hash) will help calm the nervous system and mind, and keep it from going too crazy dwelling on unknowns, what ifs, or imperfections, or just in too many directions all at once..

Saturday see’s the Gemini Moon square the Sun and Mars, while still in opposition to Jupiter through to midmorning. This could see a fairly action oriented day, with a lot of movement. The build up of tension from anxious anticipation has culminated to a point where it needs an outlet. With Saturn in square to both Mercury and Venus in Libra, a certain amount of restraint is called for, or we could feel somewhat inhibited or insecure,  or simply applying new skills and lessons learned, releasing defense mechanisms regarding  relationships, as Mercury no longer opposes Chiron, but the Sun and Venus continue to usher along this evolutionary process. We could be working towards significant personal and interpersonal breakthroughs and graduating from outmoded patterns of relating to self and others, setting new boundaries, and mastering emotions. Later, the Moon squares Chiron, suggesting a pressure to communicate and facilitate catharsis. There could definitely be some anxious thoughts, nervousness, or perhaps a tendency to dwell on insecurities as we anticipate certain inevitabilities. Around 10 PM PST, the Moon moves into her home sign of Cancer, placing emphasis on security, emotions, comfort, and protective instincts. 

Sunday see’s the Moon in sensitive Cancer trine the North node, square the Sun, Venus and Chiron, and sextile Uranus, going on to eventually oppose Saturn. In combination with Mercury's square to Saturn, this can see some issues with timing and commitments, and a need to make compromises in scheduling. The Moons run through Gemini saw a lot going on all at once, and it perhaps left many of us rather scrambled, spread too thinly in too many directions, spinning too many plates. In Cancer now, opposing Saturn and Pluto, this can leave us feeling a bit vulnerable, challenged, and definitely uncomfortable. Later on, a trine to Neptune can take some of the edge off and actually make this rather graceful, and assist in lowering and dissolving defenses and barriers. It’s a little reminiscent of that Elliot Smith song “Between The Bars” in an odd way. People may have certain guards up, (bars), but there’s spaces between them to connect through. It's poetic my dude. These aspects look like some kind of “exposure therapy”, where the introduction of some new element, person, or circumstance requires that we face certain fears, vulnerabilities, or emotions in new, innovative, upgraded, or illuminated ways. It’s as if we are being presented with some sort of positive challenge to examine, transform, and upgrade certain defense mechanisms, and outdated emotional patterns. Something going on now can make deep, permanent, lasting impact going forward. With an inevitable Lunar opposition to powerful Pluto, this is about making permanent, and powerful changes. 


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