Monday, October 31, 2022



The Moon leaves earthy Capricorn for futuristic Aquarius at 8:43 AM PDT.  This see’s the Moon square Mercury and eventually Venus in Scorpio, while the Sun is conjunct both Mercury, Venus, and the South Node. This can see a lot going on under the surface, and a lot of controlled intensity. There can be opportunities for good times for those seeking it out. We still have a ways to go to put the Saturn/Uranus square completely behind us, and this configuration can see some tensions around navigating a lot of changes this week. Mars now retrograde in Gemini while square Neptune and quincunx Pluto places importance on managing reactions to potentially confusing, demoralizing, unclear, loaded, or passive aggressive people, situations, or dynamics. This can coincide with a tactical retreat or distancing from certain situations, to gain perspective, adjust to changes, or gather forces. Scorpio season heavily emphasizes the South Node, and the importance of collectively and individually purifying the lower octave expressions of Scorpio/Pluto/8th house energy. Extremism, black and white thinking, power and control trips, jealousy, envy, hatred, compulsion, pathological insecurity, manipulation, abuse, obsession, unhealthy dependencies and enmeshments, addiction to drama, sadism, blind anger, insatiability, reactionary behavior, revenge fantasies, baseless cruelty, etc etc,.. these are all examples of low vibrational Scorpio energy that needs to be collectively distilled, alchemized and transmuted like a kundalini serpent into it’s highest vibrational octave, which is powerfully healing, psychic, cleansing and regenerative.


Todays quarter Moon squares Venus in the early part of the day, along with Uranus, while conjunct Saturn and trine Mars. There’s a raising of the bar here, and this can see an opportunity to renegotiate certain things in your life. There can be some positive, well timed risks taken, and this lunation has a certain “smartness” about it. There may be some curve balls or delays to navigate. Although there is a strong sense of community, these configurations can also see a healthy emotional distancing from messy, volatile, unstable situations, people, or dynamics that have interfered with focus and momentum, and drained energy and morale. There's an opportunity here to rise above petty differences and find common ground. There can be a certain mistrust or shyness here socially, but this emotional inhibition can be advantageous for self awareness, and for deflecting any unnecessary dramatics, or being a target or projection screen for other peoples unresolved issues and insecurities. You’re no fun to bully, criticize, pick apart, undermine or denigrate if you don’t provide the fuel of an emotional reaction, and if the seeds of doubt implanted by hungry ghosts with little else to do never sprout or take root. Conversely, it's also no fun to seek division when the advantages of sharing a common humanity offer clear benefits. Saturn square Uranus is particularly strong this week, and can present opportunities to lead by example by overcoming feelings of inadequacy and showing resilience in the face of challenges, opposition, energetic predation, manipulation, or other undermining factors. Mars Rx square Neptune for the next while indicates a need to stay mentally sharp, and to quickly identify undermining energies, passive aggressive fuckery, head games, gossip, delusions, hysterics, and mental gymnastics for what it is, -and to stay well above it.


The Moon is in Aquarius in the early AM, then enters psychic Pisces at 11:46 AM to trine the Sun and Mercury. There may be some opportunities here for some deep talks or revealing insights. This lunation highlights Jupiters recent reentrance into Pisces, where the true meaning and impact of the shift can begin to set in. The Moon is also conjunct Juno, which can see relationships, and particularly, inexplicable spiritual bonds, occupy attention. The remainder of the day is quiet, imaginative, reflective, and downright meditative, emphasizing a rich inner landscape. This lunation can allow people to get in touch with their deeper, perhaps even repressed or denied desires and longings.


The Moon in Pisces forms beautiful trines to Mercury and Venus, while conjunct Neptune and Juno. This is extremely creative and even romantic. In the afternoon, the Moon forms a sextile to Uranus. There’s an almost confessional nature to these configurations. In the very least, there’s an opportunity here to potentially get something off your chest or broach a particular topic that maybe feels taboo, or has just been stuffed down or denied due to more pragmatic concerns. Conversely, there can be a need here for displays of sensitivity and compassion. However, it’s highly likely for a pleasant surprise. This math is a sort of “love letter” configuration, and although most people have lost their proclivity for such things in modern times, this can take other forms that are equally heart melting or gently thoughtful. A lunar trine to Pallas see’s a quiet, reflective, strategic approach to something here, so there is a refined subtlety, nuance, and innuendo that might escape the attention of more straightforward souls. This trine also speaks to the vulnerability behind any particular gestures, hints, desires or expressions. If you’re not crushing on anyone, this math is excellent for creative musings and spiritual pursuits that add more color, beauty and softness to your world, or feeling closer with family members or special friends. For some, this can see some sweet and thoughtful surprises in the works that come straight from the heart. 


Today can see a need for finding a balance, as a lunar square to Mars can feel particularly pressed, perhaps a little stressed out, although well meaning, with a conjunction to Jupiter, there may be a lot to balance and take on. There can be a tendency here to want to be all things to all people, and to give the best of oneself. Ideals are very high, and it can be easy to stretch yourself too thinly here. There can be a push to make something beautiful happen, or to go above and beyond, but energy can be a bit low and flagging. Being understanding of your own and others limitations can go a long way to getting the best out of these configurations. The Moon enters dynamic Aries at 4:07 PM PST, and this can see desire and impetus gain more momentum, even if energy isn’t as high as you wish it could be. 


The Moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron, seeing a lot of empathy and compassion for the weaknesses and vulnerability of others. There’s a courage, bravery, and resilience here, as the Moon goes on to sextile Saturn in the evening hours, indicating that although there may be some delayed gratification, there’s a determination to knuckle down and commit to seeing something through. Tomorrow can see more decisive actions, perhaps even some bold initiatives, or a desire to unearth something that’s been buried or concealed for too long. 


The Moon in Aries forms a trine to Mars Rx in Gemini while squaring Pluto and Pallas. This can see a desire to investigate something, and this math see’s a curious mixture of being direct and subtle at the same time. Venus square Saturn is shy, and afraid of confrontation, even though Venus in Scorpio has a deep need for intimacy, bonding, and closeness. Venus opposite Uranus struggles with the dichotomy of the need for love, sex, intimate relations, and the desire for freedom and independence. Venus trine Neptune emphasizes spirituality, inexplicable bonds that are nothing to trifle with and are actually quite important on a soul level.  These configurations can see unusual and compelling attractions with a peculiar mystique and very special quality about them, but there may be a certain push/pull dynamic accompanying things, so if you feel like you can’t handle such interactions mindfully and with care and sensitivity, it’s best to give the situation some space.

Monday, October 24, 2022



 Today shows a strong focus on relationships with others, diplomacy, harmony, communications, tact, and the timing of initiatives with the Moon in Libra trine Mars and Saturn while conjunct Mercury and strengthening conjunctions to the Sun and Venus. The Sun and Venus’ entry into Scorpio is palpable, placing a focus on the deeper and more consequential realities, and the price, benefits and legacy of close bonds and working together with others. ’Tis the season of sex, death, and transformation, where an awareness of life’s inevitabilities comes to the fore. The Moon in late Libra goes on to square Pluto, seeing a build up in intensity that permeate the day, as powerful transformations are pushed through. The Sun, Moon, and Mercury trine to Mars can see initiatives taken, and there can be a subtle “now or never” feeling behind things. Careful, calculated risks are best, but opportunities could present themselves that are time sensitive. The Moon enters Scorpio after midnight PDT, as the New Moon Solar Eclipse builds towards climax and resolution. 


The New Moon Eclipse perfects at 3:49 AM PDT, at 2 degrees Scorpio. This is a character building degree, associated with the 5 of cups in the tarot. While there are losses and disappointments conveyed in the card, there are still 2 cups standing. This decan highlights the cycle of death and rebirth, and the cycle of desire, of hunger and satiation. Even if you manage to be satiated, you will inevitably experience hunger again. Life’s harsher truths may not be able to be completely avoided, but they can be understood, accepted and managed. The New Moon in this degree can see a certain unravelling of bonds, or a lessening of the grip that something or someone has over you. Venus is exactly conjunct this eclipse, bringing to light the deeper implications of relationships, both the price one pays for pleasure, and the fruits reaped from obtaining ones desires.  This eclipse can see powerful experiences and shifts interpersonally, and as regards Venus ruled matters of money, possessions, values, beauty,  love, and pleasure. The Moon at this decan can be particularly insatiable, and in need of support, comfort, and closeness, so this can see people pretty interpersonally preoccupied, or there can be a strong focus on consequential, intense, unavoidable, or heavy topics. Mortality, finances, sex, intimacy, death, merging, even commercial affairs and the pursuit of money, taboo topics, the occult, secrets, power, compulsion, obsession, and life’s mystery and darker underbelly can all be highlighted at this time. Even though this eclipse is considered to be particularly debilitated, there can be some beneficial arrangements, powerful processes, transformations, and agreements underway at this time. The Moon goes on to oppose Uranus, while trine Juno, and quincunx Chiron, indicating surprises and a need to adapt to changes. Emotions can be changeable and the nervous system can feel a bit jangled or highly charged. There’s a sort of relentless quality to the low key intensity that’s both exciting and overwhelming. Try to give yourself and others time to breathe and calibrate.


The Moon in Scorpio forms a trine to Jupiter Rx at zenith of Aries, about to back into Pisces tomorrow evening. It also squares Saturn while trine Neptune and Pallas while sextile Pluto. There can be some calculated risks taken that can have deferred results that can be beneficial in the long run. With the Moon square Saturn, there can be a focus on necessity. As the day wears on into evening, there can be more of a focus on the silver linings, and there can be a lot of kindness, sensitivity and compassion in the air. It can be easy to empathize with the struggles of others, or the significance, magnitude, or weight of certain issues, and the lunar trine to Pallas can highlight the benefits of reflection, wisdom, and strategy. The evening can see an opportunity for reflection and repose. The Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus highlights staying in touch with others, staying abreast of news, talking, sharing, emotional disclosures, as well as emotional support. 


The Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:55 AM PDT, to trine Jupiter Rx at 0 degrees Aries. This can see some last minute blessings, or “nick of time” saves or silver linings. News or communications with others can bring hope or boost morale, optimism, and faith levels. The Moon goes on to trine Chiron, which can see emotional support, generosity, or shared vulnerability that help people buoy each other up. The lunar square to Juno can see actions taken on behalf of or because of others, or relationships can function as a positive catalyst. Jupiter backs into sensitive and mystical Pisces at 10:10 PM PDT, to conjoin Neptune. This places a focus on dreams, fantasies, visions, rest, recovery, faith, release, and spiritual and mystical experiences. Jupiter in this decan of Pisces focuses on epic quests, driven by high ideals. Compassion can be bottomless here, and there are elements of martyrdom. This decan is associated with the 10 of Cups. The end all be all. The quintessential dream. The happy ending. Jupiters journey back to Pisces is best used to fortify your game plan to best align with your highest visions of fulfillment, and what constitutes a happy ending for you. Jupiter in this decan of Pisces spares no expense and goes head on for the impossible dream, the attainment of the hearts deepest desires. The 10 of cups represents union and merging with a beloved, but truly it’s a merging with the universe itself. Because this decan speak of a willingness to sacrifice everything for ones ideals, it’s important to discern whether or not the desired end or object is an illusion or not, and to make peace with the nature of desire itself. A healthy dose of realism can go a long way in actualizing heaven on earth-or perhaps more importantly,- being able to see that it’s already here, manifest, before us.


The Moon in Sagittarius trine Chiron and square Neptune, also opposes Mars while sextile Saturn. Ideals can be high, and there can be a strong drive to obtain and uphold them. There can also be some uncertainty, sensitivity, or confusion around the loftiness of certain goals. The Moon sextile Saturn tugs at the sleeve of idyllic outcomes to keep expectations modest and realistic, but there is a largesse of spirit and a resilient hopefulness to these configurations. The Moon goes on to square Jupiter, seeing expansiveness and optimism grow, and indeed it can feel like the strength of the spirit, faith, good will, and divine providence can overcome any hurdle, at least, we’d like to believe so. The lunar opposition to Mars can see a need to be adaptable and integrate a lot of changes. The Moon enters earth Capricorn tomorrow morning, seeing a focus on the work or sacrifices required to ground certain ideals down to reality. Certain changes can be exciting, even if prompted by necessity or inevitability, but they may also take people out of their comfort zones. It can be a time to deal with the nitty gritty of things.


The Moon enters reality check Capricorn at 6:21 AM PDT, and Mercury enters investigative Scorpio at 12:22 PM PDT, seeing a communication cycle that highlights deep talks, disclosures, research, mergers, power dynamics, and consequential negotiations. This lunation makes a sextile to the Sun and Venus, which can see some matter of fact realities being negotiated, some strong desires being revealed, or intense dynamics being navigated. There can be shared vulnerability present, and people can seek a steady rock to lean on. However, even those who have authority or control can feel uncertain. Efforts to ground, center, structure, and even budget things can feel particularly satisfying and helpful. Much may be going on internally, under the surface, or behind the scenes, so focusing on essentials can help fortify foundations to accommodate the reality of incoming changes.


Mars stations retrograde at 25 degrees Gemini this morning at 6:26 AM PDT, until January 12, 2023. This see’s a prolonged cycle that is best used to visualize desired results, and relate accordingly to others. It’s a good time to evaluate options, but this decan of Gemini is ruled by the 10 of swords, a card of definitive, sometimes painful endings. This means that something will have to be sacrificed so that something more appropriate to our actual aims and desires can take it’s place. So in the house that this Mars transit occupies, something needs to be removed and cleared out to make way for something else. This retrograde is about becoming congruent with your own true will, and this will necessitate firm choices. You will have to pick something, and stick with it eventually, if you’re to actually obtain what you truly desire, as opposed to just fantasizing about it and living in limbo. The Moon is conjunct Pluto today while trine Uranus and square Chiron, and the Sun is conjunct Venus and Mercury. This can see some important negotiations or realizations, and there can even be some vulnerable disclosures, powerful mergers, or strategies being formed. There can also be a potential for people to shoot themselves in the foot if they're not careful. Much of what's going on can be very private or behind closed doors for now, but it can be clear that certain decisions or shifts are looming and inevitable. Evening see’s the Moon sextile Neptune while still conjunct Pluto. ESP can be high, hunches can be reliable, and there can be some powerful or compelling experiences and strange things afoot this Halloween. 

Monday, October 17, 2022



We begin this week with the Moon in cozy and protective Cancer, squaring the Sun and Venus in Libra, Chiron in Aries, sextile Uranus, trine Neptune and opposite Pluto. There’s a coziness here, and a desire to hunker down and form solid networks or a game plan going forward. With Mars squaring Neptune while the Sun and Venus square Pluto, intelligent advocacy stands out as important, as it can be easier for people to fall prey to manipulation, clever marketing, or simply wind up being another statistic or hapless victim of protocol. Knowing what you want, being persistent, having intelligent arguments to back up your claims, and people who support you will make all the difference and increase your advantage under these configurations. Diplomacy and teamwork is important, but so is intelligence, grit, staying power, and fortitude. There may be issues that may have been overlooked that have come to light that need to be dealt with and addressed. There’s an element of vulnerability to these maths, and some people may try to gloss over or whitewash mistakes, out of either embarrassment or an inability to admit they were wrong about something, but it’s important to persist for what is right, logical, fair, true, and just, especially while Mars square Neptune can make it so easy for people to be misled or taken advantage of. The Moon enters Leo at 9:45 PM PST, to trine Jupiter, which can boost courage amidst challenges. Tomorrow can see a need to get on top of things and get a game plan in place.


The Moon is in Leo is trine Jupiter and Chiron, and then goes on to oppose Saturn, while sextile Mercury, and eventually goes on to square Uranus in Taurus. There may be some challenges, delays, or blockages to navigate, but the Sun and Venus trine Mars and Saturn while square Pluto is determined to see something through. With the Moon semisquare Mars and sextile Mercury, take care to communicate thoughtfully and try not to blurt things out out of frustration. Venus and Mars perfect a beautiful and persuasive trine today at 24 degrees, with Venus and the Sun in tight conjunction. This can see great potential for productive negotiations. Teamwork makes the dream work. If there’s something you’re trying to advocate for, be proactive, as todays Mars/Venus trine can see a push towards balance, justice, harmonious cooperation, bridge building, and fostering understanding. With the Sun and Venus in tension to Pluto, don’t be strong armed into anything not in your own best interests. Be diplomatic, but don’t be a pushover. Soft power is the key in any important negotiations. What is just and right requires no coercion, but in the face of any strong arm tactics, power imbalances, intimidation, or Borg mentalities, it may require just a touch of spice and a spine. 


The Moon in Leo trine Chiron squares Uranus and opposes Saturn, while making a sesquisquare to Jupiter. The Sun at an exact square to Pluto with Venus just a degree behind them in the first half of the day can see some persuasive forces align to facilitate some breakthroughs. Mercury trine Saturn is concentrated on a goal, or exacting some form of justice or balance. Jupiter is still at it’s zenith degree of Aries, emphasizing honor and self respect. The Moon squaring Uranus can see innovation and a desire to liberate oneself from a restrictive or challenging position, while the Sun and Venus square Pluto creates a particularly pressed feeling, emphasizing the need for a breakthrough. The Moon enters Virgo tomorrow morning, and it can feel like improved conditions are around the corner. In the very least, there’s a strong desire to ensure this is the case. The Sun and Venus are conjunct exactly and square Pluto, all at 26 degrees, seeing some potent, action oriented aspects that can represent a big push for progress and transformation. It's an "under the gun" feeling, prompted internally, externally (or both.) The nitty gritty of all of this is just around the corner as the Sun and Venus enter Scorpio together while Saturn and Juno stations direct, all on Sunday. This can see a major shift, and negotiations, partnerships, and long term goals can reach new, interesting, and compelling terrain. Todays atmosphere is passionate, driven, and motivated, and there may be challenges to overcome, but there is an elegant, even graceful grit to these configurations. With the impending Mars Rx, there will still be much to consolidate.


The Moon enters fastidious Virgo at 9:25 AM PST, with the Sun and Venus exactly conjunct squaring Pluto and trine Mars, there’s a lot of passion and the desire to get to the bottom of certain things.  There can be a good team effort here, and a strong desire to improve things. Lunar aspects to Juno, Hygeia, and Ceres emphasize healing, nurturing, relationships, and the domestic sphere, while the Virgo lunation itself doubles down on this theme. Health, diet, fitness, hygiene, healing, crisis prevention, alchemy and getting organized all come to the fore, and the little things all stand out as important. There can be some changes underway that call for getting everyone on the same page, creating balance and harmonizing. There’s a care for others, particularly the vulnerable or disadvantaged in these maths, and the aspects to Pluto and Neptune going on can create a need for vigilance and insistence that things are gone about properly and that the best interests of all concerned are taken into consideration. Tomorrow see’s some changes and adaptations, and if there’s been any struggles or challenges, there may be some innovative strategies forward. 


The Moon in Virgo trines Uranus and sextile’s Pallas early today, while going on to square Mars, oppose Neptune and trine Pluto. This can see a push for progress in the face of confusing or demoralizing influences that have undermined faith, confidence, or vitality. There’s a lot of care and compassion here, and a strategic determination to see something through, reach a positive breakthrough or address imbalances or miscalculations. A lunar quincunx to Saturn can see caution around trying new things or taking risks, but a progressive trine to Uranus advocates for unconventional solutions. There can be inspiration but there can also be some uncertainty. Overall, there can be a curiosity and drive to get to the bottom of any mysteries or thoroughly research options. 


The Moon in Virgo squares Mars in Gemini and builds an opposition to Jupiter while trine Pluto, which can see a lot going on all at once, which can overtax the nervous system. There can be various things to handle, and it may feel at times that there’s a need to be in several places at once. Nervous energy can be high. There may be something (or someone) that drives us to distraction. The lunar trine to Pluto is focused, thorough , and ambitious. There can be a focus here on getting on the same page with others, or desiring to.  The Moon enters Libra at 6:24 PM PST, placing the emphasis on partnerships, harmony and cooperation. Saturn stations direct at 9:07 PM, seeing the planet of mastery, patience, discipline, timing, and karma getting back to full functionality. The Sun and Venus reach a 29 degree conjunction, heavily highlighting partnerships and relationships, which may see a shift, point of culmination, or significant turning point, with the Sun, Venus, and Mercury all in trine to Mars, there can be a strong desire to initiate something or explore something more deeply. Today and tomorrow can be a decisive crunch point.


Venus enters Scorpio at 12:52 AM PST, followed by the Sun’s annual ingress into Scorpio at 3:56 AM PST. Happy birthday Scorpio! This ingress can accompany some decisive, make or break moments. Juno also stations direct today in Pisces. All of these motions bring attention to relationships in a big way, and the deeper realities behind them. The Moon in Libra conjoins Mercury and is trine Saturn (now direct), while opposing Chiron. This can highlight communications. There may be a bit of formality or reserve, while behind that is a great deal of mutual vulnerability. There can be an element of seriousness and some reality checks to address. The Sun, Mercury and Venus all still squaring up to Pluto while trine Mars can see some compelling pulls or a desire to clear a path to go down a particular rabbit hole and follow curiosity where it leads, -or to change things completely. The stabilizing lunar trine to Saturn can see agreements reached, or decisions to totally transform something altogether if they can't be. There may be some non negotiables, or a certain heaviness can accompany discussions. It can seem like a new chapter is unfolding with all kinds of unexplored depths and potentials. Next Tuesday see’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sector of your chart ruled by Scorpio. Monday kicks off on a passionate note.

Monday, October 10, 2022



There can be an interesting admixture of excitement paired with a sense of longing, loss, or a feeling that something or someone is missing -or just out of reach- with the Moon departing away from Chiron while Mars strengthens it’s square to Neptune. There’s a strong desire to do something about this situation this week, or in the very least, get the ball rolling in a constructive direction via conversation, small talk, and ice breaking. The Moon enters sensual, Venus ruled Taurus at 2:04 PM PST, while Mercury enters sweet talking Libra at 4:51 PM PST. It’s best to take things slowly and savor the process in any negotiations, so as not to overpromise or overwhelm yourself later. The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars are well positioned to get conversations, niceties, playful banter, and negotiations started, which can bridge gaps, and get people on the same page. The juicier, meatier stuff and getting down to the grit of things will come later, around the New Moon in Scorpio on the 25. Today can see motivation to get practical things done and strengthen the bottom line on any weaknesses. 


The Moon conjoins Uranus which can see the day get off to an excited start. It can feel like a fresh breeze is about to blow through. As exciting as things may be, there may be some imbalances highlighted by the Moon quincunx Venus that need to be managed. As the day wears on, this can see a tendency to try to be too many things to too many people. A lunar semisquare to Jupiter can see an expansive energy that can add to a desire to take risks, but it’s wise to maintain a sense of proportion and timing and not overestimate energy reserves as Mars perfects it’s square to Neptune at 23 degrees. This aspect can see energy a bit low and can create a bit of a loopy, distracted, daydreamy vibe that can make certain things seem unclear. This influence is extremely strong this week, but these configurations are great for strategic progress, and using finesse, subtlety, and a delicate touch and soft pedal approach as opposed to overt force. The Moon square Saturn can see some challenges or a need to attend to responsibilities or duties that can clash with more spontaneous elements, however welcome they may be. The Sun and Venus are very close together, so there is a major focus on getting into harmony and alignment with others, and taking small steps to overcome hurdles to balance, harmony, and cooperation. 


The Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus, sextile Neptune and trine Pluto can see a strong pull to make way for new conversations, connections, and negotiations. There can be a desire to lower a drawbridge or create a bridge between worlds, and the Moon builds a connection to Mercury as the day advances into evening, which can highlight conversations that have a compelling or perhaps even necessary quality. Things can be light and airy on the surface, but there is a lot of powerful things happening behind the scenes, and people may not share everything they're going through. Mercury opposite Jupiter is eager to expand into new territory and be more open and friendly with others. There can be a hunger for contact or hunger for information. The Moon enters curious Gemini at 10:08 PM PST, and this can see a lot of optimism around what can feel like a burst of movement and progress. Things can feel promising where they perhaps felt at a dead end or an impasse. Possibilities are open that may have felt shelved, it’s just a matter of getting everything to gel, and also going down a rabbit hole or two to investigate. There may also be some problems to resolve.


Today can highlight communications and networking, and with the Sun conjunct Venus and trine Mars and Saturn, this can see some stable foundations and alliances being forged, as well as good news coming in. There’s an element of strategy and long game to whatever this is. Even though there is a cool congeniality on the surface that facilitates a natural harmony and ease, the Sun’s building square to Pluto, (which will strengthen in Scorpio season) illustrates that we are far from indifferent about whatever this is. Mercury square Jupiter is eager to get the ball rolling, even if certain things still feel somewhat risky, uncertain, or out of a certain comfort zone with no guarantees, there’s something deeper, and perhaps even magical under the surface that begs to be explored, in the very least, to make us feel alive. The Moon goes on to trine Mercury, Venus and Saturn all at once, while sextile Chiron and sesquisquare Pluto. There can be a certain premonition in the air that this weekend can hold some interesting and even pleasant things in store, and there can be an openness to challenge certain vulnerabilities (Venus opposite Chiron). 


The Moon is trine the Sun, Venus, Saturn, and conjunct Mars, while square Neptune. This can see inspired action. There’s a desire to see something happen, or a draw to unusual people or situations. This can also be a busy day with a lot of lovely distractions, but energy can be a bit loopy or scattered. The imagination and drive towards pleasurable company and conversation is a standout feature of the day, and this can bring people together to mix and mingle, or in the very least, heavily fantasizing about it. These are great configurations for artists, musicians, lyricists, or creative writers. It’s also excellent for socializing, meeting up with others, playful back and forth. These aspects are extremely curious, and there’s a friendliness that can see people more open and obliging than usual. The Sun and Moon trine to Saturn suggests taking things slow, but also suggests that certain moves or conversations may have been a long time coming, and this is a “time release download”. The Moon trine Mars strengthens as the day wears on, which can see passion, curiosity, excitement, energy and enthusiasm increase into the evening hours. A nice start to the weekend if you can keep up with it all. The Moon enters Cancer tomorrow, so try not to overbook or overstretch yourself in the heat of the moment.


After the blur of yesterday’s whimsy & late night, last minute frolicks, the Moon enters the more cozy and domestic sign of Cancer at 9:11 AM PST. This see’s the Moon squaring Mercury and Jupiter while trine Juno. There can be something to feel all warm and fuzzy about, and with the Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Mars humming in harmony, and Mercury stoking communications, there can be passion and excitement as well, and it can be a good day for decisions.  There could also be some mixed signals that could lead to enlightening discussions. The squares suggest dealing with things head on. Mercury opposite Jupiter and Chiron just now can see people testing the waters and pushing the envelope ever so gently, strengthening certain muscles to eventually transform vulnerability into strength. There’s a certain “butterflies in the stomach” signature to these maths for some reason. There’s a desire to be cozy and comfy or feel more “settled” around something, and although there’s a certain directness or frankness to these configurations, Mercury in Libra is an all star diplomat and smooth negotiator. It shouldn’t be hard to find a happy compromise if there happen to be different visions. 


The Moon in Cancer square Chiron and Venus, sextile Uranus and trine Neptune can see people feeling both challenged and excited. The Sun and Mars are one degree away from a perfected trine, so this can see a whole lot of energy, which can see people eager to socialize, interact, and seeking stimulation. Prioritizing and being able to focus could be important, as it could be easy to get carried away on a tangent or lose track of time or throw things out of balance. There can be a sense of excitement and a lot to look forward to. It’s as if the plot is thickening, but it can be a lot to stay on top of, so focus and discernment is important. 


Monday, October 3, 2022



The New Moon in Libra indicated a promising new beginning that is in all actuality, a long term project that will require discipline, compromise, and staying power, which will be tested. This week begins with the Moon in serious Capricorn, and ends with a Full Moon in Aries, which can bring out some vulnerabilities and highlight the necessity of a long game approach. Today see’s the Moon in stoic Capricorn trine Uranus and Mercury, while sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto. A lunar quincunx to Mars can see some impatience and irritability, and highlight some disarray or imbalance. There can be a mild sense of overwhelm at all there is to do, and perhaps a frustration around certain goals. This week is also dominated by the Saturn/Uranus square perfecting at 18 degrees, which can see a lot of hard work to overcome obstacles, facilitate breakthroughs, and reach new terrain, thereby liberating oneself from previous constraints, limitations, or glass ceilings. The lunar connection to Uranus is future oriented and innovative, and there may be some surprise news or communications to keep us on our toes or that create a sense of nervous anticipation around a goal. A calm and steady hand wins the day. 


The Moon enters Aquarius today to trine the Sun and Venus in Libra, and sextile Jupiter in Aries, and eventually conjoin Saturn. This can see some positive signs of progress around important goals. In the very least, people can be friendly, and the atmosphere is open minded and expansive. This can see renewed motivation around initiatives, and although there may be a supportive atmosphere, it’s important to stick to a goal or a plan, and not expect instant gains. The ensuing retrogrades can see a 2 steps forward, one step back kind of story, so getting things to fully gel can be a process. Today can see some promising trends.


The Moon conjoins Saturn exactly this morning around 10:15 AM PST, while also trine the Sun in Libra, Mars in Gemini, and squaring Uranus in Taurus. Ceres, asteroid of nurturing, also stations direct today in Virgo. This can highlight issues around health, pets, fitness, diet, routines, and things around the domestic environment coming back into more balance or receiving more care and attention. A lunar semisquare to Jupiter can see a desire to over do it or over stretch ourselves, and there’s certainly a lot of motivation, drive and ambition in these configurations. There can also be a lot of distractions, but Mars trine Saturn is focused and determined to work through the mire. This is helpful, as Mars squaring Neptune is a very strong influence right now, and there can be some draining, confusing or demoralizing energies that erode clarity, confidence, energy, and certainty. This is an influence we will have to contend with for quite a while, and we don’t really get a break from it until December. This means that certain issues may not feel clear or fully resolved for quite some time, so knowing what you want, being consistent, having faith in yourself, and persevering is going to be increasingly important. 


The Moon enters sensitive and intuitive Pisces at 5:47 AM PST, where it conjoins Juno, seeing relationships become a point of reflection, compassion, understanding, longing, or sacrifice. As the day progresses, a lunar trine to Pallas suggests that there’s a lot of planning going on behind the scenes, or there’s a sense of strategy around something. A lunar quincunx to Venus can go overboard into people pleasing mode, catering to everyone, or simply putting up with certain conditions to keep the peace, while a lunar semisquare to Pluto can see a lot of sensitivity or strong feelings under the surface, but it’s not exactly easy to express them. The day is reflective, sensitive, and intuitive, and with the Sun in Libra squaring Pallas, there’s a sort of wait and see approach around certain partnerships, social and interpersonal interactions, creative initiatives or collaborative efforts. Mercury in Virgo opposite Jupiter and Neptune and squaring Mars can see people feeling rather pressed to realize particular dreams, or feeling confused or frustrated at things that seem just out of reach. If you’re feeling particularly lost, loopy, or confused, simply do what feels most healing and what comes most organically to you.


The Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune, squares Mars, opposes Mercury, and sextile’s Uranus. These configurations double down on the Mercury/Neptune opposition, the Mercury/Mars square, and last but not least, Mars squaring Neptune. There’s an odd ball energy to the day, and the demands of the day can feel a bit irritating as it’s possible energy reserves feel a bit flagging or the nervous system is a bit overtaxed and in need of peace and quiet reflection and planning. There’s a push for activity and interactivity here during a lunation that also requires peace and restful recuperation. But perhaps certain opportunities can’t be missed or certain meetings can’t be put off. Conversely, we can be inspired by certain news or communications and certain influences can function as a sort of catalyst. Venus opposite Chiron right now can see a bit of vulnerability around interactions with others, but this can also see a lot of empathic support and unconditional understanding, particularly if anyone seems to be going through a difficult time. However, the Moon/Mars square can create an atmosphere that’s sensitive to too much overstimulation and prefers to be left alone to glean inspiration in private. It’s a good day to try to soothe the nervous system through various means when you can, pleasant scents, colors, lighting, music/sound baths, nature, anything to make whatever the day demands a bit easier on the nervous system as we build up to the Full Moon. 


The Moon enters dynamic Aries this morning at 8:57 AM PST, to conjoin Jupiter. Judging by the math I’m looking at here, this shift will undoubtedly be felt, as there is a sort of “push” for a “breakthrough” here of some kind. Pluto stations direct at 2:56 PM PST, at 26 degrees Capricorn. This “reawakening” of the planet of Power is significant, particularly as the Moon becomes full tomorrow. This degree of Capricorn highlights the importance of self control, self discipline, and a sense of purpose, and in Pluto, this can be directed into the realization of powerful goals or something we feel strongly about. Self control is crucial with this degree however, as this degree of Capricorn can just as easily succumb to self destruction and downfall. The Moon inevitably conjoins Chiron in the afternoon, highlighting vulnerabilities, wounds, or feelings of weakness, while simultaneously striving to overcome them. Keep in mind that Jupiter will backtrack into Pisces at the end of the month. Knowing this will be of great assistance in helping people avoid biting off more than they can chew and properly masticate. It’s possible for people to feel some sense of urgency to make things happen “right now”, as if intuitively grasping that Jupiter will once again revisit a more reflective and passive sign. Try not to let overeagerness, impetuosity, or an overcompensation for perceived weaknesses spoil the broth. This impending reentrance is an opportunity to regroup and gather forces. 


The Full Moon in Aries occurs at 1:55 PM, at 16 degrees, conjunct Chiron at 14 degrees. This Full Moon is an interesting one. This face of Aries is particularly powerful, and evokes themes of leadership, nobility, virtue, sovereignty, and enlightened self interest. It presides over our own personal empire, the world that we create for ourselves, by ourselves, the influence we carefully cultivate, wield, and curate over our own lives, -apart from the influence of opinions of anyone else. This decan of Aries is ruled by the 3 of wands in the tarot. A card of waiting for our ships to come in, waiting for the fruits of our own virtues and habits to arrive. To a certain extent, this Full Moon highlights a very personal journey, one that may require a certain separation from outside influences, particularly those that no longer serve our highest good. With a sextile to Saturn, and opposite the Sun and Venus, while conjunct Chiron, there can be some uncertainty, or feelings of vulnerability and even aloneness. However, there’s also a steadfastness to these configurations, with Mars, Venus, the Sun, and the Moon all aspecting Saturn. There’s a grace, sobriety, and dignity here. However, with Mars square Neptune, and Mercury opposing Jupiter, it’s important to stay committed to the course. The Full Moon opposes Venus, highlighting issues of relationships, harmony, and cooperation. There’s a strong desire for this, with the Sun in Libra trine both Mars and Saturn, and with Mars and Venus both trine Saturn. All the ingredients for a stable foundation from which a kingdom can flourish are there, but something or someone can feel shaky or burdened, or there are still issues that need to be finalized and resolved. This will require patience and endurance. The Moon goes on to square Pluto and sextile Mars and Vesta, which can see an intense amount of energy funneled into a goal.