Today shows a strong focus on relationships with others, diplomacy, harmony, communications, tact, and the timing of initiatives with the Moon in Libra trine Mars and Saturn while conjunct Mercury and strengthening conjunctions to the Sun and Venus. The Sun and Venus’ entry into Scorpio is palpable, placing a focus on the deeper and more consequential realities, and the price, benefits and legacy of close bonds and working together with others. ’Tis the season of sex, death, and transformation, where an awareness of life’s inevitabilities comes to the fore. The Moon in late Libra goes on to square Pluto, seeing a build up in intensity that permeate the day, as powerful transformations are pushed through. The Sun, Moon, and Mercury trine to Mars can see initiatives taken, and there can be a subtle “now or never” feeling behind things. Careful, calculated risks are best, but opportunities could present themselves that are time sensitive. The Moon enters Scorpio after midnight PDT, as the New Moon Solar Eclipse builds towards climax and resolution. 


The New Moon Eclipse perfects at 3:49 AM PDT, at 2 degrees Scorpio. This is a character building degree, associated with the 5 of cups in the tarot. While there are losses and disappointments conveyed in the card, there are still 2 cups standing. This decan highlights the cycle of death and rebirth, and the cycle of desire, of hunger and satiation. Even if you manage to be satiated, you will inevitably experience hunger again. Life’s harsher truths may not be able to be completely avoided, but they can be understood, accepted and managed. The New Moon in this degree can see a certain unravelling of bonds, or a lessening of the grip that something or someone has over you. Venus is exactly conjunct this eclipse, bringing to light the deeper implications of relationships, both the price one pays for pleasure, and the fruits reaped from obtaining ones desires.  This eclipse can see powerful experiences and shifts interpersonally, and as regards Venus ruled matters of money, possessions, values, beauty,  love, and pleasure. The Moon at this decan can be particularly insatiable, and in need of support, comfort, and closeness, so this can see people pretty interpersonally preoccupied, or there can be a strong focus on consequential, intense, unavoidable, or heavy topics. Mortality, finances, sex, intimacy, death, merging, even commercial affairs and the pursuit of money, taboo topics, the occult, secrets, power, compulsion, obsession, and life’s mystery and darker underbelly can all be highlighted at this time. Even though this eclipse is considered to be particularly debilitated, there can be some beneficial arrangements, powerful processes, transformations, and agreements underway at this time. The Moon goes on to oppose Uranus, while trine Juno, and quincunx Chiron, indicating surprises and a need to adapt to changes. Emotions can be changeable and the nervous system can feel a bit jangled or highly charged. There’s a sort of relentless quality to the low key intensity that’s both exciting and overwhelming. Try to give yourself and others time to breathe and calibrate.


The Moon in Scorpio forms a trine to Jupiter Rx at zenith of Aries, about to back into Pisces tomorrow evening. It also squares Saturn while trine Neptune and Pallas while sextile Pluto. There can be some calculated risks taken that can have deferred results that can be beneficial in the long run. With the Moon square Saturn, there can be a focus on necessity. As the day wears on into evening, there can be more of a focus on the silver linings, and there can be a lot of kindness, sensitivity and compassion in the air. It can be easy to empathize with the struggles of others, or the significance, magnitude, or weight of certain issues, and the lunar trine to Pallas can highlight the benefits of reflection, wisdom, and strategy. The evening can see an opportunity for reflection and repose. The Sun conjunct Mercury and Venus highlights staying in touch with others, staying abreast of news, talking, sharing, emotional disclosures, as well as emotional support. 


The Moon enters Sagittarius at 3:55 AM PDT, to trine Jupiter Rx at 0 degrees Aries. This can see some last minute blessings, or “nick of time” saves or silver linings. News or communications with others can bring hope or boost morale, optimism, and faith levels. The Moon goes on to trine Chiron, which can see emotional support, generosity, or shared vulnerability that help people buoy each other up. The lunar square to Juno can see actions taken on behalf of or because of others, or relationships can function as a positive catalyst. Jupiter backs into sensitive and mystical Pisces at 10:10 PM PDT, to conjoin Neptune. This places a focus on dreams, fantasies, visions, rest, recovery, faith, release, and spiritual and mystical experiences. Jupiter in this decan of Pisces focuses on epic quests, driven by high ideals. Compassion can be bottomless here, and there are elements of martyrdom. This decan is associated with the 10 of Cups. The end all be all. The quintessential dream. The happy ending. Jupiters journey back to Pisces is best used to fortify your game plan to best align with your highest visions of fulfillment, and what constitutes a happy ending for you. Jupiter in this decan of Pisces spares no expense and goes head on for the impossible dream, the attainment of the hearts deepest desires. The 10 of cups represents union and merging with a beloved, but truly it’s a merging with the universe itself. Because this decan speak of a willingness to sacrifice everything for ones ideals, it’s important to discern whether or not the desired end or object is an illusion or not, and to make peace with the nature of desire itself. A healthy dose of realism can go a long way in actualizing heaven on earth-or perhaps more importantly,- being able to see that it’s already here, manifest, before us.


The Moon in Sagittarius trine Chiron and square Neptune, also opposes Mars while sextile Saturn. Ideals can be high, and there can be a strong drive to obtain and uphold them. There can also be some uncertainty, sensitivity, or confusion around the loftiness of certain goals. The Moon sextile Saturn tugs at the sleeve of idyllic outcomes to keep expectations modest and realistic, but there is a largesse of spirit and a resilient hopefulness to these configurations. The Moon goes on to square Jupiter, seeing expansiveness and optimism grow, and indeed it can feel like the strength of the spirit, faith, good will, and divine providence can overcome any hurdle, at least, we’d like to believe so. The lunar opposition to Mars can see a need to be adaptable and integrate a lot of changes. The Moon enters earth Capricorn tomorrow morning, seeing a focus on the work or sacrifices required to ground certain ideals down to reality. Certain changes can be exciting, even if prompted by necessity or inevitability, but they may also take people out of their comfort zones. It can be a time to deal with the nitty gritty of things.


The Moon enters reality check Capricorn at 6:21 AM PDT, and Mercury enters investigative Scorpio at 12:22 PM PDT, seeing a communication cycle that highlights deep talks, disclosures, research, mergers, power dynamics, and consequential negotiations. This lunation makes a sextile to the Sun and Venus, which can see some matter of fact realities being negotiated, some strong desires being revealed, or intense dynamics being navigated. There can be shared vulnerability present, and people can seek a steady rock to lean on. However, even those who have authority or control can feel uncertain. Efforts to ground, center, structure, and even budget things can feel particularly satisfying and helpful. Much may be going on internally, under the surface, or behind the scenes, so focusing on essentials can help fortify foundations to accommodate the reality of incoming changes.


Mars stations retrograde at 25 degrees Gemini this morning at 6:26 AM PDT, until January 12, 2023. This see’s a prolonged cycle that is best used to visualize desired results, and relate accordingly to others. It’s a good time to evaluate options, but this decan of Gemini is ruled by the 10 of swords, a card of definitive, sometimes painful endings. This means that something will have to be sacrificed so that something more appropriate to our actual aims and desires can take it’s place. So in the house that this Mars transit occupies, something needs to be removed and cleared out to make way for something else. This retrograde is about becoming congruent with your own true will, and this will necessitate firm choices. You will have to pick something, and stick with it eventually, if you’re to actually obtain what you truly desire, as opposed to just fantasizing about it and living in limbo. The Moon is conjunct Pluto today while trine Uranus and square Chiron, and the Sun is conjunct Venus and Mercury. This can see some important negotiations or realizations, and there can even be some vulnerable disclosures, powerful mergers, or strategies being formed. There can also be a potential for people to shoot themselves in the foot if they're not careful. Much of what's going on can be very private or behind closed doors for now, but it can be clear that certain decisions or shifts are looming and inevitable. Evening see’s the Moon sextile Neptune while still conjunct Pluto. ESP can be high, hunches can be reliable, and there can be some powerful or compelling experiences and strange things afoot this Halloween. 


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