There can be an interesting admixture of excitement paired with a sense of longing, loss, or a feeling that something or someone is missing -or just out of reach- with the Moon departing away from Chiron while Mars strengthens it’s square to Neptune. There’s a strong desire to do something about this situation this week, or in the very least, get the ball rolling in a constructive direction via conversation, small talk, and ice breaking. The Moon enters sensual, Venus ruled Taurus at 2:04 PM PST, while Mercury enters sweet talking Libra at 4:51 PM PST. It’s best to take things slowly and savor the process in any negotiations, so as not to overpromise or overwhelm yourself later. The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars are well positioned to get conversations, niceties, playful banter, and negotiations started, which can bridge gaps, and get people on the same page. The juicier, meatier stuff and getting down to the grit of things will come later, around the New Moon in Scorpio on the 25. Today can see motivation to get practical things done and strengthen the bottom line on any weaknesses. 


The Moon conjoins Uranus which can see the day get off to an excited start. It can feel like a fresh breeze is about to blow through. As exciting as things may be, there may be some imbalances highlighted by the Moon quincunx Venus that need to be managed. As the day wears on, this can see a tendency to try to be too many things to too many people. A lunar semisquare to Jupiter can see an expansive energy that can add to a desire to take risks, but it’s wise to maintain a sense of proportion and timing and not overestimate energy reserves as Mars perfects it’s square to Neptune at 23 degrees. This aspect can see energy a bit low and can create a bit of a loopy, distracted, daydreamy vibe that can make certain things seem unclear. This influence is extremely strong this week, but these configurations are great for strategic progress, and using finesse, subtlety, and a delicate touch and soft pedal approach as opposed to overt force. The Moon square Saturn can see some challenges or a need to attend to responsibilities or duties that can clash with more spontaneous elements, however welcome they may be. The Sun and Venus are very close together, so there is a major focus on getting into harmony and alignment with others, and taking small steps to overcome hurdles to balance, harmony, and cooperation. 


The Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus, sextile Neptune and trine Pluto can see a strong pull to make way for new conversations, connections, and negotiations. There can be a desire to lower a drawbridge or create a bridge between worlds, and the Moon builds a connection to Mercury as the day advances into evening, which can highlight conversations that have a compelling or perhaps even necessary quality. Things can be light and airy on the surface, but there is a lot of powerful things happening behind the scenes, and people may not share everything they're going through. Mercury opposite Jupiter is eager to expand into new territory and be more open and friendly with others. There can be a hunger for contact or hunger for information. The Moon enters curious Gemini at 10:08 PM PST, and this can see a lot of optimism around what can feel like a burst of movement and progress. Things can feel promising where they perhaps felt at a dead end or an impasse. Possibilities are open that may have felt shelved, it’s just a matter of getting everything to gel, and also going down a rabbit hole or two to investigate. There may also be some problems to resolve.


Today can highlight communications and networking, and with the Sun conjunct Venus and trine Mars and Saturn, this can see some stable foundations and alliances being forged, as well as good news coming in. There’s an element of strategy and long game to whatever this is. Even though there is a cool congeniality on the surface that facilitates a natural harmony and ease, the Sun’s building square to Pluto, (which will strengthen in Scorpio season) illustrates that we are far from indifferent about whatever this is. Mercury square Jupiter is eager to get the ball rolling, even if certain things still feel somewhat risky, uncertain, or out of a certain comfort zone with no guarantees, there’s something deeper, and perhaps even magical under the surface that begs to be explored, in the very least, to make us feel alive. The Moon goes on to trine Mercury, Venus and Saturn all at once, while sextile Chiron and sesquisquare Pluto. There can be a certain premonition in the air that this weekend can hold some interesting and even pleasant things in store, and there can be an openness to challenge certain vulnerabilities (Venus opposite Chiron). 


The Moon is trine the Sun, Venus, Saturn, and conjunct Mars, while square Neptune. This can see inspired action. There’s a desire to see something happen, or a draw to unusual people or situations. This can also be a busy day with a lot of lovely distractions, but energy can be a bit loopy or scattered. The imagination and drive towards pleasurable company and conversation is a standout feature of the day, and this can bring people together to mix and mingle, or in the very least, heavily fantasizing about it. These are great configurations for artists, musicians, lyricists, or creative writers. It’s also excellent for socializing, meeting up with others, playful back and forth. These aspects are extremely curious, and there’s a friendliness that can see people more open and obliging than usual. The Sun and Moon trine to Saturn suggests taking things slow, but also suggests that certain moves or conversations may have been a long time coming, and this is a “time release download”. The Moon trine Mars strengthens as the day wears on, which can see passion, curiosity, excitement, energy and enthusiasm increase into the evening hours. A nice start to the weekend if you can keep up with it all. The Moon enters Cancer tomorrow, so try not to overbook or overstretch yourself in the heat of the moment.


After the blur of yesterday’s whimsy & late night, last minute frolicks, the Moon enters the more cozy and domestic sign of Cancer at 9:11 AM PST. This see’s the Moon squaring Mercury and Jupiter while trine Juno. There can be something to feel all warm and fuzzy about, and with the Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Mars humming in harmony, and Mercury stoking communications, there can be passion and excitement as well, and it can be a good day for decisions.  There could also be some mixed signals that could lead to enlightening discussions. The squares suggest dealing with things head on. Mercury opposite Jupiter and Chiron just now can see people testing the waters and pushing the envelope ever so gently, strengthening certain muscles to eventually transform vulnerability into strength. There’s a certain “butterflies in the stomach” signature to these maths for some reason. There’s a desire to be cozy and comfy or feel more “settled” around something, and although there’s a certain directness or frankness to these configurations, Mercury in Libra is an all star diplomat and smooth negotiator. It shouldn’t be hard to find a happy compromise if there happen to be different visions. 


The Moon in Cancer square Chiron and Venus, sextile Uranus and trine Neptune can see people feeling both challenged and excited. The Sun and Mars are one degree away from a perfected trine, so this can see a whole lot of energy, which can see people eager to socialize, interact, and seeking stimulation. Prioritizing and being able to focus could be important, as it could be easy to get carried away on a tangent or lose track of time or throw things out of balance. There can be a sense of excitement and a lot to look forward to. It’s as if the plot is thickening, but it can be a lot to stay on top of, so focus and discernment is important. 



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