Monday, May 10, 2021



Today see’s the Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus, square Saturn, and sextile Mars in Cancer. There can be a pronounced impulse towards change, a feeling that “somethings got to give”,  or in the very least shaken up a bit, but simultaneously there can be some temporary blockages, or a need to reign in and focus certain impulses. With Venus having now left Taurus, where the focus was on values, pleasure, money, possessions, enjoyment, and all things earthy, the ultimate lesson being that which you own, owns you, it’s entrance into Gemini can see a sort of restlessness, curiosity, and desire for novelty and intellectual stimulation. What has felt stagnant now wants to shake loose and we can be faced with choices. Gemini is ruled by the Lovers in the Tarot, a card of compelling choice. With the Moon/Mars sextile today, there can be energy available to get a lot done. The lunar conjunction to Uranus is restless for change, but the square to Saturn reminds us of our responsibilities and duties and that which must be maintained. Mercury, now trine Saturn, sets a stabilizing trend that Venus will follow toward the weeks end. Sure, there may be a narrow bandwidth that we must operate within to maintain the stability of our respective situations for the time being, but there is still much that can be explored, and certainly much that can be talked about, conversations that need to be had, topics that can be broached. The link to Saturn suggests that there can still be a lot of reserve, but it can also slow things down enough for them to be savored and also gone about in the correct way. Slow, sustained change, and gathering information, opening up dialogue. The Moon square Saturn could see some challenges, blocks, or inhibitions to get around. Jupiter will enter Pisces this week to give us a taste of the next Jupiter cycle. Uranus in the long journey of Taurus has continued to illustrate that “common sense” is becoming increasingly rarified and “unconventional”,  and all you have to do to appear “rebellious” and “go against the grain” is to maintain simple, down to earth, common sense thinking. This is where awakening and illumination (Uranus) dwells. It is pure and simple common sense and simplicity that sets you apart from the crowd these days, as the dominating forces and “official takes” of the vast majority relies increasingly upon an exhausting series of mental gymnastics to vindicate and justify. Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius can be very literally personified by Dr. Weird from the cartoon Aquateen Hunger Force.


Today see’s the New Moon in Taurus, conjunct the Sun, sextile Neptune, and trine Pluto. This can see a dissolving of barriers and blockages, and a sort of surrender to an inevitable transformation. This can also highlight the natural, and even magical appeal of down to earth, matter of fact, common sense thinking, as the threads of common sense have been consistent and reliable and haven’t broken. This can be the case for certain interactions as well. This New Moon is quite simply, “based”, with a little magic, serendipity and awe thrown in. The seed planted here at this New Moon can open up new possibilities and create opportunities for growth, expansion, serendipity, and more variety and stimulation. The Moon in Taurus along with Mars in Cancer make simplicity, security, -(and common sense) important as well. What or who has been complicating things? Time to release whatever outworn patterns are mucking up the jams. This can see expansiveness financially, or in regards to possessions, values,- and/or interpersonally. People can be more open to compromise or at least settling things amicably. Needless to say, things are transforming. Pluto highlights our own power over our lives, as well as power dynamics, and things we have an almost obsessive drive and determination around. The New Moon’s lunar trine to this power broker planet suggests a harmonious force for change and authenticity, as well as the opportunity to make some significant power moves that can be a beneficial force for long-lasting transformations. A lunar semi square to Chiron in the afternoon may indicate a need to challenge certain vulnerabilities and weaknesses, in order to catch this wave to go with the flow of the inevitable transformations occurring now, and really step into our own personal agency over a process that has really taken on a life of it’s own at this point. Evening time see’s the Moon getting closer and closer to Venus as it heads into the later degrees of Taurus, and this indicates more curious and sociable trends are incoming. There’s a powerful and irresistible current towards more communication, stimulation, change and variety, with Mars sextile Uranus, and with Venus and Mercury both in curious Gemini. With Mercury trine Saturn and Venus to join shortly, certain changes are getting legs to stand on. There’s a desire to experience even more positive wins and upward, forward momentum. 


The Moon enters talkative and curious Gemini at 5:43 AM PST. Here, it conjoins Venus and Mercury, and squares Jupiter which is perched in the final and most urgent degree of Aquarius. This can see an increased curiosity, and there can be an emphasis on communications that can be pleasant, perhaps busy. It’s a pleasure seeking vibe that also enjoys exchanging news, ideas and gathering information. It can be easy to find agreement under these configurations. A lunar trine to Saturn in early evening indicates that something feels more settled, or on solid ground than before. The lunar sextile to Chiron in the evening suggests this may increase our confidence or courage in some way. These configurations also highlight the ability to compromise or see eye to eye, perhaps where there were previous misgivings, misunderstandings, or differences. With the planet of consciousness expansion entering boundless Pisces tomorrow, there can be a desire to view things more holistically (*whole*istically), as opposed to lumping things and people into factions or collectives, or entertaining the fixed sign of Aquarius’ tendency to be too judgmental or in some cases dogmatic about it’s vision. Jupiter’s brief sojourn through Pisces before it retrogrades back into Aquarius again will assist in gaining perspective and reflection on Saturn’s journey through Mad Scientist Aquarius. The lunar square to Neptune tomorrow will highlight some things that will have to be watched and assessed carefully. Mercury and Venus will eventually both square Neptune, so the potential for confusion, uncertainty, and even duplicity or outright fuckery or deception will reach a high during those times, but will be fairly obvious. With Mars in comfort and security seeking Cancer, no one can hold the desire for a bit of self protectiveness against you. Mercury will also station retrograde at the end of May in 24 degrees Gemini, indicating there will be much to reflect on, and perhaps a second opportunity around something that was missed last year during Venus’ retrograde in Gemini.


Jupiter enters Pisces today in the afternoon. Jupiter here favors a softer and more compassionate attitude and a less direct, or results oriented approach, along with a more holistic perspective. Jupiter in Pisces is spiritual, compassionate, and deep. This brief sojourn will give us a little taste of what the full Jupiter transit will have in store for us. This can see the melting of barriers and the softening of harsh stances, and a broader collective interest in spirituality as well. Jupiter adores being in the sign of Pisces and feels very at home here.  Today see’s the Moon in Gemini conjunct Mercury, trine Saturn, and square Neptune. There is clearly a mystery that begs to be solved, or a desire to unearth the reality of a situation and see what is based and what is simply ideology, idealism, or hubris. The Moon trine Mercury, and Mercury trine Saturn can actually make bullshit very easy to spot and almost stand out like a sore thumb. In some ways it can even be the mutual discernment of bullshit and the desire for company that is more congruent and based in reality that brings people together with Venus conjunct Mercury. But there is a lot of compassion and understanding available in these configurations. Perhaps there is simply a release of things that don't make any sense and an embrace of that which withstands the test of based reality, -but also has an unbroken thread into life's deeper mysteries.  Regardless, there is an air of mystery and curiosity to these configurations as well, which can see a desire to immerse oneself into something or surrender to a powerful pull over the weekend. Also a desire to get to the bottom of something. We can feel like we are picking things up like a sponge. There’s a bit of moodiness to the Moon square Neptune, but it can see us drawn to unusual people or pastimes in an attempt at seeking an outlet or a source of stability and comfort. Jupiter in Pisces increases interest in the esoteric, spirituality, secrets, symbols, the occult, and the hidden meaning behind things. It is a desire to delve into the collective unconscious, the mysteries, faith, enlightenment, peace, understanding, innerstanding, overstanding, healing, and absolution. 



Today begins with the Moon still in curious Gemini, squaring Neptune, which can see some vague longings, fantasy, or confusion, and a continued need to get to the bottom of something or ensure we are getting the right facts about a person or situation. The Moon builds a trine to Jupiter freshly in Pisces and this can see an increase in creativity, generosity, and perhaps a strong desire to interact with others and dissolve barriers or increase our sense of adventure into the unknown. This can see us attracted towards unusual, spiritual, artistic, beautiful, peaceful people, scenarios or environments. The Moon enters comfort seeking Cancer at 6:30 PM PST, and this can see a growing desire to embrace certain unknowns or dissolve certain walls over the weekend. The remainder of this evening can see a lot of emotional generosity, and the heart chakra can be wide open. It can feel as if momentum is building towards something here, perhaps some kind of catharsis? A release? A surprising change of tack? A reveal? Who knows. But the emo scale looks palpable, and the psychic and emotional antenna can be sensitive to whatever is going on. These are good configurations for connecting as the atmosphere is very non judgmental and receptive. There could be something exciting, surprising, or unexpected about whatever goes down this weekend, even if it takes place entirely internally. 


Today see’s the Moon in cuddle seeking Cancer conjunct Mars and sextile Uranus, while squaring Chiron. This can see some surprising moves, and perhaps in some ways we could be feeling a little vulnerable or caught off guard with the Moon square Chiron. Or maybe we’re challenging ourselves in some way. The Moon conjunct Mars and sextile Uranus is brave and courageous, and willing to take risks, but also protective of it’s own interests and security. These configurations can see more initiative emotionally, or the ability to brave delicate, sensitive or perhaps vulnerable territory for the sake of authenticity, letting the chips fall where they may. A thing, situation, or person either has substance or doesn’t. Mars in the receptive, feminine sign of Cancer tends to go about things in a less direct, and roundabout way, but what’s clear is that security is as equally important as authenticity, individuality, and freedom/personal agency. Something or someone may appear to hit just this sweet spot, but is it/are they “safe”? Is it too good to be true? There’s a sense of vulnerability that needs to be addressed or faced down. There’s also a lot of empowerment. This weekend could certainly see some surprising impulses, dynamics or situations that shake up what’s been the established norm. Mars sextile to Uranus craves more emotionally authentic experiences. 


Today see’s the Moon in cozy Cancer trine Neptune and opposite Pluto. This can see a highly intuitive atmosphere that tends towards being reflective, perhaps even a little bit broody with the lunar/Pluto opposition. There may be a need to release our grip on something and go with the flow. It’s possible there’s subtle power or control struggles going on under the surface, or in the very least something that can potentially evoke intense feelings, not necessarily bad ones, perhaps even powerful attractions. A lunar sextile to the Sun in practical and tactile Taurus keeps us focused on what’s possible in the here and now, but also on what it is we desire for ourselves. What we’d like to make real, what we’d like to see happen in real life. The Moon/Neptune contact is imaginative, sensitive, reflective, and idealistic. The lunar semi square to Venus indicates that this could involve other people, or interpersonal interactions somehow, and some element of choice, with Venus in the sign associated with the tarot card of The Lovers. There could also be a reflection on values transpiring here as well, and long range plans and perhaps even partnerships or collaborations that have long range potential could be highlighted here.  Moon/Neptune can dream and idealize or place people on pedestals of idolatry, while the Sun/Moon contact keeps our feet on the ground and keeps us focused on our own mastery over the physical and practical world. It also highlights that the path to making dreams real is a humble step by step process that is rooted in the every day, not something that just magically happens. The Sun/ Moon/Neptune/Pluto contacts today can see some potent serendipities. Releasing control over things outside your control and going with the flow can see some pleasant things unfold. 

Sunday, May 2, 2021



After some interesting shifts over the weekend, today see’s the shifts continue with the Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn, while squaring the Sun, Uranus, and eventually Venus in Taurus. Mercury, planet of communications, commerce and short distance travel also shifts into Gemini at 7:49 PM PST. In some way, we could be in new territory. With the week beginning with a lunar/Saturn conjunction, there’s a sort of serious, get down to business vibe amidst a lot of shifts that are continuing to unfold. The Moon and Saturn attempt to anchor us and find stability within fluctuating and dynamic situations. With both Venus and Mercury currently squaring Jupiter, there’s an expansion happening interpersonally, financially and/or commercially, and Venus’ link to Neptune and Pluto suggests there can be high ideals and a lot of determination around all of this. In spite of obvious signs of progress and forward motion, there can still be some loose ends to sweep up this week to get things “just right” or to really settle into a new groove. Venus will follow Mercury’s footsteps into Gemini on Saturday, and this can see a build up to inspiring, beneficial, and positive communications, partnerships, collaborations, exchanges, or cooperative efforts, -but there may be some confusion or bemusement to navigate along the way. The week begins on a “gotta keep it together vibe”, as the positive momentum being generated by all of the shifts can be somewhat destabilizing or even distracting, so it’s important not to drop the bass kick to the entire ensemble. Saturn’s ongoing link to Chiron has healing as it’s modus operandi, and this highlights the crucial role that timing plays in everything. With Mars squaring Chiron, it might be important to note that if any acceleration forward doesn’t result in the positive reception or instant results we had hoped, -and instead triggers doubts or even old wounds or insecurities, Saturn’s positive link to healing Chiron indicates it’s most likely simply an issue of timing. Mars in Cancer can be hypersensitive to this, so this can be important to keep in mind.  Patience, determination, resilience, and consistency can pay off. 


Today begins with the Moon in the later degrees of Aquarius linking up to optimistic Jupiter. There can be some excitement around interactions, and/or creative/financial/or commercial endeavors. It can feel like new and exciting things are unfolding under the surface and in general. There’s a nervous energy around all of this as well, and it may not be easy to express everything we’d like to, and we can second guess ourselves or have some indecision around how to approach something or someone. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of hope and optimism amidst all this nervous excitement. There’s an expansive, adventurous and generous nature to the day where few things seem too far fetched. In the early evening, the Moon builds a trine to Mars in Cancer, and heads into Pisces at 7:09 PM PST. This see’s the emotions, imagination, and capacity for fantasy pleasantly stimulated, and we may have more courage, motivation, optimism, and drive around delving in beyond our comfort zones. The Pisces lunation can see a sort of preparatory and anticipatory vibe, and there can be a loosening of inhibitions, and more courage and motivation around taking positive risks.  This can see some unexpected surprises that lead us in unusual directions. Venus trine Pluto, which perfects very soon, highlights the importance of remaining true to ourselves and our values, likes and dislikes, and being authentic about following a path that truly makes us happy and deeply fulfilled. It also makes us dead ass serious about what and who brings us pleasure. Even if there are differences, doubts, questioning or restlessness around certain dynamics, situations, or people, or there is something brand new or very unconventional, highly unusual, or even somewhat intimidating about it,- there is a strong, undeniable and fundamental pull that exists (Venus/Pluto.) A willingness to compromise and become more actively curious, explorative and communicative will be highlighted by Venus’ movement into communicative Gemini at the weekend. 


Today see’s the Moon in dreamy and imaginative Pisces trine Mars in sensitive Cancer while sextile the Sun and Uranus in Taurus. This coincides with Venus perfecting it’s trine to Pluto at 26 degrees in the early evening hours. Today can see some decisive realizations or possibly even some actions, but this being a Pisces lunation suggests that much of this can go down under the radar or internally/psychologically. A sort of resolve that dawns on us or possibly even something we just admit to ourselves. There’s a certain “undeniability” to these configurations that can see us getting real with ourselves about something we desire but may have wrestled with or fought somehow.  The Sun and Uranus highlights certain things in a very matter of fact way that can help us simply embrace something with less apprehension, doubt or complex. Mars sextile Uranus is more willing to venture outside of it’s shell and known comfort zones to embrace what is “weird”. The Moon conjuncts Neptune later on and this can see a sort of melting into this new level of authenticity, and there can be something highly spiritual about whatever is going on here that can also be excellent for creativity and overall motivation. There can be something “inevitable” about whatever realizations, epiphanies or decisive resolve that is occurring now. These configurations can also make us very receptive, and it’s a little easier to lower our guard to whatever or whoever we may have previously felt intimidated, doubtful, hesitant, restless, or apprehensive about. 


The early morning hours continue on the note of the Venus/Pluto perfection, which may have seen a decisive “coming to terms with”,  a very matter of fact, (and in some cases very physical/biological) pull towards something or someone.  The Moon conjunct Neptune today can see a reflective and imaginative atmosphere, steeped in fantasy, dreams, and possibly escapism. There may still be some uncertainty or hesitation around how exactly to go about something, indicated by the Saturn/Uranus link to the Sun, but it seems the resolve is there, and so is the optimism. Something can simply be too powerful to ignore or brush off, minimize, or explain away any longer.  The Moon goes on to sextile Venus and Pluto in the early eve/late afternoon, and this can see something or someone make quite an impact on us. It can almost be overwhelming, but not in a negative sense. Whatever is occurring here can actually be quite pleasurable, even if it’s taking place entirely internally. With Venus involved it’s almost certainly involving another person somehow, and this can see some profound inner shifts occurring under the surface within our own psyche, and in particular dynamics interpersonally or otherwise. There is an undeniable need to embrace our most authentic desires, and doing so (oddly) happens to be what is also most practical, realistic and feasible to our respective situation (Venus in Taurus.) In spite of this bent towards the humble and the practical, there’s also something highly idealistic, idyllic, and even downright magical about whatever we’re embracing or coming to terms with now. The Venus square to Jupiter, which will eventually be replaced by a trine, can make us feel extremely blessed, fortunate, and even lucky to have come across something precious and rare (Happiness? Love? Pleasure? Enjoyment? Prosperity?)-within such a humble, and common place framework, that actually supports rather than detracts from our further growth and development. The Moon/Pluto/Venus contacts today can see some powerful internal experiences, and interactions with others can be pleasant, even if they seem casual on the surface, they can make more of an impact than we maybe let on or make apparent. Much is going on under the surface with the Moon still in sensitive, passive, psychic and receptive Pisces, but this is nonetheless a powerful day.



This morning see’s the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron, going on to sextile Mercury now in Gemini, and square Mars in sensitive, comfort seeking Cancer. This can see a sort of impatience and perhaps some vulnerability around getting certain conversations started or taking some sort of initiative in some way. With Mars squaring up to Chiron, while Saturn is sextile Chiron, it’s important not to take issues of poor timing to heart. With the Moon in courageous and assertive Aries sextile Mercury in Gemini, there can be a desire to communicate and get straight to the point, and perhaps an impatience to make something happen. The heart and mind are in agreement, but with the Moon square Mars it’s important not to let impatience spoil anything or seed doubts or insecurity where there need not be any. This one warning aside, today can see a good flow of communication, which can make it easier to talk about things or feelings that have been challenging to discuss directly. Mercury trine Saturn can help steady the reigns, and suggests a desire for communications of substance and meaning, or in the very least, to be taken seriously. The configurations indicate a mutual respect between parties, and people can say what they mean and mean what they say. It’s possible what is discussed has been thought about a long time, and even if this isn’t the case and it’s off the cuff, there’s an element of sincerity present. Even though the Mercury link to Saturn is harmonious, it still indicates a bit of shyness or inhibition, a sort of holding back and tempering, but what is present is a genuine curiosity and the ability to sit with something or someone and give it deeper thought and time. 


This morning see’s the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron and sextile Saturn. A semi square to Venus in Taurus can see a desire to take action interpersonally, perhaps there’s a bit of eagerness, or a restless impatience, but maybe it’s also just a pleasant enthusiasm and the tension that accompanies excitement around something. The Moon/Saturn link can indicate a sort of “sitting with” the feelings. There’s a sort of inner stability and resilience that accompanies this aspect, and it’s possible we feel encouraged about something, or more settled around it. Mercury now sextile Chiron as well can indicate that certain channels of communications may have opened up more and there can be more of a desire to compromise or set certain preemptive judgements or assumptions aside in order to reach understandings or achieve more cohesion and harmonious flow. It also indicates the potential for some healing and even cathartic conversations. Venus enters Gemini at 7:01 PM PST this evening, which can see the planet of love, money, beauty and pleasure in a more curious and communicative form for the duration of this cycle. This evening ends with a lunar square to Pluto, which can see a sort of intense preoccupation building around something, perhaps we’re intensely excited and optimistic about the future possibilities.


Happy Mothers Day! Today begins with the Moon in late Aries, sextile Jupiter in Aquarius and square Pluto in Capricorn. This can see an intense sort of optimism around something. There’s an almost obsessed enthusiasm around something that seems to have really put some wind in our sails. Whatever it is, we’re very invested in it, -even if we try to tell ourselves otherwise. There’s an eagerness, and an impulsivity and compulsion to these maths that can make us less afraid about treading into previously intimidating or in some cases “taboo” territory. The Moon/Jupiter link gives us a sort of optimism and confidence that has an attitude of “even if it goes badly at least I gave it a shot.” The Moon heads into earthy and tactile Taurus a little after 4 PM PST, and this can see a wild hair twitch in our asses as it links up to Uranus (totally accidental pun there.) This evening can see us preparing for the week ahead but also entertaining some out of the box actions or initiatives. A sort of “feel the fear and do it anyway” kind of vibe. There can be something “different” or exhilarating about this. The lunar square to Saturn on Monday can see some inhibitions or challenges to get over, but it looks like we’re finally working up the balls to instigate a transformation around something.  This upcoming Tuesday can see inhibitions or barriers melting like chocolate that’s been left in the sun.