The week begins with the Moon in intense and transformative Scorpio. A lot of things are transforming right now in a major way. Saturn has just stationed retrograde and this may require a sort of pause moment as we catch up to the shifts happening in the emotional undercurrent. The Moon opposes Uranus and squares Saturn, after holding a trine to Jupiter freshly dipped into Pisces, which reflected the deep changes going on and all the possibilities and fantasies this shift has opened up. There’s still a need to maintain the stability we already have while we prepare the ground to accommodate the new. The Moon goes on to trine Mars in Cancer, and this can see a desire to push forward to make way for the fresh energy. There can be a low key intensity and excitement around this, as something is clearly changing and transforming in a powerful way. We may need to get our bearings a bit, but with a Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius right around the corner midweek, this can see a build up to some make or break moments that begin entirely new chapters. With the Moon also forming a trine to Neptune as well as Mars, there can be a lot of idealism felt around what’s driving us here, and there’s a desire to break free from old patterns that have restricted our emotional experience or held us back in some way. New terrain is being entered into, new options are on the table, or new approaches are being taken, and the shift can be felt in the emotional undercurrents and can be making quite an impact. Even if things seem quiet or muted on the surface under the Scorpio lunation, these are quite intense shifts, and the emotional environment can be rich with the flood of fresh water. There can be something rather surprising, unexpected, or unusual about all of this, but it’s also inspiring. The lunar square to Saturn suggests a sort of “getting your shit together” vibe in preparation for a new era commencing that will shake up an established norm and break down old, established patterns, ruts, barriers, blockages or inhibitions. The Moon/Saturn link refines and chisels, while the Moon/Neptune link dissolves walls and barriers to entering new terrain more fully. 


Today begins with the Moon in deep and powerful Scorpio making potent and harmonizing links to Mars, Neptune and Pluto, while going on to square Jupiter in Pisces. This is a rather fantastical arrangement, and the possibilities that are intuited can feel beautiful and activate the imagination and emotive, instinctual capacities quite a lot. There can also be a lot of compassion, dreaminess and fantasy present. Something is powerfully transforming here in a way that can feel like divine intervention, as there’s something “fated” or “inevitable” about whatever is unfolding. There can be an increased sensitivity to nuance, serendipity, synchronicity, and the spiritual dimensions. There’s a lot to take in right now, and these configurations are driven towards a sort of catharsis, release, and metamorphosis that will open up new dimensions of experience. With Mercury about to station retrograde this weekend, we’ll be given an opportunity to reevaluate our approach to communications, and it’s possible we can revisit something that last years Venus Rx in Gemini around this time had prevented us from exploring more deeply. Something about these configurations say’s “It’s time.” The Moon enters adventurous and optimistic Sagittarius at 7:39 PM PST, to oppose the Sun in communicative Gemini. This highlights how our emotional experience is expanding via our communications with others, either new levels of communications, or new ways of interacting. Something about this is very healing and has the potential to be integrated into our world for the longterm. There can be a lot of optimism about what is transforming right now, and the transformations are deep, impactful, and long lasting.


This morning see’s the Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius at 4:14 AM, and this can see a lot of optimism and fantasy around how our emotional world is expanding. The Full Moon opposes the Sun, squares Jupiter, and trines healing Chiron. This places emphasis on the fact that in some way, our emotional world, -and the beliefs we have around it- are growing in a way that is inherently healing for us. The lunar trine to Hygeia, the asteroid of healing, in Leo, doubles this healing potential and emphasizes the impact this healing and expansion is having on the solar plexus, our seat of personal power, self esteem, self worth, joy, confidence, and creative expression. It can almost be difficult to believe what the universe is handing to us right now, as whatever it is can feel like the precise medicine we’ve needed. The Tarot card associated with Sagittarius is Temperance, the alchemist of the Tarot. A card of healing, peace, balance, and patience. Representative of a deep understanding of the elements and minerals of the universe, and of bringing together these elements into a cohesive and functional whole. Much about what is transpiring right now revolves around this sort of harmonious blending and melding, dipping our toes into new waters,- without losing our footing on the land. The Sun in Gemini forms a trine to Saturn suggesting that communications or contacts are being established on to a more firm foundation, and these contacts aren’t frivolous, pointless, or without meaning. What can be exchanged here has a lot of substance to it, but is also mutually beneficial, uplifting, and inspiring, signified by Mercury’s trine to generous, consciousness expanding Jupiter. This also emphasizes how our emotional and spiritual capacities and experiences are being positively expanded now as well. The Moon goes on to sextile Saturn, indicating that what’s transpiring here has very real potential and something can be made more stable and real. We can feel inspired to put more effort, work, time, dedication, or energy into something, -as the benefits of doing so can seem …obvious. Late night see’s the Moon squaring Neptune while opposing Mercury and Venus, and this can see some confusion or uncertainty to navigate in regards to getting on the same page as others or navigating towards cohesion, blending lives, schedules, time tables, or forming a plan.


Today see’s the Moon in explorative, open minded Sagittarius, square Neptune and opposite Mercury and Venus. This can see some confusion or fuckery to navigate socially, interpersonally or even commercially. Given that we are in the shadow phase preceding Mercury’s retrograde station, I can only imagine that today might be one of “those” days. Those text book “Is Mercury about to go retrograde or something?” days. This is a bit of a loopy vibe, and there may be something new to adapt to, or we may feel uncertainty around how to approach something or someone, or around how to make everything or everyone work together. This could be as simple as schedule clashes, but there could also be some miscommunications, misunderstandings, doubts, lack of clarity, or potential deception or evasiveness.  A generous lunar sextile to Jupiter later on in the afternoon begins to form as the Moon heads into down to earth, “keep it real” Capricorn at 7:23 PM PST, so there’s a strong desire here to bring perspective, higher understanding, and emotional generosity to a situation in order to make things work. Even if there’s confusion, uncertainty or unknowns to wade through, the Moon in Capricorn is grounded, stable, and focused on the bottom line essentials of a situation, and the trine to Jupiter allows for a lot of emotional and spiritual generosity and understanding. 



Today see’s the Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus and square Chiron, where it will go on to oppose Mars in Cancer. This can see a lot of changes unfolding and in some cases, some of these changes can be taking us a bit out of our comfort zone, or perhaps challenging us to strengthen our weaknesses or confront our vulnerabilities in some way, but something about it can also be exciting, revitalizing, and offering a kind of renewal. Venus also forms a trine to Jupiter today, so interpersonally, this can be an optimistic and expansive time. There can be a sense that we are entering new interpersonal or emotional territory that can be deepening and broadening our experience and opening up our world. There’s also a lot about this that can be highly unusual. We can be attracted to what and who is unusual or mysterious, or there can be a pull to explore something or someone more deeply. This might be something that was previously overlooked, or that again, due to last years Venus Rx in Gemini, we were unable to explore or consider at the time, but perhaps now, there is another opportunity to explore things. Granted, there can be something about whatever is going on here that can make us feel a bit vulnerable in some way, but it’s also exciting. As the saying goes, “life begins outside our comfort zone.” 


Mercury stations retrograde today at 3:34 PM PST. Today see’s the Moon in earthy Capricorn opposite Mars in comfort and security oriented Cancer, sextile dreamy and spiritual Neptune, and trine transformative, powerful Pluto. There’s something inevitable about what’s occurring right now, and there can be a drive to dissolve barriers to progress, and this might mean letting down certain walls or barriers that have been up in order to more fully immerse ourselves into a process of much needed transformation. There may be a lot of energy here, maybe even a need to seek release or let off steam somehow. There can even be some deep or cathartic experiences spite of the fact that this is a more pragmatic, physical, and earthy lunation. In some ways, this can see our physical or practical or even emotional/home life/foundational situation transforming somehow. There could be some disparate elements to navigate but overall this looks set to shake things up for the better, and what can emerge from this process can set things on a stable trajectory for some positive and healing developments that can let in all kinds of new life.  This Mercury retrograde will give us an opportunity to change our approach to something in regards to communications, contacts, exchanges, learning, siblings, neighbors, short distance travels, and with people in our local environment.  What’s unfolding now can be refreshing, and breathe new life into an already established, stable foundation, and this can involve partnerships and relationships with others that have perhaps been on a sort of back burner. 


The Moon enters unorthodox and liberating Aquarius in the witching hours, 12:04 AM PST,  to trine the Sun in talkative Gemini, square Uranus in Taurus, and conjunct Saturn. This can see a lot of nervous excitement around communications, and there can be exciting things unfolding in regards to talks with others, social networking, or things going on in our local environment. Something can be getting more firmly established here that might have taken some time, effort, patience and discipline to facilitate. The Moon is also sextile relationship asteroid Juno, this can open up new doors in relationship to others, and things can be expanding here in a positive way, opening up new vistas and adding new dimension and nuance to the emotional and interpersonal landscape. The Moon in Aquarius seeks liberation, freedom and fresh social and mental stimulation, to further nourish the port of stability already established. A lunar sextile to Chiron amidst all this suggests that things are being positively shaken up in ways that can be profoundly healing and boost morale. Mars in Cancer trine Neptune is deeply driven to follow it’s dreams and deeper callings, it’s on a sort of soul mission here. This aspect can drive people to connect with their soul family, and there’s a pronounced drive here towards emotional and spiritual nourishment. These configurations are less concerned with what others think or how “normal” it appears by others standards, and more concerned with what authentically feels right for us, what feels healing, what brings life to us and inspires us, what and who nurtures and heals the soul, psyche, emotions, and the inner world. 


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