Sunday, April 30, 2023



Pluto stations retrograde today at 10:09 AM PST,  where it will backtrack into the late degrees of Capricorn on June 11, and not station direct until Oct 10. This will coincide with a T square involving Jupiter and Mars. Previously immutable truths may be questioned, and there can be a deep investigation into the realities of certain things. There is a fearless authenticity that can accompany these configurations over the course of Pluto’s revisitation to the sign that it had been in since 2008. Whatever is still worthwhile and timeless that you got out of that era will be able to come with you into the next, but there may be a deep questioning or something may cause a sea change and a deep questioning. Perhaps certain things still have their merit, but revisions or adjustments need to be made, or there is a need to view things in a different light.  The Moon is in late Virgo today, squaring Venus and making tense minor aspects to Mercury and the Sun, while trine Uranus and Pluto (out of sign), and opposite Neptune. This further highlights a questioning of values and a search for truth, possibly prompted by crisis, crisis prevention, health, diet, healing, or issues of organization. There can be a lack of clarity, and a feeling of being at sea, and in some cases, a radical departure from previous values prompted by a need to F.A.F.O. For now, this can be largely private, or in the very least, awkward to talk about. Try to avoid being hasty in your conclusions, especially if you don’t have all of the facts. Juno (relationships) enters inquisitive Gemini, seeing communication, learning and mental stimulation take on more importance. The Moon enters conciliatory Libra at 11:09 PM PST, placing emphasis on finding harmony and balance.


The Moon in Libra is trine Pluto Rx, which can highlight interpersonal or social intensity. Relationships can have intense undercurrents or prompt deep inquiries. With Juno now in Gemini, curiosity is a theme, and certain relationships can prompt a lot of questioning, be a source of information, or there can be a need to talk about certain things. There can also be some cognitive breakthroughs, or a desire to share important information. The Moon goes on to oppose Chiron later this evening, which can see a lot of vulnerability, empathy, but also an awareness of weaknesses. The Sun conjunct Mercury is also very curious, but in Taurus, stubborn, and not a fan of changes. Certain things revealed or discussed can be sensitive. Tomorrow see’s the Moon in trine to Hygeia, seeing a focus on health and healing, with some beneficial effects.


Today see’s the Moon in Libra square Mars, opposite Chiron and Jupiter, trine Hygeia, while making tense minor aspects to Saturn and Uranus. There may be something that prompts action. The Moon squaring Mars can see irritability, impatience or crankiness, or a bit of a pressed feeling. Conversely, this can just be really energizing. The quincunx to Uranus can see impulsiveness, a need to make adjustments or act quickly. In some cases, there may be a need to care for someone in need, or attend to needs of your own which take precedence over everything else. With the Moon in trine to Hygeia, health matters are highlighted, and balance is sought. It's possible balance is being gained or something learned is helping to correct whatever has been out of whack. Certain things at home or in family can interfere with work or career matters, but overall these are ultimately stabilizing influences. A lunar trine to Venus strengthens as the day wears on into evening, which can see a strong desire to bring more balance and harmony around certain issues, or a feeling of relief after finally cracking a code.


The Moon enters intense and investigative Scorpio at 7:32 AM PST, where it builds up to a Full Moon Eclipse that occurs tomorrow. As the day begins, there can be stabilizing influences, with the Moon still holding a trine to Venus while trine Saturn in Pisces. Nonetheless, the lunar square to Pluto can see more going on behind the scenes or under the surface than is apparent. A sort of rebirth can be occurring. The lunar trine to Saturn faces things down with stoicism and keeps any underlying intensity well contained and occulted. The Moon goes on to oppose Mercury, seeing some indecision and self doubt, or a need to weigh things up. Deep energy reserves can be accessed or a transformation can be felt at a deep level. The Moon trine Saturn blends intuition and instinct with cool rationality. Certain ideals can be tested for viability. Moon opposite Mercury Rx can also see a penetrating curiosity and desire to research or uncover information. With Mercury having been very close to Uranus at it’s retrograde station, due to make contact again once it goes forward, new information coming to light will continue to shift mindsets or approaches, -just when you think you’ve got it all figured out. So staying flexible and open minded will be helpful, as you may readjust your thinking more than once during Mercury’s journey through Taurus. 


The Full Moon Eclipse is exact at 10:34 AM PST at 14 degrees Scorpio, with the strongest signatures at the moment of occultation on the West Coast being an opposition to Uranus and a square to Hygeia, the asteroid of health. The Moon is considered debilitated in all of Scorpio. This decan of Scorpio is ruled by the 6 of cups, a card of memories and nostalgia, but also of a craving for closeness, intimacy, synergistic relationships, and dual cultivation. The dark side of this face of Scorpio speaks to parasitic relationships, codependency, or even contractual arrangements that aren’t entirely consensual. There may be some shocking breaks (in some cases, separations), or in the very least, new terms of engagement can be proposed because something is no longer working, or no longer required. With Hygeia involved, health and healing can be a factor, and there can be healing breakthroughs. There may also be someone in a bit of caretaking a role. For some, the health and well being of a relationship can mean accepting more independence. For others, radical revisions or untried solutions will have to be considered for health reasons, either health of the physical body, or the health of particular unions. This can see some radical transformations taking place on a number of levels. As the day progresses, the lunar trine to Mars gains more prominence, and this can see a willful determination to break away from something or someone, or, in the very least, to radically transform it. Mars in Cancer is primed to nurture and seek safety and security within the familiar, but the lunar opposition to Uranus and square to Hygeia demands change to facilitate healing. Late night see’s the Moon trine Neptune, which can see a sensitive and reflective atmosphere. 


The Moon trine Mars and Neptune can see a curious mixture of motivation and quietude. Much can be going on in private and people may prefer to keep to themselves as they absorb certain realities or form strategies to go forward. Certain changes may not be entirely comfortable. The Moon goes on to quincunx Venus which can see attempts to keep appearances or convey a pleasant exterior while deeper matters are going on under the surface or big changes are being made privately behind the scenes.The Moon enters Sagittarius around 1:04 PM PST, where it squares Saturn, sextile’s Pluto, while sesquisquare Chiron, which can see some shyness, inhibitions, or sensitivity about certain things. In some cases, people can feel pressured to share more than they feel ready to, or feel put on the spot. There can be a desire for more independence, or some quest or other that distracts from usual commitments. It’s also possible that responsibilities or other challenges seem to hamper a need for more freedom, or there is uncertainty around facts or truth. The Sun getting closer to perfecting it’s conjunction to Uranus can see some surprising or illuminating reveals, or things can come to light over the next few weeks that can better inform decision making. Things are very much in flux, and it can all feel like an experiment. Venus at the final degree of Gemini can feel both decisive yet undecided. Nothing is set in stone, although there may be a few things that are clear and certain, much is still unclear.


Venus enters nurturing Cancer at 7:25 AM PST, seeing a cycle which brings more attention to nurturing and nourishing activities, home and hearth, family, roots, caring for others and being cared for. Food is a love language for this Venus placement. The Moon in Sagittarius is trine Chiron and sesquisquare Jupiter, seeing a generous and compassionate energy with a healing bent permeate the atmosphere. There’s an open mindedness here and philosophical attitude that is flexible and understanding. A lunar sextile to Hygeia also forms that further emphasizes the focus on health and healing. Venus in Cancer will build a strong trine to Saturn in Pisces over time which can see supportive relationships during uncertain times. Mercury Rx in Taurus sextile Saturn just now is common sensical, wise, and has a good sense of timing. There is a good sense of when to act or when to remain quiet. Once Mercury stations direct next Sunday evening (Mothers Day), it will start heading towards Uranus again where it will perfect it’s conjunction at 20 degrees on June 4. By then, more information will be available, and Jupiter (which enters Taurus on May 16), will open up more horizons and things can feel a bit more optimistic by then. 

Monday, April 24, 2023



The Moon shifts into Cancer at 11:58 AM PST, where it forms a trine to Saturn in Pisces and sextile to the Sun in Taurus, placing a focus on stability, security, nurturing, and practicality. It can take some time for momentum to pick back up, as there can be some things that distract from core missions that need to be attended to. With Mercury retrograde and still close to Uranus, there can be unexpected surprises or a need to be innovative and adaptable, perhaps even questioning or changing up longstanding patterns. The Moon also makes a semsquare to Uranus and strong sextile to Vesta, suggesting last minute opportunities, but there’s a need to stick to routines and maintain stability or consistency of purpose and not get too thrown off by the unexpected. Tomorrow can see more momentum and forward motion.


The Moon in Cancer conjoins Mars, which can see some impulsiveness or a desire to act. As the day wears on, a lunar sextile to Mercury and Uranus can see news, communications, ideas or opportunities that are too good to pass up, or there can be a strong drive to break out of ruts or stagnation.Heart and mind can be in alignment. The Moon goes on to square Chiron as well which can see a lot of sensitivity and compassion. Venus in Gemini in sextile to Chiron and trine to Hygeia places a focus on healing themes, while Mercury Rx in Taurus conjunct Uranus and square Hygeia can see people really thinking outside of the box in order to facilitate healing, and more stability. New ideas and new ways of doing things can figure into the equation, and insights can be gained by returning to previous concepts, habits or patterns, but with a new, more enlightened awareness. Mercury’s square to Hygeia can highlight health. 


The Moon is square Jupiter and trine Neptune, which can see the psychic antenna highly stimulated. There can be a lot of inspiration here, with sensitivity and compassion is very close to the surface. Nurturing something back to vitality can figure strongly. As the day wears on, the Moon build an opposition to Pluto as it moves towards Leo. This can signify some breakthrough points, and there can be intensity under the surface. New strategies can be producing results and there’s a strong drive to make some transformations. The Moon enters Leo at 11:30 PM PST, which can see a lot of passion and motivation to increase vital forces and willpower. 


Today can be slightly high pressure with the Moon in Leo opposite Pluto and square the Sun and Mercury. It’s a spicy and motivated energy, and at certain points there can be confusion or indecision, but the pressure is on to see something through, or make powerful changes that increase vitality, well being and confidence. As the day wears on, a lunar sesquisquare to Neptune can see a dreaminess or subtle uncertainty around risk. Late evening can see a bit more confidence, and tomorrow can see things shaken up in a pleasant way.


Today the Moon in Leo is trine Chiron, sextile Venus and trine Jupiter, while square Uranus. Morale and confidence feel boosted, and there can be some unexpected shocks or surprises, or an innovative energy in the air. It’s a feel good, perhaps even refreshing energy. Socially and interpersonally things can be interesting, and people can need a lot of independence just now. It can feel good to build up motivation levels. 


Today begins with the Moon in Leo trine Jupiter, but building an opposition to Saturn as the day progresses. It enters Virgo at 11:59 AM PST, seeing the day take on a practical and “back to business” theme. Improving day to day circumstances, routines, diet, fitness, and generally making things run more efficiently can be a factor in today’s down to earth energies. With the Moon opposite Saturn, there can be something a tad isolating about this, but it’s ultimately helpful to get ducks in a row. 


Today can see satisfaction with work well done, and it can feel good to get things organized and improve them. The Moon in Virgo makes a grounding trine to the Sun, Mercury and Uranus. This can see helpful news or communications, or a focus on new approaches and efficiency measures. Getting things into a zen like flow can feel really good. For some, this can see helpful information come in at just the right time, or highlight what needs to be fixed or improved upon. There can be a focus on diet, fitness, health, nutrition, organization, and efficiency. Clearing away clutter or stabilizing routines can add to a feeling of security.

Monday, April 17, 2023



After some somber reality checks with the Moon in Pisces conjunct Saturn, today it conjoins Neptune, where empathy and compassion bloom, but also imagination and dreaminess. It can be hard to concentrate. The messiness of certain situations can be very apparent, and with a new Moon total eclipse around the corner in Aries, certain things can be phasing out and a transformation or transitiion is nigh. The Moon in Pisces is also sextile Pluto today, which can highlight creative transformations and the need to improvise and think on your feet can be a factor as certain things dissolve. New strategies need to be implemented. There is a lot of creativity available, and todays atmosphere is given to daydreams and musing. What is unworkable needs to be phased out, and powerful transformations are in the works. The Moon enters pioneering Aries at 6:09 PM PST , which can see a strong drive towards productivity and self assertion. There may also be some tension to navigate. 


The Moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron, square Mars in Cancer while sextile Venus in Gemini. This can see a lot of curiosity as well as a need to use diplomacy to navigate potential tensions. The Moon in Aries is powerfully self directed, but there may be instances where desires, values, or priorities clash. This is where diplomacy comes in handy. There can be some weaknesses, vulnerability or sensitivity to navigate as well, which are still in a process of being overcome. The Moon square Mars can see some frustrations or possibly a bit of an emotional minefield, but there is also a strong drive here to carry on, push through, and overcome weaknesses. These maths can require some patience, understanding, and keeping expectations realistic. 


Early on, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter, which can see a lot of optimism and expansiveness, and in some cases, some over the top emotional states. Passion, drive, courage and willfulness are present with the Moon conjunct Jupiter. Mercury conjunct Uranus just now can see a lot of new ideas and opportunities being generated which can require adaptability and thinking ahead of the curve. It’s about to go retrograde, so things can be a bit glitchy and weird at the moment, and much can be occurring that can be cause for reevaluation over the next few weeks. On the West Coast, the New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 9:13 PM PST, at 29 degrees Aries, making a sharp square to Pluto in Aquarius. This face of Aries is a spicy and passionate one, that offers peak experiences, and represents the power that conflict and passion has to unify. Associated with both Venus and Jupiter, this decan of Aries is considered beneficial, but a certain intensity and fearless authenticity must be endured and embraced to reap the rewards. The square to Pluto suggests that much has been simmering for a long time, and in some cases, a dramatic, or perhaps out of character shift is highlighted. Under high pressure, carbon atoms bond together and begin forming crystals, the process through which diamonds are made. These configurations contain some powerful alchemical references, both individually and collectively. There can be an emotional intensity here that carries with it a potent charge that can facilitate powerful shifts. Authenticity can be a driving force. 


The Moon entered Taurus last night on the west coast at 9:30 PM PST. The Sun enters Taurus at 1:14 AM PST in the wee hours. With the Moon conjunct the Sun and sextile Saturn, certain things can be feeling more clear, and there can be a desire to implement new structures and phase out anything superfluous or distracting, and get down to the business of implementing positive changes. The Moon conjoins Mercury and Uranus as the day progresses, highlighting news and communication that can be surprising, unexpected, or exciting. There may be a need to make some last minute adjustments to plans or have a “plan b”, or there could be some minor hiccups that can cause some confusion, slight let downs, or sensitivity, with the Moon semisquare Neptune and sextile Mars, but these configurations are resourceful and offer some excitement. Innovative solutions will have to be drummed up and agreed upon. Mercury stations retrograde in the wee hours of tomorrow, so in some cases, it can be back to the drawing board in certain plans, projects or negotiations. 


At 1:35 AM PST, Mercury stations retrograde, so if you’re on the road or dealing with tech, communications, important discussions, leave yourself some wiggle room in case things go awry, and maybe avoid speaking before thinking. Technology, travel, and communications can be subject to change. There can be some surprises to deal with, and a need to reevaluate certain things until May 14. In many cases, it can be hard to believe certain things that are happening. In Taurus, this can involve security, finances, values, possessions, food, pleasure, self worth, even love, desire and sensuality can be under evaluation. The past can come up or people from the past can circle back around, perhaps out of the blue, under weird circumstances, or completely different to how they were before. The Moon in Taurus (exalted) is conjunct Uranus in the early part of the day, making a sextile to Neptune and out of sign trine to Pluto as the day progresses. This can see a lot of creativity, imagination, and sensitivity, with pleasure seeking being a strong drive. There can be a deep curiosity blooming, or a desire to get to the root of things or form a strategy or a plan, perhaps involving others (Moon/Juno conjunction).  The evening can end on a reflective and indulgent note. 


The Moon heads into Gemini at 3:11 AM PST, where it conjoins Venus, trine’s Pluto and squares Saturn. This can see a deep curiosity and quest for pleasure and stimulation, but there can feel like there is a blockage, barrier, boundary, or rules that inhibit things. With Mercury retrograde, avoid getting into trouble by saying things that can’t be unsaid (or making purchases that can’t be unmade). As the day wears on, the lunar conjunction to Venus and a semisqaure to Jupiter can see a gentle pushing of boundaries or some sort of workaround to enjoyment, relaxation, or pleasure seeking. The lunar square to Saturn wears off in the evening, seeing a slightly less inhibited or constrained atmosphere, and curiosity can drive things. Spring has sprung.


The Moon conjunct Venus this morning can see a focus on pleasant communications, news, or creativity, sociability and enjoyment. The Moon sesquisquare Pluto can see deeper issues or feelings that are more difficult to express, or some compelling pulls, intense desires and emotional draws under a congenial, casual surface. Lightening things up can be helpful if they've been too serious. A lunar sextile to Chiron and trine Hygeia can see a healing and compassionate theme, and people can be sensitive to the undercurrent, as well as sensitive to criticism, real or perceived. Evening time see’s more sensitivity, maybe even confusion, or a lot of empathy and emotional generosity with the Moon sextile Jupiter and square Neptune. There can be a moodiness and uncertainty at times, and people can be well meaning, but it’s possible for boundaries to become blurred or confused. In either case, relaxing a bit can be helpful, and keeping things light can improve the mood. Music and the arts can factor in somehow, or something read, seen, or heard can provoke a lot of feeling or make it easier to unwind. It can be difficult to know how to feel about certain things, but not taking things overly seriously can help shake off any residual funk. There may be a need to find a balance between head and heart as we roll into Monday. 

Monday, April 10, 2023



Today see’s the Moon forward looking and open minded Sagittarius trine the Sun, Jupiter and Chiron in Aries. There’s also a lunar quincunx to Uranus and semisquare to Pluto going on to square Neptune. This can see higher energy, along with some pressure and a strong drive to overcome confounding or difficult issues. There can be a hint of “heresy”, shock, or surprise in the air, and people may question previous beliefs or those of others. Hypocrisy or “ideological purity” can be a subject of preponderance. There’s a focus on healing, learning, philosophy, and open mindedness (or maybe it’s apparent lack), but there’s also a unique ability to see multiple sides to pressing or philosophically contentious issues. Venus in the critical degree of Taurus is also sharply trine Pluto, which can be morally or ethically defining. This trine will strengthen even more when Venus reaches the zenith point of Gemini this evening. This can see a quest for truth and an exploration of value systems. At it’s highest potential, this configuration can see people of very different backgrounds, beliefs, and ideologies come together around core principals, or in the very least expand one another’s awareness through open minded curiosity and information exchange. There can be excellent learning opportunities, but zealotry, self righteousness, judgmental attitudes, and cultishness will have to be avoided or mitigated. Entrenched viewpoints can reach a point of expansion, but there can also be a proliferation of extremist attitudes and a need to overcome emotional biases that interfere with cognitive processing, especially when people feel morally justified. Venus enters Gemini at 9:47 PM PST, perfecting the trine betweenn Venus and Pluto. This can see defining moments socially, interpersonally, or in regards to news, communications, values, or exchange of information or goods. Certain things can reach a crescendo and really get interesting. 


The Moon enters practical, down to earth Capricorn at 10:33 AM, sextile Saturn and opposite Mars. This can bring everyone back into the body, and bring more structure, order and definition to confusing situations. It can also see defining moments, which in some cases can create boundaries or definition, or separate people off into certain camps. The Moon opposite Mars can see some clannishness, or there can be a need to strike a balance between comfort and security levels with the need for outward achievement or upward momentum. In some cases it may be a need to strike a balance between tradition or the way things have always been done, and adaptation to new or unusual ways of doing things. Overcoming weaknesses is heavily emphasized. Moon opposite Mars can see some underlying tension, emotional disputes, or an impasse between entrenched viewpoints, but the lunar sextile to Saturn keeps it well contained under a stoic and dignified exterior. Venus trine Pluto exactly just now, while also squaring Saturn and semisquare Chiron, avoids confrontation over contentious or sensitive issues, while maintaining an intense sense of convictions, curiosity, and commitment. There can be a private shifting of values occurring inspired by new information, discoveries, strong pulls, or charismatic personalities. Moon trine Mercury this evening can see some interesting discussions or a lot of concentration and focus on certain tasks. 


The Moon in Capricorn is trine Mercury and Uranus in Taurus, which can see new or enterprising ideas be implemented or discussed. There’s also a lunar square to Chiron suggesting some sensitivity or weakness that needs to be overcome. There’s a practical, perhaps even physical focus to things. The Moon sesquisquares Venus as the day wears on, which can see some differences in viewpoints, values, or communication or learning styles, or perhaps some awkward dynamics to step around. The Sun perfects a conjunction to Jupiter at 22 degrees Aries, seeing passion, vitality, enthusiasm and self determination reach peak levels. People can also be headstrong, overzealous, or impatient to pioneer into new territory. Courage can be high. Evening time can see inner conflict or ideological differences, or possibly just a need to stay disciplined, patient, and avoid backsliding or overdoing something.


The morning begins with the Moon in late Capricorn building a strong conjunction to Pluto and trine to Venus that perfects in the afternoon when the Moon enters Aquarius at1:42 PM PST. This can see some intense dynamics socially or interpersonally. There can be a desire to overcome an ideological or cognitive deadlock, and there may be a need to emotionally detach or rise above differences of viewpoint. In some cases, it’s differences of viewpoint that can be compelling and even hypnotically attractive or persuasive. Logic and rationality can be especially appealing. People seek mental stimulation, and to even feel transformed through intense social interactions, learning experiences, or mentally enlivening social exchanges. There can be a lot of curiosity and a draw towards mysterious, powerful or charismatic types. Intelligence, wit, and intellect can be extremely attractive and alluring now, as mental stimulation becomes increasingly important. Also important is aligning values with certain others whom we admire and respect. Powerful social trends are highlighted today.


The Moon in Aquarius is square Mercury and Uranus, which can highlight weird and unusual news or communications. Venus and Saturn perfect an exact square today at 4 degrees, which can see certain values, ideas/ideals or social alliances come into question. There can be some social tensions or a need to form a bridge between worlds, or overcome certain barriers, inhibitions, or blockages. Values may clash, or in the very least, new information or problems may challenge entrenched mindsets or habituated ways of doing things. Another iteration of this is that new ways of thinking or doing things encounter tests. There can be friction but also nervous excitement. After hours can see optimism, kindness and generosity with the lunar sextile to Jupiter. 


The Moon is sextile Jupiter this morning, which can see the day get off to a well meaning and forward looking start. Things can feel more stable after yesterdays bumps or tests, with the Moon heading towards Pisces to conjoin Saturn this afternoon. There is a forgiving energy here, and people can set aside harsh judgements or overly stern attitudes, while still maintaining their boundaries and principals. The Moon enters Pisces at 3:57 PM PST to conjoin Saturn, seeing a shyness and soft spoken humility take over. The Moon in Pisces forms a square to Venus, which doubles down on the meekness and can see a certain social inhibition, sensitivity, shyness or uncertainty. In some cases, people can feel unsure if they can be themselves in certain environments or around particular people. There can be a preference to observe and remain in the background or on the sidelines. There can also be a lot of compassion. Tomorrow can see more assertiveness, energy and motivation, even if it’s primarily behind the scenes or around domestic life. 


Today the Moon in retiring Pisces makes a trine to Mars in Cancer, which can see a drive towards caring and nurturing, and can be good for private activities close to home and hearth. There’s still a slight social awkwardness here, and there may be a need to care for others or buoy them up somehow, or to tend to the inner life to build up reserves for the week ahead. As the day wears on, communications can flow more readily with the Moon sextile Mercury and Uranus, and there can even be some motivational exchanges, surprising insights, or new ideas to get excited about trying in the week ahead. The evening wraps up on a dreamy, creative and inspired note. 

Sunday, April 2, 2023



Mercury moves into Taurus this morning at 9:22 am PST, seeing communications and thought processes take on a more practical tone. This gears people towards thinking (and talking) about what they really want, how to go about achieving a more comfortable, secure existence, as well as what their values are as a whole. The week begins with the Moon in Virgo trine Venus and Uranus. The excitement of change within a stable framework presents a lot of possibilities but there can also be some uncertainties or pressing issues to address. Today can see a desire to make improvements and sort out bugs in a framework. Pleasure can be found in making things run more smoothly, but there may also be some changes to routines temporarily, as certain problems are nipped in the bud. It can feel encouraging to get on top of things. The Moon is sesquisquare Mercury and quincunx the Sun this morning, which can see things get off to a fairly harried or hectic start. A “to do” list may require that routines are upset temporarily, or there may be things that need to be handled with some urgency. A “lets just get it over with” motif can govern the early part of today, and this can revolve around practical necessities. Teamwork and cooperation are well starred. Late afternoon and evening time continues a sorting out process, but is much more pleasant to deal with. It can feel good to get on top of things and resolve nagging issues. 


The Moon is trine Venus and opposite Neptune, which can see a dreamy and compassionate start to the day. There can be a focus on beautifying or perfecting something, and creativity can be high. The focus is still on making improvements and sorting out muddles, and making things run more smoothly and efficiently can bring pleasure. The Moon heads into harmony seeking Libra at 2:51 PM PST, where it squares Mars in Cancer and a trine to Pluto in Aquarius, and this can see definitive moments in partnerships, socially, interpersonally, or in regards to community or social networking endeavors. The Full Moon is tomorrow evening, and there can be a make or break energy in the atmosphere around certain partnerships or agreements. Certain things can come to a crescendo, and consequential decisions can loom. The Moon square Mars just now can see an action oriented atmosphere, with a desire to get to the bottom of things. Mercury will perfect a conjunction to Saturn tomorrow at 3 degrees, and at the moment, is square Pluto, which can see compulsive thoughts or a fixation on resolving something, getting answers, or nailing down a plan. Mercury conjunct the North Node can see fated communications or meetings. Tomorrow can see some hellos as well as preside over some goodbyes.


Leading up to the Full Moon tonight, today see’s the Moon recovering from yesterdays tension with Mars. There can be some lingering sensitivity as the Moon is in opposition to Chiron. Security issues can be a factor. People can be hypersensitive to social and interpersonal dynamics, and trying to see if there’s a way to bridge differences or form alliances can feel awkward at points (Moon quincunx Juno). In some cases, people can see slights where there are none, or there can be doubts around certain allegiances. There can be a desire to break through certain barriers, glass ceilings, or blockages, and muster the courage to really go for something. The Full Moon is exact at 9:34 PM PST, at 16 degrees Libra, opposite the Sun, Jupiter, and Chiron in Aries. This decan of Libra is ruled by the 3 of swords in the tarot. A card of separation, heartbreak, and the pain that accompanies devotion. Represented by Saturn, which is exalted in Libra, reconciling opposing realities and bringing things into a state of balance, peace, and healing can be a theme here. This can take courage and self belief. In some cases, doing the right thing may mean parting ways or going in separate directions. More generally speaking however, there’s a desire for growth and expansion. Mercury conjunct the North Node at 4 degrees see’s a stubborn, plodding persistence that is not easily persuaded off it’s path. A lunar quincunx to Uranus can see a need to make adjustments or concessions around partnerships and agreements, lest there be an impasse. Things can be in flux. There can be some excitement, but for some, certain decisions can also feel difficult or even painful to make. Hopes can be high, but there can also be a fleeting depression, or a tendency to clamp down on unrealistic expectations (Moon sesquisquare Saturn) in the wee hours, just in case things don’t go exactly according to plan. 


Today can see a lot going on, particularly in relation to others. The Moon quincunx Venus can see an excessive desire to please others or meet their expectations. These configurations mean well, but don’t throw yourself under a bus, be a doormat, or lose touch with your own authentic needs or feelings. It’s possible there’s just a scramble to get on the same page with certain others, build bridges, seal deals, or stabilize arrangements and get things to gel harmoniously. Moon quincunx Neptune doubles down on the propensity towards martyrdom, and it can be easy to sweep real feelings, desires, gripes, or complaints under the rug in order to get along, do a deal, or establish agreement or rapport. The Moon squares Pluto this evening, seeing submerged tensions, strong desires or intensity. The submersion (or transmutation?) appears to have a purpose, because the Moon goes on to trine Saturn and Mars late tonight before it enters Scorpio at 11:29 PM. “Going along to get along”, at least, to a point, for a time, appears to achieve a particular objective. Tomorrow can see more assertiveness, courage and authenticity, and certain conversations can get down to business. 


The Moon in Scorpio is opposite Mercury and eventually Uranus in Taurus, while trine Mars and Saturn, which can manifest in a few ways. Deals can be sealed, and this can be literal business transactions or other practical arrangements that are discussed or see forward momentum. It can just as easily be interpersonal. People can be surprisingly candid, or just surprising in general, especially this evening. Another manifestation could be that one party is determined to nail another party down who is dithering, unsure, on the fence, slippery or evasive. Venus and Neptune perfect an exact sextile today at 25 degrees, while Venus is also in out of sign trine to Pluto. Mercury also perfects a sextile to Mars. There’s a subtle beauty, mystery, romanticism, serendipity and intensity to these configurations, and a strong desire to live by a high code of ethics, and increase joy, satisfaction and security levels across the board. Today can see a desire to secure an agreement or deal, or reach an understanding. Conversations can be constructive and revealing, and opportunities (commercial or otherwise) can be presented. There’s a persistence here that is honey badger like and can be quite surprising and unexpected. 


The Moon in passionate Scorpio opposes Venus, Uranus and Juno in Taurus while trine Neptune. Desires can be strong, and there can be a need to find a balance between our own desires and those of other people. Intuitive hunches or psychic downloads can occur spontaneously, and insight into the desires and behaviors of others can be revealing. The lunar trine to Neptune is psychic and sensitive. These configurations are good for creativity, musing, introspection, and planning ahead. The day can start off on an internally restless, or emotionally ravenous note. There can be conflicting feelings to grapple with, moods can be up and down, or there’s a need to be emotionally or socially adaptable. The Moon in opposition while making minor aspect to Mars and Jupiter this evening can see a lot of passion and enthusiasm, combined with a certain shyness or social awkwardness. There can be some doubts around how something might be received, but these configurations can be good for inner exploration, creativity, even catharsis.


The Moon enters Sagittarius at 5:57 AM PST, still opposite Venus and trine Neptune early on, but the square to Saturn, and sextile to Pluto really stand out. This can see a lot of depth, compassion, sensitivity, enthusiasm, and strong desires, but there can be a lot of inhibition around acting on any of it. There can be some mixed signals to contend with that undermine confidence or prompt curiosity and a desire for resolution. The evening can end on an indecisive note that can see people more likely to hold back and build up energy reserves, faith levels and confidence. Tomorrow is another story entirely, and can see a lot of emotional generosity, expansiveness, and largesse of spirit in the air.