Monday, August 2, 2021



We begin this week with the Moon in curious Gemini, with the Sun and Mercury both opposite Saturn, square Uranus, while trine Chiron. The Sun/Saturn square is perfected today, and this can represent an impasse of sorts, but also a desire for constructive change. The Moon squares Mars and Jupiter, while trine Saturn in Aquarius. It’s clear that something has to change, or in the very least, must be questioned. With Mars and Venus in Virgo, problems are very easy to see, and there is a drive to improve things. These transits can see people needing to focus on the tasks at hand, so there may be a need to give people a wide berth and not interfere with one another. It’s a taking care of business sort of vibe, with a lot of details to tend to, even though the Sun and Mercury want to play. Underneath this practical drive are also some rebellious undercurrents, where beliefs are challenged or questioned and there can either be wordy combativeness or ferocious arguments, -conversely, there can equally be convincing cases to hear alienated or suppressed perspectives (Sun/Mercury opposite Saturn and square Uranus.) The Moon in communicative Gemini goes on to sextile the Sun in Leo, and this can see opportunities to build bridges. With the Moon square Mars, people won’t simply take being told to shut up and do what they’re told lying down.  Arguments “won” on such grounds aren’t really truly “won” anyhow. If you have to silence or blackmail your opposition, it’s an argument of bad faith with little merit to support it besides “might is right”, and under such pretenses, no one wins. This can be more than obvious now. Mars and Venus in Virgo can make shrewd but accurate criticisms or point out what is painfully common sensical. It can also make perfectionism and “purity” an issue. An obvious expression of Mars in Virgo, the sign of health and healing, ruled by Mercury (communication, the mind), -are verbal arguments, conflict, (and combat)- around health, details, or how things are organized. (Shocker right?) Fortunately Venus is also here, helping to harmonize. Common ground, and common sense must prevail. It can be easy to find things about others to criticize, but there are also opportunities to learn details that facilitate unity and widen perspectives, especially as Juno, relationship asteroid, stations direct today in broad minded Sagittarius. The Moon sextile’s Mercury and squares Venus, while trine Saturn. It’s okay to question authority and power, it’s imperative really. This may be uncomfortable, as indicated by a lunar sesquisquare to Pluto, but something is building up that will eventually express itself in a way that can’t be ignored any longer. Perhaps by the weeks end, this will show itself.


This morning begins with the Moon in talkative and curious Gemini still sextile Mercury in Leo, while square Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. Others may be hard to ignore, yet they may represent an alien territory of unknowns that annoys, perplexes, mystifies, or confuses us. There can be culture clashes. With Venus trine Uranus, there can also be something exciting, illuminating, electric, -but erratic- about this. Orthodoxy is questioned, and with Venus also opposite Neptune, there are many uncertainties, but we can be attracted to what and who is highly unusual, seeking to harmonize and resolve differences, perhaps even fascinated by the “alien other.” It’s currently “in vogue”, astrologically speaking, to color outside the lines now, question previous assumptions, and seek new sources of inspiration and information, to shake up what is stale and what is clearly not working out or producing good results. Some may cling too tightly and rigidly to a status quo, methods, or opinions, even when presented with compelling evidence or convincing arguments that there are other approaches or perspectives that are worthy of consideration. This may be a confusing or bemusing day, and there may be much that is grabbing our attention, a lot of impressions to sort through and process. Late night see’s a lunar trine form to Jupiter, and this can boost morale and optimism, and expand consciousness, seeing the evening close out on an imaginative, emotionally generous, and idealistic note. 


Today begins with the Moon in late Gemini trine expansive Jupiter and semi square Uranus. The Sun perfects a trine to Chiron in Aries, and this can boost courage levels, strength, compassion, and resilience. There can be more openness to new ways of thinking, interacting, and communicating. These are refreshing aspects that can make it easier to be more open and feel supported or understood, which can help take the edge off the feeling of being scrutinized, criticized, or judged that Mars and Venus in Virgo can often come with. The Moon enters emotionally sensitive Cancer at 2:17 PM PST,  where it forms a sextile to Mars and the healing asteroid Hygeia in Virgo, and this can be emotionally and physically energizing, affirming, healing and even uplifting. Good for the emotional and physical body. These configurations can see us driven towards increasing comfort in some way. There may be some exciting changes around the corner that can bring refreshing and stimulating dynamics into the picture. It’s possible we could feel somewhat challenged on the one hand, but excited and spurred on towards new, unusual or liberating concepts, people and ideas on the other. Ruts must be broken out of. Restrictions must be broken free from. 


Today begins with the Moon in comfort seeking Cancer squaring Chiron in Aries while sextile Uranus, and making a sesquisquare to Jupiter. This speaks of expanding upon our comfort zone, letting in fresh insight or stimulus, or challenging our own emotional limits somehow. There can be a sort of “buzz” in the atmosphere that can translate to nervous excitement, or emotional restlessness. There can be some pleasant surprises or deviations to our routines as the Moon goes on to sextile Venus in Virgo. Perhaps it catches us off guard a bit, as the Moon square Chiron can feel a bit vulnerable or weak, but maybe this is still a pleasant shock regardless. The Moon trines Neptune, helping to loosen inhibitions, lower defenses, and increase our ability to pick up on subtle cues, impressions, or serendipities. There can be some interesting insights gleaned under these configurations. Maybe there’s a lot to reflect on. There can be a lot of sensitivity in the air, and the emotional and psychic antenna can be picking up all sorts of impressions. Great math for creativity, artists, and musicians. There can also be some pleasant, inspiring social and interpersonal contacts as well.


Today can see a subtle intensity, with the Moon in Cancer trine Neptune and opposite Pluto. Venus in Virgo also trines Pluto, and this can see us very compelled or focused on something or someone, -perhaps to distraction. These configurations can be profoundly stimulating to the imagination and aesthetic sensibilities. There can also be some perfectionistic tendencies to grapple with here and we could be obsessed around getting something just right or as close to perfect as possible. There’s also an opportunity here for more authenticity and genuineness as well, even with so much ideals and fantasy being stimulated now. There can be some intensity to these undercurrents, and our instincts, intuition, and gut feelings can be highly activated. As we dip into late evening and the Moon inches towards 29 degrees Cancer, this can see some compelling pulls and emotional preoccupations or intensity reach a peak, and the imagination and the feelings can be highly stimulated. It’s like a build up to something is occurring. The Moon enters charismatic Leo at half passed witching hour, giving way to a sort of Twisted Sister vibe that “isn’t gonna take it anymore.”


Today see’s the Moon in Leo conjunct the Sun, trine Chiron, and opposite Saturn. This see’s courage and resilience to be more fearless and authentic, and challenge any sense of restriction or imposition that interferes with free expression and shames the life force and joy out of everything. There can be something profoundly liberating, but also a little disruptive about this mathscape, but perhaps this is a necessary disruption or pushback towards something that’s gone on long enough.  The Moon goes on to square Uranus, coloring the mathscape in rebelliousness and excitement, maybe something shocking or surprising is happening. With the Moon also trine relationship asteroid Juno, this could involve others somehow, in the very least, there can be support backing us up, even if there are challenges or opposing forces, or obstacles. This mathscape favors those who stand up *to* oppressive forces as opposed to favoring those who stand up *for* oppressive forces. Venus in Virgo attempts to mediate between opposing camps, but the pendulum of justice swings towards freedom of expression and fighting for the right to party, and away from just “going along to get along”, or unjustly controlling and restricting the lives of other people. If the idea of not being able to control other people’s bodies, speech, movements, culture, and life trajectories makes you feel upset, -brace yourself for the fact that the universe sharply disagrees with taking away people’s self determination. This can also be experienced more personally as a simple liberation from the dreariness and/ or loneliness of a stale, (and sterile) robotic routine. 


Today see’s the New Moon in Leo at 6:50 AM PST, conjunct the Sun, Mercury, trine Chiron, opposite Saturn, and square Uranus. This can see a fearless embrace of authenticity and a drive towards free expression that can feel almost therapeutic. The opposition to Saturn is weak, while the Uranian contact is strong. There is also a conjunction to the Part Of Fortune at this New Moon which can see some fortuitous events. There’s a courageousness to this mathscape that doesn’t want to be inhibited or confined any longer, whether these restraints are imposed from without or are coming from within. There’s something almost cathartic, innocent and child like about this New Moon that can be really healing and freeing. Maybe we do something out of the norm, or we do something we’ve been wanting to do forever but haven’t felt allowed to or able to do. A lunar opposition to Jupiter can see an indulgent atmosphere. There can be uplifting or inspiring communications, and creativity can be lit. As New Moons are about planting new seeds, the area of your chart ruled by Leo can see the signs of a new beginning starting to unfold that can feel life affirming and invigorating. There can be a sort of electricity in the air under these configurations. Leo is loud, proud, fearless, and shameless. This mathscape is very symbolic of shaking free of shackles, restrictions, inhibitions, and fear, and embracing more courage, joy, love, and authenticity. Living more freely, fearlessly, courageously, and out in the open.

Sunday, July 25, 2021



The week begins on a note of reclusiveness, recovery, or preparation, with the Moon in quiet Pisces opposite Venus in purifying Virgo, and conjunct Jupiter now back at zero degrees Pisces in the early morning hours. This might not see everyone at their most socially inclined, but there is a sensitivity to nuance and details, as well as a desire, -or perhaps a necessity,- to address problems, eliminate excess, heal, cleanse, purify or improve things in some way. Over the tail end of the weekend we may have reached a point of tiring of our own bullshit in some way, or recognizing a rut, stale pattern, or problem, and a desire to improve things may have accompanied this. Venus in Virgo seeks to eliminate what is no longer working, and this cycle can see a more discriminatory approach to Venus ruled matters. Here, Venus has more exacting standards, but also a noble and humble desire to improve things, heal, and be of service. It can feel good to clear the clutter and the bullshit from our lives, become more organized, and commit to self improvement efforts. This transit can also focus on making the day to day grind more enjoyable and help us find more satisfaction in all the small things. This will be further emphasized and enhanced by Mars, which joins hands with Venus on Thursday. The other side of the coin is that it can also make us more critical and perfectionistic, but by having both Venus and Mars in Virgo, there will be an unmistakable drive and motivation to get our shit together, tame an inner beast, and make drastic improvements. This can be amazing for both mental and physical health. Later in the day see’s the Moon make a sextile to Uranus and conjunction to dreamy Neptune, and this can see time spent alone in reflection yield surprising insights, and/or there can be some interesting serendipities that take place. This can see the day close out on an interesting, inspiring, and imaginative note, and it’s possible this paves the way for some revealing conversations, surprising news, discussions, or exchanges.


Today see’s the Moon in sensitive and compassionate Pisces conjunct boundary dissolving Neptune, trine Mercury in 29 degrees Cancer, while sextile impactful Pluto. This can see some emotionally or spiritually beneficial exchanges, perhaps the ability to confide in someone can lead to feeling more supported and more confident somehow.  There can be some deep exchanges in some instances, and they can be mutually uplifting. Mercury, the planet of communications, enters courageous Leo at 6:12 PM PST, but until then, while in the final degrees of Cancer, there is an opportunity, perhaps even a compelling drive, to be more emotionally vulnerable and open, and this can be a sort of confessional atmosphere that makes discussing difficult, heavier, or darker, more taboo topics feel much easier, as there is a lot of empathy, understanding, and forgiveness in these configurations. It also provides a good atmosphere for having deep psychological or emotional insights, so connecting to others in more substantive and even emotionally nourishing ways can feel more natural and easy to do, as we can crave changes that are good for us and add meaning to life. This can see a poignant and reflective day, that gives way to a more dynamic and courageous atmosphere tomorrow. Perhaps it feels encouraging to open up new channels or levels of communication or to feel known or understood more deeply, and accepted, foibles and all. This can even take place entirely internally, and we can be capable of a lot of insight and compassion now, for ourselves and others. 


The Moon enters Aries, the brave little toaster, at 2:58 AM PST, to conjoin Chiron, trine the Sun and Mercury in Leo. Jupiter finally slips back into Aquarius at 5:43 AM PST as well, where it will bring with it some rewards and blessings for the hard work we’ve been doing in the area of our chart that Saturn has been visiting. With new channels of communications establishing themselves more solidly, we can feel more encouraged about the path we’re on. The Moon goes on to sextile Saturn as well, suggesting that these aren’t frivolous contacts. Healing of some kind can be a topic of discussion with the lunar link to Chiron, and even if it isn’t overtly discussed, this can be an underlying theme or purpose behind the lines of communication being established now. In very simple terms, we can receive encouraging news in some way, or see signs of slow and stable progress around something we’ve invested time, energy, and patience into. The lunar trine to the Sun in Leo and Juno in Sagittarius see’s a drive towards whatever or whoever increases our vital life forces, uplifts, encourages, inspires, and motivates us to grow. We can crave things, people, and experiences that expand our consciousness and widen our worldview. The Sun and Mercury opposite Saturn in Aquarius can see purposeful culture clashes, but people would be wise to guard against know-it-all-ism or becoming self righteous, judgmental, divisive, and convinced to a point of pomposity, arrogance, and impetuosity. The wisest among us know that they simply don’t know everything. Those who see the world differently than ourselves can often be our greatest teachers. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron while squaring Pluto. This may see a somewhat intense and very driven undercurrent to the day that could require fortitude and courage. Mars enters Virgo at 1:32 PM PST. This first decan of Virgo is fastidious, hard working, and attentive to detail. The tarot card associated with this decan is the 8 of Pentacles, a card of diligence, perfecting, and mastery. Here, Mars is keen to improve things, and has a penchant to detect flaws and be attentive to details that might ordinarily escape us. This drive can inspire things like abstention, ritual fasting, or adhering to regiments designed to improve, purify, cleanse, heal, refine, and condition. It can also conversely see people alternate between a saint like discipline and purity and a full blown hedonistic bender, as they calibrate and adapt to their desired aesthetic aspirations. The 8 of pentacles is a card of doing something over and over again, and this repetition leads to mastery. If you fail, you learn from your mistakes, and apply the lessons to your next attempts. The lunar square to Pluto can see us driven and obsessed around something. It’s possible this can see us grappling with particular drives or intense, subconscious compulsions that we are aspiring to get a better grip on, lest they control or sabotage us. These configurations can bring forth a desire to transmute or transform inner demons into allies and to embark upon some alchemical initiation of sorts. The cost of carrying on at the whim of our compulsions can be very apparent. Repression isn’t the answer. We must befriend the demon and look it right in the eye, facing it down with courage. Mars and Venus both in Virgo can actually make embarking upon a process of self improvement a highly enjoyable one, and we can even form meaningful and lasting bonds and alliances along the way. This Mars/Venus transit is excellent for performing a deep clean of your life, and removing the cobwebs and dust bunnies from all of the corners within your literal and figurative house that you’ve ignored or neglected. 


We begin today with the Moon in late Aries, heading into Taurus at 1:08 PM PST, where it squares the Sun and Mercury in Leo, trines Mars in Virgo, and sextile Jupiter in Aquarius. We can be spurred on and inspired to improve ourselves, perhaps via our social contacts, or otherwise, through our own inspired visions of how we’d like to be, who we’d like to be, and who we’d like to be around. There may be a lot of differences between ourselves and others, as evidenced by the Sun and Mercury opposing Saturn, but it’s possible these very differences inspire and motivate us to raise the bar for ourselves. The Sun and Mercury both trine Chiron now as well, and this can see encouragement and motivation, there can be a healthy sense of competition, as if there is everything to play for, but rather than competing against others, these configurations can motivate us to out do our own personal bests, and this can be motivated not only by noble altruism, but a commitment to authenticity and ’Tegrity. With the Moon trine Hygeia now, these configurations speak to healing, of the body, mind, heart, and spirit, and the connection each of these spheres has to the other. There can be people in our environment or social circle that motivate and inspire us by their very existence, and the passion and motivation this generates can fuel our own desire to bring out the best in ourselves. Later, the Moon also trines Venus as well as Mars. This can see interpersonal connections receive a boost, and there can be a lot of earthy passion and a focus on shared passions. Mutual encouragement and enrichment. Certain people can be very motivating and catalyzing to us without even realizing it, and there can be a quiet, mutual admiration going on here. This is a practical and earthy lunation that can see work and pleasure intermingle somehow, or, in the very least, we can get more pleasure out of our everyday experience and interchanges. Communications can be spicy and motivating, even if there is a certain level of intimidation going on here, indicated by the Sun and Mercury opposite Saturn. The Moon goes on to square Saturn in the late evening, and this can see some inhibitions creep in, or some challenge or other, with a need to muster fortitude and resilience. 


Today see’s the Moon in earthy and sensual Taurusstill squaring the Sun and Mercury, while trine Venus in Virgo, conjunct Uranus, and square Saturn. This can see us slightly challenged by the fact that perhaps we’re in new territory somehow, or out of our comfort zone in some way, perhaps interpersonally, with the Moon linking to Venus. This can see some interesting or unusual dynamics, and there may be some coyness, shyness, or inhibition here, but perhaps simultaneously a strong desire to push passed that as a sort of “shock therapy.” Conversely, we may be attracted towards something or someone that challenges our sense of what’s normal or expected. In either case, today’s configurations see some need to think outside the box, and perhaps innovate around challenges, hurdles, or unexpected delays or blockages. It’s possible we may feel somewhat judged or under the scrutiny of others somehow, whether this is real or imagined. It’s important to remember that others are typically much more self effacing and preoccupied with their own hang ups and levels of self consciousness than our own inner critic often allows us to believe, so if you find yourself worrying over what everyone else will think, remind yourself of this universal truth and let yourself off the hook a little, at least enough to experience the joy of a little unselfconscious freestyling. The lunar link to Saturn dissipates as the day wears on into evening, seeing it much easier to relax and let our hair down about any wild hairs that may be twitching in our buttholes. This can see us giving in to some more experimental or adventurous proclivities with less complex about it. 


This morning begins with the Moon in Taurus trine powerful Pluto, sextile Neptune, while still holding a conjunction to Uranus in the early AM hours. This can see us following our instincts around something that maybe we’ve dithered around for a spell, and perhaps with some inspiring results. The Moon goes on to square Jupiter in Aquarius and Mars in Virgo, and this can see an energizing atmosphere that can motivate us to put a lot of effort towards something because the rewards of doing so seem as if they’ll increase exponentially in proportion to the effort executed. The Sun, and as of today, Mercury, square up to Uranus, indicating a highly innovative, and even subtly competitive atmosphere, that can inspire us towards new ways of expression and communication. This can see a lot of highly original ideas, new forms of creative expression, new ways of communicating with others, and unusual ways of enjoying ourselves. These configurations are simultaneously inspiring and intimidating, and we can feel challenged by our own passions and our desire to excel. With Venus also trine Uranus, this math literally reminds me of a peacock, doing his best to shine in his own unique way, in order to secure the attentions and affections of his prize, the peahen. This could literally be the case for people now. Whether it’s a specific person you want to seduce or impress, or a particular goal you’re trying to achieve, these configurations have their eye on a prize and are rife for “peacocking.” The lunar square to Mars grows stronger as the Moon heads into the last degrees of Taurus and can see Sunday closing out on a spicy and impassioned note that maybe some brisk physical activity would be well suited for. The week ahead calls us to streamline these passions in a goal directed manner, and it’s possible that any energetic excess finds itself an effortless outlet through precisely such mediums. 


Monday, July 19, 2021



This morning begins with the Moon in Scorpio trine the Sun and Neptune, sextile Pluto, squaring up to Venus, Mars, and strengthening it’s square to Jupiter. This can see today begin on a note of subtle intensity but also hopefulness, passion, and optimism. There may be some intensity of feeling, but a simultaneous need to release control and allow the Universe to do it’s thing. There is also a lot of faith and optimism, and a feeling of hope on the horizon. The Moon heads into optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius at 2:08 PM, to square Jupiter in Pisces and trine Chiron, which suggests a lot of hope, a positive attitude, and a desire to expand and grow. There can be encouraging feelings, and high ideals. As long as we remain realistic and grounded in reality, this can see the power of positive thinking utilized to our advantage. Mercury sextile Uranus now, perfecting at 14 degrees, can see a lot of innovation to do things differently, and this also includes in regards to emotions. There can be new emotional frontiers being reached, and a lot being learned on subtle levels. This can also have practical/physical ramifications. Venus and Mars opposite Jupiter have worked to expand our courage and connect to our highest ideals, creatively, aesthetically, in love, and as regards our desires. Perhaps what’s been missing is belief that certain things are possible. There can be a feeling in the background this week that they are, with faith and effort. Venus and Mars in Leo are also spicy and competitive, but the opposition to Jupiter in Pisces alchemizes the quality and bandwidth of these tendencies, preserving and exalting their inherent innocence and nobility. All is ultimately subsumed to love. 


Today begins with the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Juno, sextile Saturn in Aquarius, while trine Chiron in Aries. Put simply, this can see courage and resilience to enter new frontier, emotionally or otherwise. Relationships to others can be highlighted quite a bit this week, and certain dynamics are transforming in subtle but powerful ways. Any challenges or blockages ahead, whether internally or externally, will require fortitude, consistency, and dedication. With the Full Moon in Aquarius on Friday, this indicates that challenges and blockages, and any ways we may have been fighting against ourselves and our own true will, are in a process of release-and wrenching free of, so that new, more exciting levels can be reached. Later, the Moon builds a trine to Mars and squares Neptune, which can see heightened feelings, and can make us more sensitive to the energetic stimulation and emotional or psychic impressions. We may be flirting with the idea of being more courageous and open emotionally. Thoughts and feelings we've kept private can factor in somehow, and we might entertain the idea of being more open and expressive. The imaginative faculties can be lit, and this can see a broad array of fantasies or visions that can be excellent fodder for our motivation levels. If certain unknowns or uncertainties make it somewhat challenging to express our emotions clearly, any heightened feels can be expressed in more subtle, less direct ways, or funneled into our goals. Venus is at 29 degrees Leo today, the most urgent and intense degree. Excitement and the passions can be palpable, and there can be some interesting dynamics going on under the surface of dynamics, beyond the superficial veil. Tomorrow see’s Venus shift into the more earthy, and practical Virgo, indicating a cycle about getting down to ‘bidness, and facing any said uncertainties head on by taking a more hands on approach. Securing the MF bag. 


Today see’s the Moon in Sagittarius trine Venus and Mars in Leo, with Venus at 29 degrees Leo, until it enters Virgo at 5:37 PM PST. There can be a lot of passion, enthusiasm, and motivation in these maths. Something can really be inspiring us right now, and optimism and faith levels only increase when the Moon makes a sextile to Jupiter. This is some pretty beautiful energy, and it can be easy to perceive all the beauty around us. Something or someone can really have us feeling lit AF. This is like some “See it. Want it. Need it. Gotta have it” type energy.  The Moon enters the material realm of Capricorn at 3:36 PM PST, and Venus enters the more physical dimension of Virgo at 5:37 PM PST. There’s definitely strong desire in this math, it’s pretty spicy, and with the Moon and Venus dipping into the material realm, these desires want to be claimed and made manifest. We can’t simply just want something- we have to go about getting it, which means working within the material realm, navigating all the nitty gritty details, and tending to all the basics of our desires fulfillment. Mercury builds an opposition to Pluto today as well, and this can see us fixated and maybe even kind of obsessed with something we have really high ideals around. We can feel compelled and impelled. We may need to break free from something within or without us in order to realize it in the flesh. This requires a surrender to the True Will, and an emotional metamorphosis. 


Today see’s the Sun make it’s annual ingress into warm and fun seeking Leo. Happy birthday Leo! The Moon in sober Capricorn opposite Mercury in Cancer, trine Uranus in Taurus, and square Chiron. Perhaps it’s that with great desire and great passion, also comes great vulnerability. There can be some self doubt, and we can fumble a bit around our emotions. It can be hard to put them into words, although there may be a deep and strong desire to. This can see people wrestle with a desire to just blurt something out that they’ve wanted to say or share for a long time, as the lunar trine to Uranus wants to illuminate what’s been repressed, buried, submerged, denied. But maybe there’s fear, as doing so could leave us feeling weak or vulnerable somehow. A lunar conjunction to Pluto doesn’t make this any easier, as it only intensifies the feelings (for better or worse.) There could be something kind of exciting about whatever this is, but it looks almost tragicomic how it seems to be involving our deepest desires, but also simultaneously our deepest fears and vulnerabilities. This can see an interesting emotional alchemy take place during this build up to the Full Moon that can mark a process of pushing through all of our fears and blockages, due to being motivated by compelling forces, whether they be strong, unshakable desires, high ideals, compelling pulls, visions, people or goals.  This can see some surprising dynamics. Our approach to communications and approach to emotional dynamics can also be subtly but powerfully transforming. 


This morning see’s the Moon in serious Capricorn sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto, and this may see a desire to break new ground. It’s also perhaps that is just effortlessly a natural consequence of our own inner alchemy. Regardless, there is a conscious desire, and perhaps a compelling pull to lower a barrier more-a process that has been underway for quite some time now. These barriers may have been internal, external or all of the above, but this process has a deep and consistent, inescapable, -dare I say, even fated thread. The Moon enters free radical Aquarius at 5:12 PM PST. The Full Moon culminates at 7:37 PM PST, while conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, and Pluto out of sign, and of course opposing the Sun in Leo. Our True Will, whatever that is for you personally, requires great courage and fortitude now. This Full Moon marks us having more skin in the game, and this see’s a commitment made to the True Will that has been inevitable. Now we lay claim to it and own it. This can require exiting certain comfort zones and perhaps challenging ourselves in new ways. Building our courage, and rising to the challenges that our desires and True Will is inexorably attached to. We can feel simultaneously challenged and inspired. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn, square Uranus in Taurus, and sextile Chiron in Aries. This can see shocks and surprises, perhaps some excitement, and it’s possible we feel encouraged by something. Perhaps this involves something we’ve put a great deal of effort, dedication, and patience into. It’s possible there can be some subtly encouraging signs that with continued effort and commitment, that breakthroughs and leaps forward can happen. There can be a lot of nervous energy with the Moon squaring Uranus, but the conjunction to Saturn keeps our feet on the ground and focused on realistic gains. There can be a bit of seriousness in the air, but the Sun and Mars in Leo can’t really help but gravitate towards things and people that make us feel joy. Even if there are some reality checks or just a feeling of challenge, it’s hard not to smile sometimes. If something or someone we desire also makes us feel challenged, spicy, or competitive in some way, this is meant to facilitate inner breakthroughs. Compete only with yourself. Out do your own personal bests, and don’t be consumed with the illusion you’re ever competing against externals. What and who is meant for you is already yours, you just need to energetically lay claim to it and “act as if.” This means rising to the challenge of becoming yourself. Our desires are meant to unlock new potentials inside ourselves and by rising inwardly in this way we will naturally draw them towards us. This means breaking free of our own inward resistance to them. Such resistance can come in the form of inner scripts like “I could never have that/do that/be that/that person would never want me/etc etc.” Release any such scripts. Replace them with “Thats mine. That’s me.” Or That’s my boo. We’re already dating. “ Or This shit is solid. It’s in the bag.” Sounds delusional to some of you sure, but acting as if is a really powerful form of vibrational alchemy. People would be surprised how much their own inner scripts are sabotaging the fuck out of their own peak fulfillment and self actualization. 


Today see’s the Moon in late Aquarius opposite Mars in Leo and building a conjunction with Jupiter in Pisces. With Mercury opposite Pluto, this can either see us wanting something or someone really bad, or there can be fiercely opposing opinions flying around. People can be reactive. There may be a need to blow off some steam through exercise or physical endeavors. This can be great for creativity. Our high hopes and idealism can feed our inspiration and enthusiasm levels as long as people can avoid getting sucked into pointless drama. With the Sun opposing Saturn now, it highlights the theme of being challenged by our own desires. There’s a strong and conscious desire here to make them real, to bring them down to earth. We have to be careful not to work against our own interests with too much self doubt, while simultaneously remaining realistic enough to tend to the very crops we are worshiping and pinning our hopes on. The Moon goes on to oppose Venus, while still opposing Mars and conjunct Jupiter. By 8:30 PM PST, the Moon enters sensitive and reflective Pisces. This can stimulate our ideals, particularly around relationships, finances, or creative projects. There can also be some vague worries and uncertainties or confusion here to contend with, that can see us wrestle with self doubts, perceived inadequacies, or perfectionism. This can see a strong desire to improve or to get something just right. Sunday ends on an imaginative, dreamy, and highly idealistic note, and there can be some serendipitous undercurrents and interesting things going on within the subtle, energetic realms of interpersonal dynamics. There can also be a lot of fine tuning or details to attend to. Venus in Virgo prepares us to enter new ground, and this can have real world, (in the flesh), physical implications. This cycle energetically prepares, aligns, tunes, sculpts, refines, and conditions us. 


Monday, July 12, 2021


MON JUL 12. 

Today see’s the Moon in Leo conjunct Venus and Mars, and this can see a beautiful vibe focused on joy, creativity, love, and pleasure. Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces add a sort of surreality, imagination, inspiration, sensitivity, and pure genuineness to this playful, fun seeking vibe. With the Sun also trine Neptune, while opposite Pluto in Capricorn, these configurations soften the hard edges of life, lower defensiveness, and create a certain openness that can be refreshingly disarming and almost cathartic. This might come with a certain child like naivety, but life is meant to be lived, celebrated and enjoyed, and right now there is a conscious use and embrace of these drives that can create positive transformations in our lives. The Moon/Mars/Venus combination in Leo is concentrated, cinematic, and theatrical, while the Solar trine to Neptune and opposition to Pluto can facilitate powerful serendipities, synchronicities, and put people in touch with their deepest callings and most substantive and genuine instincts. Afternoon see’s the Moon oppose Jupiter which can see an indulgent, dreamy, even cinematic atmosphere.  Certain things can feel too good to be true, as it can turn out that things we may have been nervous over or fretted about can be much less worse than we had imagined or worried about. There can be news or communications that increase optimism, inspiration and idealism, and people can be feeling the love.  Creative solutions to problems or challenges can be easier to come by due to the optimism that is naturally generated by these aspects.  There’s a lot of warmth, -and it’s not just the weather. There can be an electric charge to the day, and the evening can see a communicative atmosphere building as the Moon in late Leo sextile’s Mercury in Cancer.


The Moon enters earthy Virgo in the wee hours, at 1:30 AM PST, seeing a sextile to Mercury, which can see some interesting discussions. Venus and Mars are perfecting their conjunction at 19 degrees Leo today, and love, passion, creativity, and the pursuit of enjoyment, inspiration and fun are in the air, and this is a major motivator right now. Interpersonally, creatively and collaboratively, these are some really fascinating configurations, and Mercury’s trine to Jupiter can open up dialogue and dissolve barriers and defenses, while the Moon in Virgo sextile Mercury in heart centered Cancer can get down to the nitty gritty details of things, assisting people in discussing feelings in a matter of fact and uncomplicated way. A little restraint might not hurt, as the Venus/Mars conjunction perfecting now can rapidly accelerate things before they’re actually ripe, but it can feel refreshing to have more courage, bravery, and motivation. As the day progresses, the Moon trine’s Uranus which can see a desire to shake up routines that have become stale. There can be a lot of motivation and there can be a certain excitement and a palpable liveliness in the atmosphere. These configurations are revitalizing to the body, spirit, and the passions. Some surprising and significant shifts can begin to unfold. 


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo sextile the Sun in Cancer, trine Uranus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn while opposite Neptune. This can see a dynamic atmosphere in the earlier part of the day, and maybe see some reorganizing happen, either in the home, or in life in general, in order to increase comfort and make way for fresh and positive stimulation. The conscious will and the emotions are in alignment, and the imagination, inspiration, and ideals can be highly active. With the detail oriented Virgo Moon linking to Pluto and Neptune, we can be very perceptive to nuance, signs, signals, symbols, subtext, subtlety, and non verbal communication now. There can be surprising little serendipities and synchronicities, as the universe can be dropping a lot of hints into the fabric of existence. This can also see a growing need to make certain changes around getting the work/life balance correct to make more time for tending to the inner world for a moment. Although the Virgo Moon is practical and detail oriented, we may want to pause, meander, or innovate a bit under these penetrative and reflective aspects. Doing so can help steer us away from burnout or worry, and yield surprising insights or new ideas, as well as help us be more receptive and in tune with the subtle undercurrent and natural rhythm and order of things. 


The Moon enters partnership oriented Libra at 7:32 AM PST, and Chiron stations retrograde at 9:41 AM PST. With the Moon trine Saturn there can be an inner stability, confidence and resilience, even if there is some indecision around how or even whether to proceed with something as the Moon also squares Mercury in emo Cancer. The Moon builds an opposition to Chiron as the day progresses and advances into evening, and this can bring up sensitivities or vulnerabilities, or make us more aware of our own and/or others weaknesses. Chiron’s apparent backward motion from earth during it’s retrograde journey can assist in addressing old wounds or weaknesses at their roots, which can produce a profound and necessary healing and new wisdom, whether emotionally, physically, spiritually, interpersonally or otherwise. Good medicine. Lunar semi squares to Venus and Mars can see relationships in the spotlight somehow, and there may be some waffling back and forth or uncertainty as to how to approach something. Moon in Libra square Mercury in Cancer is kind of a classic “sent <unsent” messages type of configuration, if there ever was one, and there can be a subtle tension in the air. This can also revolve around basic things like making plans, promises or commitments. Striking a balance between our own needs and those of others is a general theme under the Libra lunation. Best not to overpromise, over commit, or double book if you can help it. Conversely, if you want human contact, and you’re the type to be a stoic island of self sufficiency, don’t be too proud to ask for what you want. The Moon’s link to Saturn and Juno, along with Venus and Mars holding hands, give a steady resolve, courage, passion, and consistency of feeling in spite of any heightened awareness of vulnerability or weakness. We can be learning a lot about connecting with ourselves and others in subtle but powerful ways now that can be very enriching or enlightening.


Today begins with the Moon in Libra still holding a weak trine to Saturn and opposition to Chiron, and as the day advances, the concept of people pleasing or being afraid to ruffle anybody’s feathers is more easily set aside and replaced with a more genuine and authentic approach to human interactions, with a lunar sextile to Mars and Venus in confident and courageous Leo, while squaring the Sun in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. If we’ve been holding back from acting on how we’re really feeling, we could feel more encouraged to knock that shit off and just embrace the chips falling where they may by following our instincts. This could see some passionate math, perhaps some low key (or high key?) emotional intensity that can be pretty compelling. This isn’t “good” or “bad”. Maybe I’ll just call it “spicy” or “interesting.” By Saturday, maybe we can just call it “Hella Extra”. Today looks…interesting, as the Moon in Libra diplomatically navigates some intense drives, instincts, pulls, emotions, attractions, compulsions, or power dynamics. Maybe something needs to give in order to restore inner and outer balance or something, because repressing our real needs or drives is kind of just asking for a ticking bomb to go off at some point or for something to unravel or fall apart. Ask for what you need, do what you’ve gotta do. Be true to yourself. As long as you’re not imposing your will upon others by attempting to control other people via guilt trips, ultimatums, power trips, or making a scene with absolute hysterics, -keeping it real will help restore the balance in the universe, and there can even be the potential for some positive breakthroughs or a cathartic release of tension. I don’t know how else to describe this. This is a pretty authentic and genuine mathscape that is struggling really hard not to be.


The early morning hours see the Moon in Libra wanting to burst at the seams and perhaps struggling a little to reign in the more primitive and instinctual urges brought on by the squares to the Sun in emotive Cancer and obsessive and powerful Pluto. The Moon dips into do or die Scorpio at 11:38 AM PST, to trine Mercury in Cancer and Jupiter in boundless Pisces. This could see a heightened sensitivity in the air, and there can be some sensitive or private topics discussed, quite easily at that. It can be easy to overshare, and some people can be prone to extremes, as there can be a lot of muted or restrained passion in the air that seeks an outlet and finds one quite effortlessly via the lunar trines to Mercury and Jupiter. The Moon in Scorpio goes on to square Saturn and oppose Uranus, so it’s possible for all this emoting and primal ooze to meet the unanticipated brick wall of someone else’s boundaries, cold indifference, shell shock, or desire to avoid confrontational or excessively emotional, dramatic, or controversial situations. Conversely, we may be struggling with an inner conflict around restraining ourselves and reigning ourselves in when it feels so utterly natural to spontaneously act on our feelings and instincts. This can see some very unusual situations or dynamics. Another spin on these configurations is an attempt to resist or redirect powerful temptations/pulls/desires, or the presence of some inner (or outer) conflict revolving around what we instinctually want deep down. It’s also possible something revealed catches us off guard or by surprise, and is simply a matter of “poorly timed spontaneity”, and it could be as simple as that. Regardless, it’s a highly interesting day that may contain a plot twist or some “fuck it” moments or two.


Today more or less see’s a continuation of yesterdays theme, only as it advances, it then throws in a lunar trine to Neptune and the Sun, and a square to Mars. The Sun/Pluto opposition perfecting yesterday colors the theme of these maths with some inward intensity as we battle inner drives, desires, and compulsions. As the day wears on, Saturn releases it’s grip, and there’s no longer so much inner or outer resistance. Lunar squares to both Mars and Venus can see a lot of passion in the air, and it’s got to go somewhere. There may be a drive to do something different, creatively, romantically, or interpersonally. The lunar/Neptune trine activates the imagination and there may be a longing after something or someone, some sort of rainbow we’re chasing, and there can be some unknowns or uncertainty, perhaps some indecision, and a need to take a wait and see approach. There’s also a lot of understanding and compassion. In some cases there’s a need to release attachment to something, at least temporarily, and redirect powerful, somewhat spicy drives in a more innovative direction. In other cases what’s happening here is a release of attachment to outcomes, which make it easier to take more initiative in some way, and this might see some interesting dynamics. There can be some creative shifts in a new direction somehow, and there can be a quiet excitement. With the Scorpio lunation, the day can be largely inwardly focused, perhaps some rumination going on around our creative, social, financial, or interpersonal direction. Although there are some action oriented squares as well. It’s a good day to make some adjustments, and the Moon’s contact to Uranus can highlight a desire to make some changes or switch things up a bit, taking a new approach to something in the week ahead.

Sunday, July 4, 2021



Today see’s the Moon in earthy and stubborn Taurus making an indulgent, perhaps lazy square to Jupiter Rx in Pisces. The early morning can be sort of dreamy and wistful with a lunar sextile waning off to Neptune, but a lunar trine to intense and laser focused Pluto can see a sort of doubling down on a particular direction or train of thought, feeling or sentiment. The Mars/Saturn opposition which peaked last week may have brought certain things to a halt, and it may take the better part of this week to truly get back on the horse again and regain steam, so a large part of this week may revolve around tapping back into motivation and energy levels which may have lagged a bit under competing priorities or busy schedules. Some people may have pushed ahead against the current that insisted (or forced) a slow down, others may have checked out of certain activities temporarily to avoid burn out and regroup. Regardless of how you handled the energies of these highly charged, and somewhat draining and conflicting aspects, there's been a lot going on internally for people, and in some cases there have been some very polarizing energies to mitigate, both within and without. Mars and Venus both in Leo instill a desire for self determination, and won’t give up easily when it comes to bringing back an energy of joy, vitality and aliveness. The show must go on. Even if it requires resisting our own inward inertia, or outside forces or circumstances that challenge or drain the energy, the lunar trine to Pluto and square to Jupiter shows high ideals and a focused determination to keep on keepin’ on. There may be a bit of a preoccupation with something, or a mystery that catches our attention, but the energy is there to bring renewed commitment to gathering strength, energy, and courage, one day at a time. Tomorrow can bring out our curiosity and can see a more interactive or communicative landscape.


Today see’s the Moon in talkative, multitasking Gemini, making a trine to Saturn in unorthodox Aquarius, and sextile to Venus in Leo and Chiron in Aries. This can be a potentially healing energy. It places the focus on pleasure and enjoyment, while blending maturity, responsibility, and sensitivity nicely. However, Mercury, now going forward and ending it's cycle in Gemini at the end of this week, returns to 23 degrees today, once again perfecting it's square to Neptune. This, combined with the other aspects, can make fuckery and fraud stand out like a sore thumb. It's important to be discerning, as this aspect is shady, manipulative, fraudulent and deceptive at worst, confusing, imaginative, sleepy and loopy at best. It can be creative and sensitive, -but also beguiling, so it's best to be realistic and discerning and be aware that there's a large potential for fuckery floating around. It can be easy to miss details, and there can be a lot to keep up with. Don't be taken in by silver tongued salesman with snakeoil. On the plus side, it’s possible to approach sensitive or complex subjects with a compassionate but detached objectivity, and Venus and Mars in Leo insist on a heart centered approach, but also instill courage and confidence to hold our ground in the face of any demoralizing influences. Later, the Moon sextile’s Mars which brings more energy, gusto, and enthusiasm into the atmosphere, and even though we are still dealing with Mars/Venus/Saturn opposition, and the Venus/Saturn opposition is also perfecting today at 12 degrees, suggesting there is still some reserve, holding back, inhibition, or some other obstacle or blockages to overcome, there can be a renewed determination to make things more interesting and liven things up a bit. This can see a playful and lighthearted curiosity, alongside the healing influence that the Moon/Chiron contact brings.  Late evening closes out with a lunar conjunction to Mercury, which can see some healing communications. Perhaps there is good news, or a message of love or good will that fortifies the spirit, touches the heart, or encourages us in some way. There can be some positive and beneficial contacts made today, and overall the day can be pretty productive, motivated, and positively charged.


The wee, early morning hours see the Moon in Gemini still sextile Mars in Leo, trine Saturn in Aquarius, and conjunct Mercury, but also squaring up to Neptune. It’s possible something or someone has stirred the feelings, and perhaps there’s some uncertainty around how to approach this, or even what we actually feel about it. There are some things that we just can’t know with any certainty, and so today can see people a bit loopy, or wistful. When it comes to certain situations or interactions, we may need to simply accept that we need to just “feel things out” as we go, and follow our intuition and inner knowing. The Moon/Mercury/Neptune contacts are the main players in today’s mathscape, and it can be a bit of a magical mystery tour. There can be a lot of uncertainty, and a nervousness over unknowns with the Moon squaring Neptune that can almost be sort of moody, flailing from high hopes to despair over various “what if’s.” Venus and Mars both squaring up to Uranus ultimately want to be free from any pressure, rules, restrictions, impositions, judgements, or being told what to do, how to feel or who to associate with, and slowly but surely, the planets of love and passion become more confident and self assured as they inch closer together and pass through the trials, tribulations, and inhibitions of Saturn. This evening, as the Moon perfects it’s conjunction to talkative Mercury while trine Jupiter, can open a floodgate of communication. Tomorrow see’s the Venus/Uranus square perfect, which can see caution thrown to the wind, or some other surprising or shocking moves or developments interpersonally. Whatever is going on this week, it’s very out of the box, unorthodox, surprising, passionate, experimental, or unexpected. 


The Moon enters emotive Cancer at 6:51 AM PST, emphasizing the lunar trine to Jupiter in compassionate Pisces while still holding a link to Mercury. This can see a lot of feelings being shared. Venus in passionate Leo perfects her square to unpredictable, shock rocker Uranus today, and this could see some unexpected developments or heated dynamics. Anything is possible under these aspects, and it’s very “present”, spontaneous, impulsive and in the here and now. This could spontaneously deepen dynamics, or see a show of rebellious independence, but whatever the case, the Moon makes some minor aspects particularly in the earlier part of the day that indicate a rather spicy, passionate or emotionally charged atmosphere. Later, the Moon squares Chiron which could suggest some sensitivity, vulnerability and the potential for some butt hurt. With the New Moon in sensitive Cancer tomorrow, take care how you handle people or dynamics under this lunation that are best described as “delicate.” Even though Venus and Mars are both reaching a full on “FTW I DO WHAT I WANT” following your bliss/ heart type of moment, try to be graceful and gentle if that means somebody somewhere might feel slighted or disappointed, as people can be more sensitive to certain dynamics (or sudden exits) than is apparent. 



Today see’s the New Moon in Cancer at 6:17 PM PST.  The build up can be a bit sensitive with the Moon conjunct the Sun in comfort seeking Cancer, while sextile unconventional wild card Uranus and square Chiron. It’s possible that someones independence or detachment has someone else feeling wounded or weak in some way, or the general emotional unpredictability of certain bonds, attachments or dynamics could be bringing out vulnerability. A lunar trine to Neptune later on adds some wistfulness to the mix, while an opposition to Pluto could have us feeling intensely about something. This new Moon is relatively "quiet", but there can be some internal intensity. It can be challenging to release any attachment to outcomes with the Moon/Pluto opposition, or there could be external factors or personalities that are having a hard time releasing attachment. We may crave more certainty or security in a situation. With both the Sun and New Moon squaring Chiron now, this can see a certain self protectiveness, but also a lot of empathy or understanding for others. This New Moon plants a new seed in the area in your chart ruled by Cancer, and Mercury will follow suit on Sunday to give this area a lot of considered thought and evaluation. This can see some quiet new beginnings, but could, in some instances, see something else go out "with a bang" simultaneously. No matter what area is ruled by Cancer in your chart, this New Moon, and Mercury’s entrance into this sign this weekend brings attention to our inner, emotional world, and what and who makes us feel nourished, secure, safe, and rooted. There may be something intense or perhaps emotionally complex that has our attention here, and there could be certain things we know we need to release or transform in order to follow our bliss more completely.


Today see’s the Moon void of course for the first part of the day, holding only a trine to reflective Neptune and an opposition to penetrative Pluto. This can see a cozy, restful, and retiring vibe that can be good for exploring the feelings and perhaps even the dark underbelly of certain things. There could be some intensity lurking under the surface that can compel us inward in order to sort through complex emotions, drives, or instincts. This can be a very intuitive day and good for connecting with our inner guidance systems, as we may need to. Mars has finally relented in it’s opposition to Saturn, and our energy and drive can begin to feel more consistent. This also bodes well interpersonally, as things that have been very stop/start can also begin to gain traction. The Moon enters gregarious Leo at 5:21 PM PST, where it will oppose Saturn in Aquarius. There may be some challenges or resistance to going after what we want, whether this resistance is internal or external, it’s a subtle wet blanket vibe, but it will be more and more difficult to resist the call of following our bliss and staying true to ourselves, and the coming aspects will bring plenty of resolve to extricate ourselves from any self imposed limitations, inhibitions, restrictive influences, or challenging circumstances that may have been holding us back, energetically or otherwise. 


Today see’s the Moon in enthusiastic Leo, conjunct Venus, Mars, opposite Saturn, square Uranus, and trine Chiron. Holy moly. With both Venus and Mars no longer opposing Saturn, this lunar/Saturn opposition can represent a line in the sand about something. We may have felt restricted or held back in some way from pursuing more joy in our life, and today can represent a moment where something has got to change. The lunar opposition to Saturn can produce a feeling of being lonely or cut off from others, while the lunar/Mars/Venus/Uranus aspects can see an experimental, and impulsive vibe, and a desire to take risks in the name of excitement and change. Mercury, planet of communication, leaves dualistic Gemini for emo Cancer at 1:35 PM, shifting our thoughts to a more tender place during this Mercury cycle, where we can do a lot of thinking and perhaps communicating about our feelings. There can be an erratic energy to the day that can make it hard to maintain any structure if you prefer to have a regular routine, but it’s Sunday, and it could be nice, and perhaps even necessary, to do something a little spontaneous, adventurous, or experimental. As long as it doesn’t make anything vital you have going on fall to pieces, why not live a little? Maybe the Leo lunation can get people into the good kind of trouble. In the very least, things could get pretty interesting. Venus and Mars meet and perfect their conjunction this evening, around 8 PM PST, at 18 degrees. Monday suggests there could be some sweet contacts or connections involved, and confidence and energy levels can be on the up and up now that Venus and Mars have finally embraced and are no longer impeded or held back by Saturn.

Monday, June 28, 2021



The early morning hours are highlighted by the Moon in late Aquarius conjunct Jupiter Rx in early Pisces, I’m looking at it right now as I type this at the butt crack of dawn, and it’s just beautiful. This can see the day begin with noble intentions, and on an emotionally detached but generous, optimistic note. There can be an element of positive reform at play here.  Mid morning see’s the Moon leave detached Aquarius for boundless Pisces at 10:51 AM PST, where it tightens it’s conjunction with Jupiter and trines the Sun in cozy Cancer. This can see a lot of positive thinking. In thinking positively, -it’s also important to remain realistic (and not be naive). The Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Pisces is good at bringing acceptance and peace to situations, making it easier to do whatever is necessary to clear hurdles or release deadweight, without inward guilt trips or negative emotions. With Mars in courageous Leo now opposite Saturn and square Uranus, and Venus preparing to meet Mars, this can see some highly unusual or unconventional situations, either in love, finances, or passion projects, and there can be some challenges or oppositional forces to overcome so that particular people can finally come together and/or things can finally gel in some way. In the meantime, the Moon in Pisces assists in accepting things and people as they are, and is able to appreciate love in all it’s forms. Mars fights to come together with Venus and on her behalf, and any obstacles, opposition, or challenges can strengthen bonds that are felt and weld people together through tests of patience, endurance, strength and resolve. Today can see a sort of hunkering down, and getting settled into a process that is taking place. The Pisces lunation makes it easier to feel at peace with whatever is unfolding here. Mercury trine Saturn has been working on stabilizing and reforming the area of your whole sign natal chart ruled by Gemini, so that whatever we are working towards manifesting has a more solid foundation from which to spring from.


Today see’s the Moon in Pisces trine the Sun in Cancer, sextile Uranus in Taurus, and conjunct Neptune in Pisces, while squaring Mercury in Gemini. What no longer makes any sense, supports our security, or helps us feel truly nourished is dissolving and being replaced with new, more sensible approaches. With Uranus in Taurus, solutions or positive new directions are found in the humblest of places and have a simple, “common sense” air about them. So much so, we may wonder what took us so long to come around to this line of thinking and why we didn’t embrace, appreciate, or acknowledge what has been right under our nose sooner. No matter, because whatever has been going on before, it’s now garishly obvious that it simply isn’t producing the results or outcomes we desire, making it impossible to ignore the value of simple common sense. What is simple, humble, practical, or even just local/in our own neighborhood or backyard, can be revolutionary, and it can bring a lot of inner peace to release all that which is convoluted, inauthentic, uncertain, and nebulous, to replace it with something far more sensible and tangible, that’s been right under our nose all along. This will actually fulfill whatever need/purpose/or desire we were looking to fulfill in the first place while taking fantastical or convoluted paths that yielded little more than an empty mirage and left much to be desired as far as lived results go. What is common sense, simple, humble, or “every day”, can seem like a radical epiphany now, (if this hasn’t occurred already.)  It will be hard to dismiss the value of that which is simple, basic, humble and matter of fact, and we may wonder why we were making things so convoluted and complicated for ourselves for so long. Such realizations, applied wisdom, and reforms can be occurring in the house of your whole sign natal chart that is ruled by Gemini, and this can produce very healing results. This can help a great deal going forward, and we can feel a lot of peace about releasing things that just don’t work, and only serve to drain energy, vitality, and a (genuine) sense of comfort and security. Uncommon common sense.


Today see’s the Moon in late Pisces conjunct Neptune while sextile Pluto, while building a trine (out of sign) to Venus in gregarious Leo. This can mark a day where some powerful changes can be implemented which can begin to be integrated. These changes, however large or small, can have an across the board enlivening, heartening, and beneficial impact. Whatever is in metamorphosis now can do much to increase confidence, self worth, vitality, enthusiasm, self empowerment, self love, and even creativity. This will naturally have a knock on affect in our relationships with others, and even finances or other Venus ruled activities will be enriched by these positive transformations. The Moon is technically void of course from 10:40 AM PST, and this suggests a good time to step back, “take it all in”, reflect, dream, meditate, and build energy for the more assertive Aries lunation. The Moon enters Aries at 6:21 PM PST, emphasizing the lunar trine to Venus while squaring the Sun in Cancer. The latter part of today and this evening can be focused on pleasure, joy, and things that make us feel alive, motivated, connected and excited. The lunar/Venus action can bring out a creative and playful streak, and even if there are challenges or differences of opinion, temperaments, or agendas indicated by Mars opposite Saturn, it can be easy to locate common ground with others and to appreciate the trajectory we are on and connect with the feelings of motivation and enthusiasm required to tackle any challenges that may lie ahead gracefully. The rewards of putting in effort, energy and time into positive reforms can be obvious, as can the rewards of cultivating peace and common ground by blending and harmonizing disparate elements, styles, or temperaments. 


Today see’s the Mars/Saturn opposition become exact and perfect. Even if there is challenge, opposition, struggle or friction, we can be very motivated and passionate about something or someone now that we’ve been very patient and enduring about. Conversely, Saturn can help us focus on where we may have been going over the top or being too hedonistic and indulgent in ways that may have lead to regrets, and this can help us be more masterful, discerning, skillful and intentional around our passions or impulses.  The Moon in energetic Aries conjoins Chiron and trines both Mars and Venus in Leo, and we are willing to fight for whatever it is we desire. Any opposition or challenge only strengthens our resolve, but it also helps us be wise, measured, and strategic in our approach. The carrot on the end of the stick is obvious, and this lunation can see a sort of reinvigoration and a desire to strengthen ourselves where we have felt weak, out of control, or vulnerable. There can be more courage available to up the ante where we may have felt timid, aimless, (or buckwild?) or our desires or goals felt somehow impossible or out of bounds to fulfill. With the Moon squaring the Sun in Cancer we may be a little out of our comfort zone in some way, but it may be easy to recognize how doing things differently or being a bit more courageous somehow only strengthens us and lets in more joy, light, love, and vital life force, as the Sun also forms a sextile to illuminating Uranus, suggesting a change can do us good and bring emotional growth. This can see some “out of the box” or unorthodox emotional situations as well, but there can be something exciting, refreshing, healing, and even life giving about embracing what or who is “different” or outside of our usual norm, or simply being more authentic about what we want, (even if that means certain others might not like or understand it.) Regardless of what's going on, only the Universe and the wisdom of our own soul knows why it compels us toward certain people or intertwines the stories of certain folks together. These aspects ensure that particular people enter into our story or play some sort of role, whether passively and unknowingly or more directly, -to unlock something within us that will assist in our souls growth, healing and evolution. So, try not to put everyone or everything into a box right now, including yourself, as these configurations make for some highly unusual, "unorthodox" and dynamic situations and interactions, and this is intended to facilitate deep healing. Today can see a lot of energy to get things done, and it’s possible we can feel that we’re growing more strength, courage and vitality. A lunar trine to relationship asteroid Juno can also see some mutually supportive and encouraging interactions that can help boost confidence and motivation levels. “You can do eeeet!” 



Today see’s the Moon in Aries sextile Mercury in Gemini and square Pluto. This can see some intense conversations, or we can be heavily mentally preoccupied with something or someone, and there can be a certain tunnel vision around this that if anything, is extremely thorough. A lunar trine to the healing asteroid Hygeia suggests this can be something revolving around the health of the body and/or the soul. Our own wellbeing and/or those of others can be a factor somehow.  Regardless, a lunar square to Pluto isn’t afraid to confront whatever is buried, taboo, or possibly even a bit uncomfortable. The Moon/Pluto aspect can see people fixated or a bit obsessed over something, and in the earlier part of the day particularly, it may come out in conversation. It may be difficult to be anything but authentic, but maybe this isn’t a bad thing. Whether you label it “bad” or “good”, the day has a certain powerful “intensity” within it.  Emotional intensity and confronting buried feelings can be a part of the mix somehow. The Moon goes void of course at 9:15 PM PST, and Venus and Mars continue to inch closer together, day by day, preparing for their fated union. This can see us preparing for a sort of “coming together” of our own, and this can represent a particular interaction in some cases, or some sort of other successful, healing, and happy culmination that we’ve worked hard towards, waited a long time for, or simply put in a lot of time, effort, and patience into. Whatever it is, it hasn’t been easy, as there’s been challenge, opposition, false starts, and even periods of outright deflation or feeling alone. Any positive conclusions, rewards, or “happy endings” that will be the result of the ensuing and ongoing configurations will certainly be well deserved. 


The Moon enters earthy and sensual Taurus at 5:28 AM PST, conjunct Uranus, sextile Jupiter, and square Venus and Mars in Leo along with Saturn in Aquarius. The square between Mars and Uranus is also exact today, perfecting at 13 degrees, and this could see some surprising, unexpected, or impulsive moves, out of the blue attractions, or some “fuck it I’m gonna do/say this” moments that have perhaps been brewing for a long while now.  Moon/Venus/Saturn/Uranus contacts combined with Mars perfecting it’s square to Uranus could suggest some powerful temptations or drives that are difficult to ignore. Repressing things in the name of propriety or “acceptability” only leads to resentment and a lack of fulfillment. Stirring the pot or taking a risk in some way certainly trumps living a lie. In either case, there will be a powerful impetus towards following our own authentic rhythm with the Mars/Uranus square perfecting today, no matter how weird it seems (or who get’s shocked or offended). This is a liberating aspect that comes with a certain element of controversy or risk taking, and demands that we embrace the fact that there will probably be some kind of fall out, but anything worth preserving can handle our authenticity and our truth. We might try to restrain ourselves in some way, or feel a sense of inhibition, but once the Moon squares Mars as well as Venus, there’s much more impetus to just “feel the fear and do it anyway.” So, this mathscape leans heavily in a “fuck it” direction, and encourages people to do or say that thing they’ve been wanting to do or say but have felt constrained, restricted or inhibited from doing or saying. In other words, YOLO. Saturn helps to make realistic risk to benefit ratios and make assessments on where to cut back or prune. So if the reward is greater than the risk, go for it. If not, maybe reconsider your approach and see if you can find a sweet spot you're comfortable with, without compromising your true will.


Today see’s an interesting continuation of yesterday’s moderate to severe YOLO theme, and things get a lot deeper and more substantive. The Moon still squares Mars and Saturn however weakly, and still conjoins Uranus, but throws in a dreamy and cathartic sextile to Neptune, and a fearlessly freaky trine to depth psychologist Pluto. Perhaps following that “fuck it” instinct has brought some relief as well as opened up new possibilities that can allow us to feel not only more authentic and truly seen by certain others, -but also more connected and supported. These aspects can see us revealing sides of ourselves to others that we hadn’t before, and/or can see others revealing sides of themselves they had previously kept totally private. Inhibitions lessen as the day progresses, and there can be a sort of radical and liberating authenticity in the air. It can feel freeing to let go of worrying about what so and so is going to think of such and such, and this can make it easier to receive the kind of support and good energy we actually truly need. This can only benefit interactions and make it possible to connect and mutually support one another in deeper and more substantive ways. Even amidst great contradictions or differences between others, peace and harmony are possible.