Venus enters Cancer at 2:30 AM PST, and Mercury follows suit at 5:07 AM PST. The Sun will join them on Thursday, but for now remains square Neptune. Venus, Mercury and the Sun still holding squares to Neptune get’s this week off to a dreamy start. Neptune softens the harsh angles to Saturn, and encourages you to dream. This may mean not everything goes according to a planned schedule, and that’s ok. In some cases Neptune indicates losses, or release, letting go of what is outside of your control. If you feel a little lost right now, find something to get lost in, like a cause, a project, something greater than yourself. The Moon in Scorpio goes on to oppose Mars in Taurus, which can see some frustrations, or a need to take actions after some delays. 


The Moon in Scorpio makes a trine to Saturn today, which can see more stability, which can help to get things back on track if they have meandered a bit. There can be an out of sorts feeling to mitigate in the early morning hours, but as the day progresses the Moon goes on to oppose Uranus, which can be a bit nervy and see some surprises. There can be a lot of creative inspiration as the Moon also goes on to trine Neptune. If you can relax and go with the flow, the more you can enjoy these aspects. Venus and Mercury now in Cancer places an emphasis on comfort, softness, emotions, and a harmonious domestic life. The squares to Neptune encourage a focus on enjoying what is, rather than lamenting what isn’t. 


The Moon enters Sagittarius at 9:32 AM PST, which can see more optimism and faith as it opposes Jupiter in early degrees of Taurus. Certain things can feel a bit unsettled, and there may be a need to exercise some restraint, but a little discipline can help reap rewards. We have not one, but two Full Moon’s coming up in Capricorn, so hard work most certainly pays off. The area of your chart ruled by Capricorn is doubly emphasized by two Full Moon’s here back to back, which is apropos, considering Pluto will revisit this area once more for the last time in our lifetimes in the autumn period, setting some lasting changes into place. Neptune is also preparing to change cycles, with an intent to make peace and acceptance a permanent focus as it prepares to leave Pisces, so this year marks the final stretch of the Neptune in Pisces cycle.


The Sun kicks off Summer Solstice and makes it’s annual ingress into the sign of Cancer today at 1:51 PM PST, which can be very illuminating as it joins Venus and Mercury. This can see a desire for more emotional clarity and security. The Moon in Sagittarius is Square Saturn, which can see feelings of optimism vulnerable to negativity or discouragement. There can be a need for patience, with a focus on duties and responsibility. A lunar semisquare to Pluto can also see some intense feelings bubbling to the surface, and there can be something that is very preoccupying. A lunar trine to Chiron see’s a lot of sensitivity and empathy, creating opportunities for healing, even if there are challenges. 


Today we build up to a Full Moon in Capricorn. There can be a lot to manage, although energy can be low or there is a dreamy sensitivity that keeps the imagination wandering. The Moon enters earthy Capricorn at 4:08 PM PST, and culminates to full at 6:08 PM PST, opposite the Sun, Venus, and squaring Neptune. If there is any confusion around relationships, values, or life direction, having a sense of purpose to hurl yourself into can ground and anchor you. This decan of Capricorn is ruled by the two of pentacles, a card of adapting to change. This decan of Cancer is ruled by the two of cups, a card of relationships and union. Changes can be happening on a practical level that impact the course of relationships, or changes happening in relationships can impact the course of pragmatic affairs. For some, this can mean goodbyes, or letting go, for others, there can be a feeling of being at sea, perhaps confused at what direction to take. This is where having a rooted sense of purpose becomes imperative. If this is lacking, the whims of others wield all to much influence over your life and your potentials. Connect to this, and you can’t go wrong. Finding a balance between the outer public life, work, and the inner private life of human connections, comfort and emotions, can also be a theme.


The Moon in Capricorn makes a trine to Mars in Taurus, while opposing Venus, Mercury, and quincunx Jupiter. In spite of whatever else is going on, the Moon trine Mars is locked in and focused. The Sun, Venus and Mercury are no longer squaring Neptune. Instead they are conjoined, and sextile Mars. This can see more courage to make an approach or communicate directly. There can be feelings of relief and more confidence around situations that have felt vexxing, concerning or uncertain.  Mars in Taurus is driven, patient, rational,  and plodding, and with the Neptune squares out of the way, a clearer sense of purpose or a clearer grasp of terrain you are navigating can prevail. On the relationship front, better agreements can also be worked out, and people can also be helpful in learning new skills or adapting to challenging changes or new levels of understanding or organization. Mercury sextile Mars and semisquare Uranus requires quick thinking and adaptability, so teamwork and supportive dynamics and alliances are very helpful here. There can be excitement, and a lot of new ideas or perspectives can be on the table. 


The Moon in Capricorn is trine Uranus while square Chiron, which can see excitement and changeability, but perhaps someones willful independence causes someone else to have hurt feelings? If this is the case for you, try to release the need to control others, and don’t take their actions or behaviors personally. Just as possible is the potential for healing experiences or heartfelt changes that can feel intensely positive, or of anything, healing and necessary. The Moon goes on to conjoin Pluto, which can see some intensity or moments of emotional clarity. There can be some positive breakthrough points that ultimately lead to more feelings of security. There can also be some exciting changes going on that allows fresh energy and experiences in. The lunar square to Chiron can just as easily be a need to focus on self care and nurturing, or caring for others, as there has been a lot to adapt to very quickly. The evening can be a good time for meditation, and there can be some powerful downloads or points of inspiration with the Moon sextile Neptune while trine Pluto. Even later in the evening, a lunar trine to Jupiter can see something to smile about.


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