The Moon in earthy Taurus is conjunct Mars, going on to conjoin Uranus today while sextile Venus, which can see some spark, chemistry, spunk, and desire for shaking things up little. Mercury in strong trine to Neptune at anaretic degrees of water signs right before Neptune follows Saturn’s footsteps and stations retrograde tomorrow while Mercury enters courageous Leo, can see an emphasis on mental and creative refreshment. Locating a sense of inspiration, passion, and rejuvenating motivation levels can be in focus. Today’s practical Taurus slant is down to earth and sensual, with a strong impetus for savoring life’s salt of the earth pleasures. It’s both easy going and determined. The more effort you put into things, the more you will get out of them. The Moon in contact to Venus and Mars is comfortable taking things slow and easy and not forcing the pace of anything, but tomorrow can see a quickened pace.


Neptune stations retrograde at 3:40 am PST, joining Saturn for approximately 5 months. Sorting what’s workable from what’s not, and being open to self discovery can help put certain things on a better trajectory with more solid foundations. Mercury enters Leo at 5:40 AM PST, where it opposes Pluto in Aquarius, while still trine Neptune. Certain dreams, ideals or fantasies can be immensely preoccupying. There can be a lot of creative inspiration under these aspects, but there can be a tendency to become very fixated on certain ideas. For some, there can also be strange power dynamics to navigate, and certain dramas or plots that can play out for quite a long while. Mars will spend a long time in Leo due to a retrograde later this year, so this area of your chart will be spotlighted for increased emphasis, reevaluations, detangling, or possibly heated or heavy handed dynamics. For now, Mercury’s entrance into Leo can be very stimulating and fruitful. The Moon enters Gemini at 8:50 PM PST, to conjoin Jupiter , trine Pluto, and sextile Neptune, which can see a deep need for change, stimulation, and emotional and creative refreshment. There can be some good news or something that boosts morale. Things may have slowed down recently, and now there is an impetus to get them flowing again. 


Today can require some patience as the Moon builds a square to Saturn while in tense minor aspect to Pluto. Good things come to those who wait, so if today see’s some pressing obligations, responsibilities or challenges, take heart knowing that the Cancer lunation will eventually sync up to Venus bringing some comfort and relief. Today also sees Mercury and Pluto perfect an opposition, which can see something have your intensive focus. Something going on can be mentally all consuming, or there is a mystery to get to the bottom of or perhaps something important to communicate. There can be some intrigue or intensity, so it's good to keep your sense of humor handy to bring levity to situations, as things will lighten up considerably and these more broody influences will pass. Venus and Mars are in good harmony, which describes a stable situation. There’s an emphasis on getting and keeping things stable, exhibited by the Sun slowly building a trine to Saturn Rx. Whatever this is can most definitely be an inside job. Mercury in Leo craves some drama, excitement, fun and joy, and wants to reinstil passion into things. Stability doesn't have to equal boring or dull.


Today can begin on a sleepy, dreamy, or hungover feeling note with the Moon in late Gemini squaring Neptune Rx. This can see people slow to rise or simply more easily distracted and prone to daydream. The Moon enters cozy Cancer at 1:51 PM PST. The Mind can be leading the way with grand visions and exalted expectations with Mercury in Leo opposite Pluto, but the body or feelings or limiting circumstances can take some time to catch up, which can be a bit frustrating (Mercury sesquisquare Saturn). Try not to be too narrow minded or fixated on things being a specific way, as detours or improvisations you wouldn’t have otherwise considered can prove to be satisfying.


Today we see a New Moon in Cancer, exact at 3:57 PM PST, at 14 degrees. The second face of Cancer is ruled by the 3 of cups in the tarot, a card of abundance, friendship, social support and celebration. This New Moon makes a strong trine to Saturn, emphasizing longterm aims and stability. Whatever seeds of abundance are being planted here require careful nurturing and protection. Although this decan speaks of mirthfulness and enjoyment, there’s a certain level of character building required to achieve and maintain the continued flow of abundance. There can be some successful milestones or other hard won accomplishments to celebrate. The Moon goes on to conjoin Venus, which can see some beneficial agreements, partnerships, or deals working out or reaching points of stability or understanding. This can be between friends, business relations, or love interests. As long as all parties are mature and respectful, deals can be worked out that benefit everyone involved. The Moon also goes on to sextile Mars and square Chiron. One person can be more guns ho than the other, or someone can feel at a bit of a disadvantage or there is some element of vulnerability involved. Try to acknowledge any power disparities or tread carefully around sensitive topics. It’s also possible that someone is extending themselves in a way that makes them feel vulnerable or there is an element of obligation involved. In either case, this New Moon plants a seed where mutually beneficial dynamics or arrangements can take root.


This can be a pleasant Saturday, with the Moon conjunct Venus and semisquare Jupiter. Venus semisquare Jupiter just now can see desires a bit at odds between people, as they want different things. There can be a tendency to go too far to try to get things your own way or tilt them into a particular direction, but with some compromise, things can be win-win as long as everyone is capable of maturity and empathy. Whatever is the case, there’s definitely a slant on enjoyment, comfort and pleasure in this mathscape. The Moon trine’s Neptune and enters fun seeking Leo at 8:56 PM PST, to oppose Pluto, seeing a fantasy oriented, spicy, escapist, but heavily fixated energy. Take care to manage your expectations of yourself or others, so you can avoid succumbing to disappointment, frustration, or deflation. Otherwise, enjoy the influx of passion and creativity.


In the wee hours of the morning, the Moon in Leo is opposite Pluto, conjunct Mercury, trine Neptune, and sesquisquare Saturn, which for some can see loose boundaries or disinhibited, compulsive (or inebriated?) texts or communications, followed by less than enthusiastic responses, none at all, or wet blanket vibes. There could be issues of poor timing, shyness, or other challenges. This passes fairly quickly, and most people will sleep through it. As Sunday wears on, the Moon forms a sextile to Jupiter, so if you were hit by any deflation or discouragement, it should be easy to focus on the positives, and pick your head up. This is a feel good configuration that is further complimented by Mercury also sextile Jupiter. This see’s a determination to enjoy what is good, and make the best of things. It even makes it easier to make light of things that might otherwise be viewed in a more negative light. Mercury/Jupiter is able to be philosophical about things, and most importantly, enjoy what and who you can while you can. Venus in aspect to Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune can seek solace and excitement in secret fantasy worlds, whether they be of a romantic or creative nature. Escapism can be a natural response to things that feel out of reach just now. There can be a preference here to view situations (or people) through rose colored lenses, and an attachment here to anything that nurtures a sense of whimsy and magic, or takes the edge off of well, edgier situations or frustrated circumstances. There can be a mystical, ethereal, or unconventional nature to love, dating, or social/creative situations, or to money, values, or pleasure pursuits.


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