Sunday, January 27, 2019

Astrology Week Of Jan 28 2019

After a weekend consisting mostly of self soothing, other soothing, and of generally attempting to make peace and harmony with the intense (often sudden and unexpected) changes and transformations brought about by the recent full moon eclipse...we enter this week with the moon in deep, penetrative, moody, and brooding Scorpio. The "new reality" may have not quite fully settled in, but there is certainly a grit and determination to make the very best of where all of the pieces have landed. Much is going on under the surface as we reconfigure ourselves and adjust our strategy to the new reality. 

With the Sun and Mercury both now in Aquarius, independence, individuation, the future, detachment, and change are the watchwords. An increasing focus on friendships, goals, and groups can also be in focus during this cycle. Where and with whom does one belong? What path and which allies can best assist us to navigate these changing internal and external tides, and where and with whom does our future lie? A sort of "musical chairs" is underway, and many are leaving a certain era and chapter of their lives firmly behind them, while mapping the territory for their future selves. There could be some impulsive moves or decisions in regards to love for some, or a restless need to shake things up, spice things up, or bring something unconventional (or refreshing and liberating) to the equation. Frustrations or impasses could be felt, but things could begin to find direction and forward movement once Mars loosens it's square to Saturn.

Tuesday, the moon swings into optimistic Sagittarius, broadening our horizons, picking up our spirits, and painting Happy Trees over trying or shocking times (or for some, difficult and sudden goodbyes). As the moon inches closer to Jupiter and Venus, forming a lovely conjunction, it could be that the inherent freedom of our new situations becomes extremely apparent to us, and some could go a bit "buck wild" with this energy. It's as if we are somehow able to create balloon animals out of some of life's less than easy passages. We can call this portion of the week (from Tues until about 4 pm Thurs) "The Bob Ross Effect". .. (Or, "The Mary Poppins Effect"). .."a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down."

 Adventure calls, as we are called by the cosmos to "keep on keepin' on", and expand our horizons by either physical travel, getting out in nature, or just making sure we shake things up for ourselves, lest we fall into any ruts around any "what could have been's". Optimism is a vital survival strategy, and it shouldn't be hard to come by under these configurations. Good times are on offer and the possibility of new love or the rekindling of old love could also be a factor for some. A romantic adventure of sorts could beckon. The breaks come off as the Mars/Saturn square ebbs off and it's "all systems go."  Keeping our feet on the ground and our perspectives and expectations realistic is generally good advice throughout Jupiter's transit in Sagittarius, as this transit can tend to tempt people to overextend themselves, as Jupiter in it's home sign doesn't tend towards "moderation" all that naturally. Regardless, new things are set into motion in general, and perhaps also more specifically, in regards to love/pleasure and/or money, and the future looks rather promising, even if there are certain challenges. There could be times where the "comfort zone" is but a distant memory, which can be a disorienting but perhaps necessary learning experience, as the buffet of life offers options upon options of various lessons in the "wisdom of excess" and "going over the top."  (Choose your portions and make your selections wisely.) 

By weeks end, things take a more serious and somber tone, (in sharp contrast to the Bob Ross Effect). This is more of "The Gandalf Effect."  Perhaps a sobering moment? The realities and practicalities (and the chaos) of certain changes become apparent, and we are reminded of the consequences of our actions, life's many laws, cause and effect, karma, and the work still ahead to complete, stabilize, and finalize the complex processes and transformations we underwent at the eclipse.
Have we been taken off track? Or are these (perhaps unplanned) detours painting a happy picture for the long term that we can jibe with? 
With Mars no longer piquing it's square to Saturn, and Uranus tightening it's conjunction to Mars, change is definitely in the air, and Saturn is no longer moderating or restraining quite as much as before, so the previous confines and restrictions of movement and action are no longer quite a factor. This also increases the impulsivity and chaotic neutral element of Uranus/Mars conjunct. There is certainly an element of independence and unpredictability, as old tried and true foundations are shaken up, rebelled against, or outright flipped the bird. Either way...these changes taking place internally and externally will require great inner stability, resolve, and personal integrity to navigate. Midst all the seriousness that combines with the excitability of change, we may recieve good tidings from some quarter that boost our optimism about the future, or at least makes it look a bit brighter, more open, free, with more possibility than before. It could be a mixed bag of blessings that requires of us a lot of adaptation, maturity and focus, both inwardly and outwardly. Adaptation being a key word, as there may be a longing for simpler times, nostalgia, or painful goodbyes. 

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Astrology For The Week Of Jan 21 2019

We begin this week still reeling from the full moon eclipse in Leo that occurred late Sunday evening, and with the Sun officially kicking off Aquarius season. The Sun in airy Aquarius places emphasis on originality, individuality, and freedom to explore new territory, ideas and concepts.  It's movement out of Capricorn takes a bit of the "pressure" off, and Mercury will follow suit midweek. A feeling of reaching some sort of milestone can accompany these shifts, as if we have reached a high peak, completed some sort of process or weathered some sort of trial,- and can now begin to take in the view, and ask ourselves "where to from here?". Some of us had spontaneous amazing things happen, whereas others of us had spontaneous shocks of a more jarring variety. In either case, we are left with much to assimilate and adapt to, as very few of us were completely untouched by the celestial configurations.

With a potent collection of planets in fire signs as we kick off the week, passion, excitement and enthusiasm for all of the "new newness", are rife, with an odd contrast of seriousness from the planets in Capricorn. It is a "sober excitement", a mature passion. A "realistic jubilation." Funnel this inner fire into making headway on your goals, and you will be glad you did. 

Mercury, in the final degrees of Capricorn, is wrapping up some of the details for the long term changes and transformations that we are making in our lives, as we set sail into this new and exciting chapter. The planet of communication and commerce will follow the Sun's footsteps into unconventional Aquarius late on Wed night, approximately 9:50 PM PST. This places emphasis on to the hopes and wishes we have yet to actualize via the solid foundations we have laid for ourselves while Mercury was busy working away with it's nose to the grindstone next to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. 

Mercury in the first decan of Aquarius is curious and inventive, able to connect the strange and unusual with the arbitrary and mundane. It is the perfect placement for entering and mapping new territory, and for trying new techniques, exploring new ideas or territories that are not common place, or are outside of our "normal."

The moon will continue to be in fun and theatrical Leo until Tuesday evening, shifting into earthy and improvement focused Virgo at 7:22 PM PST. With fire emphasis of the eclipse having stoked our passions and enthusiasms, the Moon's movement through Virgo grounds and centers us once more. Bringing us back down to earth to accommodate the practical, physical realities of our ever shifting landscapes. Order must be maintained, even (and perhaps especially) when everything is changing and transforming around and within us. The Moon here will fortify our foundations for the adventures (inner and/or outer) we have yet to embark upon, and assist us in finding a "groove" within the new and transformed paradigms.

The evening of Thursday the 24th, the Moon shifts into airy Libra, at 8:03 PM PST, shifting our attentions towards a more Venusian persuasion for the bulk majority of the weekend. Here, Luna holds hands with the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, emphasizing all that is lovely, harmonious, and unifying about the changes taking place. Although, the Moon in opposition to Mars in Aries suggests there is a growing impatience to obtain "the precious" NOW, there are certainly indications of the potential for harmonious teamwork and a shared vision, through shifting circumstances. With some patience, everything will find it's place, as Luna's placement here acts as a sort of soothing balm with big hints that with continued effort and perseverance, thing's will become a little bit sweeter, and a little bit easier. It appears that actions will definitely be taken at the weekend that potentialy take us into new frontiers. 

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Leo

After an intense face off between the Moon in emotionally sensitive and homey Cancer with Saturn, Pluto, the Sun, and Mercury in Capricorn this weekend, late night on Sunday the 20th, (9:16 PM PST), a full Moon lunar eclipse climaxes in the theatric and dramatic sign of Leo. Luna in this face of Leo speaks of the masks, persona, and indentities that we portray to the world, and our sensitivity to how we are percieved. An eclipse at this point suggests a rebirth of identity/persona is happening, inwardly and outwardly, consciously or unconsciously. The shedding and retiring of old masks, and the assembly of new ones. We could also be thinking on our feet and adjusting to unexpected developments-(more on that later.)

There is an element of playful competitiveness to this face of Leo, whether that competition be with former or future selves, or admired others, the tarot card symbolic of this decan is the 5 of Wands. This card is symbolic of petty dramas and conflicts that are typically without much weight, merit, or substance and have their origins in egoic dysfunctions and one upmanship. Positively, it is also symbolic of diversity. Many things going on at once, many viewpoints wanting to be heard, and many (perhaps conflicting) drives, desires, and motivations needing to be acknowledged and integrated all at once. When extremely differing characters, cultures, and temperaments interact, there is an opportunity to explore new perspectives, viewpoints, and ways of doing things. Such "culture clashes" can take place externally or internally amidst our many "selves", as we navigate the excitement and combustion of the need for rapid change. This can also be reflected in a diversity of events, or the natural tension that ensues from a sudden, (but not necessarily negative) change in circumstances or situations. 

Also present could be a competitive drive to do and be better that can spring from an internal struggle with low self esteem, or percieving others as more glamorous/successful/intelligent/together etc.. than ourselves- but such feelings can be transmuted to positive ends, and spur us on to improve. It's a good idea to avoid becoming too pathologically attached to an idealized persona/mask, as such preoccupations can become counterintuitive and demotivating. As long as these competitive internal scripts serve to motivate and inspire however, they are relatively harmless and can in fact be excellent fodder for self development and liberating action.

 This decan of Leo deeply craves the spotlight, but is also simultaneously subject to paralyzing stage fright, that can equally seek to make itself invisible, or strategically direct attention elsewhere. Life awaits our performance, and the roles we are being asked to play (or that we secretly desire to play), may be new and unfamiliar to us, or perhaps a bit intimidating, but the roles we have played before are roles that we have since outgrown, and no longer fill us with the same child like enthusiasm as before. The process of constructing this new mask is a deeply personal and creative one, that should make us feel alive and inspired inside, as we play with new and challenging roles. 

On a personal level, this eclipse can invoke sensitivity around the way we are being percieved, and the type of attention we are recieving (or not recieving) from others. It can focus our attention on perfecting the new masks and personas that we would ideally like to embody, as we embark upon the next chapter of the creative adventure upon the grand stage that we call "life." A chapter of which we are extremely excited about. With good reason. 

The aspects that Uranus in Aries forms to the Sun, Moon, and Mercury suggest a lot of "new newness" to digest and assimilate, mentally, emotionally, and even practically. Changes may be happening very quickly, like lightning, changing everything in an instant. The squares in play here suggest a whole lot of action, and rapid change. Did I mention rapid change? It will probably be worth mentioning again. 
Combined with the fact that this completes the old family of eclipses and ushers us firmly into a new one (on the Cancer/Capricorn axis), we are very much entering new times. It is indeed symbolic of entering the new "Act" in a play, complete with quick wardrobe changes, a new back drop, and different stage props, and all of the hustle and bustle that this entails. Perhaps it is a part that we have eagerly awaited to play, have dreamed of playing, and we are nervous and excited about how well we will be recieved by the "audience." 

The enthusiasm grows, but there is also an underlying "seriousness" about it all, as "Gandalf Carrying The Ring Of Power" (I.e the stellium in Saturn ruled Capricorn), demands excellence, discipline, and integrity of us, in everything that we do. (Ahem...No pressure though.)

The decan of Leo that the lunar eclipse occurs in is actually traditionally ruled by Saturn, so a tendency to be rather harsh critics of ourselves (or via projection, others), would be wise to mitigate. Saturn's touch though also suggests something long-term attached to the things going on at this eclipse. All in all though, the warmth of the fiery planets with all of their impatient enthusiasm combined with Gandalf Carrying the Ring of Power, could certainly result in an increased "pressure to perform." Perhaps we merely want to live up to the greatness of our own situations, and to the greatness of our own potential, and to the epic-ness of our own quests.

 Take that as you will, as this will manifest in different life areas depending on your personal natal chart, but there could indeed be an increased general feeling of "wow I really need to get my act together right now because the curtain is about to open and I'm standing here naked holding a sandwich. Everyone else seems so... ready." (They aren't, so doth not trippeth, boo.  They are just as freaked out, nervous, over excited, and self critical as you are.)

In spite of any latent stage fright, there is definitely an "exciting feeling", an optimism, (even while nervously standing in Gandalf's shadow), that continues to grow and can't be ignored even in our most pessimistic moments. It even makes these pessimistic moments quicker to pass and easier to deal with. A sort of "Hey. That was THEN. This is NOW" motif, because there will be some very defining moments that make it VERY clear that this is indeed, a new era entirely. 

There is definitely an awkward contrast between determined seriousness/naked ambition, and an over excited, child like, nervous enthusiasm for all of the changes transpiring.

Sure, there may be things that need to be gracefully and patiently accepted, but there is also a feeling of "promise" that something very new and different is unfolding, and that with effort, diligence, hard work and patience, something quite amazing could potentially come about. We might even begin to (gasp!) come to enjoy the challenge of discipline and consistency required to actualize our goals, and the sense of purpose that this gives us. Like I said in the weekly synopsis of Jan 14th,--by next week, we could all have something of a milestone to celebrate. There may even be some windfalls or miracles involved. Someting about the landscape will seem dramatically different in some way. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has a great weekend. See you on Monday. 

Monday, January 14, 2019

Astrology For The Week of January 14th 2019

Still under an ambitious, rational and seriously determined stellium in Capricorn, (which we shall henceforth colliqiually refer to as "Gandalf carrying the Ring of Power"), we enter the week with the moon in the final degrees of fiery Aries conjunct Uranus, shaking things up a bit, hinting at the excitement of fresh chapters, and adding to the build up of warmth, enthusiasm (and impatience) that will climax at next week's full moon lunar eclipse in Leo. The moon shifts into earthy and practical Taurus at approximately 10:32 am PST on Monday, grounding and centering us into our bodies, and into the reality of the earthly tasks before us, slowing our roll, soothing our nerves, and fortifying our intentions for the week ahead.

Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius, and Mars and Uranus in Aries keep our eyes on the prize, and we can look to them to help us to enjoy the process of the more pragmatic, down to earth and disciplinary aspects of realizing our goals and actualizing our visions- (lest we become grabby and impatient and hence spoil it for ourselves).

This unique combination of passion and ambition, desire and necessity, pragmatism and vision, makes for some serious contrast and intensity, and we may want something so badly we can taste it.

Used wisely, these are certainly auspiscious configurations for getting things done and making a lot of progress towards realizing our goals, as the inspiration, discipline, and practicality needed for leveling up our reality are readily available.

Wednsday evening around 5:30 PST see's the Moon enter multitasking, flighty and communicative Gemini, opposing Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius. This may see us eager, excited, and impatient in regards to love, pleasure, enjoyment, and all the things that make life worth living. The desire to live large and induldge ourselves can be difficult to ignore, and restlessness can grow. On top of Mars squaring Saturn, the eagerness to break free of restraints and shake free of our duties and finally have the pleasure, romance, fun and adventure we've been patiently plodding away towards can be palpable. There can be a lot going on at once, many things to do, many places to be, and much to adapt to. There is  a growing impatience and excitement for "the precious".  The carrot at the end of a stick calls to us loudly, but isn't quite able to completely drown out Gandalf 100 percent. It's like a bunch of antsy school kids waiting for the bell to ring but they have to finish a spelling test first.

The weekend see's this steady and heady build up of intensity take a turn for the emo, as the moon moves into sensitive and moody Cancer. Every time this happens, the poor cosmic crab is confronted with the cold sting of reality by the hardness of Saturn and Pluto in rational Capricorn (i.e Gandalf carrying the ring of power). This is doubly emphasized now, considering the Sun is also in this realistic and serious sign. If you get a bit emotionally frustrated at the weekend, know that the levvy is about to break, and this represents a major shift into a completely new era. The long wait and delay of gratification, and being told "Not yet" by Saturn every time you reach for a literal or theoretical cookie, has felt too much to bear at times. However, this time is truly different. It seems that some finishing touches are being applied and some necessary details are being attended to that will completely transform our situations and change everything. (Sun/Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.) The involvement of Uranus in Aries in all of this suggests a profoundly liberating element is at play.
By next week, there could actually be something to celebrate, as we complete the old eclipse cycle and phase in the new.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Happy New Year!

We begin this week (and more appropriately, this year), coming out of a powerful new moon/solar eclipse in Capricorn that formed a potent stellium in the area of our charts ruled by Capricorn over the first weekend of January. If you know your chart, pay attention to this life area as it will continue to undergo a profound transformation and a “maturation” process this year, and for the duration of Saturn’s time in Capricorn.

A square between Mercury in Capricorn and Mars in Aries until the 14th emphasizes action, getting things done, getting important and necessary work out of the way to clear the decks for all of the promising and exciting things ahead. “Work now, and you can play later”, is the mantra of this configuration, and there is plenty of enthusiasm behind ticking off our to do lists, as there is certainly a carrot or 12 at the end of a stick that inspires us to achieve our goals and complete any necessary tasks.

A most notable shift in the ethers occurs right off the bat this week on Monday, as Venus complete’s her month’s long journey through the underworld of Scorpio, where we have all faced fears and confronted outworn patterns of behavior, particularly in the realm of relationships and self worth. She now enters more upbeat, expansive, enthusiastic, optimistic terrain, and emphasizes the joys of learning. Now out of the deep and contemplative swamps of Scorpio, we are renewed, and have come a long way, our horizons begin to expand and a growing optimism can be felt. This enthusiasm will only continue to grow, as the fire in the heavens becomes increasingly accentuated, leading up to a climactic full moon lunar eclipse in confident and demonstrative Leo. As Venus get’s rolling in Sagittarius, her positive contact with Jupiter in Sagittarius and excitable Mars in Aries, (not to mention Uranus, who just stationed direct in late Aries) can be increasingly felt. Venus’ time in Sagittarius will be punctuated by a number of things, most obviously, her invigorating and jubilant contacts to both Jupiter and Mars. Less obviously, a square to Neptune in Pisces will add a dreamy, idealistic and inspired twist to everything she touches, and with Neptune’s long term contacts to both Jupiter and Saturn, there will be a profound desire to make the magic and fantasy of our imaginations a reality. This contact from Venus to both Jupiter and Neptune will certainly be a boon to artists of all kinds, as inspiration will definitely not be in short supply. Venus in bohemian Sagittarius, bolstered by “go big or go home” Jupiter, in contact with the fantasy realms of Neptune in Pisces, will be an inspired, imaginative, and expansive time that creates a feeling that “the sky is the limit”, and the possibilities are endless.

 This growing excitement, enthusiasm, “mucho gusto”, and inspired lust for life is appropriately tempered by Saturn, forming a square to Mars. This ensures that our excitement and passions are directed in ways that set us up for enjoyment in the long term, as opposed to just instant gratification. Saturn wants to make sure that this passion is sustainable, and also compatible with our longterm aims. Mars in Aries thinks in terms of “right now”, whereas Saturn in Capricorn thinks in terms of 5,10,20 years from now. This configuration (becoming exact on the 10th of January) can produce frustration for some, but if you keep your eye on the long game and remind yourself that nothing truly good or worthwhile comes easily (or instantly), you will utilize the best of these aspects, as there is a great deal of momentum, determination, and drive available with this pairing, as squares are wonderful for facilitating action. With Saturn now in the second face of Capricorn, decan 2, we are entering a very achievement oriented phase, where real results become attainable. Granted, Saturn in this decan of Capricorn can make challenges and obstacles appear more daunting to us than they actually are in reality, so this square from Mars in Aries can infuse some necessary bravery, an assertive “go getter” attitude that will assist us to tackle things that may otherwise seem monumental to us.

2019 is truly shaping up to be quite a year. We have only just begun, and are already kicking off eclipse season. The next eclipse, as mentioned previously, will be a full moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo. This will be on Jan 20th 2019. Essentially, you can consider all of January to be a build up of passion, confidence and enthusiasm, as if we are all awaiting and preparing for a great exciting adventure to be activated in our lives, and it’s very true. In a sense, we are. This is truly new terrain we are entering. This lunar eclipse has “excitement” written all over it, and Uranus in the late degrees of Aries will form squares to the Sun (in Aquarius by that time), the Moon in Leo, and Mercury in Capricorn. Uranus, having just completed it’s backward journey, and going forward again, wants to initiate things that have only previously been speculated about. Something new, expansive and exciting is being put into action at this full moon, or in any case, a period of “waiting” is coming to a close as we reach the precipice of new territory. Towards the end of January, Uranus will get closer and closer to Mars, and join him in a trine to Venus in Sagittarius. This spells action and adventure, and potentially travel for some. With Jupiter conjunct Venus, and Venus and Mars holding hands, the joy joy feelings will be evident, and for some, a new relationship adventure beckons, or our worlds are expanded via our relationships, or because of them. These are exciting times indeed.

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