Happy New Year!

We begin this week (and more appropriately, this year), coming out of a powerful new moon/solar eclipse in Capricorn that formed a potent stellium in the area of our charts ruled by Capricorn over the first weekend of January. If you know your chart, pay attention to this life area as it will continue to undergo a profound transformation and a “maturation” process this year, and for the duration of Saturn’s time in Capricorn.

A square between Mercury in Capricorn and Mars in Aries until the 14th emphasizes action, getting things done, getting important and necessary work out of the way to clear the decks for all of the promising and exciting things ahead. “Work now, and you can play later”, is the mantra of this configuration, and there is plenty of enthusiasm behind ticking off our to do lists, as there is certainly a carrot or 12 at the end of a stick that inspires us to achieve our goals and complete any necessary tasks.

A most notable shift in the ethers occurs right off the bat this week on Monday, as Venus complete’s her month’s long journey through the underworld of Scorpio, where we have all faced fears and confronted outworn patterns of behavior, particularly in the realm of relationships and self worth. She now enters more upbeat, expansive, enthusiastic, optimistic terrain, and emphasizes the joys of learning. Now out of the deep and contemplative swamps of Scorpio, we are renewed, and have come a long way, our horizons begin to expand and a growing optimism can be felt. This enthusiasm will only continue to grow, as the fire in the heavens becomes increasingly accentuated, leading up to a climactic full moon lunar eclipse in confident and demonstrative Leo. As Venus get’s rolling in Sagittarius, her positive contact with Jupiter in Sagittarius and excitable Mars in Aries, (not to mention Uranus, who just stationed direct in late Aries) can be increasingly felt. Venus’ time in Sagittarius will be punctuated by a number of things, most obviously, her invigorating and jubilant contacts to both Jupiter and Mars. Less obviously, a square to Neptune in Pisces will add a dreamy, idealistic and inspired twist to everything she touches, and with Neptune’s long term contacts to both Jupiter and Saturn, there will be a profound desire to make the magic and fantasy of our imaginations a reality. This contact from Venus to both Jupiter and Neptune will certainly be a boon to artists of all kinds, as inspiration will definitely not be in short supply. Venus in bohemian Sagittarius, bolstered by “go big or go home” Jupiter, in contact with the fantasy realms of Neptune in Pisces, will be an inspired, imaginative, and expansive time that creates a feeling that “the sky is the limit”, and the possibilities are endless.

 This growing excitement, enthusiasm, “mucho gusto”, and inspired lust for life is appropriately tempered by Saturn, forming a square to Mars. This ensures that our excitement and passions are directed in ways that set us up for enjoyment in the long term, as opposed to just instant gratification. Saturn wants to make sure that this passion is sustainable, and also compatible with our longterm aims. Mars in Aries thinks in terms of “right now”, whereas Saturn in Capricorn thinks in terms of 5,10,20 years from now. This configuration (becoming exact on the 10th of January) can produce frustration for some, but if you keep your eye on the long game and remind yourself that nothing truly good or worthwhile comes easily (or instantly), you will utilize the best of these aspects, as there is a great deal of momentum, determination, and drive available with this pairing, as squares are wonderful for facilitating action. With Saturn now in the second face of Capricorn, decan 2, we are entering a very achievement oriented phase, where real results become attainable. Granted, Saturn in this decan of Capricorn can make challenges and obstacles appear more daunting to us than they actually are in reality, so this square from Mars in Aries can infuse some necessary bravery, an assertive “go getter” attitude that will assist us to tackle things that may otherwise seem monumental to us.

2019 is truly shaping up to be quite a year. We have only just begun, and are already kicking off eclipse season. The next eclipse, as mentioned previously, will be a full moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo. This will be on Jan 20th 2019. Essentially, you can consider all of January to be a build up of passion, confidence and enthusiasm, as if we are all awaiting and preparing for a great exciting adventure to be activated in our lives, and it’s very true. In a sense, we are. This is truly new terrain we are entering. This lunar eclipse has “excitement” written all over it, and Uranus in the late degrees of Aries will form squares to the Sun (in Aquarius by that time), the Moon in Leo, and Mercury in Capricorn. Uranus, having just completed it’s backward journey, and going forward again, wants to initiate things that have only previously been speculated about. Something new, expansive and exciting is being put into action at this full moon, or in any case, a period of “waiting” is coming to a close as we reach the precipice of new territory. Towards the end of January, Uranus will get closer and closer to Mars, and join him in a trine to Venus in Sagittarius. This spells action and adventure, and potentially travel for some. With Jupiter conjunct Venus, and Venus and Mars holding hands, the joy joy feelings will be evident, and for some, a new relationship adventure beckons, or our worlds are expanded via our relationships, or because of them. These are exciting times indeed.

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