Astrology Week Of Jan 28 2019

After a weekend consisting mostly of self soothing, other soothing, and of generally attempting to make peace and harmony with the intense (often sudden and unexpected) changes and transformations brought about by the recent full moon eclipse...we enter this week with the moon in deep, penetrative, moody, and brooding Scorpio. The "new reality" may have not quite fully settled in, but there is certainly a grit and determination to make the very best of where all of the pieces have landed. Much is going on under the surface as we reconfigure ourselves and adjust our strategy to the new reality. 

With the Sun and Mercury both now in Aquarius, independence, individuation, the future, detachment, and change are the watchwords. An increasing focus on friendships, goals, and groups can also be in focus during this cycle. Where and with whom does one belong? What path and which allies can best assist us to navigate these changing internal and external tides, and where and with whom does our future lie? A sort of "musical chairs" is underway, and many are leaving a certain era and chapter of their lives firmly behind them, while mapping the territory for their future selves. There could be some impulsive moves or decisions in regards to love for some, or a restless need to shake things up, spice things up, or bring something unconventional (or refreshing and liberating) to the equation. Frustrations or impasses could be felt, but things could begin to find direction and forward movement once Mars loosens it's square to Saturn.

Tuesday, the moon swings into optimistic Sagittarius, broadening our horizons, picking up our spirits, and painting Happy Trees over trying or shocking times (or for some, difficult and sudden goodbyes). As the moon inches closer to Jupiter and Venus, forming a lovely conjunction, it could be that the inherent freedom of our new situations becomes extremely apparent to us, and some could go a bit "buck wild" with this energy. It's as if we are somehow able to create balloon animals out of some of life's less than easy passages. We can call this portion of the week (from Tues until about 4 pm Thurs) "The Bob Ross Effect". .. (Or, "The Mary Poppins Effect"). .."a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down."

 Adventure calls, as we are called by the cosmos to "keep on keepin' on", and expand our horizons by either physical travel, getting out in nature, or just making sure we shake things up for ourselves, lest we fall into any ruts around any "what could have been's". Optimism is a vital survival strategy, and it shouldn't be hard to come by under these configurations. Good times are on offer and the possibility of new love or the rekindling of old love could also be a factor for some. A romantic adventure of sorts could beckon. The breaks come off as the Mars/Saturn square ebbs off and it's "all systems go."  Keeping our feet on the ground and our perspectives and expectations realistic is generally good advice throughout Jupiter's transit in Sagittarius, as this transit can tend to tempt people to overextend themselves, as Jupiter in it's home sign doesn't tend towards "moderation" all that naturally. Regardless, new things are set into motion in general, and perhaps also more specifically, in regards to love/pleasure and/or money, and the future looks rather promising, even if there are certain challenges. There could be times where the "comfort zone" is but a distant memory, which can be a disorienting but perhaps necessary learning experience, as the buffet of life offers options upon options of various lessons in the "wisdom of excess" and "going over the top."  (Choose your portions and make your selections wisely.) 

By weeks end, things take a more serious and somber tone, (in sharp contrast to the Bob Ross Effect). This is more of "The Gandalf Effect."  Perhaps a sobering moment? The realities and practicalities (and the chaos) of certain changes become apparent, and we are reminded of the consequences of our actions, life's many laws, cause and effect, karma, and the work still ahead to complete, stabilize, and finalize the complex processes and transformations we underwent at the eclipse.
Have we been taken off track? Or are these (perhaps unplanned) detours painting a happy picture for the long term that we can jibe with? 
With Mars no longer piquing it's square to Saturn, and Uranus tightening it's conjunction to Mars, change is definitely in the air, and Saturn is no longer moderating or restraining quite as much as before, so the previous confines and restrictions of movement and action are no longer quite a factor. This also increases the impulsivity and chaotic neutral element of Uranus/Mars conjunct. There is certainly an element of independence and unpredictability, as old tried and true foundations are shaken up, rebelled against, or outright flipped the bird. Either way...these changes taking place internally and externally will require great inner stability, resolve, and personal integrity to navigate. Midst all the seriousness that combines with the excitability of change, we may recieve good tidings from some quarter that boost our optimism about the future, or at least makes it look a bit brighter, more open, free, with more possibility than before. It could be a mixed bag of blessings that requires of us a lot of adaptation, maturity and focus, both inwardly and outwardly. Adaptation being a key word, as there may be a longing for simpler times, nostalgia, or painful goodbyes. 

Thanks for stopping by, I hope everyone has a wonderful week! See you next Monday. Of you would like to book a personal reading, feel free to private message me on Facebook, Instagram, or text me at 707 510 1901. 


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