Astrology For The Week Of Jan 21 2019

We begin this week still reeling from the full moon eclipse in Leo that occurred late Sunday evening, and with the Sun officially kicking off Aquarius season. The Sun in airy Aquarius places emphasis on originality, individuality, and freedom to explore new territory, ideas and concepts.  It's movement out of Capricorn takes a bit of the "pressure" off, and Mercury will follow suit midweek. A feeling of reaching some sort of milestone can accompany these shifts, as if we have reached a high peak, completed some sort of process or weathered some sort of trial,- and can now begin to take in the view, and ask ourselves "where to from here?". Some of us had spontaneous amazing things happen, whereas others of us had spontaneous shocks of a more jarring variety. In either case, we are left with much to assimilate and adapt to, as very few of us were completely untouched by the celestial configurations.

With a potent collection of planets in fire signs as we kick off the week, passion, excitement and enthusiasm for all of the "new newness", are rife, with an odd contrast of seriousness from the planets in Capricorn. It is a "sober excitement", a mature passion. A "realistic jubilation." Funnel this inner fire into making headway on your goals, and you will be glad you did. 

Mercury, in the final degrees of Capricorn, is wrapping up some of the details for the long term changes and transformations that we are making in our lives, as we set sail into this new and exciting chapter. The planet of communication and commerce will follow the Sun's footsteps into unconventional Aquarius late on Wed night, approximately 9:50 PM PST. This places emphasis on to the hopes and wishes we have yet to actualize via the solid foundations we have laid for ourselves while Mercury was busy working away with it's nose to the grindstone next to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. 

Mercury in the first decan of Aquarius is curious and inventive, able to connect the strange and unusual with the arbitrary and mundane. It is the perfect placement for entering and mapping new territory, and for trying new techniques, exploring new ideas or territories that are not common place, or are outside of our "normal."

The moon will continue to be in fun and theatrical Leo until Tuesday evening, shifting into earthy and improvement focused Virgo at 7:22 PM PST. With fire emphasis of the eclipse having stoked our passions and enthusiasms, the Moon's movement through Virgo grounds and centers us once more. Bringing us back down to earth to accommodate the practical, physical realities of our ever shifting landscapes. Order must be maintained, even (and perhaps especially) when everything is changing and transforming around and within us. The Moon here will fortify our foundations for the adventures (inner and/or outer) we have yet to embark upon, and assist us in finding a "groove" within the new and transformed paradigms.

The evening of Thursday the 24th, the Moon shifts into airy Libra, at 8:03 PM PST, shifting our attentions towards a more Venusian persuasion for the bulk majority of the weekend. Here, Luna holds hands with the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, emphasizing all that is lovely, harmonious, and unifying about the changes taking place. Although, the Moon in opposition to Mars in Aries suggests there is a growing impatience to obtain "the precious" NOW, there are certainly indications of the potential for harmonious teamwork and a shared vision, through shifting circumstances. With some patience, everything will find it's place, as Luna's placement here acts as a sort of soothing balm with big hints that with continued effort and perseverance, thing's will become a little bit sweeter, and a little bit easier. It appears that actions will definitely be taken at the weekend that potentialy take us into new frontiers. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has a wonderful week! See you next Monday! 


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