Astrology For The Week of January 14th 2019

Still under an ambitious, rational and seriously determined stellium in Capricorn, (which we shall henceforth colliqiually refer to as "Gandalf carrying the Ring of Power"), we enter the week with the moon in the final degrees of fiery Aries conjunct Uranus, shaking things up a bit, hinting at the excitement of fresh chapters, and adding to the build up of warmth, enthusiasm (and impatience) that will climax at next week's full moon lunar eclipse in Leo. The moon shifts into earthy and practical Taurus at approximately 10:32 am PST on Monday, grounding and centering us into our bodies, and into the reality of the earthly tasks before us, slowing our roll, soothing our nerves, and fortifying our intentions for the week ahead.

Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius, and Mars and Uranus in Aries keep our eyes on the prize, and we can look to them to help us to enjoy the process of the more pragmatic, down to earth and disciplinary aspects of realizing our goals and actualizing our visions- (lest we become grabby and impatient and hence spoil it for ourselves).

This unique combination of passion and ambition, desire and necessity, pragmatism and vision, makes for some serious contrast and intensity, and we may want something so badly we can taste it.

Used wisely, these are certainly auspiscious configurations for getting things done and making a lot of progress towards realizing our goals, as the inspiration, discipline, and practicality needed for leveling up our reality are readily available.

Wednsday evening around 5:30 PST see's the Moon enter multitasking, flighty and communicative Gemini, opposing Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius. This may see us eager, excited, and impatient in regards to love, pleasure, enjoyment, and all the things that make life worth living. The desire to live large and induldge ourselves can be difficult to ignore, and restlessness can grow. On top of Mars squaring Saturn, the eagerness to break free of restraints and shake free of our duties and finally have the pleasure, romance, fun and adventure we've been patiently plodding away towards can be palpable. There can be a lot going on at once, many things to do, many places to be, and much to adapt to. There is  a growing impatience and excitement for "the precious".  The carrot at the end of a stick calls to us loudly, but isn't quite able to completely drown out Gandalf 100 percent. It's like a bunch of antsy school kids waiting for the bell to ring but they have to finish a spelling test first.

The weekend see's this steady and heady build up of intensity take a turn for the emo, as the moon moves into sensitive and moody Cancer. Every time this happens, the poor cosmic crab is confronted with the cold sting of reality by the hardness of Saturn and Pluto in rational Capricorn (i.e Gandalf carrying the ring of power). This is doubly emphasized now, considering the Sun is also in this realistic and serious sign. If you get a bit emotionally frustrated at the weekend, know that the levvy is about to break, and this represents a major shift into a completely new era. The long wait and delay of gratification, and being told "Not yet" by Saturn every time you reach for a literal or theoretical cookie, has felt too much to bear at times. However, this time is truly different. It seems that some finishing touches are being applied and some necessary details are being attended to that will completely transform our situations and change everything. (Sun/Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn.) The involvement of Uranus in Aries in all of this suggests a profoundly liberating element is at play.
By next week, there could actually be something to celebrate, as we complete the old eclipse cycle and phase in the new.


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