Monday, June 26, 2023



Mars and Uranus begin this week with a bang. The Mercury Neptune square over the weekend with Mars and Uranus building up to a perfected square may have seen some unexpected curve balls. There can be a lot of excitement. The Moon is in Libra today opposite Chiron, seeing a bit of weakness or vulnerability, but a desire to maintain harmony. Mercury enters Cancer, breaking away from it’s square to Neptune, making things a little bit easier, but Mars perfects a square to Uranus today at 21 degrees, while also trine Chiron. Tension can be apparent, (positive or negative) but this can see a boost in energy and courage to face things down, which can be useful, as there can also be a need to get certain things under control. Finding your feet and adapting to change is highlighted. Relationships can be taking some turning points.


Today see’s things fall a little more into a groove with the Moon sextile Venus and Mars, but there may be some intense undercurrents building as the Moon squares Pluto later on today. Certain discussions or decisions can be looming, or have already happened and are now being absorbed. The lunar connection to Venus and Mars early on strives to make the best of any challenging or unexpected circumstances, and to look on the bright side. There is much that is positive. There can still be a lot to take in. Tomorrow can open the floodgates of communications and make it easier to talk about challenging or submerged topics.


The Moon enters deep and investigative Scorpio at 1:55 AM PST, where it forms a trine to the Sun, Mercury and Saturn, while opposing Jupiter in Taurus. This can relax inhibitions quite a bit. It can feel good to relieve tension by opening up channels of communication, speaking from the heart, or connecting to the feelings. Discussions can be private, confidential or meaningful, or the information shared or topics discussed or thought about can be things that have long been buried or suppressed. The Sun trine Saturn emphasizes stability, and it can feel good to simplify things and focus on grounding activities that encourage more structure, order and security. Establishing or reestablishing integrity, and stability to certain relationships (Moon trine Juno) can factor in to these configurations, perhaps in unexpected ways. Authenticity can be important, but there is still a lot to digest.


The Moon is square Venus, Mars, and Lilith, and opposite Uranus, and both Venus and Mars are in contact with Uranus, suggesting that people have to get used to more independence, or have the courage to follow their most authentic leanings. Coseness and distance have to be balanced. This can be challenging and sensitive terrain to negotiate, but it’s not impossible. The Sun and Mercury in contact to both Saturn in Jupiter suggests striking a compromise between stability and growth. The Moon goes on to trine Neptune this evening, seeing a lot of compassion, gentleness and understanding. There’s a great deal of open mindedness here. 


The Moon enters Sagittarius at 7:59 AM PST, going on to square Saturn. Even though certain conditions or situations may be far from ideal, or not precisely how certain people would wish them to be, there is a great deal of emotional resilience here, and it can be easier to find meaning and see how everything ties together in the bigger scheme of things. The Sun and Mercury perfect a conjunction at 8 degrees Cancer, seeing important communications, reveals, or emotional realizations setting in. The Sun sextile Jupiter and trine Saturn see’s a good balance between curiosity, opportunities for consciousness expansion, growth and learning, -and common sense, consistency and stability. Neptune, planet of ideals, illusions, mysticism and higher love, stations retrograde today at 27 degrees Pisces. This is a degree associated with extremely high ideals, unseen forces, psychic influences, and going all in on the ultimate dream.


The Moon in Sagittarius is uplifted by a trine to Venus, Mars, and Chiron today. Morale can be boosted, and there can be healing experiences available. There’s a lot of creativity in the air today, and even some excitement. For some, this can highlight travel, adventure and exploration, for others, this can take place in the mind via a love of learning. This is a positive and enthusiastic mathscape, and for some there can be passionate encounters. In the very least, something to smile about. 


The Moon enters Capricorn at 10:20 AM PST, seeing a trine to Jupiter in Taurus and a sextile to Saturn in Pisces, and building an opposition to the Sun and Mercury in preparation for the Full Moon tomorrow. There can be a sense of reassurance around knowing more about what it is you’re dealing with, and even some positive things that are worth nurturing, but there can still be some head or heart decisions to grapple with. A sense of stability can feel good, but with Venus conjunct passionate Mars and square rebellious Uranus, there can still be a certain restlessness and reluctance to be pinned down. Regardless of this, the Moon trine Jupiter is generous, good natured and cautiously optimistic. There can be an acute awareness of blessings here, and a desire to use them wisely so they grow. 

Monday, June 19, 2023



The Moon in Cancer goes on to square Chiron and sextile Uranus today, seeing people a bit outside of their emotional comfort zones or dealing with alien terrain emotionally. There’s empathy and sensitivity present to these configurations that can help to bridge gaps, misunderstandings, or simply a lack of familiarity. Family matters, the past, or emotional patterns can be highlighted here, and the lunar link to Uranus looks to the future and can see an opportunity to shake free of entrenched cycles or influences. Jupiter in an exact sextile to Saturn just now, and this week, see’s a good balance between expansion and stability, bringing a good sense of moderation between enthusiasm and self control. There can be insights into dynamics, but late evening see’s a lunar sesquisquare to Saturn emphasize boundaries, caution, delays, or inhibitions.


Today can see a sort of silent understanding with the Moon in Cancer trine Neptune and opposite Pluto. There can be a lot of empathy around intense dynamics brewing under the surface or behind the scenes in peoples lives, as well as a lot of mystery as to what is really going on. Unspoken power dynamics can factor into the equation somehow. Strong psychic impressions can be picked up during the first half of the day. The Sun is in the last degree of Gemini today, squaring Neptune and quincunx Pluto, which can see vague worries potentially undermining a sense of direction, so making an extra effort to focus might be necessary. For some people, relationships can be what is causing so much distraction, with the Sun conjunct Juno in the critical degrees of Gemini. Important verbal or written agreements or communications can be a point of focus here, and it can feel like things are at a crucial point. The Moon enters bold Leo at 3:04 PM PST, to square Jupiter in Taurus and semisquare Mercury in Gemini, which can see a desire to smooth over misunderstandings or make bold moves or statements, but this might be easier to do tomorrow when the Moon conjoins Venus.  


The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into the sign of Cancer at 7:58 AM PST, harkening the Summer Solstice. The Sun here remains conjoined to Juno, which enters Cancer tomorrow, seeing a focus on security. The Sun will build a trine to Saturn and then eventually, Neptune. Mercury will follow in the Sun’s footsteps next week, but will first encounter the same issues with Neptune that the Sun did in Gemini. This suggests that workable compromises or solutions will be reached that create more stability, agreement, and in some cases, even a united front. In the very least, a satisfactory compromise, -but not without some initial confusion, sacrifice, or uncertainty. Relationships are very much in the spotlight here, and although there’s sensitivity, there’s also a desire for stimulating interpersonal or creative experiences. The Moon in Leo squaring Jupiter, conjoins Venus, Mars, and Pallas today, while trine Chiron, which can see more courage and confidence, perhaps even something to feel hopeful and excited about. Certainly, there is more bravery, perhaps even pressure to take action. There may still be some challenges, complexity, or weaknesses to overcome, but things can seem more promising, as eventually, with time, the fog will clear. This may take time however, as we still have yet to enter two more retrogrades, -that of Neptune and Venus. Late tonight, Mercury and Mars form an exact sextile at 19 degrees, suggesting communications, travels, or agreements are at, or are about to be at a crucial stage. Something can be about to take off. 


Juno, the relationship asteroid, enters security oriented Cancer this morning at 4:40 AM, seeing the focus on relationships continue for yet a while. The Moon in Leo is trine Chiron, conjunct Pallas, sextile Mercury, conjunct Mars, and square Uranus, (whew) -which can highlight surprising news or communications, or fierce negotiations where someone is unwilling to back down until they secure the bag. This can see bold moves. Unusual agreements, initiatives, or arrangements can be highlighted here, and there can be a lot of creative and enterprising ideas with a lot of impetus to act on them. There’s a lot of spice, pizazz and chemistry in these configurations. With Mercury and Mars having perfected a sextile, talk can be turning into action. In the very least, there’s a push for that. There can be excitement, courage, and motivation here. People can be keen to put new ideas into practice, and in some cases, can behave in quite surprising and unexpected ways. There’s a spicy motivation here to overcome obstacles to progress or do something a bit daring. 


The Moon enters detail oriented Virgo at 3:35 AM PST, to trine Jupiter, oppose Saturn, and sextile the Sun. Initially, the flaws in certain situations can be more apparent, and there may be some reality checks to contend with. In some cases, a victory can feel bittersweet, but as the day wears on, there is more optimism, realism and common sense, as well as generosity and good faith. The ability to take the good with the bad can be helpful longterm. The lunar opposition to Saturn can see some loneliness or a sense of isolation for some, but even if this is the case, there are people who can be relied on for support and encouragement, or a sense of inner faith, self love, and spiritual connection that can help take the edge off. Looking after the details, fine print, and practicalities to bring more order to things and prepare for the future can be in focus under the Virgo lunation, but Mercury in tension to Neptune can impair logic and reason, suggesting that not everything can be handled with pure rationality over the coming days. Connecting with the intuition, dreams, and taking time to process certain things is just as important. 


The Moon in Virgo breaks away from it’s opposition to Saturn and looks towards the future with a trine to Uranus, which can see a liberating feeling emotionally speaking. There can be many new ideas, but still a lot of uncertainty and confusion. With Mercury square Neptune, powers of discernment can be slightly impaired, perceptions can be scrambled. Whatever is the case, not everything is straight forward, and it can be hard to get a clear perception of certain people or situations. There can be some sensitivity around this, as the Moon goes on to quincunx Chiron. There can be some uncertainty or indecision or a need to tune into the intuition this weekend to mull over certain things that don’t feel entirely clear. Read the fine print on any important agreements. 


The Moon in Virgo hones in on details with a trine to Pluto, and is determined to get to the bottom of things, but with Mercury square Neptune (and the Moon opposed it), not everything is black or white or clear cut. A lunar square to Mercury is indecisive, but going with the flow, relaxing a little bit and being open to nuance can help get through any awkward patches of dithering, uncertainty, or indecision. If you have any important agreements or documents to sign or major decisions to make, it’s best to wait out this loopy influence. Next week, Mercury moves into Cancer, which can see confusing influences on their way out, but there will still be a lot to reevaluate. The Moon enters conciliatory and harmony seeking Libra at 3:57 PM PST, seeing a need to make peace with nuance and the uncertain nature of things for the time being. Meditation, reflection, psychology and spirituality can be helpful.

Monday, June 12, 2023



The week kicks off on a motivated, well meaning start, with the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron and trine Mars and Venus in bold Leo this morning. There can be courage in the face of vulnerability, as a new strategy forward is integrated. There can be a lot of compassion and willingness to make sacrifices where necessary. There’s a balance being struck here between letting go and releasing, and valuing and preserving what’s worthwhile, stable and workable. Keeping things simple and cutting through the mire down to the core essence of things can be helpful this week. The shift of Pluto back into 29 degrees Capricorn yesterday was palpable, echoing the long journey through the past two decades, since 2009. Pluto will be here for the rest of the year, and on into next year, and won’t hunker down for the full journey through Aquarius until November of 2024. So there is still a lot of clearing away and recalibration to do, which can see a lot of changes going on internally at a deep level, all taking place in the area of your chart ruled by Capricorn. This axis in your chart can be subject to some deep shifts, reconfigurations, and rebirths. 


Early morning hours can see some tension. There can be a passionate, concentrated energy with some emotional intensity with the Moon in late Aries squaring up to Pluto in 29 degrees Capricorn. This can be useful if directed into some sort of pursuit, and can be very driven, even if there is some “internal combustion” to navigate. The Moon enters slow and plodding Taurus at 11:31 AM PST to conjunct Jupiter and sextile Saturn, which emphasizes stable growth, and again, a good balance between letting go and holding on. The lunar square to Pluto in the morning hours can confront intense drives that are as difficult to reconcile as they are to ignore, as there can be conflicting interests that are a challenge to congruency, but overall, there can be a cautious optimism that balances stability with more expansive efforts that break out of ruts or constricting patterns. 


Today looks interesting, with the Moon in Taurus making spicy squares to Venus and Mars in Leo, while conjunct Jupiter and sextile Saturn. Mars will perfect a square to Uranus in Taurus on June 25 and 26, suggesting a break from constrictions and a liberation process driven by authenticity and a quest for vitality and aliveness is underway. For now, certain things are stirring, and patience is required. The Moon’s link to Jupiter, Venus and Mars can see big hopes and feelings arise, where previous things that seemed far fetched, indulgent or impossible seem less crazy or out of bounds than before. As the day wears on, the Moon conjoins Uranus while still square Mars which can see some excitement, impulsiveness, and a proclivity towards taking a risk. Mercury having joined the Sun in Gemini, with a New Moon coming up on Sunday, combined with a slippery aspect between the Sun and eventually Mercury with Neptune, emphasizes the importance of profound flexibility. Much is still uncertain, and with Mars and Venus primed to get closer together over the coming weeks, but never to quite meet due to Venus going retrograde in July, there can be a palpable excitement around entertaining some wild notions or reinvigorating the passions, creativity, pastimes, or even certain relationships. There will certainly be a lot to chew on. People can say or do some out of character things today that can be surprising or unexpected. “This wasn’t in the script.”


Today can see a lot of inspiration brought on by interesting plot twists, new impulses, or deviations from established norms. The Moon in Taurus is conjunct Uranus this morning, going on to sextile Neptune and trine Pluto as the day wears on. This can see a lot of depth and sensitivity. Mercury in Gemini is sextile Venus but square Saturn, while the Sun in Gemini intensifies a square to Neptune. There can be a desire to compromise with others amidst confusing, bemusing, and changeable situations, or express or confront certain feelings, but simultaneously there can also be blockages, shyness, discouragement or inhibitions that make it challenging. There’s something that can be fixating, perplexing, yet hard to define, shake, look away from, or deny, that begs to be approached, explored, demystified, and confronted. The Moon enters curious Gemini at 6:46 PM PST, conjunct Mercury, while building a square to Saturn, which emphasizes overcoming communication blockages and feelings of discouragement. Venus and Mars getting closer together can see big feelings, passion, courage, and boldness, amidst a backdrop of uncertainty, almost like a sense of feeling lost or in weird territory that can be disorienting. With courage, sticky or uncertain situations can be confronted.


The Moon in Gemini conjunct Mercury while sextile Venus and square Saturn can see courage, charm, curiosity and sheer desire overcome impediments to communication and connection. The Sun square Neptune suggests something hidden, sensitive, mysterious, spiritual or highly unusual is at work here. Perhaps a block of ice or a stone wall needs to be overcome. There is the passion and the will to do it. There can be a compelling desire to make contact or communicate, as well as a lot of curiosity and creativity. There can be more courage to take risks and express things or get certain things off your chest under these configurations. Take care to avoid being charmed by snakes or hoodwinked, and make sure you have all of the facts before you sign away on anything important. These warnings aside, things are surely getting interesting. Being flexible and adaptable will be important in the coming weeks and months. Today can see some defining conversations that open up new avenues, and there can be a lot of chemistry, creativity and courage in spite of blockages or inhibitions. The Moon goes on to sextile Mars, suggesting that something is positively motivating, but there can be a lot of submerged and heightened feelings under the surface with a lunar sesquisquare to Pluto. 


Saturn stations retrograde at 7 degrees Pisces at 10:27 AM PST today. This degree of Pisces hosts a great deal of confusion, and often, extremes. It can produce spiritual growth, but there are a lot of ups and downs. It suggests a troubled psyche. With Saturn joining the retrograde gang, and Venus to follow suit in July, relationships (social, business, and of course, personal), values, desires, finances, pleasure, and possessions, can be center stage for various existential dilemmas, reflections, and reevaluations. Saturn in Pisces is about letting go, release, psycho-spiritual reform, and determining the line between fantasy and reality, genius and insanity, spirituality v.s spiritual psychosis. Illusions and personal fantasies will be confronted and the limits of them will be explored and tested here. The area of your chart ruled by Pisces will be subject to a reorientation and reflective process to help assimilate Saturn’s entry into this area, until November 4, 2023. Pisces, represented by a fish, is swimming in two directions at once. It can be easy to lose your sense of direction, focus and concentration during Saturn’s slow down, but equally, it can provide opportunities to make up for lost time and get in touch with the emotions and the inner world.  The New Moon in Gemini is exact at 9:37 PM PST tonight at 26 degrees. This decan is associated with the 10 of swords in the tarot. After attempting to reconcile forces which have been in contention in the second decan, both angels and demons, one of the twins has to die in order to create a more stable unity and inner and outer congruence. This New Moon represents a choice that must be made. This is made all the more complex by the New Moon’s configurations. A strong square to Neptune, semisquare to Venus, and a conjunction to Juno, suggesting the war of polarities, and conflicts of interests, needs, and natures is centered around relationships. People can be privately very preoccupied and distracted. Although confusing, dialog opened up and trains of thought explored now can be healing, therapeutic, and ultimately, enlightening. By November 27, which see’s the corresponding Full Moon in Gemini, things will make a lot more sense. Rabbit holes or pandoras boxes that are opened and explored between now and then will produce illumination that will lead to a more solid and definite resolution of longstanding issues.


Happy Fathers Day to all the rad dads out there. The Moon enters comfort and family oriented Cancer at 3:58 AM PST, to sextile Jupiter, trine Saturn, and semisquare Uranus and Pallas. There can be an inner confidence that comes from being in touch with the emotions, and in some cases, emotions can be surprising. Grounding and nurturing activities are favored. The Sun perfects it’s square to Neptune today at 27 degrees, suggesting a lot of sensitivity and compassion around communications, and the antenna are finely attuned to subtle signals. There’s a lot of emotional generosity in these configurations, and a focus on the inner world of the emotions. Recent insights or information gained through discussions or news recieved can be opening up new worlds of possibility and inspiring new strategies. There can be a lot to reflect upon. There’s a cozy optimism here, even if there are uncertainties or a need to make certain sacrifices to go with the flow. Exploring the inner world can bring surprising insights. Mercury sesquisquare Pluto and sextile Venus can see an intense preoccupation with interpersonal dynamics, desires, relationships, or creative past times which can be cathartic. There is a deep curiosity and a desire to explore certain things more deeply here that can be pleasantly distracting. The Sun/Neptune square can make it hard to concentrate at times, while the Moon trine Saturn is in a meditative trance. 

Monday, June 5, 2023



The week starts out with the Moon in realistic Capricorn, while Venus enters life of the party Leo at 6:46 AM PST. This see’s Venus oppose Pluto in Aquarius, -which will reenter the last degrees of Capricorn on Sunday. These are some curious configurations, which Mars already gave us a bit of a taste of when it opposed Pluto. Now this repeats again, but it’s a little bit softer and easier to deal with. Initially, when Mars opposed Pluto, there was a very stark, almost alienating trend towards splitting off into tribes. A near obsessive, compulsive drive and preoccupation with something extremely specific that made it very evident how your interests clashed with those of others. This was driven either by necessity, neuroses, pathology, or natural proclivity, (or all of the above.) Now, with Venus, although there is still a certain intensity and metamorphosis, there is also the possibility for peace, pleasure, harmony and integration. The Moon in Capricorn is trine Jupiter and sextile Saturn today. It’s a fortunate time for being realistic, sensible, stable, and grounded. Valuing what you have produces more fruit than longing after what you don’t. Count your blessings, and they’ll grow.


Today can see clever communications, good news, surprise bargains, reveals, negotiations, or the reemergence of certain discussions or ideas with the Moon in Capricorn trine Mercury and Uranus, sextile Neptune, conjunct Pluto, going on to oppose Venus. Early on , the Moon squares Chiron, showing sensitivity or inhibition that can be overcome through discipline and determination. There can be creative, financial, or interpersonal breakthroughs that can be inspiring. People can come out of the woodwork in surprising ways, or do or say something unexpected, or there can be practical innovations that can shift things socially, interpersonally or financially. New information that emerges can be helpful or useful in real life, practical ways. This can be helpful in commerce, trade, or simply getting on the same page as others. The Moon conjunct Pluto can see an intense focus on getting to the bottom of something, and overall there can be a lot of discipline, drive and determination. Information that emerges can be helpful and open up new possibilities.


The Moon enters intellectual Aquarius at 1:42 AM PST,  conjunct Pluto, opposite Venus and Mars, while square Jupiter. This can see some intensity, perhaps even some sparks of chemistry, socially, creatively, or interpersonally. There can be a lot of energy available, and things can feel larger than life at certain points. In some cases, there can be some temptations that are hard to ignore. There may be a need to practice restraint in the face of powerful and compelling pulls, or to simply avoid going over the top. A little can go a long way. Enjoy the process, and don’t be in too much of a hurry to get to the finish line. There can be an air of rebellion in the air. Don’t let “what other people will think” stop you from going after what you want. People can be surprising or out of character today, but it can be refreshing and revitalizing. 


The Moon makes it’s annual trine to the Sun in Gemini, while squaring Mercury and Uranus and sextile Chiron. This can highlight surprising communications, news, or information that can be really encouraging. Communications can be enlightening. The Moon trine Juno can see some interesting things going on in relationships. There may be some indecision or misunderstandings to work through with the Moon going on to square Mercury. Don’t be shy, ask questions if you’re unsure about something. The More information you have, the more confident you can be. 


The Moon enters intuitive Pisces at 3:14 AM PST, where it sextile’s Jupiter and conjoins Saturn, while making a quincunx to Venus. This can see a helpful, generous and compassionate energy, just be sure to remember to take care of yourself. There can be optimism, but there can also be some shyness and inhibition with the Moon conjunct Saturn. A lunar semisquare to Chiron can also see some vulnerability, but it can be endearing. Venus square Jupiter can be brave, courageous, even extravagant at times, and there can be a strong desire to live well, and an optimism that it’s possible to. Desires can be felt strongly, and there’s a lot of generosity of spirit in these configurations that can bring out the best in others. 


Today can see a lot of creative, even romantic inspiration. There can be some inner conflicts to wrestle with at times, but with the Moon semisquare Jupiter, sextile Uranus, and conjunct Neptune while semisquare Venus, something (or someone) can be stirring up a lot of dreams, ideals, and musings. For some, relationships can be the stage that this bemused and whimsical energy is playing out on, for others, creative projects or financial speculations can be preoccupying attention. Venus tightening it’s square to Jupiter can see a lot of passion, vitality, hopefulness, and creative and romantic ideals. Venus perfects it’s square to Jupiter at 5 degrees, seeing a lot of passion, hope, optimism, and motivation. Some people are struck by cupid. It’s important to keep in mind that Venus will station retrograde in July, which can see a rethink, so leave yourself some wiggle room. Pluto will back track into Capricorn tomorrow for a reevaluation, and Mercury will head into Gemini, opening up talks and giving people a lot to think about over the coming weeks. Tonight can see a lot of inspired dreaming. 


Pluto heads back into Capricorn at 2:47 AM PST, Mercury enters Gemini at 3:27 AM PST, and the Moon heads into dynamic Aries at 6:20 AM PST. The interesting thing about this movement is the trine between Mercury and Pluto, suggesting that something can have our rapt attention, and news, information, research, discussions, or negotiations can figure strongly. A process of wrapping things up and getting them squared away for a new era is highlighted. The area of your chart ruled by Capricorn can be subject to a reevaluation and reconfiguring, a sort of integration process that can clear the slate for a fresh page, while the area of your chart ruled by Gemini has had a whole lot of loose ends to tie up. Mercury’s entrance here can see a fact finding and problem solving mission underway, and things can get pretty busy here over the next few weeks. Conversations and negotiations can open up that can help untangle the final few knots. The Moon in independent Aries is sextile Mercury and trine Venus, seeing a lot curiosity, passion, and motivation. Self starter energy. There’s a drive here to make things happen and to see positive momentum. A lunar sextile to Pluto has a lot of emotional momentum as it is, while the Moon/Mercury/Venus connection is pleasant, charming, and charismatic. This can be a pleasantly productive Sunday, and there’s a lot of motivation and encouragement available that can generate optimism about the week ahead.