The week starts out with the Moon in realistic Capricorn, while Venus enters life of the party Leo at 6:46 AM PST. This see’s Venus oppose Pluto in Aquarius, -which will reenter the last degrees of Capricorn on Sunday. These are some curious configurations, which Mars already gave us a bit of a taste of when it opposed Pluto. Now this repeats again, but it’s a little bit softer and easier to deal with. Initially, when Mars opposed Pluto, there was a very stark, almost alienating trend towards splitting off into tribes. A near obsessive, compulsive drive and preoccupation with something extremely specific that made it very evident how your interests clashed with those of others. This was driven either by necessity, neuroses, pathology, or natural proclivity, (or all of the above.) Now, with Venus, although there is still a certain intensity and metamorphosis, there is also the possibility for peace, pleasure, harmony and integration. The Moon in Capricorn is trine Jupiter and sextile Saturn today. It’s a fortunate time for being realistic, sensible, stable, and grounded. Valuing what you have produces more fruit than longing after what you don’t. Count your blessings, and they’ll grow.


Today can see clever communications, good news, surprise bargains, reveals, negotiations, or the reemergence of certain discussions or ideas with the Moon in Capricorn trine Mercury and Uranus, sextile Neptune, conjunct Pluto, going on to oppose Venus. Early on , the Moon squares Chiron, showing sensitivity or inhibition that can be overcome through discipline and determination. There can be creative, financial, or interpersonal breakthroughs that can be inspiring. People can come out of the woodwork in surprising ways, or do or say something unexpected, or there can be practical innovations that can shift things socially, interpersonally or financially. New information that emerges can be helpful or useful in real life, practical ways. This can be helpful in commerce, trade, or simply getting on the same page as others. The Moon conjunct Pluto can see an intense focus on getting to the bottom of something, and overall there can be a lot of discipline, drive and determination. Information that emerges can be helpful and open up new possibilities.


The Moon enters intellectual Aquarius at 1:42 AM PST,  conjunct Pluto, opposite Venus and Mars, while square Jupiter. This can see some intensity, perhaps even some sparks of chemistry, socially, creatively, or interpersonally. There can be a lot of energy available, and things can feel larger than life at certain points. In some cases, there can be some temptations that are hard to ignore. There may be a need to practice restraint in the face of powerful and compelling pulls, or to simply avoid going over the top. A little can go a long way. Enjoy the process, and don’t be in too much of a hurry to get to the finish line. There can be an air of rebellion in the air. Don’t let “what other people will think” stop you from going after what you want. People can be surprising or out of character today, but it can be refreshing and revitalizing. 


The Moon makes it’s annual trine to the Sun in Gemini, while squaring Mercury and Uranus and sextile Chiron. This can highlight surprising communications, news, or information that can be really encouraging. Communications can be enlightening. The Moon trine Juno can see some interesting things going on in relationships. There may be some indecision or misunderstandings to work through with the Moon going on to square Mercury. Don’t be shy, ask questions if you’re unsure about something. The More information you have, the more confident you can be. 


The Moon enters intuitive Pisces at 3:14 AM PST, where it sextile’s Jupiter and conjoins Saturn, while making a quincunx to Venus. This can see a helpful, generous and compassionate energy, just be sure to remember to take care of yourself. There can be optimism, but there can also be some shyness and inhibition with the Moon conjunct Saturn. A lunar semisquare to Chiron can also see some vulnerability, but it can be endearing. Venus square Jupiter can be brave, courageous, even extravagant at times, and there can be a strong desire to live well, and an optimism that it’s possible to. Desires can be felt strongly, and there’s a lot of generosity of spirit in these configurations that can bring out the best in others. 


Today can see a lot of creative, even romantic inspiration. There can be some inner conflicts to wrestle with at times, but with the Moon semisquare Jupiter, sextile Uranus, and conjunct Neptune while semisquare Venus, something (or someone) can be stirring up a lot of dreams, ideals, and musings. For some, relationships can be the stage that this bemused and whimsical energy is playing out on, for others, creative projects or financial speculations can be preoccupying attention. Venus tightening it’s square to Jupiter can see a lot of passion, vitality, hopefulness, and creative and romantic ideals. Venus perfects it’s square to Jupiter at 5 degrees, seeing a lot of passion, hope, optimism, and motivation. Some people are struck by cupid. It’s important to keep in mind that Venus will station retrograde in July, which can see a rethink, so leave yourself some wiggle room. Pluto will back track into Capricorn tomorrow for a reevaluation, and Mercury will head into Gemini, opening up talks and giving people a lot to think about over the coming weeks. Tonight can see a lot of inspired dreaming. 


Pluto heads back into Capricorn at 2:47 AM PST, Mercury enters Gemini at 3:27 AM PST, and the Moon heads into dynamic Aries at 6:20 AM PST. The interesting thing about this movement is the trine between Mercury and Pluto, suggesting that something can have our rapt attention, and news, information, research, discussions, or negotiations can figure strongly. A process of wrapping things up and getting them squared away for a new era is highlighted. The area of your chart ruled by Capricorn can be subject to a reevaluation and reconfiguring, a sort of integration process that can clear the slate for a fresh page, while the area of your chart ruled by Gemini has had a whole lot of loose ends to tie up. Mercury’s entrance here can see a fact finding and problem solving mission underway, and things can get pretty busy here over the next few weeks. Conversations and negotiations can open up that can help untangle the final few knots. The Moon in independent Aries is sextile Mercury and trine Venus, seeing a lot curiosity, passion, and motivation. Self starter energy. There’s a drive here to make things happen and to see positive momentum. A lunar sextile to Pluto has a lot of emotional momentum as it is, while the Moon/Mercury/Venus connection is pleasant, charming, and charismatic. This can be a pleasantly productive Sunday, and there’s a lot of motivation and encouragement available that can generate optimism about the week ahead.


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