The Moon in Cancer goes on to square Chiron and sextile Uranus today, seeing people a bit outside of their emotional comfort zones or dealing with alien terrain emotionally. There’s empathy and sensitivity present to these configurations that can help to bridge gaps, misunderstandings, or simply a lack of familiarity. Family matters, the past, or emotional patterns can be highlighted here, and the lunar link to Uranus looks to the future and can see an opportunity to shake free of entrenched cycles or influences. Jupiter in an exact sextile to Saturn just now, and this week, see’s a good balance between expansion and stability, bringing a good sense of moderation between enthusiasm and self control. There can be insights into dynamics, but late evening see’s a lunar sesquisquare to Saturn emphasize boundaries, caution, delays, or inhibitions.


Today can see a sort of silent understanding with the Moon in Cancer trine Neptune and opposite Pluto. There can be a lot of empathy around intense dynamics brewing under the surface or behind the scenes in peoples lives, as well as a lot of mystery as to what is really going on. Unspoken power dynamics can factor into the equation somehow. Strong psychic impressions can be picked up during the first half of the day. The Sun is in the last degree of Gemini today, squaring Neptune and quincunx Pluto, which can see vague worries potentially undermining a sense of direction, so making an extra effort to focus might be necessary. For some people, relationships can be what is causing so much distraction, with the Sun conjunct Juno in the critical degrees of Gemini. Important verbal or written agreements or communications can be a point of focus here, and it can feel like things are at a crucial point. The Moon enters bold Leo at 3:04 PM PST, to square Jupiter in Taurus and semisquare Mercury in Gemini, which can see a desire to smooth over misunderstandings or make bold moves or statements, but this might be easier to do tomorrow when the Moon conjoins Venus.  


The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into the sign of Cancer at 7:58 AM PST, harkening the Summer Solstice. The Sun here remains conjoined to Juno, which enters Cancer tomorrow, seeing a focus on security. The Sun will build a trine to Saturn and then eventually, Neptune. Mercury will follow in the Sun’s footsteps next week, but will first encounter the same issues with Neptune that the Sun did in Gemini. This suggests that workable compromises or solutions will be reached that create more stability, agreement, and in some cases, even a united front. In the very least, a satisfactory compromise, -but not without some initial confusion, sacrifice, or uncertainty. Relationships are very much in the spotlight here, and although there’s sensitivity, there’s also a desire for stimulating interpersonal or creative experiences. The Moon in Leo squaring Jupiter, conjoins Venus, Mars, and Pallas today, while trine Chiron, which can see more courage and confidence, perhaps even something to feel hopeful and excited about. Certainly, there is more bravery, perhaps even pressure to take action. There may still be some challenges, complexity, or weaknesses to overcome, but things can seem more promising, as eventually, with time, the fog will clear. This may take time however, as we still have yet to enter two more retrogrades, -that of Neptune and Venus. Late tonight, Mercury and Mars form an exact sextile at 19 degrees, suggesting communications, travels, or agreements are at, or are about to be at a crucial stage. Something can be about to take off. 


Juno, the relationship asteroid, enters security oriented Cancer this morning at 4:40 AM, seeing the focus on relationships continue for yet a while. The Moon in Leo is trine Chiron, conjunct Pallas, sextile Mercury, conjunct Mars, and square Uranus, (whew) -which can highlight surprising news or communications, or fierce negotiations where someone is unwilling to back down until they secure the bag. This can see bold moves. Unusual agreements, initiatives, or arrangements can be highlighted here, and there can be a lot of creative and enterprising ideas with a lot of impetus to act on them. There’s a lot of spice, pizazz and chemistry in these configurations. With Mercury and Mars having perfected a sextile, talk can be turning into action. In the very least, there’s a push for that. There can be excitement, courage, and motivation here. People can be keen to put new ideas into practice, and in some cases, can behave in quite surprising and unexpected ways. There’s a spicy motivation here to overcome obstacles to progress or do something a bit daring. 


The Moon enters detail oriented Virgo at 3:35 AM PST, to trine Jupiter, oppose Saturn, and sextile the Sun. Initially, the flaws in certain situations can be more apparent, and there may be some reality checks to contend with. In some cases, a victory can feel bittersweet, but as the day wears on, there is more optimism, realism and common sense, as well as generosity and good faith. The ability to take the good with the bad can be helpful longterm. The lunar opposition to Saturn can see some loneliness or a sense of isolation for some, but even if this is the case, there are people who can be relied on for support and encouragement, or a sense of inner faith, self love, and spiritual connection that can help take the edge off. Looking after the details, fine print, and practicalities to bring more order to things and prepare for the future can be in focus under the Virgo lunation, but Mercury in tension to Neptune can impair logic and reason, suggesting that not everything can be handled with pure rationality over the coming days. Connecting with the intuition, dreams, and taking time to process certain things is just as important. 


The Moon in Virgo breaks away from it’s opposition to Saturn and looks towards the future with a trine to Uranus, which can see a liberating feeling emotionally speaking. There can be many new ideas, but still a lot of uncertainty and confusion. With Mercury square Neptune, powers of discernment can be slightly impaired, perceptions can be scrambled. Whatever is the case, not everything is straight forward, and it can be hard to get a clear perception of certain people or situations. There can be some sensitivity around this, as the Moon goes on to quincunx Chiron. There can be some uncertainty or indecision or a need to tune into the intuition this weekend to mull over certain things that don’t feel entirely clear. Read the fine print on any important agreements. 


The Moon in Virgo hones in on details with a trine to Pluto, and is determined to get to the bottom of things, but with Mercury square Neptune (and the Moon opposed it), not everything is black or white or clear cut. A lunar square to Mercury is indecisive, but going with the flow, relaxing a little bit and being open to nuance can help get through any awkward patches of dithering, uncertainty, or indecision. If you have any important agreements or documents to sign or major decisions to make, it’s best to wait out this loopy influence. Next week, Mercury moves into Cancer, which can see confusing influences on their way out, but there will still be a lot to reevaluate. The Moon enters conciliatory and harmony seeking Libra at 3:57 PM PST, seeing a need to make peace with nuance and the uncertain nature of things for the time being. Meditation, reflection, psychology and spirituality can be helpful.


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