Monday, May 29, 2023



The Moon leaves realistic, problem solving Virgo for balance and harmony seeking Libra at 7:51 AM. There can still be challenges or uncertainties to grapple with, but the presence of assurances and support in this mathscape is palpable, with the Moon trine the Sun and Pluto, while sextile Mars in brave Leo. Communications can help clear away confusion and inform the right strategy. New information has presented itself and is percolating. In spite of many things still being unclear, or not fully resolved, solutions, and offers of teamwork, ingenuity and support are on hand and available. Interactions with others can offer guidance, insight, and mutual support through any otherwise challenging situations. With teamwork, messes can be cleaned up and taken care of. Dealing in reality, collecting information, and sorting fact from fantasy, uncertainty, fears, guessing, or mere speculation becomes increasingly important as we get deeper into Gemini season. This week see’s a Full Moon in truth seeking Sagittarius. 


The Moon in Libra opposite Chiron can see some sensitivity and vulnerability, while a quincunx to Mercury can see some indecision. Supportive relationships are around (Moon trine Juno) to help take the edge off any uncertainties, and Mars in Leo can also see a lot of strength internally. Kindness and sensitivity to others can be important, but can also come fairly easily. The Sun is still square Saturn, and the intensity of Mars opposite Pluto is only just starting to ebb off, leaving a bit more optimism in it’s wake, but it’s based on realistic thinking. The Moon goes on to square Venus in Cancer this evening, seeing a comfort seeking and security oriented energy closing the day out. Tomorrow can see optimism and determination to get to the bottom of certain issues.


There can be some sensitivity interpersonally, relationally, or socially, as the Moon squares Venus and Pluto today, going on to square Mars and trine Saturn. A determination to stabilize things and make big changes can be in the atmosphere, and there can be a digging into energy reserves. At certain points, things can feel over the top or excessive, or there can be tension and excitement. The Moon enters transformational Scorpio at 4:45 PM PST. Finding a sweet spot between different extremes can be key. A stabilizing trine to Saturn can see an inner self confidence that certain foundations are in place. At the same time, new opportunities that maybe haven’t been able to be considered before can be more within reach. 


There can be a challenge to integrate certain changes, adjustments and new information with the Moon opposite Mercury and Uranus, but Mars in Leo is more than willing to rise to it, as doing so can mean the promise of more stability. New options can inform strategies going forward. Mercury getting closer to Uranus by the day is progressive, ingenious, and inventive, and bringing in new brain waves to consider. Mercury conjunct the asteroid Vesta is thirsty for knowledge that has practical application. Animal, vegetable, and mineral, soil quality, body, food, currency, and valuables. Real life ROI. 


Today can be pleasant in a quiet way, and there can be a buzz in air. Mercury and Uranus continue to bring new brain waves and ideas, and in some ways, the impossible can begin to feel more possible. In the very least, new, experimental approaches to old problems can be having beneficial results. The Moon trine Venus in Cancer and Neptune wants to get comfortable, and there can be a focus on nurturing activities that replenish the body and soul. The Moon goes on to sextile Pluto before entering Sagittarius at 10:03 PM PST. It can feel nice to kick back and take in the view, as the horizon can be looking a little bit brighter. Interchanges with trusted others can be caring, supportive and impactful, and a sense of inner resourcefulness can make for a kind and generous atmosphere. 


The Full Moon is exact this evening at 8:42 PST in 13 degrees of Sagittarius. This face of Sagittarius is ruled by the 9 of Wands in the Tarot, and speaks of resilience, courage, tests of faith, and persisting to overcome obstacles. Agrippa, in his Three Books Of Occult Philosophy stated that this decan “concerns sadness and fear for ones body.” This may not necessarily manifest in a literal sense, but in either case, the bandage worn by the man in the 9 of wands indicates that struggles and battles have already been faced, and his stance illustrates that he still awaits more onslaughts. Failure to keep troubles at bay is still an option in this decan, so the task here is to continue to defend the stability you’ve established against contrary forces, and keep the body and mind aligned with the will. There may still be challenging circumstances to overcome, but the signature of this Full Moon has courage, resilience, and feels a bit stronger and better equipped than before. This Moon is trine Mars, Chiron, and Pallas, indicating that a new strategy and renewed forces instils confidence, faith, determination and optimism to face whatever arises. There is plenty of motivation to rise to challenges, and recent discoveries have added to an arsenal of knowledge. The lunar trine to Chiron can see a healing emphasis. 


After last night’s full Moon, today can be a good day to kick back, dream, and float down stream. Mercury and Uranus perfect their conjunction today at 20 degrees, seeing a whole bunch of new ideas, insights, and brainwaves circulating. Possibilities can feel more open, and there can be compassion, generosity, faith, and hopefulness. The Moon is trine Jupiter and square Neptune this evening, which see’s kindness and non judgmental attitudes predominate. People can be helpful or encouraging to others in their goals. At certain points, moods can fluctuate or be a bit up and down, or feelings can be heightened, but for the most part, this is an easy going day. Things can be feeling more hopeful, encouraging, and in many ways, are stabilizing nicely. Further progress is indicated next week. Venus at anaretic degree of Cancer today can see an overflowing cup, and a feeling of luxury, comfort, and appreciation for life’s little things, home, family, good food, art, music, atmosphere, comfort, and security can be accentuated.

Sunday, May 21, 2023




The week kicks off with the Moon in Cancer in a trine to Saturn, seeing a strong focus on security and stability. Minor tense aspects to Uranus and Hygeia, along with a sextile to Mercury see a focus on integrating new insights, new information, possibly involving matters of healing. Mars, now freshly into Leo, is also perfecting a bombastic square to Jupiter currently, at 1 degree of Leo and Taurus, respectively, which can see people overshooting the mark this week. Excesses can be a problem, so try to make sure you’re not just doing fat rails of hopium, taking on too much, too soon, or overcommitting to things that are mere mirages or a waste of time this week. Later on today the Moon conjoins Venus, which can be pleasant, cozy and comfortable. This can see some good connections made, or comforting and stabilizing advices exchanged. Certain people or activities can exert a comforting influence that reinforce feelings of stability. The Sun in Gemini is trine Pluto in Aquarius and sextile Mars in Leo, so there can be a focus on intense, sensitive, buried, or even taboo, occult, or esoteric topics, and in some cases, there may be differing viewpoints, simmering tensions, or learning through contrast. Risk taking and speculation can also be highlighted. Some people play it safe, while others live life on the fringe or take bold and daring risks. 


It’s possible to see some pleasant surprises, or even to experience some emotional, social, or interpersonal breakthroughs today, or to experience new insights into certain dynamics, with the Moon in Cancer conjunct Venus and sextile Uranus. Again, with Mars squaring Jupiter and trine Neptune, avoid hopium and it’s deluded cousin, copium. It can be easy to glamorize things, people, products, cult leaders, MLM pyramid schemes, and whatever seems trendy, fast and easy. Ensure you’re dealing in reality and not ideals of grandeur as a form of escapism from deeper seated issues. Jupiter in Taurus while Saturn is in Pisces means common sense wins out over the phantasmagorical. The universe is favoring sense, sensibility, -real life efforts and real life gains right now, so do try to keep it real with yourself. Don’t settle for the cheap knock off version of what you’re actually looking for, or a quick fix to “take the edge off”. A lunar square to Chiron can see some vulnerability, and there may be some people who act as a rock or a shoulder to lean on, or some surprising but sensitive disclosures or connections are made, even if there’s been some level of distance or alienation. Even if things get rather intense late this evening with the Moon building an opposition to Pluto, a lunar trine to Neptune is gentle, compassionate, understanding, and shows discretion in the face any potential vulnerability or sensitive topics. Tomorrow, things can become feisty and even a bit theatrical and larger than life.


The Moon enters expressive and fun seeking Leo at 7:35 AM PST to conjoin Mars, oppose Pluto, and square Jupiter and Mercury in sensual, common sense Taurus. This can see an impulsive, risk taking, flamboyant energy that can be at odds with a more security oriented, pragmatic and methodical core. The Sun in Gemini has one foot on the gas pedal and one on the break, and can highlight keeping an eye on various speculations, as it squares Saturn but is trine Pluto and sextile impulsive, excitable Mars. The Sun’s trine to Pluto highlights the importance of instincts, insights, and well researched decisions. Certain realities may need some time to marinate and gestate. The lunar square to Mercury can see some indecision and a lot of weighing pros and cons, but the lunar conjunction to Mars is hasty and prone to act without thinking. Be patient with yourself and others, and if you don’t actually feel sure about something, it’s ok to hold off on forming any major conclusions or aping out wildly to overcompensate for lack of any guarantees. As Pluto backtracks, it’s possible that so too will many people, as there may be a lot to take in and reevaluate. It’s important to make sure you aren’t ignoring any red flags or glaring realities simply because they’re unpleasant to deal with. This could become more apparent when Mercury enters Gemini in June to eventually square hazy Neptune. If anything complicated, messy, regressive, confusing, or damaging is nagging at your conscience, better to face it head on rather than allow any further knots to form.


The Moon in Leo makes a proud trine to Chiron and is squaring up to Mercury and Uranus today, which can see a curious mixture of indecision and stubborn, resilient confidence. Impulse, intuition or risk taking energy can take the helm as the day progresses. News, conversation, or short distance travel can keep people on their toes or on the alert. In some cases this can see some out of character moves, or a “doubling down”, possibly driven by insecurity or a lack of confidence in some cases, but not all. There may even be a push through doubt, inhibitions, shyness, or lack of confidence in an effort to revitalize something. If you’re in touch with your true motives, there’s no harm in having some fun, taking a few risks, living large, and being a bit wild. As long as you don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater or overestimate your forces, it can even be therapeutic. Emotions can be erratic and there can be a focus on thrills, creativity, speculation and excitement. There may even be some wins or successes to celebrate. 


Today the Moon in extravagant Leo can lose it’s objectivity a bit as it makes an awkward quincunx to Neptune and Pluto as the day matures. There can be a lot of generosity and optimism on the surface, but perhaps a nagging feeling that more practicalities need to be addressed. The Moon builds a trine to Jupiter and opposition to Saturn as it gets closer to entering Virgo towards the day’s end, bringing a feeling that things need to be organized, eliminated, or more carefully examined. It enters anxious but realistic Virgo at 8:05 PM PST, opposite Saturn and trine Jupiter, seeing a bit of a reality test to any overconfidence. There can actually be much that is going really well, but there can be a skepticism around setting hopes too high, and a strong desire for simplicity, fruitfulness, and for things to make sense. There can also be some responsibilities to attend to, planning, preparation, or organization to get down to. In some cases, having too many options, or too much to think about can be somewhat overwhelming, and there’s a need to limit distractions. Some speculations work out better than others and are a sure bet that offer solid gains, while others are more illusory. Common sense thinking and proper planning can help sort out sensible, realistic options from ridiculous ones.


The Moon in Virgo is square the Sun in Gemini, which is exactly square Saturn today at 6 degrees. This can see a more reserved and cautious approach around risk taking than perhaps was recently the case, and something can cause pause for thought. The Moon is also in opposition to Saturn and semisquare Venus, which can highlight uncertainty around speculative matters involving money, relationships, social situations, or in regards to home, property and family matters (Venus in Cancer). Positively, with the Moon in Virgo trine both Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus, it can feel good to keep things simple, make rational decisions, and to be cautiously optimistic. Taking things slow, waiting for new information or insights to organically arise, and being sensible in the here and now can help weed out unworkable or superfluous investments of time, resources and energy. The Moon in Virgo trine Mercury while square the Sun and opposite Saturn can be shrewd and discerning in the face of any clever sales pitches or snake charmers. There is a keen eye for small details often overlooked here that can help spot the flaws in a plan or foundation and seeks to make improvements.


The Moon trine Uranus can see a lot of new ideas around how to improve something or make things better. The lunar sextile to Venus and opposition to Neptune is charming, comforting, helpful, and seductive. Positively, this can see a draw to unusual or eccentric people, or a new spin can be put on to nostalgic pastimes or connections that can be inspiring and enriching. The Sun and Saturn are still in a perfected square in the early AM hours, highlighting a concerted effort to sort out delusional realities or shit test certain ideas, beliefs or fantastical/horrifying fantasies. “Just checked the stash. We’re fresh out of copium fam. All we have is reality, but maybe it’s not so bad. Idk. Let’s give it a chance.” Mercury semisquare to Neptune just now can see the imagination grasping at something that’s as of yet, intangible or not fully formed, and as it get’s closer and closer to Uranus next week, new brainwaves and ideas are around the corner. Change is in the air. New agreements can be presented, and partnerships of all kinds can enter a sort of nurturing refurbishment or gentle negotiation phase. 

Monday, May 15, 2023



This week is a banger, and kicks off with the Moon in Aries square Venus, trine Pallas and sextile Juno, going on to conjoin Chiron. This can see a focus on plans with others. Jupiter in the final degree of Aries can see excitement, impatience, and urgency to make things happen, but Mercury having just stationed direct in methodical Taurus can see some lagging, and will take some time to pick up speed. Mercury is not especially quick in Taurus as it is, and there may still be some pragmatic issues to address. With a growing emphasis on Taurus this week, there is increasing focus on realism, facts, practicality and common sense. Some may experience this as a reality check, while others experience it as a refreshingly grounded and down to earth influence. Whatever is the case, this growing Taurus emphasis highlights material considerations, and issues of money, values, possessions, food, physicality, sensuality, security, stability and the basics of life. There may still be some adjustments that need to be made to push things through on to more stable footing, but the Taurus energy is plodding and persistent. 


Jupiter enters Taurus today at 10:20 AM PST, seeing a decided shift in emphasis for the next long while. The area of your chart ruled by Taurus and Gemini is especially highlighted and emphasized this week, and there can be positive gains, news, and things to look forward to here, but there’s a need to get organized, make preparations, and tie up loose ends. Jupiter in square to Pluto this week can see intensity, and there’s a need to find a happy medium between under and overconfidence as major transformations are undertaken or glaring issues come up to be properly resolved. This can see an air of intensity as sweeping changes are made, or the practical side of plans require some adjustments. This can also see power negotiations, and the matter of fact energy of Taurus is determined to not let things run off the rails again. The Moon is square Mars in the most irritable degree of Cancer, while building a conjunction to Jupiter. Just looking at this configuration I can hear an impatient voice saying “come on, come on come on already”. But Mercury sextile Saturn knows that good things come to those who wait. There’s a guaranteed result on it’s way indicated here, but organic processes, common sense, and practical considerations need to be paid their dues. Irritability or impatience can be channeled into productivity, and even if there are some minor glitches or inconveniences to navigate, things look ultimately positive. 


The Moon enters slow and steady Taurus at 5:28 AM PST, to conjoin Mercury and Jupiter, while square Pluto, and later on, forming a sextile Saturn. This can see good news, and as long as expectations can be kept realistic, there is the promise of positive gains that accompany powerful changes. There is a determination here to work miracles of the practical magic variety. Pluto will return to Capricorn in June, so there can be a return to something here in the works, perhaps to improve upon it, renegotiate things and work out any snags, leaving you with a more robust foundation. Today there is a focus on making practical progress, and there may be a need to innovate as things transition to more stable ground. Practical help or common sense thinking is highlighted, and there may be a need to set aside more fantastical notions to deal with more matter of fact matters for now. All in all, today can see something positive in the works, but realism and pragmatism takes precedence over pie in the sky thinking. 


Today can hold some surprises, with the Moon conjunct the Sun and Uranus, doing things a bit differently is highlighted, and there can be a buzz of excitement around certain plans that have been made (Mercury sextile Saturn.) There’s an appreciation here of the luxury and freedom that stability and reliability affords. It can be refreshing to have a change of scenery or to switch things up a little bit, but not so much that it compromises the foundations which provide the bounty of life’s small pleasures. A humble New Moon tomorrow morning PST signals a new era which places emphasis on achieving the fruits of abundance that life has to offer, but also the toil, hard work, discipline, consistency, and protective measures that it takes to do so. 


The New Moon is exact at 8:53 AM at 28 degrees Taurus. This face of Taurus is ruled by Saturn, and is associated with the 7 of pentacles. There is an awareness here of life’s misfortunes, and the Moon here is well suited for taking protective measures and creating extra insurance against anything that can compromise the fruits of the crop, and the stability you’ve worked hard to create. The signatures of this New Moon involve a sextile to Mars in the final degree of Cancer, a sextile to Neptune, a trine to Pluto, and a semisquare to Venus. There can be much to enjoy, but there can be a keen awareness of the fragility of certain circumstances or dynamics to life’s changing tides. A keen awareness of patterns can help to create insurances against life’s variables. It’s a good time to count your blessings, and make preparations that can assist you in the case of the unexpected. The Moon trine Pluto can relish rising to challenges, and creates a formidable energy in the face of any potential uncertainties. Pluto’s backward motion heading towards Capricorn in June doubles down on the insistence and determination to fortify foundations and stabilize things so that they’re impermeable to any foreseeable or unforeseeable disaster. The Moon sextile Mars is self assured and eager to secure things, while the lunar sextile to Neptune is intuitive and extends a 6th sense to anticipate anything around the corner. The semisquare to Venus indicates that things are still in a delicate frame, but there is a determination to protect what and who is vulnerable, valuable, and integral. The Moon enters curious Gemini at 11:48 AM, forming a square to Saturn, which can see an anticipatory energy for anything that could undermine the pleasant reverie.


Mars steals the show today, entering Leo at 8:31 AM PST, bright and early. The Moon in Gemini is conjunct Juno, placing emphasis on partnerships, negotiations, and communications. Mars in Leo is exactly square Jupiter just now, which can see motivation, excitement and enthusiasm. It’s also opposite Pluto, which can see a sort of volcanic passion under the surface, with energy to burn. After some slight nervousness or tentativeness yesterday evening on into the wee hours when the Moon squared Saturn, the Moon makes minor aspects to Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto which see’s an eagerness to explore. The Moon goes on to sextile Chiron which can see empathy, understanding and compassion for the vulnerabilities of others. Mars in Leo is egged on, encouraged, and courageous, excited about breaking new ground. The area of your chart ruled by Leo will be subject to some reevaluations, as it will host a Venus retrograde this year. For now, there’s an eagerness to go after something with gusto, or to reinvigorate the vitality levels and breathe new life into a dream. 


The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Gemini in the wee hours, at 12:09 AM PST. The area of your chart that hosted the Mars retrograde is highlighted once more, indicating there are still loose ends to wrap up here. Mercury will enter this area in June, and a New Moon will occur here, which can see a problem solving exercise and a desire to tie a bow around certain knotty issues that have dragged on for some time. Many improvements have been made here, but there are still things to sort out and contingencies to plan for. The Sun highlighting this area brings increased focus here, squaring Saturn in Pisces and sextile Mars, there’s a passionate enthusiasm to overcome any challenges, blockages and hurdles that stand in the way of forward momentum. Although progress may be slow, there has been progress, no doubt, but there are still things that need to be resolved here once and for all. Gaining clarity and maintaining a foothold on progress already made is imperative. The Moon square Neptune is dreamy, imaginative, a bit sleepy, and perhaps a bit nervous about uncertainties or the seeming elusiveness around certain matters, goals, or people. The Taurus emphasis keeps feet firmly on the ground and is steadfast and insistent upon realism, but you can still dream. The Moon enters security oriented Cancer at 8:28 PM PST, to trine Saturn, where it plays it safe and sticks to what or who is familiar or what is guaranteed to provide security.

Monday, May 8, 2023



The day begins with the Moon in Sagittarius opposite Venus, trine Jupiter and square Neptune. This is a hopeful, idealistic and dreamy combination. There’s an emotionally generous, open minded and adventurous energy to these configurations. It can be easy to be grateful for the things that are going right. Venus having just moved into Cancer following Mars’ lead, placing further focus on comfort, security, and what and who feels familiar for a spell. There’s a lot of enthusiasm around making things more cozy, stable, and secure. There can also be a lot to do, with Mercury in the final week of it’s backspin, lose ends need to be tie up and many new possibilities to consider. The area of your chart ruled by Gemini, which hosted the Mars retrograde, and which Venus has just left, will see further emphasis in June when Mercury enters Gemini and a New Moon in this area occurs. There are still things to sort out and stabilize here, knots to untangle, and loose ends to tie a bow around. Today can start out on a loopy and dreamy note, and become more practical as it wears on, as the Moon heads into Capricorn at 4:33 PM PST. This can see a lot more productivity and stability, but a lot to adapt to. The Moon’s opposition to Venus brings a focus on security, structure and stability. There can be a pleasant focus on productivity and making things run smoothly, there can also be good news or things to be hopeful about or look forward to. 


The Sun and Uranus perfect a conjunction today at 18 degrees Taurus. There can be a focus on making adjustments and changing things up. New insights and information can be available that gives way to trying something different, or returning to old ways of doing things, old ideas, or conservations, but with new insights and approaches, or renewed enthusiasm. Something different can be tried out. The Moon in Capricorn goes on to trine Uranus, Mercury Rx and the Sun, while squaring Chiron, which can see a keen focus on stability, streamlining, overcoming weaknesses, and making steady progress through a series of adjustments and necessary transformations. Pluto will return to Capricorn this weekend on Sunday to begin to finalize a metamorphosis. Drive, energy, ambition and determination can build this evening with the Moon opposing Mars. It’s the energy of a coiled spring. There’s a lot to do, but a lot of excitement around changes being made. 


The Moon makes a powerful opposition to Mars squaring Jupiter in Aries and building a strong conjunction to Pluto Rx. This can see a lot of passion around pushing for changes and positive breakthroughs, and there can be a lot to tackle. Keeping a steady momentum going while making adjustments can be a theme. A lunar sextile to Neptune can see heightened ESP, and an intuitive and instinctual nature to the day. Feeling things out and making necessary adjustments as you go can help consolidate a sense of power over challenging issues or changeable situations. The Moon enters quirky Aquarius to perfect a conjunction with Pluto Rx, seeing changes being integrated that will assist in implementing better structures going forward. There will be a lot of loose ends and readjustments over the following weeks that will lead to further shifts that ultimately bring more stability and prosperity. Being grounded, patient and realistic and making changes incrementally will help transition things to a place of more comfort, flow and abundance. Try not to bite off more than you can chew. 


The Moon in Aquarius makes a quizzical square to Mercury Rx in Taurus in the first portion of the day, and a semisquare to Neptune while squaring Vesta. There can be some minor frazzled energy around basic routines and everyday rituals, and maybe some confusion or indecision around how to properly time things. Certain issues can take a wait and see approach, and the Moon squares Uranus later on which can see new insights, surprises, curveballs, or a changeable, nervous, or excitable atmosphere that can keep people on their toes. Increasing vitality can be in focus with the Moon conjunct Hygeia. Mercury Rx sextile Venus and Saturn just now is building reserves through nurturing care, dedication and discipline, and there’s a trend towards increasing stability, security and prosperity. Well timed and beneficial agreements or deals can be struck, and in some cases there can be positive news or supportive alliances. With Mercury getting closer to stationing direct there may be a few glitches in the matrix to navigate, but overall, Venus trine Saturn is very stabilizing in spite of the many adjustments being made. 


The Moon in Aquarius makes a slightly nervous or irritable quincunx to Mars as the day gets started, but by evening things can feel much more optimistic and hopeful with a lunar sextile to Jupiter. There’s a strong impetus towards navigating things through to safe passage and getting on the other side of a series of changes and adjustments. The later evening hours can see things relax significantly as the Moon enters Pisces to trine Venus and conjoin Saturn. These configurations look like a sigh of relief and a feeling of quiet accomplishment. It can feel good to relax and engage in self nurturing and comfortable activities. Mercury and Venus perfect a sextile at 6 degrees this evening, at the same time Venus perfects a trine to Saturn at 6 degrees. All of this indicates good news, pleasant communications or exchanges, and increasing stability, comfort and security. 


Today can see some pleasant interactions and a mellow but congenial atmosphere. A lunar sesquisquare to Mars can see a drive to get things done around the home, and generally the day is well suited for laid back activities behind the scenes with family or a close knit circle of select familiar faces. It can feel good to create more comfort and stability. Feelings can be heightened this evening with the Moon semisquare Pluto, but it can be difficult to express them. Tomorrow there can be a little more inward self assurance, although Mercury can still be a bit tongue tied as it stations direct tomorrow evening.


The Moon in shy and sensitive Pisces is sextile the Sun in Taurus and trine Mars in Cancer while conjunct Neptune. This can see inspired feelings, and although the option to share them is there, the Sun in Taurus and Mars and Venus in Cancer tend towards playing it safe. There’s an emphasis here on quiet understandings, and it can be possible to connect wordlessly with certain others, where much doesn’t have to be said, but there is a warmth and connection that is implicit, felt, and understood between certain others. The day is soft, imaginative, laid back, with romantic and inspired undertones. There’s a motivation, courage and passion building here, and there can be pleasant exchanges or subtle bids for connection. Mercury stations direct in 5 degrees Taurus at 8:17 PM PST. Optimism is growing. Next week can see pleasant news, positive turning points, or even some windfalls or strokes of good luck when Jupiter heads into Taurus on Tuesday. Keep your chin up, and prepare to be surprised by the power of positive thinking.