The day begins with the Moon in Sagittarius opposite Venus, trine Jupiter and square Neptune. This is a hopeful, idealistic and dreamy combination. There’s an emotionally generous, open minded and adventurous energy to these configurations. It can be easy to be grateful for the things that are going right. Venus having just moved into Cancer following Mars’ lead, placing further focus on comfort, security, and what and who feels familiar for a spell. There’s a lot of enthusiasm around making things more cozy, stable, and secure. There can also be a lot to do, with Mercury in the final week of it’s backspin, lose ends need to be tie up and many new possibilities to consider. The area of your chart ruled by Gemini, which hosted the Mars retrograde, and which Venus has just left, will see further emphasis in June when Mercury enters Gemini and a New Moon in this area occurs. There are still things to sort out and stabilize here, knots to untangle, and loose ends to tie a bow around. Today can start out on a loopy and dreamy note, and become more practical as it wears on, as the Moon heads into Capricorn at 4:33 PM PST. This can see a lot more productivity and stability, but a lot to adapt to. The Moon’s opposition to Venus brings a focus on security, structure and stability. There can be a pleasant focus on productivity and making things run smoothly, there can also be good news or things to be hopeful about or look forward to. 


The Sun and Uranus perfect a conjunction today at 18 degrees Taurus. There can be a focus on making adjustments and changing things up. New insights and information can be available that gives way to trying something different, or returning to old ways of doing things, old ideas, or conservations, but with new insights and approaches, or renewed enthusiasm. Something different can be tried out. The Moon in Capricorn goes on to trine Uranus, Mercury Rx and the Sun, while squaring Chiron, which can see a keen focus on stability, streamlining, overcoming weaknesses, and making steady progress through a series of adjustments and necessary transformations. Pluto will return to Capricorn this weekend on Sunday to begin to finalize a metamorphosis. Drive, energy, ambition and determination can build this evening with the Moon opposing Mars. It’s the energy of a coiled spring. There’s a lot to do, but a lot of excitement around changes being made. 


The Moon makes a powerful opposition to Mars squaring Jupiter in Aries and building a strong conjunction to Pluto Rx. This can see a lot of passion around pushing for changes and positive breakthroughs, and there can be a lot to tackle. Keeping a steady momentum going while making adjustments can be a theme. A lunar sextile to Neptune can see heightened ESP, and an intuitive and instinctual nature to the day. Feeling things out and making necessary adjustments as you go can help consolidate a sense of power over challenging issues or changeable situations. The Moon enters quirky Aquarius to perfect a conjunction with Pluto Rx, seeing changes being integrated that will assist in implementing better structures going forward. There will be a lot of loose ends and readjustments over the following weeks that will lead to further shifts that ultimately bring more stability and prosperity. Being grounded, patient and realistic and making changes incrementally will help transition things to a place of more comfort, flow and abundance. Try not to bite off more than you can chew. 


The Moon in Aquarius makes a quizzical square to Mercury Rx in Taurus in the first portion of the day, and a semisquare to Neptune while squaring Vesta. There can be some minor frazzled energy around basic routines and everyday rituals, and maybe some confusion or indecision around how to properly time things. Certain issues can take a wait and see approach, and the Moon squares Uranus later on which can see new insights, surprises, curveballs, or a changeable, nervous, or excitable atmosphere that can keep people on their toes. Increasing vitality can be in focus with the Moon conjunct Hygeia. Mercury Rx sextile Venus and Saturn just now is building reserves through nurturing care, dedication and discipline, and there’s a trend towards increasing stability, security and prosperity. Well timed and beneficial agreements or deals can be struck, and in some cases there can be positive news or supportive alliances. With Mercury getting closer to stationing direct there may be a few glitches in the matrix to navigate, but overall, Venus trine Saturn is very stabilizing in spite of the many adjustments being made. 


The Moon in Aquarius makes a slightly nervous or irritable quincunx to Mars as the day gets started, but by evening things can feel much more optimistic and hopeful with a lunar sextile to Jupiter. There’s a strong impetus towards navigating things through to safe passage and getting on the other side of a series of changes and adjustments. The later evening hours can see things relax significantly as the Moon enters Pisces to trine Venus and conjoin Saturn. These configurations look like a sigh of relief and a feeling of quiet accomplishment. It can feel good to relax and engage in self nurturing and comfortable activities. Mercury and Venus perfect a sextile at 6 degrees this evening, at the same time Venus perfects a trine to Saturn at 6 degrees. All of this indicates good news, pleasant communications or exchanges, and increasing stability, comfort and security. 


Today can see some pleasant interactions and a mellow but congenial atmosphere. A lunar sesquisquare to Mars can see a drive to get things done around the home, and generally the day is well suited for laid back activities behind the scenes with family or a close knit circle of select familiar faces. It can feel good to create more comfort and stability. Feelings can be heightened this evening with the Moon semisquare Pluto, but it can be difficult to express them. Tomorrow there can be a little more inward self assurance, although Mercury can still be a bit tongue tied as it stations direct tomorrow evening.


The Moon in shy and sensitive Pisces is sextile the Sun in Taurus and trine Mars in Cancer while conjunct Neptune. This can see inspired feelings, and although the option to share them is there, the Sun in Taurus and Mars and Venus in Cancer tend towards playing it safe. There’s an emphasis here on quiet understandings, and it can be possible to connect wordlessly with certain others, where much doesn’t have to be said, but there is a warmth and connection that is implicit, felt, and understood between certain others. The day is soft, imaginative, laid back, with romantic and inspired undertones. There’s a motivation, courage and passion building here, and there can be pleasant exchanges or subtle bids for connection. Mercury stations direct in 5 degrees Taurus at 8:17 PM PST. Optimism is growing. Next week can see pleasant news, positive turning points, or even some windfalls or strokes of good luck when Jupiter heads into Taurus on Tuesday. Keep your chin up, and prepare to be surprised by the power of positive thinking. 


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