The Moon leaves realistic, problem solving Virgo for balance and harmony seeking Libra at 7:51 AM. There can still be challenges or uncertainties to grapple with, but the presence of assurances and support in this mathscape is palpable, with the Moon trine the Sun and Pluto, while sextile Mars in brave Leo. Communications can help clear away confusion and inform the right strategy. New information has presented itself and is percolating. In spite of many things still being unclear, or not fully resolved, solutions, and offers of teamwork, ingenuity and support are on hand and available. Interactions with others can offer guidance, insight, and mutual support through any otherwise challenging situations. With teamwork, messes can be cleaned up and taken care of. Dealing in reality, collecting information, and sorting fact from fantasy, uncertainty, fears, guessing, or mere speculation becomes increasingly important as we get deeper into Gemini season. This week see’s a Full Moon in truth seeking Sagittarius. 


The Moon in Libra opposite Chiron can see some sensitivity and vulnerability, while a quincunx to Mercury can see some indecision. Supportive relationships are around (Moon trine Juno) to help take the edge off any uncertainties, and Mars in Leo can also see a lot of strength internally. Kindness and sensitivity to others can be important, but can also come fairly easily. The Sun is still square Saturn, and the intensity of Mars opposite Pluto is only just starting to ebb off, leaving a bit more optimism in it’s wake, but it’s based on realistic thinking. The Moon goes on to square Venus in Cancer this evening, seeing a comfort seeking and security oriented energy closing the day out. Tomorrow can see optimism and determination to get to the bottom of certain issues.


There can be some sensitivity interpersonally, relationally, or socially, as the Moon squares Venus and Pluto today, going on to square Mars and trine Saturn. A determination to stabilize things and make big changes can be in the atmosphere, and there can be a digging into energy reserves. At certain points, things can feel over the top or excessive, or there can be tension and excitement. The Moon enters transformational Scorpio at 4:45 PM PST. Finding a sweet spot between different extremes can be key. A stabilizing trine to Saturn can see an inner self confidence that certain foundations are in place. At the same time, new opportunities that maybe haven’t been able to be considered before can be more within reach. 


There can be a challenge to integrate certain changes, adjustments and new information with the Moon opposite Mercury and Uranus, but Mars in Leo is more than willing to rise to it, as doing so can mean the promise of more stability. New options can inform strategies going forward. Mercury getting closer to Uranus by the day is progressive, ingenious, and inventive, and bringing in new brain waves to consider. Mercury conjunct the asteroid Vesta is thirsty for knowledge that has practical application. Animal, vegetable, and mineral, soil quality, body, food, currency, and valuables. Real life ROI. 


Today can be pleasant in a quiet way, and there can be a buzz in air. Mercury and Uranus continue to bring new brain waves and ideas, and in some ways, the impossible can begin to feel more possible. In the very least, new, experimental approaches to old problems can be having beneficial results. The Moon trine Venus in Cancer and Neptune wants to get comfortable, and there can be a focus on nurturing activities that replenish the body and soul. The Moon goes on to sextile Pluto before entering Sagittarius at 10:03 PM PST. It can feel nice to kick back and take in the view, as the horizon can be looking a little bit brighter. Interchanges with trusted others can be caring, supportive and impactful, and a sense of inner resourcefulness can make for a kind and generous atmosphere. 


The Full Moon is exact this evening at 8:42 PST in 13 degrees of Sagittarius. This face of Sagittarius is ruled by the 9 of Wands in the Tarot, and speaks of resilience, courage, tests of faith, and persisting to overcome obstacles. Agrippa, in his Three Books Of Occult Philosophy stated that this decan “concerns sadness and fear for ones body.” This may not necessarily manifest in a literal sense, but in either case, the bandage worn by the man in the 9 of wands indicates that struggles and battles have already been faced, and his stance illustrates that he still awaits more onslaughts. Failure to keep troubles at bay is still an option in this decan, so the task here is to continue to defend the stability you’ve established against contrary forces, and keep the body and mind aligned with the will. There may still be challenging circumstances to overcome, but the signature of this Full Moon has courage, resilience, and feels a bit stronger and better equipped than before. This Moon is trine Mars, Chiron, and Pallas, indicating that a new strategy and renewed forces instils confidence, faith, determination and optimism to face whatever arises. There is plenty of motivation to rise to challenges, and recent discoveries have added to an arsenal of knowledge. The lunar trine to Chiron can see a healing emphasis. 


After last night’s full Moon, today can be a good day to kick back, dream, and float down stream. Mercury and Uranus perfect their conjunction today at 20 degrees, seeing a whole bunch of new ideas, insights, and brainwaves circulating. Possibilities can feel more open, and there can be compassion, generosity, faith, and hopefulness. The Moon is trine Jupiter and square Neptune this evening, which see’s kindness and non judgmental attitudes predominate. People can be helpful or encouraging to others in their goals. At certain points, moods can fluctuate or be a bit up and down, or feelings can be heightened, but for the most part, this is an easy going day. Things can be feeling more hopeful, encouraging, and in many ways, are stabilizing nicely. Further progress is indicated next week. Venus at anaretic degree of Cancer today can see an overflowing cup, and a feeling of luxury, comfort, and appreciation for life’s little things, home, family, good food, art, music, atmosphere, comfort, and security can be accentuated.


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