The week kicks off with the Moon in Cancer in a trine to Saturn, seeing a strong focus on security and stability. Minor tense aspects to Uranus and Hygeia, along with a sextile to Mercury see a focus on integrating new insights, new information, possibly involving matters of healing. Mars, now freshly into Leo, is also perfecting a bombastic square to Jupiter currently, at 1 degree of Leo and Taurus, respectively, which can see people overshooting the mark this week. Excesses can be a problem, so try to make sure you’re not just doing fat rails of hopium, taking on too much, too soon, or overcommitting to things that are mere mirages or a waste of time this week. Later on today the Moon conjoins Venus, which can be pleasant, cozy and comfortable. This can see some good connections made, or comforting and stabilizing advices exchanged. Certain people or activities can exert a comforting influence that reinforce feelings of stability. The Sun in Gemini is trine Pluto in Aquarius and sextile Mars in Leo, so there can be a focus on intense, sensitive, buried, or even taboo, occult, or esoteric topics, and in some cases, there may be differing viewpoints, simmering tensions, or learning through contrast. Risk taking and speculation can also be highlighted. Some people play it safe, while others live life on the fringe or take bold and daring risks. 


It’s possible to see some pleasant surprises, or even to experience some emotional, social, or interpersonal breakthroughs today, or to experience new insights into certain dynamics, with the Moon in Cancer conjunct Venus and sextile Uranus. Again, with Mars squaring Jupiter and trine Neptune, avoid hopium and it’s deluded cousin, copium. It can be easy to glamorize things, people, products, cult leaders, MLM pyramid schemes, and whatever seems trendy, fast and easy. Ensure you’re dealing in reality and not ideals of grandeur as a form of escapism from deeper seated issues. Jupiter in Taurus while Saturn is in Pisces means common sense wins out over the phantasmagorical. The universe is favoring sense, sensibility, -real life efforts and real life gains right now, so do try to keep it real with yourself. Don’t settle for the cheap knock off version of what you’re actually looking for, or a quick fix to “take the edge off”. A lunar square to Chiron can see some vulnerability, and there may be some people who act as a rock or a shoulder to lean on, or some surprising but sensitive disclosures or connections are made, even if there’s been some level of distance or alienation. Even if things get rather intense late this evening with the Moon building an opposition to Pluto, a lunar trine to Neptune is gentle, compassionate, understanding, and shows discretion in the face any potential vulnerability or sensitive topics. Tomorrow, things can become feisty and even a bit theatrical and larger than life.


The Moon enters expressive and fun seeking Leo at 7:35 AM PST to conjoin Mars, oppose Pluto, and square Jupiter and Mercury in sensual, common sense Taurus. This can see an impulsive, risk taking, flamboyant energy that can be at odds with a more security oriented, pragmatic and methodical core. The Sun in Gemini has one foot on the gas pedal and one on the break, and can highlight keeping an eye on various speculations, as it squares Saturn but is trine Pluto and sextile impulsive, excitable Mars. The Sun’s trine to Pluto highlights the importance of instincts, insights, and well researched decisions. Certain realities may need some time to marinate and gestate. The lunar square to Mercury can see some indecision and a lot of weighing pros and cons, but the lunar conjunction to Mars is hasty and prone to act without thinking. Be patient with yourself and others, and if you don’t actually feel sure about something, it’s ok to hold off on forming any major conclusions or aping out wildly to overcompensate for lack of any guarantees. As Pluto backtracks, it’s possible that so too will many people, as there may be a lot to take in and reevaluate. It’s important to make sure you aren’t ignoring any red flags or glaring realities simply because they’re unpleasant to deal with. This could become more apparent when Mercury enters Gemini in June to eventually square hazy Neptune. If anything complicated, messy, regressive, confusing, or damaging is nagging at your conscience, better to face it head on rather than allow any further knots to form.


The Moon in Leo makes a proud trine to Chiron and is squaring up to Mercury and Uranus today, which can see a curious mixture of indecision and stubborn, resilient confidence. Impulse, intuition or risk taking energy can take the helm as the day progresses. News, conversation, or short distance travel can keep people on their toes or on the alert. In some cases this can see some out of character moves, or a “doubling down”, possibly driven by insecurity or a lack of confidence in some cases, but not all. There may even be a push through doubt, inhibitions, shyness, or lack of confidence in an effort to revitalize something. If you’re in touch with your true motives, there’s no harm in having some fun, taking a few risks, living large, and being a bit wild. As long as you don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater or overestimate your forces, it can even be therapeutic. Emotions can be erratic and there can be a focus on thrills, creativity, speculation and excitement. There may even be some wins or successes to celebrate. 


Today the Moon in extravagant Leo can lose it’s objectivity a bit as it makes an awkward quincunx to Neptune and Pluto as the day matures. There can be a lot of generosity and optimism on the surface, but perhaps a nagging feeling that more practicalities need to be addressed. The Moon builds a trine to Jupiter and opposition to Saturn as it gets closer to entering Virgo towards the day’s end, bringing a feeling that things need to be organized, eliminated, or more carefully examined. It enters anxious but realistic Virgo at 8:05 PM PST, opposite Saturn and trine Jupiter, seeing a bit of a reality test to any overconfidence. There can actually be much that is going really well, but there can be a skepticism around setting hopes too high, and a strong desire for simplicity, fruitfulness, and for things to make sense. There can also be some responsibilities to attend to, planning, preparation, or organization to get down to. In some cases, having too many options, or too much to think about can be somewhat overwhelming, and there’s a need to limit distractions. Some speculations work out better than others and are a sure bet that offer solid gains, while others are more illusory. Common sense thinking and proper planning can help sort out sensible, realistic options from ridiculous ones.


The Moon in Virgo is square the Sun in Gemini, which is exactly square Saturn today at 6 degrees. This can see a more reserved and cautious approach around risk taking than perhaps was recently the case, and something can cause pause for thought. The Moon is also in opposition to Saturn and semisquare Venus, which can highlight uncertainty around speculative matters involving money, relationships, social situations, or in regards to home, property and family matters (Venus in Cancer). Positively, with the Moon in Virgo trine both Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus, it can feel good to keep things simple, make rational decisions, and to be cautiously optimistic. Taking things slow, waiting for new information or insights to organically arise, and being sensible in the here and now can help weed out unworkable or superfluous investments of time, resources and energy. The Moon in Virgo trine Mercury while square the Sun and opposite Saturn can be shrewd and discerning in the face of any clever sales pitches or snake charmers. There is a keen eye for small details often overlooked here that can help spot the flaws in a plan or foundation and seeks to make improvements.


The Moon trine Uranus can see a lot of new ideas around how to improve something or make things better. The lunar sextile to Venus and opposition to Neptune is charming, comforting, helpful, and seductive. Positively, this can see a draw to unusual or eccentric people, or a new spin can be put on to nostalgic pastimes or connections that can be inspiring and enriching. The Sun and Saturn are still in a perfected square in the early AM hours, highlighting a concerted effort to sort out delusional realities or shit test certain ideas, beliefs or fantastical/horrifying fantasies. “Just checked the stash. We’re fresh out of copium fam. All we have is reality, but maybe it’s not so bad. Idk. Let’s give it a chance.” Mercury semisquare to Neptune just now can see the imagination grasping at something that’s as of yet, intangible or not fully formed, and as it get’s closer and closer to Uranus next week, new brainwaves and ideas are around the corner. Change is in the air. New agreements can be presented, and partnerships of all kinds can enter a sort of nurturing refurbishment or gentle negotiation phase. 


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