After some somber reality checks with the Moon in Pisces conjunct Saturn, today it conjoins Neptune, where empathy and compassion bloom, but also imagination and dreaminess. It can be hard to concentrate. The messiness of certain situations can be very apparent, and with a new Moon total eclipse around the corner in Aries, certain things can be phasing out and a transformation or transitiion is nigh. The Moon in Pisces is also sextile Pluto today, which can highlight creative transformations and the need to improvise and think on your feet can be a factor as certain things dissolve. New strategies need to be implemented. There is a lot of creativity available, and todays atmosphere is given to daydreams and musing. What is unworkable needs to be phased out, and powerful transformations are in the works. The Moon enters pioneering Aries at 6:09 PM PST , which can see a strong drive towards productivity and self assertion. There may also be some tension to navigate. 


The Moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron, square Mars in Cancer while sextile Venus in Gemini. This can see a lot of curiosity as well as a need to use diplomacy to navigate potential tensions. The Moon in Aries is powerfully self directed, but there may be instances where desires, values, or priorities clash. This is where diplomacy comes in handy. There can be some weaknesses, vulnerability or sensitivity to navigate as well, which are still in a process of being overcome. The Moon square Mars can see some frustrations or possibly a bit of an emotional minefield, but there is also a strong drive here to carry on, push through, and overcome weaknesses. These maths can require some patience, understanding, and keeping expectations realistic. 


Early on, the Moon is conjunct Jupiter, which can see a lot of optimism and expansiveness, and in some cases, some over the top emotional states. Passion, drive, courage and willfulness are present with the Moon conjunct Jupiter. Mercury conjunct Uranus just now can see a lot of new ideas and opportunities being generated which can require adaptability and thinking ahead of the curve. It’s about to go retrograde, so things can be a bit glitchy and weird at the moment, and much can be occurring that can be cause for reevaluation over the next few weeks. On the West Coast, the New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs at 9:13 PM PST, at 29 degrees Aries, making a sharp square to Pluto in Aquarius. This face of Aries is a spicy and passionate one, that offers peak experiences, and represents the power that conflict and passion has to unify. Associated with both Venus and Jupiter, this decan of Aries is considered beneficial, but a certain intensity and fearless authenticity must be endured and embraced to reap the rewards. The square to Pluto suggests that much has been simmering for a long time, and in some cases, a dramatic, or perhaps out of character shift is highlighted. Under high pressure, carbon atoms bond together and begin forming crystals, the process through which diamonds are made. These configurations contain some powerful alchemical references, both individually and collectively. There can be an emotional intensity here that carries with it a potent charge that can facilitate powerful shifts. Authenticity can be a driving force. 


The Moon entered Taurus last night on the west coast at 9:30 PM PST. The Sun enters Taurus at 1:14 AM PST in the wee hours. With the Moon conjunct the Sun and sextile Saturn, certain things can be feeling more clear, and there can be a desire to implement new structures and phase out anything superfluous or distracting, and get down to the business of implementing positive changes. The Moon conjoins Mercury and Uranus as the day progresses, highlighting news and communication that can be surprising, unexpected, or exciting. There may be a need to make some last minute adjustments to plans or have a “plan b”, or there could be some minor hiccups that can cause some confusion, slight let downs, or sensitivity, with the Moon semisquare Neptune and sextile Mars, but these configurations are resourceful and offer some excitement. Innovative solutions will have to be drummed up and agreed upon. Mercury stations retrograde in the wee hours of tomorrow, so in some cases, it can be back to the drawing board in certain plans, projects or negotiations. 


At 1:35 AM PST, Mercury stations retrograde, so if you’re on the road or dealing with tech, communications, important discussions, leave yourself some wiggle room in case things go awry, and maybe avoid speaking before thinking. Technology, travel, and communications can be subject to change. There can be some surprises to deal with, and a need to reevaluate certain things until May 14. In many cases, it can be hard to believe certain things that are happening. In Taurus, this can involve security, finances, values, possessions, food, pleasure, self worth, even love, desire and sensuality can be under evaluation. The past can come up or people from the past can circle back around, perhaps out of the blue, under weird circumstances, or completely different to how they were before. The Moon in Taurus (exalted) is conjunct Uranus in the early part of the day, making a sextile to Neptune and out of sign trine to Pluto as the day progresses. This can see a lot of creativity, imagination, and sensitivity, with pleasure seeking being a strong drive. There can be a deep curiosity blooming, or a desire to get to the root of things or form a strategy or a plan, perhaps involving others (Moon/Juno conjunction).  The evening can end on a reflective and indulgent note. 


The Moon heads into Gemini at 3:11 AM PST, where it conjoins Venus, trine’s Pluto and squares Saturn. This can see a deep curiosity and quest for pleasure and stimulation, but there can feel like there is a blockage, barrier, boundary, or rules that inhibit things. With Mercury retrograde, avoid getting into trouble by saying things that can’t be unsaid (or making purchases that can’t be unmade). As the day wears on, the lunar conjunction to Venus and a semisqaure to Jupiter can see a gentle pushing of boundaries or some sort of workaround to enjoyment, relaxation, or pleasure seeking. The lunar square to Saturn wears off in the evening, seeing a slightly less inhibited or constrained atmosphere, and curiosity can drive things. Spring has sprung.


The Moon conjunct Venus this morning can see a focus on pleasant communications, news, or creativity, sociability and enjoyment. The Moon sesquisquare Pluto can see deeper issues or feelings that are more difficult to express, or some compelling pulls, intense desires and emotional draws under a congenial, casual surface. Lightening things up can be helpful if they've been too serious. A lunar sextile to Chiron and trine Hygeia can see a healing and compassionate theme, and people can be sensitive to the undercurrent, as well as sensitive to criticism, real or perceived. Evening time see’s more sensitivity, maybe even confusion, or a lot of empathy and emotional generosity with the Moon sextile Jupiter and square Neptune. There can be a moodiness and uncertainty at times, and people can be well meaning, but it’s possible for boundaries to become blurred or confused. In either case, relaxing a bit can be helpful, and keeping things light can improve the mood. Music and the arts can factor in somehow, or something read, seen, or heard can provoke a lot of feeling or make it easier to unwind. It can be difficult to know how to feel about certain things, but not taking things overly seriously can help shake off any residual funk. There may be a need to find a balance between head and heart as we roll into Monday. 


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