This morning see’s the Moon enter fun seeking, theatrical Leo, wherein will trine Chiron in Aries , oppose Saturn in Aquarius and square Uranus in Taurus, and later sextile Venus in Gemini. There can be a certain restlessness here to shake things up out of a rut, perhaps one that has come to feel somewhat lonely. There can be a desire here to seek entertainment and stimulation, perhaps through social interactions, but with the lunar opposition to Saturn there could be some challenges or issues of timing.  Nonetheless there could be some unexpected opportunities that are encouraging. Even if you have to wait to take full advantage of them, it’s nice to know they are there. The energy of the day can be somewhat erratic, maybe there is unexpected (but pleasant?) news or communications. The taskmaster Saturn can tend to put duty before pleasure or otherwise make it difficult to totally let our hair down. But there can be some unusual breaks in routine or maybe a need or desire to innovate in order to break monotony. 


Today see’s a continuation of yesterdays Leo lunation, and the Moon sextile’s Mercury in Gemini, still holding an opposition to Saturn. The morning hours still hold a lunar square to Uranus, suggesting the unexpected or at least, “out of the norm”, still plays a role. Shifts in routine or shaking up routines, can make dull tasks more entertaining. A lunar link to Juno suggests supportive relationships, and the lunar link to Mercury all day places the emphasis on communications. It might be easier to enjoy this later on in the evening when the lunar/Saturn link relents, and gives way to a more indulgent atmosphere. 


Today begins with the Moon in the later degrees of Leo squaring up to the Sun, and building an opposition to Jupiter in Pisces. The Moon enters Virgo at 1:59 PM PST, and a lunar semi square to Mars can see an action oriented atmosphere but also a desire to indulge a bit. Finding a way to squeeze in some enjoyment and indulgence without neglecting routines can be a factor here. Later there can be some surprises or out of the ordinary escapes that perhaps hit just this sweet spot with the Moon trine Uranus. The Sun will make it’s annual ingress into Gemini tomorrow, which can sweeten life a bit and make the every day a bit more enjoyable and stimulating by emphasizing Venus and Mercury. 


Happy birthday Gemini! The Sun enters this talkative and curious sign at 12:37 PM PST. This day could be filled with some unusual surprises or occurrences, and it’s possible that things are busy and uptempo with a lunar sextile to Mars, square Venus, and trine to Uranus. Perhaps there’s a desire to get a lot done so that a more sociable weekend can be enjoyed? The Moon goes on to oppose Neptune, while squaring both Venus and Mercury, and it’s possible for interpersonal communications or interactions to be confusing, or maybe just laden with fantasy. Maybe there’s a lot of daydreaming happening here. We could be drawn to unusual people or situations and there can be a desire for more novelty and stimulation. It’s definitely possible today holds some surprises. 



Today see’s the Moon in detail oriented Virgo trine the Sun in tactile, practical Taurus, opposite Neptune, and trine Pluto, and square Mercury. There can be a need or desire to get to the bottom of something or get something sorted. Perhaps there’s an organizational effort, or maybe it’s investigative, but whatever it is, the lunar/Pluto link has a sort of tunnel vision focus. The loopy lunar link to Neptune can see some daydreamy confusion, or some sort of fantasy, but this can just as easily be funneled into something creative or beautiful. It's productive, and creative. The Moon/Pluto link will have an earthy thoroughness about it and a strong desire to take a closer look at things maybe previously overlooked or a desire to make a lot of headway with work or organizational projects. Not to mention purging/elimination of clutter or making improvements. The Moon enters harmonizing Libra at 6:35 PM PST, placing the emphasis on relationships to others. Tomorrow will see a focus on relationships, partnerships, and social exchanges.


Today see’s the Moon in sociable Libra trine Venus and Mercury in Gemini, Saturn in Aquarius, square Mars, and opposite Chiron. There can be a bit of sensitivity to navigate, (Moon/Chiron)-but overall there’s a focus on harmonizing disparate elements. The Moon square Mars can indicate a deep emotional desire to seek comfort via interacting with others, and the focus is very much on the interpersonal. Moon/Mercury/Venus/Saturn brings patience, harmony, beauty, and tolerance. The Sun in Gemini now opposite Jupiter in compassionate Pisces can now see optimism and idealism levels through the roof. This can see a lot of generosity, and an increased interest in spiritual topic. It can also see excessive or escapist behavior, so it’s important to remain grounded. 


Today see’s the retrograde station of Saturn at 13 degrees Aquarius. This can see a pause for consolidation, and in preparation for the shifts that are occuring, socially, emotionally, and otherwise. Venus in Gemini also forms an anticipated square to delusional Neptune today. It’s worth noting that we are in the shadow period of a Mercury retrograde as well, it’s due to station retrograde next Saturday.  Take everything with a grain of salt, mind your spending, and take care to remember where you put your keys. There can be intense dynamics under the surface this morning, with the Moon in Libra squaring Mars and Pluto, perhaps even a few subtle power struggles. If this isn't the case, there may simply be a lot of passion, intensity and excitement under the surface, and a desire to make forward momentum in regards to partnerships, relationships, collaborations, or agreements unfolding now. The Moon in friendly Libra trine generous Jupiter and talkative Mercury suggests communication and harmonization is key. There can be some implicit understandings. This could actually see the potential for some deep talks, or in the very least, some unspoken agreements, or vulcan mind melds. 


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