Astrology For The Week Of Sep 9th-15th 2019.

We kick off the week with the Moon in Capricorn conjunct Pluto and trine Mercury and Venus in Virgo. This shows that some kind of upgrade, positive transformation, and new standard of living has been set into motion going forward. This kicks off the week on a disciplined, orderly, but earthy and sensual note, with a driven intensity of focus and intent through the early AM hours, thanks to the lunar/Pluto link. Under this sort of mathscape, it feels exceptionally good to “get our shit together,” organize our environment, eliminate waste, economize, and manage our time, energy, and resources to maximize efficiency. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus still in Virgo, and Pluto in trine to all 3, powerful transformations with very real, physical, and practical ramifications are occurring. Enjoyment can be found in the little things, and any anxious energy can be  positively channeled into the humble, daily tasks of everyday living, and making subtle and/or major improvements to our every day lives, routines, work, diet, fitness, health, etc. 
Oppositions of the Virgo planets to Neptune in Pisces make it very important to stay grounded in reality, and to try to avoid focusing on  feelings of “lack,”obsessing on unknowns, or things you otherwise have no control over. This is excellent energy for self control and attention to detail. 
Monday afternoon, around 3PM PST, the Moon shifts into quirky Aquarius, forming an erratic square to Uranus in Taurus, and a sextile to Chiron. The remainder of Monday can contain some surprising twists, and introduce some interesting possibilities, that can make us feel confident and excited about the future.

Tuesday continues this improvisational frame that yesterday evening began with the moons shift into unconventional Aquarius. Although there could be much to be excited about, the Sun in Virgo squaring extravagant Jupiter makes us aware of all of the details that as of yet, need to be worked out, and has us quietly shit testing anything that seems overly optimistic or unrealistic, while seeking to innovate around potential blockages and think on our feet. However, a buoyant and exciting lunar sextile to Jupiter around 2:30 PM can encourage us to think pretty expansively, and there can be an optimistic, generous good will in the air. This see’s the majority of Tuesday take on a “figuring it out as we go” type of energy, where we need to remain adaptable in order to accommodate changes in schedule, or prepare for/adapt to developments that can alter our routines in potentially positive ways. There is definitely an energy of excitement, unpredictability, and anticipation here, and a feeling that something new and different is right around the corner, and we can be laying the groundwork for future plans or initiatives. 

Sep 11th see’s the Moon void of course, so no noteworthy lunar aspects, with the minor exception of a trine to the Part of Fortune around 4PM PST, which could see some good news via communications or en route, that may require some action and adaptation. Otherwise, Wednsday’s skies are dominated by the Solar conjunctions to Mercury, Venus, and Mars, creating a brisk and busy, action oriented atmosphere that suggests some preparation for new social, interpersonal, and/or commercial projects, initiatives, relationships, and endeavors that have the potential to shift and transform our worlds considerably for the better. 

Thursday see’s the Moon enter sensitive Pisces, with the first aspect it forms being a sextile to Uranus in Taurus. This can see our imaginations positively stimulated, and our ability to entertain new possibilities and step into the unknown can feel like a positive release, even if we feel subtly challenged, sensitive, or uncertain, it is clear that embracing change with an attitude of peaceful surrender and opening ourselves up to the unknown in some way, (as opposed to being fixated on any anxiety inducing “what if’s”,)- is the best way forward. Releasing the need for certainty and any attachments to a desired outcome, while also saying goodbye to a chapter that has served it’s purpose, and anything illusory, unrealistic or fantastical that could interfere with getting the most out of the new chapter that is about to unfold, is part and parcel of this lunation. In a skyscape of "Fantasy v.s Reality", reality holds the trump card as Saturn and Pluto take sides with Virgo, while the Moon in Pisces idealistic fantasies are dissolved by Neptune, and carriages turn back into pumpkins. Around 6 PM PST, the Moon in Pisces begins it’s first opposition, to Mars, which is conjunct the Sun in Virgo. We may experience some inner or outer resistance to our plans, or the new direction we are going in. With a Lunar semi square to Pluto, people could be sensitive around this time, as we build up to the full moon, so although we can’t be responsible for other peoples ability to regulate their own emotional state, do try and tread softly, and if you can’t say or do anything that would help them, then do your best to avoid saying anything that could potentially hurt them. Sometimes silence is golden. With a lunar conjunction to Neptune, fantasy v.s reality can be a challenge, and there can also be a sense of “martyrdom” or sacrifice present. Some people could experience some disillusionment as they face the need to release unrealistic fantasies, and accept things and people as they really are, -not as they would like them to be. Still, there is much potential here for interpersonal sustenance and warmth, as long as expectations of others, (and of ourselves,) can remain realistic. Needless to say, this lunation can bring a lot of imagination, dreams, color, and originality to the table.



Friday see’s the build up to the full Moon, which occurs at 9:33 PM PST. With the Moon in Pisces and Sun in Virgo both squaring up to expansive and optimistic Jupiter, this could certainly see high hopes and longings pinned up against the need to deal in reality and operate within the laws of physics. The Moon opposes the Sun, and sextiles Saturn, which accentuates the desire (and -*gasp*- perhaps even the ability) to make dreams a reality, as long as we have the patience and the will to navigate all the practicalities and details, and we don’t try and skip important steps or stick our fingers in the pie before it’s ready. The Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and in opposition to the Sun and Mars in Virgo can see our energy levels lag a bit, or cause our nervous systems to feel overwhelmed in the face of all the details and practicalities there are to manage. We may just want things to manifest by themselves so we can daydream under a blanket and wake up to everything being suddenly wonderful, but life calls us to actively co create our reality,“do the work” and take initiative. It’ll be worth it. These aspects definitely indicate a fantasy coming within reach, and possibilities opening up that were previously closed, or simply not considered or taken seriously before. Evening time see’s the full Moon in Pisces oppose the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. This could see some slight discomfort in social situations, and balancing the needs of the self with the needs of others will be important. New times, socially, relationally, and interpersonally are right around the corner. 

Saturday morning begins with the Moon in late Pisces. Mercury and Venus both shift into conciliatory, partnership oriented Libra, and we begin to enter what many psychologists refer to as “cuffing season.” Venus is exalted and in it’s dominion in Libra. In Virgo, Venus focused on self improvement and prep work, so that she could bring an optimus prime version of herself into her interaction with others, in Libra. With Mercury and Venus both changing signs into harmony seeking Libra, this set’s the stage for pleasant exchanges and interactions with others, and heralds a more active and pleasurable period socially and interpersonally. This also takes a bit of the edge off of the somewhat anxious, perfectionistic bent of the Virgo stellium we had been under, although it certainly served it’s purposes and allowed us to make great strides and massive improvements. Around 4 PM PST, the Moon enters passionate and enthusiastic Aries. Combined with the other aspects, this signifies a brand new period socially and relationally. This could bring new faces into the picture, or reignite passions in existing involvements by kicking off a new phase. The Moon in Aries conjuncts Chiron and opposes Mercury and Venus in Libra. This suggests the potential for some sensitivity around new social involvements, with a need to navigate this with some care, diplomacy and decorum. Perhaps the addition of new social interactions or relationships make pre existing ones feel somehow threatened, undermined, insecure, or sensitive. Such feelings may be overblown, and no one should limit or curtail themselves from exploring new social avenues or connections in order to regulate the self esteem of other people, but do take care not to minimize the experiences of others or deliberately step on their toes. Otherwise, this looks set to herald a pleasing time socially and interpersonally. 

Sunday see’s the Moon in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn and trine Jupiter in Sagittarius, while still conjunct Chiron. Expanding our world, personally or otherwise, may require some effort. We may also experience some impatience or perhaps some frustration with obstacles or challenges that seem to be slowing things down or making things seem more difficult than they need to be. We could also vacillate between over and under confidence, optimism and pessimism. As well, it could also simply be a continuation of the social sensitivities I mentioned in Saturday’s forecast. Regardless, in spite of and perhaps even because of the Lunar square to Saturn and trine to Jupiter, we have access to emotional resilience, maturity, generosity, and a broadminded, philosophical attitude, if we so choose. We might have to make for some allowances, or some adjustments to our plans, but this otherwise looks like an enthusiastic, pleasant, and passionate end to the week, that is also grounded in realism. With Mercury and Venus holding hands in Libra, this could definitely see some pleasing communications, plans being formed, sparks of attraction, or fortuitous meetings while out and about or via traveling.

Thanks for stopping by! May you all have a number one super instant success forever week. I’ll see you next Monday.


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