Astrology For The Week Of Sep 23-29th 2019.

We begin this week with the Sun having entered zero degrees Libra, harkening the equinox. The Moon still in Cancer is opposite Saturn and Pluto, still having kind of a hard time. As the day wears on, it gets a little easier, and a lunar sextile to Mars and trine to Neptune shows actions taken to become more comfortable. The opposition to Pluto carries on, even though Saturn lets up. Monday for the most part is kind of a grind to get through and the maths look largely uncomfortable, but the closer the Moon get’s to Leo, the more this eases up. It’s kind of a grin and bear it sort of day that could be filled with little inconveniences throughout, but also small things to be thankful for that can ease the passage through this otherwise challenging, somewhat grumpy, sensitive, or uncomfortable mathscape.

This day see’s the Moon in Leo, forming a sextile to the Sun in Libra, a trine to Chiron in Aries, and a square to Uranus in Taurus. This could see us determined to make the most of our circumstances, and with Mars in the late degrees of Virgo, the push towards improvement is gaining in traction and urgency . This day could see us taking steps in a new direction and seeking input or assistance from new people, perhaps in some sort of healing capacity, or to resolve certain niggling issues that detract from quality of life or efficiency. The impetus to make our lives function more harmoniously and to remove blockages to inner and outer equilibrium, peace, and harmony, is set to increase as Libra season sets into full swing. With Mars still in late Virgo, we may be wrapping up unfinished business, tackling details, and essentially getting things more into “perfect order”. Anything that could get in the way of our ability to relate in optimal ways, anything that could interfere with our inner and outer balance, harmony, and capacity for peace can meet the force of our determination now, as Mars in Virgo see’s us tweaking, tinkering, improving, healing, and perfecting, and sweeping up, for a more relationally oriented phase. A lunar sextile to Venus later suggests that some new approach or innovation has perhaps produced successful results, or at least a feeling of ease that we will be seeing the back of certain challenges. A trine to Jupiter increases confidence further. 

The morning of Wed see’s the Moon in Leo sextile Mercury and Venus in Libra, and trine Jupiter in Sagittarius. This can see a surge of optimism, confidence and enthusiasm after a somewhat challenging time. Certain problem areas and weaknesses have been assessed,  and we can go forward with the benefits of hindsight. The lunar connection to Jupiter helps instill some optimism and broaden our horizons. We could receive some uplifting news or ride a wave of positive thoughts that could see us determined to prevail over any otherwise challenging circumstances. Something could be putting some inspiration and wind in our sails, especially if it's been recently knocked out of us. The evening hours of Wed don’t see any major aspects, but we can ride Jupiters wave due to Venus and Mercury’s sextile to the generous gas giant. This can see a key expansion happening interpersonally, and our interactions with others can provide a lot of inspiration and enthusiasm, and help instill confidence.

Thursday see’s the Moon in detail oriented Virgo forming a trine to Uranus in Taurus. We can be focused on organizing last minute details to accommodate exciting interpersonal changes and initiatives that are soon to come. Taking new approaches to old problems or challenges and applying new techniques from lessons learned to lay solid foundations for a new, dynamic interpersonal chapter can be a theme of this lunation. Much of this corresponds to Mars in late Virgo, wrapping up any loose ends and nipping any potential problems in the bud so that this next chapter can be kicked off smoothly. Lunar trines to both Uranus and Saturn suggest solid new foundations being played down that are certainly a level up from anything we’ve done before. This is a revolution on a micro and macro scale, and will mean something different for everyone, but for everyone, it is going to be “something different” than the way things have been done before. Later, lunar oppositions to Neptune, suggesting a draw to the unusual, and the potential to idealize people or circumstances. There could be a lot of inspiration available, but sorting out what is realistic and has long term potential from what is fleeting and merely fun to think about will be key. So sorting the gold from the dross of a number of inspiring ideas, in order to pick a direction and commit to it could be part of the equation. “Irealism.” Lunar square to Jupiter can also have an “info overload” effect, perhaps blowing up the Virgo Moons tendency towards anxiousness, and potentially magnifying small things into a much bigger deal than they really are.


Friday morning see’s the Moon in Virgo conjunct Mars, trine Saturn and Pluto, square Jupiter, and opposing Neptune. This could definitely see us potentially taking action to wrap something up, a sort of “sweep up” of necessary “to do’s”, and taking initiative towards making improvements and perhaps a series of small, but potent, sweeping changes to make things more ideal, comfortable, efficient. This could be a busy day of problem solving and getting to the bottom of certain things, in the practical, physical world. These configurations can see a series of improvements and upgrades to routines, money, health, scheduling, and it’s essential message is basically saying, “You’re handling it, getting it done, and making shit happen.” It could be a rather anxious, nervous energy, prone to perfectionism, and worry over every little thing, but can be funneled successfully into improvement initiatives.

The Moon shifts into Libra at 3:03 AM PST, (6:03 AM on the east coast.) This shifts the emphasis on to others, and the lead up to the New Moon can feel a bit sensitive as the Moon and Sun both oppose Chiron in Aries. Navigating our own needs, vulnerabilities, wounds, or sensitivities while we correspond our lives with others, and maintaining courage and bravery in the face of vulnerability can be a challenge that is highlighted now. The New Moon occurs at 11:26 AM PST, (2:26 PM ET). As this new Moon also holds a conjunction to Mars in late Virgo, it could signify preparing for some sort of confrontation, perhaps with a number of things, but mostly in regards to ourselves and others, and the compromises and things we must negotiate in order to create cohesion, peace, and cooperation. Later in the afternoon, the Moon in Libra forms a square to Saturn. Resilience, wisdom, patience, and maturity is called for, but if the ability to make lemonade from lemons is summoned, the fruits will be sweet. The Moon goes on to conjunct Venus, suggesting the rest of Saturday can see positive developments regarding others, even if things are slow coming or there are challenges involved. 

Sunday morning can see positive communications, and perhaps some major changes going on regarding situations with others. With the Moon in Libra conjunct both Venus and now Mercury, with a sextile to Jupiter and squaring both Saturn and Pluto, there can be a lot of energy and intensity around our interactions with others. A lot of optimism as well. With a lunar square to Saturn it can just be an issue of time, and there could be some challenges to negotiate. But with positive lunar links to Venus, Mercury and Jupiter, there is great optimism, hope, and promise on the horizon. There could also be some low key fears or things going on below the surface that create an underlying intensity with Pluto involved as well.  There’s definitely something “intense” about whatever is going on here, but maintains a somewhat demure, even innocent, civilized nature on the surface, but underneath is kind of just…well…intense.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a number one super instant success forever type week. See you next Monday. 


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