Astrology For The Week Of Sep 2-8th 2019

We begin the week with the Moon in Libra, in growing opposition to Uranus, seeking to harmonize disparate viewpoints, agendas, and perspectives. With Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars currently in trine to Saturn, there is a serious, “get down to business” vibe in the atmosphere, and certain realities have had to be accepted and acclimatized to. With a lunar opposition to Uranus strengthening, there is a bit of the “unpredictable” in play, and a rather unconventional, detached, and independent streak runs through interpersonal dynamics, leaning people towards taking a bit more freedom for themselves. It’s as if a dollhouse is being shaken up and rearranged. Neptune in opposition to all the planets in Virgo can highlight a lot of unknowns, and test our sense of reality. This also can create a sense of longing, as if something is missing from the equation as we go about our daily business. Conversely, it can also potentially add an imaginative flair, where we entertain a myriad of possibilities. But more than likely, a sense of sacrifice can be present, where we are asked to relinquish certain ideals in the face of reality, because Virgo (and Capricorn/Saturn) is about dealing with things and people as they are. In some ways, this can be a bit depressing, but in other ways, leaves us open to dream up new solutions, as old dreams are phased out and released. Monday evening see’s the Moon enter moody Scorpio, prompting a focus on intense undercurrents, power moves, strategic preparation, and communications that have a secretive, though beneficial element to them.

We begin the morning of Sep 3rd with the Moon rolling through powerful Scorpio exactly opposite Uranus. It’s an “anything can happen” feeling that can keep us on our toes, but places emphasis on our own inner resources to deal with whatever could arise. With lunar sextiles to the Sun, Mercury, and Mars, we can be taking actions and initiatives to advance our positions somehow, and there is a focus on details, and a bit of an investigative, sleuthing, and a strategic “thoroughness” in play in here. Jupiter in square to the Sun, Mercury, and Mars as well can definitely magnify the little things, making small things much more noticeable and important than they otherwise have been. A lunar trine to Saturn and sextile to Neptune midmorning combines realism and idealism (irealism?), and we may receive news that calms and reassures us that our plans, actions, or strategies we are implementing, even if we are having too innovate around certain unexpected reality checks, are producing results. Something about whatever is unfolding can stabilize the emotions or ease concerns about recent shifts in our longterm plans. The lunar/Uranus opposition lets up early evening, taking some pressure out of emotional dynamics, leaving a soothing balm, and pleasant undercurrents. Someone has an ace up their sleeve. 

The morning of Sep 4th see’s the Moon in Scorpio still trine Neptune and sextile Pluto in Capricorn. A shift in power dynamics occurs for what appears to be for the better. The Moon makes no aspects until it reaches lates Scorpio in the afternoon, forming a growing and strengthening trine to Chiron. Something can be subtly boosting confidence and soothing wounds that may have recently been jabbed at. Around 8 PM PST, the Moon enters Sagittarius, boosting optimism, morale, generosity, and the tendency to think more expansively, making the remainder of Wednesday relatively uplifting and confidence boosting. 

Sep 5th see’s the Moon in Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter, square the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Virgo, while still trine Chiron. This can see a magnified focus on perfectionism, details, health, fitness, and can enhance a sort of “anxious feeling”, although not necessarily in a negative sense. This energy can increase the drive to bring our best selves to the table in some way, and can create a bit of what’s known as “positive stress.” Demanding the best of ourselves can be taken too far sometimes, so remember that you’re only human, -as you strive for more superhuman qualities. This can see people doubling down on self improvement strategies, or taking on more work, while grappling with urges towards extravagance or indulgence. You will find your footing and create a balance that is sustainable going forward. In either case, whatever self improvement initiatives being taken can be very beneficial to the self esteem, and this otherwise looks like a morale boosting, if very busy, somewhat hectic, “high strung” day. 


Friday the 6th see’s the Moon, still in Sagittarius, carrying the buoyant energy of it’s conjunction to Jupiter, squaring the Virgo planets and Neptune in Pisces. Neptunes oppositions to all the personal planets in Virgo dissolve certain aspects of our reality, leaving a question mark in place of whatever seems to be going MIA, feeling incomplete, or shrouded in mystery, longing, or uncertainty. This leaves a lot of unknowns, as something is certainly different now, and we may be scrambling to pick up the pieces and find a new solid sense of direction, or simply gain traction on new, unfamiliar ground. The Moon in Sagittarius has big ideas,and adventurous impulses, curiosity and optimism in the face of any challenges, but Friday may see us quietly shit testing this new frame, in order to gain clarity on what the most realistic sense of direction, approach,o option going forward is going to be. With the lunar square to Venus and Neptune being the most prolonged of these aspects and the last to leave, this may play out mostly in our interpersonal direction. Relationship dynamics, and relationships in general, can be a catalyst for change, upheaval, or excitement. 

Sep 7th see’s the Moon enter stoic, serious Capricorn, to trine Uranus in Taurus, and square Chiron in Aries. Change is certainly in the air, and there may be some facts that perhaps are a bit challenging to swallow, or that challenge our self esteem a bit. However, this “reality check” energy has the potential to launch us into taking affirmative action, with a lunar trine to Mars in Virgo. The lunar/Saturn conjunction, combined with a trine to Mars either shows something or someone being eliminated, “You are the weakest link. Goodbye,” or something being simplified or diligently and meticulously prepared for. This could see a doubling down on self improvement measures, or people being more strict with themselves when it comes to any bullshit in themselves or others. There is definitely a “getting serious” type of energy about this day, with a focus on good time management, self discipline, focus, and efficient use of energy, or perhaps a commitment to a new routine, whether in work, or in general (diet, fitness, sleep, scheduling, etc.) Some sort of new strategy and initiative is being deployed, so making the best of our time, energy, and resources, and cutting out any crap or distractions is going to be key.

Sunday Sep 8th see’s the Moon in Capricorn trine the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars,  and conjunct both Saturn and Pluto, and sextile Neptune. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done, this is some stable, and accomplished energy. In some way, something has been transformed for the better, and we can be feeling a powerful drive to maintain some sort of standard for ourselves going forward. When I look at this math, I picture a person standing triumphantly in a perfectly feng shui’ed house that they have meticulously organized. It sparkles. They proceed to do yoga while a Roomba rides around on the floor, continuing to sweep up particulate. By the door is everything they are taking to the good will, neatly bagged up and ready to go. This is a self congratulatory energy for a job well done, and also an ambitious energy for “how things are going to be going forward.” Some sort of leveling up is happening here, that has long term implications. Discipline in some area is bound to pay off. Look to the area in your chart ruled by Capricorn, to see more specifically where these long term transformations are playing out (and will be paying out.)

Thanks for stopping by! May you all have a number one super instant success forever week. See you next Monday.


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