Today see’s the Moon in intense and investigative Scorpio square the Sun in theatrical Leo, opposite Uranus, and trine Mercury in Cancer. This can see some very interesting twists and turns, and there can be a lot of intrigue and mystery, as well as some rather unusual forms of expression, unusual communications, or news that can be stranger than fiction. With the Moon in penetrative Scorpio squaring the Sun in Leo there can be sources of underlying tension, or friction, and with Uranus involved this can be a source of restlessness and highly unusual ways of handling the intense, fluctuating undercurrents. The Moon’s link to Mercury in Cancer indicates intuition and psychic receptivity is high, and we can be highly impressionable to incoming information or impressions we pick up from the macro and micro. There can be some flashes of insight or creative genius as well. With the Moon in sensitive Scorpio this can be an odd mixture of introversion and extroversion, that can also cause us to reflect how we may be coming across, as well as generally trying to suss out the various external theatrics around us. This is an intense and passionate energy that can see unpredictable shifts in mood, and is an odd combination of playful and dead serious at the same time. Somewhat mischievous even. The lunar/Mercury link can see emotional resonance or psychic links even in the face of differences, misunderstandings, or petty disagreements. With Mercury also square Mars in Aries, as well as now opposite Pluto, some disagreements can get under the skin more than others, but there can be a strong desire to expand perceptions and horizons, and to think outside the box. It’s possible that certain emotional dynamics can take us outside our comfort zone, and things can feel unpredictable for now. This lunation provides a reflective enough atmosphere, and the Sun in Leo trine Chiron in Aries suggests that the use of humor or a playful approach can help to mitigate sources of tension. With Mars squaring Jupiter and increasing in strength, everything can feel “really big” right now, and there can be a growing desire to do or be part of something significant, or just make significant changes. Later, a lunar trine to Neptune deepens the reflective atmosphere, and can see the day wind down with a sense of repose, solitude, or emotional replenishment. This can see some interesting creative activities, meanderings, dreams, communications, emotional or psychic impressions, and inspirations as well, with a focus on exploring the inner mysteries of the emotional and instinctual world, weird or beautiful fantasies, and longings (with Venus square Neptune), and perhaps a growing sense of restless excitement and low key intensity. 

Today see’s the Moon in Scorpio trine Mercury in Cancer, sextile Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, and trine Neptune in Pisces. This can see some real beautiful and fantastical longings, and a deeply impressionable, sensitive and creative atmosphere can be present that really longs to make the ideal real, and bring the idyllic down to Earth somehow. There can be a desire to dissolve boundaries but there can also be a lot of silence or communications can be more subtle and less direct, but the atmosphere can feel big with all kinds of feelings of varying dimensions. Mercury squaring Pluto now can see fanaticism, and none of us are off the hook when it comes to being absolutely obsessed with our ideas, with a strong urge to impress them upon others. In the very least this aspect makes it somewhat difficult not to mentally or emotionally fixate on certain things, so there is a certain mental and emotional compulsivity and tendency towards fixation under this aspect. We can also be deeply impacted by something we read, see, or hear, or the conversations we have. Something can make quite an impression. Later, a grounding lunar sextile to Saturn is formed, and there can be a concerted and intense effort towards making reforms and transformations to lay solid foundations down in order to set the stage for bringing more magic, beauty and divinity down into the realm of the real. The energy of the day rolls out a bit like a wind up toy, winding itself up for tomorrows more buoyant Sagittarius lunation, which can liven up the mood significantly. 

Today see’s the Moon in adventurous Sagittarius trine the Sun in playful Leo, and Mars and Chiron in Aries. This is a warm, active and passionate energy that can lift the spirits considerably or set us out on our own personal excellent adventure and bogus learning journey. With the Sun and Moon both trine Chiron, there can definitely be something boosting morale here, or giving us a sense of increased optimism, confidence, courage, curiosity, and expanded horizons or possibilities. A lunar sextile to Juno in Libra suggests that relationships to others could be involved somehow in opening up our world, expanding our horizons, or teaching us something new. We can be less averse to what is strange, foreign, or different than what we’re used to and rather drawn towards a change of scenery or opening things up and expanding our reference points. Adventure and a desire to learn, play, and expose oneself to new things, cultures, and activities beckons. This may see some hit the road and travel literally, but others may simply be more adventurous and impulsive wherever they’re currently located. A potentially fun, active, playful, and explorative day.

Today see’s the Sagittarius Moon trine Mars in Aries, opposite Venus in Gemini, and square Neptune in Pisces. This can see a loopy and confusing, but impulsive energy. It’s a bit punch drunk really. Balancing our own needs with those of others can be challenging a bit today, and there can be more than one interaction to navigate at once, or simply confusing dynamics, decisions, crossed signals, or mixed messages to handle. Utter confusion. Clown world. Being content to ad lib along with the currents and not get too stressed about unknowns for the time being can help make the best of the energy. There’s a dynamic energy available that can be channeled really well through creativity, but otherwise I would try to ease back on taking any major consequential initiatives with the Moon and Venus both a little punch drunk behind the wheel. Evening time is a good time to slow down, dream, reflect, visualize, imagine, and prepare for the journey back to “earth,” with the night closing out on the lunar/Venus/Neptune note.


Today see’s the Moon enter stoic and earthy Capricorn, to trine Uranus, and square Chiron. Something may shock us down to Earth, not necessarily in a bad way, but perhaps just catches us off guard or before we were entirely ready, which can make us feel to be not exactly in the strongest position. This can see some really unique situations unfolding however, that are somehow “unorthodox” or just really unusual, odd, interesting, or exciting. This can build momentum over this weekend, and can see some tensions or conflicts of interests with others, or simply just a lot of activity and action in regards to relationships. A lot of changes are unfolding now at a foundational level. Certain kinks are being worked out, and the lunar square to Chiron highlights weak points that need to be addressed.  With Venus nearing her end of her (EXTRA LONG) journey in indecisive Gemini, to enter Cancer next Friday, the time period between now and then will be an important decision making time interpersonally and/or socially. Venus here will seek more emotional fulfillment, creature comforts, hugs, and security, and won’t be so content with surface level or superficial interactions. Mercury too will shift sign next week into Leo, with a Full Moon in Aquarius on Monday, so this points to following what makes us feel most alive and creative, rather than sticking to what is familiar. This weekend sets the stage for dynamic change. 

Today see’s the Moon in down to earth Capricorn opposite Mercury in Cancer, square Mars, trine Uranus, conjunct Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, and eventually sextile Neptune. There can be some differences of opinion, conflicts of interest, or just poor timing to navigate here, with a definite potential for some slight crotchety vibes, frustrations, or a subtle undercurrent of butthurt, tensions, misgivings, or misunderstandings. Equally, there is the ability to take an elevated and mature perspective, and penetrate to the essence of things, with the Moon in serious Capricorn trine unorthodox Uranus in common sense Taurus, and conjunct Jupiter and Pluto. The addition of the lunar sextile to Neptune as the day progresses helps connect us to our intuition and compassion, but also increases the desire to avoid and evade any intrusiveness, argumentativeness, or confrontational behavior, or in the very least try to bring some peace and work towards dissolving conflicts at their roots. Today can see the possibility for some charged discussions or intense undercurrents within dynamics, but the Moon in Capricorn does it’s best to carry this all with a cool and stoic head. These can actually result in some productive exchanges, and any tensions present can actually result in significant growth opportunities that can really make longterm impact and be beneficial, if handled constructively and with an open mind.  

This morning begins with the Moon in the final degrees of Capricorn, making it’s super sewious aspects to Saturn and Pluto, as well as it’s crotchety opposition to Mercury. Certain topics can be a source of misunderstanding, yet simultaneously too intense to discuss, which may just see people go their own way or carve their own independent path, haters be damned. This can also see some rifts in alliances, some permanent, if people aren’t careful. Unless that’s what you’re looking for, take care, as Full Moons, (as we have tomorrow) do signify endings, and the closing of chapters. If you need to make an exit, try and make a clean one and keep your dignity intact. The Moon in Aquarius opposes the Sun in Leo, and I’m sure by this point, the build up to the Full Moon can begin to be felt. With the Sun in Leo trine independent Mars in Aries, there’s a feistiness to this energy that can see people really feeling themselves and determined to do their own thing, follow their own bliss, and go their own way if they have to. Giving people a lot of room to breath and be themselves under this lunation, including yourself, will get the best out of these configurations. The Moon goes on to sextile Chiron, and square Uranus, which indicates people will want freedom to experiment and individuate themselves, and tinker, toy, and play with their identities a bit. This sets the stage for an interesting week ahead next week, with a lot of dynamic interpersonal and social changes in store. The Full Moon kicks it off with a bit of a bang. 


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