Astrology For The Week Of April 1st-7th

Here we are. Fresh out of a Mercury retrograde, with the Moon in friendly Aquarius, going from a trine, and then angling towards a slightly frustrated, awkward square to Mars Monday morning, -who is now in mentally active and mercurial Gemini. The Moon then slips into sensitive Pisces in the morning hours of Monday (around 8ish AM PST), and we could be scrambling to tie up loose ends in a very short time frame, and negotiating a lot of transitions and changes. However, many hold ups, messes, glitches, delays, blocks to progress, changes of schedules, or misunderstandings that occurred during the retrograde period could take some time yet to unravel and smooth out. The dust is still settling.

In short, we could all be playing the game “catch up", as we get through what is known as the "shadow phase" of the retrograde.

It’s worth mentioning again that Mars in Gemini can tend to overtax the nervous system, with a lot going on all at once, so pacing ourselves and making it a point to ground, center, and soothe, will continue to be important during this transit, as it's a rather high strung and anxious placement for Mars.

That being said and out of the way, the week kicks off on a rather dreamy, inspired, imaginative, -though rather busy note. Another interesting thing to note now is the sextile Mars in Gemini forms to Chiron in Aries, suggesting that actions and initiatives being taken now are serving a deeply healing purpose.  

We are gearing ourselves up towards a lot of change, and are navigating a lot at the moment. This being a New Moon week, it is sure to represent a pinnacle of sorts, as fresh seeds are planted and new chapters begin to be written. The results of which will start to show signs of bearing fruit most likely towards the end of April.

 In brief, this week could feel rather intense, and it’s going to be important to maintain a “solutions oriented” approach, reduce pressure, and enjoy the process, wherever possible. 


Monday see’s the Moon slip into Pisces, forming a crotchety square to Mars, a conjunction to Venus, and a sextile to Uranus. 

In spite of "Ye Olde Crotchety Square", (which can create some stress, or bring underlying tensions to surface, there is definitely an inspired and exciting feeling to these configurations, even if there is a certain pressure. 

There is a peculiar creative genius and pleasantness available, and a motivation to take some rather inspired and innovative actions. If you are an artist (of any kind), and are pushing to complete, perfect, or simply work on a project, these aspects can function as a sort of muse. This is also an excellent time for learning new skills, brushing up on old ones, and perfecting certain systems and processes. Although, there may also be so much going on, so much to think about and consider, and so many distractions to navigate, that it can also be quite difficult to concentrate on one thing at a time, -and the pressure to produce results "as soon as humanly possible"- can be great. 

Deep breaths everyone. Take your time.. pace yourselves. Embrace “the process.”  

There is a noticeable nervous excitement to Monday that can give way to some inspired innovations, even amidst a lot of activity, communications, errands, and many things to do and problems to solve. 

Tuesday see’s the Moon in Pisces conjunct not only Venus, but Mercury, and Neptune. Mercury’s sextile to Saturn suggests that some inspired visions are in the process of finding form, and can have concrete, long term implications. 

Although potentially pleasant, there can be a certain “longing” and “elusiveness” to these configurations.

Some people are definitely birthing a creative or artistic project here, others are in the process of  manifesting the idyllic visions of their imaginations into reality somehow, ..slowly but surely making the unreal, real. 

I can’t overstate how amazing these configurations are for artists, poets, musicians, designers, and those in creative professions, as our aesthetic senses can be very much stimulated at this time. 

Late afternoon/early evening Tuesday, the moon forms a sextile to Saturn, followed by a square to Saturn from the Sun. There is definitely a need to make some extremely beautiful things happen and bring the inspired visions of our highest ideals down to earth. There could be minor blockages, and a tendency to be quite hard on ourselves, competitive even. Exacting in our drive to live up to our ideals. This can be great for discipline (it really comes in handy here.) 

A Lunar square to Jupiter Tuesday night blows up our imaginations and longings to epic proportions, and we could also feel rather indulgent. It’s good we have Saturn keeping our feet on the ground without raining on our parade too much, because these configurations scream “Let’s make some dreams a reality” as opposed to “Let’s be apathetic and resign to escapism.”  

Even later, the Moon sextiles Pluto as well. We could feel intensely idealistic and even rather obsessed about actualizing our visions, dreams, and longings. 

The inspired Neptunian visions continue to be in the background with Venus holding her conjunction with Mercury in Pisces. The thoughts are on pleasure, beauty, love, and a longing for sensual and aesthetic enjoyment, and all that is lovely and pleasant.

Wednesday see’s the Moon traveling in the later degrees of Pisces, where she forms a conjunction with Chiron in Aries that grows more potent as Wednesday proceeds. The majority of Wednesday is dominated mostly by the Lunar squares to Jupiter and Saturn, and this conjunction to Chiron that grows in intensity. This suggests our ideals and expectations are perhaps exceedingly high of ourselves, others, or circumstances we are involved in. Pressure can definitely be felt.  We may really want to live up to our own and others ideals and expectations here, and could feel a bit vulnerable about being able to do so. Sensitivity, a competitive drive, combined with feeling overwhelmed by all there is to do, could all be present, with a lunar sextile to Mars in the mix here. 

The Moon moves into Aries at 7:57 PM PST on Wed evening, perfecting her conjunction to Chiron in latter hours of Wednesday.  We can be very aware of our own and others sensitivities at this time, and with the Sun also square Saturn, we can perhaps feel a little shy, inhibited, or self conscious, and feeling the weight of our own and others expectations of us, and the weight of circumstances in general. Although, a lunar sextile to Mars in Gemini see’s us challenging ourselves to “improvise, adapt, overcome.” 

There may still be hurdles to overcome, and at certain points we could feel pretty challenged in regards to making progress, but the impetus to rise to challenges is there.

Thursday see’s a continuation of these themes, surrounding bringing more beauty and pleasure into our day to day worlds, actualizing an idyllic vision , and a even a fervent competitive drive, and an awareness of the work we still have ahead of us to achieve our goals and measure our reality up to our fantastical, (if just a tad delusional) ..visions.  

Although we are geared towards pleasure, enjoyment and creating idyllic experiences, the Sun/Saturn square can hang duties, unfinished tasks, blocks, and responsibilities over our heads, and this can create some exasperation, frustration, and a need for…(please don’t shoot me).. patience. The Lunar conjunction to Chiron fades and eases off entirely, close to 5 PM PST on Thursday, helping to alleviate any vulnerabilities we may have felt alongside a lot of pressure and befrazzlement. 

Late Thursday evening, the Moon joins the Sun in a square to Saturn, making us acutely aware of our responsibilities, limitations, inhibitions, blocks to progress, and a need for discipline, fortitude, patience (ugh) and emotional resilience. In spite of any wet blanket vibes, we could be bringing stability to situations and slowly manifesting a long held inspired vision that is perhaps taking a lot of work.  

This rather driven, (if frustrated) energy leads into the New Moon.


Friday, April 5th, see’s the New Moon in Aries, at 1:50 AM PST. This New Moon is an amalgamation of all the energies previously described above. It is dominated by a solar and lunar square to Saturn, with Saturn sextile Mercury in Pisces. 

This implies we are getting serious about our dreams, and that we are beginning to crystalize and reap the harvest of an emotional, spiritual and creative “sorting process” we underwent at the Mercury retrograde. Although progress has been slow, and at times, thwarted, it is assured,- as long as we persist.

 Now that we are clear about certain things, we can begin to get serious about the process of culmination. 

This will require blending, balancing and negotiating our visions, ideals, and dreams with those of others, so that everything can eventually gel.

 This month will be about finding a groove, and finding our balance in this regard.  

In spite of the seriousness that Saturn lends to this New Moon, a lunar trine to Jupiter in broad minded Sagittarius keeps our enthusiasm, optimism and morale alive and well. 

A lunar square to Pluto suggests that we are definitely feeling intense, obsessed, and driven about whatever we have going on at this time, and we could be taking some actions that significantly shift the landscape of our lives in a way that expands things, but also requires some discipline and structure in order to maintain or bring to completion. 
Whatever these things involve, it’s clear that more pleasure, love, beauty, stability, inspiration, and enjoyment are at the heart of things. 

Later in the afternoon on Friday, the Moon conjuncts Uranus, keeping things “interesting”, and hinting at the need for equal parts discipline and innovation. We may be working hard towards manifesting some breakthroughs that we feel really intensely about, and any confinements, “brick walls”, or restrictions on our individuality, freedom, autonomy, and making progress on our goals towards the future at this time can feel pretty uncomfortable and stifling. 

Saturday morning see’s the Moon move into earthy and sensual Taurus, to perfect her conjunction to unconventional Uranus. Around 9 AM Saturday, Mercury in Pisces forms a sextile to intense and probing Pluto, suggesting that some communications, written or spoken, or short distance travels, bring some pleasant transformations of circumstances, that stabilize and enhance things, or in the very least, have a deep and pleasing impact. There is a certain intensity, excitement, tension, and expansive enthusiasm to the weekend, that is somehow liberating, pleasing, and stabilizing at once. It also appears this all has a happy ending.

Sunday looks pretty outstanding actually. It begins with a lunar sextile to Venus and a trine to Saturn, followed by a sextile to Neptune, a trine to Pluto, and a sextile to Mercury. Some longed for circumstance that we feel intensely about and have worked towards reaches a peak phase here, or, very simply, an extremely pleasant time can be had. It appears that changes we have been gearing towards lead to a pleasant outcome to say the least, and perhaps something can be celebrated and savored. If anything, it is apparent that progress is in fact being made. It may not be the final vision, but there are signs that continuing are going to yield results. With the Saturn aspects involved at the new moon, this may have been a long time coming. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by! May you all have a most excellent week, and I’ll see you next Monday. 


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