Today see’s the Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus, trine Venus and Mars in Capricorn and sextile Jupiter.  This could see some excitement and expansive plans being made for the long term. This is an easy going and somewhat indulgent energy but it can also be geared towards ambitions and productivity, and this might indeed have to be the case as the Moon goes on to square Saturn and the Sun in Aquarius later on, suggesting that work must be done. So we could get off to a pleasure seeking, earthy start this morning that has plenty of enthusiasm for things that excite us. As the day wears on it becomes more ambitious, but that doesn’t mean the passion and motivation in this energy has to wane, it just needs to be directed with more focus, and these configurations can strike a balance between being in the present while planning for the future. 


Today see’s the Moon in earthy Taurus squaring the Sun and Saturn while trine Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn and sextile Neptune. With Mercury gearing up to perfect a third conjunction to Pluto later this week, there could be something we can’t stop thinking about, perhaps fantasizing about. Maybe we are thinking of what to say or how to break a particular silence, or overcome a particular blockage. These configurations can highlight communications and news, but can also see the imagination working overtime trying to figure something or someone out. These maths can see us attempting to curtail certain urges, or being more strategic in our approach to something. Mars in harmony with Uranus can see excitement, passion, and innovation, and a need to walk down a new path or take an experimental approach to goals or the passions. With the Moon trine Mercury and Pluto there could definitely be something preoccupying us to distraction that has our attention very absorbed, perhaps in a good way though, as whatever it is, it’s something we’re passionate about. 


The Moon zooms into curious and inquisitive Gemini this morning, to square Jupiter in Pisces and sextile Chiron. This can see our mind running all over the place with ideas, and there can be a lot of inspiration, but also a lot to do. The Moon goes on to trine Saturn later on in the evening, so this can see us preparing to make some inspired ideas a reality. The majority of the day can see a curious vibe that picks up whatever is around it like a sponge, so make sure you’re exposing yourself to people and ideas that inspire and encourage you. This energy can see a lot of day dreaming or meandering , and it can be friendly and emotionally generous as well. Something can boost morale or encourage us in regards to a goal. 


Today see’s the Moon in multitasking Gemini attempting to bring some inspired visions down to earth, with a trine to the Sun and Saturn in Aquarius, and squares to Jupiter and Neptune in the early morning hours. We may get off to a somewhat dreamy or sleepy start, but as the day wears on, the drive to stay focused becomes sharper, but the lunar square to Neptune can still see our imagination and curiosity (or fears of unknowns) going strong. This can see creativity and innovation, along with interesting insights. It can also see a need to distill bullshit, and separate fact from fiction. This can be a busy day with a lot of distractions. Tomorrow see’s Mercury perfect it’s conjunction to Pluto for a third time, and this can see some turning points or “big reveals” in communications. 


Mercury and Pluto are perfecting a conjunction today at 27 degrees Capricorn. The Moon in Gemini trines the Sun in Aquarius in the early morning hours, placing the focus on the future, on revelations, and on seeking more definition around goals and responsibilities. The Moon goes void of course for the rest of the day suggesting there is much to think about. With Mercury conjunct Pluto we can be in deep thought about something, and there can also be some intense discussions or negotiations for some to navigate as well. There can be a pressing need to get to the bottom of something, sort something out, or make something more defined. The Moon heads into comfort seeking Cancer at 3:27 PM PST, to trine Jupiter and square Chiron, so this can see compassion, for ourselves as well as for others. There is a sensitivity and awareness of vulnerability here, perhaps a keen awareness of negotiating power dynamics as well. The lunar/Jupiter link encourages a more retiring, private energy, a retreat in order to replenish reserves. It’s possible some surprises, changes, or powerful transformations are around the corner, interpersonally, financially, or otherwise. Communications, negotiations, trade, and commerce are highlighted in a powerful way.


Today see’s the Moon in Cancer opposite Venus and Mars, trine Jupiter and sextile Uranus, while square Chiron. This is an exciting energy, perhaps something spontaneous or unexpected comes up. Maybe we feel a bit caught off guard by external events with the Moon square Chiron, or there is just a general sensitivity in the air. Nonetheless, this is quite an electric vibe, and there can be something experimental or liberating about it. Changes can be delightful, but also come with a lot of responsibility as well. We could be on the receiving end of someones generosity, or perhaps we are generous ourselves. It can be a challenge to get on to the same page as others today, and there can be various issues competing for our attention, but equally there is also excitement and passion in focus with the Moon making contacts to Venus and Mars. Something can expand our world or open up new possibilities we hadn’t considered before, there is something expansive and exciting about these configurations even though this lunation is more quiet, domestic and restful. There’s something here that can give us something to look forward to or feel excited about. 


The Moon in Cancer is opposite Mercury, Venus, and Pluto while trine Neptune today, and this can see us fantasizing about something or someone pretty heavily, or perhaps engaged in conversations or dialogue that engage our sense of mystery. There can be some powerful dynamics in play here, perhaps there is a lot to reflect on. This looks like an otherwise restful Sunday, but we could be heavily preoccupied with something or someone, or absorbed in a project, planning, or communications. Valentines day can see some surprises. People can be unpredictable. 




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