This is a week filled with noteworthy conjunctions comprising the last 3 signs of the zodiac, emphasizing wisdom, discipline, ambition, (Capricorn/Saturn), justice, freedom, change (Aquarius/Uranus), and faith, compassion, release to a higher power (Neptune/Pisces.) Today see’s the Moon in Aquarius conjunct both Mercury and Saturn, while squaring Uranus. This suggests our minds may be on serious plans, projects, relationships, negotiations, or endeavors, -and on bracing for changes or making significant shifts. This week has a particular “build up” to it, with the New Moon in Pisces on Wed. Making way for new energy or approaches can mean releasing what no longer holds relevance, whether that be emotional baggage, hang ups, fears, inhibitions, insecurities, or even particular attachments or relationships. This week it will be challenging to continue on with something that we just aren’t feeling anymore. With Mars and Venus conjunct at 25 degrees inching closer to perfection with Pluto, and the Moon aspecting serious Saturn and multitasking Mercury, today can be busy, ambitious, passionate, and productive. The lunar square to Uranus can see nervous excitement or an element of the unexpected add a certain electricity to the day. There can be a lot to do or manage, but the day can end on an accomplished note.


This morning begins with the Moon in late Aquarius. The passion and creative drive of the Mars/Venus/Pluto conjunction continues to build in intensity, keeping the ball rolling on some creative, social, interpersonal, career or financial breakthroughs. These configurations can see people desiring to explore new sides to themselves or new avenues to growth. The Moon heads into Pisces at 12:53 PM PST, to conjoin the Sun, which is conjunct Jupiter. This can emphasize dreams, visions, creativity, spirituality, serendipity and faith. The Moon goes on to conjoin Jupiter this evening, activating a sense of hope, optimism, idealism, inspiration, and releasing things to the fates. The Sun and Uranus are at a perfected sextile of 11 degrees, and this can see us more open to change, experimentation and widening our lens on the world, and less resistant or prone to clinging on to outworn, repressive patterns of stagnation. This evening is ideal for envisioning that which you’d like to manifest into the concrete realm. Synchronicity can be high and the imagination and creativity can be highly activated.


Today see’s the New Moon in Pisces exact at 9:35 AM PST, conjunct the Sun, Jupiter, and sextile Uranus. This New Moon is absolutely lit. Venus, Mars and Pluto are all exactly conjunct at 27 degrees. Make a wish or 12, and meditate upon what you need to release and what stands in the way of you and expanding your potentials. Under these stellar configurations, it’s easier than ever to commit to releasing anything that we know no longer serves us. The call of fresh stimulation and inspiration is just too loud to keep at bay anymore. Anything that makes us feel trapped, limited, or stagnated will clearly beckon to be addressed in one way or another. This new Moon calls us to make peace with our own real, actual wishes, and to at least begin the process of casting aside anything that stands in the way of their fulfillment. Whether it’s fear, limited mindsets, self sabotage, insecurity, inhibition, people pleasing, the fear of judgement from our peers or established social groups, or outdated relationships, dynamics, or patterns, this New Moon calls us to honor our need to release ourselves from whatever tethers us to things that no longer inspire or positively challenge us. These configurations can see intuitive nudges in new and inspired directions that beg to be explored, and encourage us to dip our toe into the water to take positive, calculated risks that maybe previously felt scary, alien, intimidating or strange. We can begin to find our feet for new territory and might even crave to be a little bit challenged, or in the very least, more free to explore and meander. 


Wow. This math is a sight for sore eyes. The Moon in Pisces makes a sextile to Venus, Mars, and Pluto, which are all still conjunct. These are some potent and magical configurations. That thing you’ve been wanting to do, that person you’ve been wanting to contact, that social group you’ve been wanting to get together with, that creative project, collaboration, fitness regiment, or business you’ve been wanting to start: Follow your authentic instincts. You’re being divinely guided right now. Heed your own inner muse. What’s stopping you? Ideals, passion and inspiration can be very high today. Spiritual, creative, or romantic experiences can be visceral and powerful. There can be something almost cathartic or inevitable about whatever is happening now. This can see some fated meetings or experiences that can have a long term impact. It may actually take a while for everything to fully register and sink in. It’s possible whatever is unfolding has been a long time coming. Much of this can take place in our internal landscape, but don’t be surprised if there are also some interesting social, creative, or interpersonal shifts and noteworthy occurrences. This can bring in fresh light and leave us feeling lifted, perhaps scratching an itch we’ve had or soothing a private sensitivity we’ve felt for quite a while, -possibly even repressed or unacknowledged. Evening see’s the Moon shift into action oriented Aries to conjunct Chiron, boosting confidence and courage. 


Today see’s the Moon in courageous Aries conjunct Chiron. The Sun and Jupiter perfect a once a year conjunction, this time at 14 degrees of Pisces. Today can see a lot of enthusiasm, generosity, and good will. It’s a day for living out loud. We can be filled with big ideas, hope, and boundless imagination. We may not have all the details worked out, but that’s ok. We can get the ball rolling in a positive and growth oriented direction that can let in fresh air and inspiration into our lives.  Mars, which rules Aries, is at 29 degrees of ambitious, goal oriented Capricorn, and this can see a strong desire to push into new territory. For many, this can see a desire to widen our social circle, build bridges between ourselves and others, or simply expand upon goals somehow, and loosen restrictions upon our being in some way, to allow for more freedom, new experiences, and different perspectives. The same old same old can feel stifling to our expression and we can be seeking out people and experiences that we instinctively feel will help unlock hidden potentials and capacities within ourselves. Evening see’s the Moon sextile Saturn, and with Venus and Mars both at 29 degrees Capricorn and the Sun and Jupiter both at 14 degrees Pisces, perhaps a bridge between ourselves and others, or a project or goal is solidified or reaches a new level, -or is in the process to being negotiated. Passion, enthusiasm, and idealism are high. 


This morning see’s the Moon in Aries sextile Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius. This could see plans being formed, perhaps for the weekend. Communications, news, dialogue, or planning can feature today, and can revolve around significant shifts or meetings. The Moon goes on to square Venus, Mars and Pluto, and this can represent a sort of energetic climax of sorts as Venus and Mars spend their final moments in 29 degrees Capricorn. This can see long overdue dialogue or conversations opening up. For some this can involve navigating complex power dynamics. With both Venus and Mars entering Aquarius this evening at 10:23 PM PST (Mars) and 10:30 PM PST (Venus), perhaps this revolves around negotiating more freedom for ourselves somehow. The movement of these planets into unconventional Aquarius can see us chomping at the bit to break up monotony and get out of our cage or our usual scene, or to at least create the possibility for new stimulation or more freedom to experiment socially or interpersonally. These maths can see us obsessively but perhaps pleasantly driven, but the lunar squares to Venus/Mars/Pluto can also create quite a stir and there’s some potential here for some serious intensity (or chemistry?) This can see some irresistible pulls, or can result in some very concentrated and driven efforts. For some this can simply translate to intense enjoyment of something. There’s a certain compulsivity and obsessiveness to these configurations. Late evening see’s Venus and Mars shift into unorthodox Aquarius to hoist their freak flags high up on the flag pole together. This can see some interesting, perhaps unexpected meetings or alliances. Perhaps a breath of fresh air.


The Moon enters earthy and sensual Taurus this morning, to conjoin Uranus while squaring Venus, Mars and Pluto. This can see plenty of new stimulation or some surprising dynamics going on socially or interpersonally. Perhaps some spontaneous get togethers or other impulses of change are reverberating through the atmosphere. We could be seeking some significant shifts, or they could be coming our way regardless of what we had planned. The Moon goes on to sextile Jupiter, indicating that our world, or our horizons, socially or otherwise, can be pleasantly expanding. There can be a buoyant optimism and excitement. Venus and Mars perfectly conjunct at zero degrees Aquarius can be like a bolt of lightning, generating an impulse of liberation, mixing and mingling, social experimentation and networking. Aquarius also rules over the internet as well, so surprising contacts can occur online as well as in real life. These configurations can see us drawn towards people that are outside our usual or familiar crowd, or to do things and express ourselves in new and unusual ways and push the envelope a bit on whatever our tried and true habitual haunts, social patterns or lifestyle is. This Venus/Mars cycle ushers in a time to break out of ruts and established patterns that have us feeling trapped or stagnated. This can see us feeling pleasantly challenged and driven. 


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