We begin this week with the Full Moon in Pisces, which is exact at 4:55 PM PST, 7:55 PM EST.  This see’s the Moon opposite the Sun in Virgo, conjunct Neptune, and sextile Pluto. The major theme of Pisces is emphasized, letting go, release, rest, recovery. Essentially, a system reset, to make way for the planting of new see The Full Moon in Pisces is a good time to pay attention to the needs of body and soul and to recalibrate.  The Moon enters Aries late in the evening, 8:13 PM PST, 11:13 PM EST, setting a more energetic tone for the remaining first half of the week, and this can highlight new initiatives, interpersonally, socially, commercially, or otherwise. 


Today see’s the Moon in independent Aries, opposite Mars in partnership oriented Libra, sextile Saturn, conjunct Chiron and trine Juno. There may be certain weaknesses or vulnerabilities we are aware of, and perhaps a conflict between our own needs and those of others is highlighted, but there’s a determination to create some stability between the two. There can also be the presence of supportive relationships. The square Venus has made to Saturn lets up today, and only the opposition to Uranus remains. The Venus/Uranus opposition highlights a need for freedom to be our unique selves, and it can be difficult to want to forge binding commitments. This is an experimental aspect that emphasizes exploration and interpersonal exchanges that encourage freedom and independence. This aspect discourages insecure clinging, possessiveness, or fear based interacting, and encourages developing appreciation for your own and others unique qualities, talents and contributions. This can be an uplifting and exciting time, and can see some unusual situations unfolding interpersonally, socially and financially. This aspect certainly isn’t boring. 


The Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Libra today. Happy birthday Libra! The Moon in Aries opposes Mercury in Libra, squares Pluto, and sextiles Jupiter today. There could be some big news, or some communications that make an impact today. There could be some indecision or it could be a challenge to get on to the same page as others somehow, or a problem to resolve. But the sextile to Jupiter is generous and there could be help on hand if there are challenges to push through. There’s a determination here with the Aries lunation. There could be some intensity to navigate but optimism, positive thinking, and generosity helps to overcome any potential glitches or unexpected hiccups. There may be some delays or unexpected blockages to deal with that will require improvisation. 


The Moon enters earthy Taurus at 5:38 AM PST, where it squares Saturn in Aquarius. This can see a need for resilience as there may be some sort of delays, blockages, patience, or hard work required. The lunar conjunction to Uranus can see excitement, surprises, or a lot of innovation and applied creativity, perhaps challenges have created a need for experimentation or some last minute revisions. A lunar quincunx to Mars can see some nervous tension or irritability, and may highlight a need to make some adjustments. Later the Moon opposes Venus and this can once again highlight the conflict between our own needs and those of others, and a need to find balance. With the Moon in Taurus, this can be in regards to practical or physical realities, and adjustments are needed.  There’s a really “experimental” atmosphere under these configurations and nothing is set in stone.


The Moon in Taurus opposes Venus, and conjuncts Uranus. There’s a need for greater understanding of give and take, and there may be some limitations that need to be overcome, or some financial or material haggling required. The lunar conjunction to Uranus is resourceful and innovative, and there can be a quirky weirdness to the atmosphere. A quincunx to Juno can see a need to strike a balance between taking care of ourselves and taking care of others, or taking care or financial or material responsibilities. Later on, a lunar square to Jupiter, trine to powerful Pluto, and sextile to Neptune can see a more indulgent atmosphere. Perhaps some positive breakthroughs have occurred that can see something to celebrate, or in the very least, there could be something to feel relieved or optimistic about.


 The Moon is in late Taurus for the first part of today, squaring Jupiter, trine Pluto, with a trine building up to the Sun. This can see a focus on social indulgence, and on things going on in the local environment, as the Moon is gearing up to enter Gemini in the evening. Today can see an earthy focus on feeling good, self nurturing, stability, and getting practical things out of the way to clear the way for a more busy and social evening and rest of the weekend. There can be a lot of optimism with the lunar square to Jupiter, but if there is a need to get anything done, this aspect tends towards laziness and indulgence, so this can be a rather slow moving day, but the lunar trine to Pluto lends some focus and determination towards something specific. The Moon enters Gemini at 5:36 PM PST, 8:36 PM EST. This see’s a trine to the Sun and Mars in Libra, Saturn in Aquarius, while still holding a trine to Pluto. This can see a dynamic and social atmosphere, and there can be a talkative, indulgent, and pleasantly stimulating environment. 


Today carries over the talkative and social atmosphere of yesterday, there can be a lot of forward momentum going on in regards to social commitments , meet ups, or get togethers. The Moon sextiles Chiron, so whatever is going on now can be boosting morale and there could be something to feel good about. The Mars/Saturn trine can aid in a sense of stability and a sense of mutual social and interpersonal support and dependability. There may be a lot of experimentation and rethinking needing to happen, as Mercury stations retrograde today until Oct 18th, in the partnership oriented sign of Libra. This period can see a need to go back over certain things, maybe there’s loose ends that need to be tied up or thought about before deciding upon a certain direction. Mercury retrograde in Libra can be about a need to gather more intelligence before arriving at a definite decision or direction, or a need to think about things before forming a plan that could have a significant, life changing impact. This can see us feeling between worlds for a spell, or wrestling with a need to make a decision about a fork in the road. 


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