Today begins with the Moon in talkative and busy Gemini squaring Neptune while trine Mercury and Jupiter.  With Mercury stationed retrograde in Libra, it can feel like the universe is set to “spin cycle”. This Mercury station can feel particularly disorienting, with the Moon in Gemini squaring Neptune, attention can be split, and there can be a lot of communications and things going on in the local environment that are disorienting and it can feel a bit chaotic or confusing. Lunar trines to Mercury and Jupiter magnify this even more, and interpersonally there’s a lot of communications to keep up with. Venus in sensitive Scorpio is trine Neptune, square Jupiter, and opposite Uranus, and this can see a lot of highly unusual circumstances going on interpersonally, financially, commercially, or creatively. Compassion is high, but so is unpredictability and unconventionality. People need a lot of space and freedom to explore their emotions, and there can be extreme's of circumstances that create an unpredictable feeling atmosphere. Today can see a lot of "catch up" going on, as social and interpersonal shifts occur, and the Mercury retrograde in Libra can see a feeling of being between two worlds or approaching a crossroads. This can bring a lot of contacts, old and new, entering into the fold or the periphery, and between now and the Mercury direct station, there can be a lot to reflect upon, and information to gather so that bridges can be constructed between worlds. The Venus/Neptune trine adds a feeling of surreality and serendipity to everything, and we can feel highly attuned and sensitive to the environment and subtle nuances. 


The Moon enters security oriented Cancer today at 6:34 AM PST, where it squares the Sun and Mars in Libra, and Chiron in Aries. There can be a lot of action going on and there can be push to get on the same page as others, although there can also be some challenges and perhaps some vulnerability or weaknesses as well. There can be an impatience or irritability in the maths today, and the lunar square to the Sun can emphasize the importance of making sure our own needs are met while also still cooperating with others. Finding a balance between our own needs and with what’s going on in the environment can be the primary challenge of today, and the lunar square to Mars is very action oriented, and security, comfort and safety can be a primary motivator.  A Mercury/Pluto square is almost exact, and will be exact tomorrow at 24 degrees. This can see impactful news, or transformations going on interpersonally or within the local environment or home. Some of it can be really intense, but there can also be some very beneficial contacts occurring now that can feel somewhat “fated”. Intensity of circumstance can play a roll in whatever is unfolding now, and news received or things occurring over the next few days can make impact, commercially, financially, interpersonally, etc. Overall, today can be a very action oriented day and it’s possible that it can feel a bit high pressure as a lot can be going on. Significant shifts can be taking place regarding interpersonal contacts, meet ups, etc. 


Today see’s the Moon in security oriented Cancer trine Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, sextile Uranus in Taurus, opposite Pluto and square Mars in Libra. This can see a very dynamic day and there can be pleasant exchanges interpersonally that can contribute to a feeling of well being. A lunar square to Chiron can see a bit of vulnerability but there is a lot of compassion in the air and a desire to smooth things over and make things easier and more pleasant and calm amidst a lot of dynamic changes. It can be an exciting atmosphere and there can be some huge shifts going on as people are brought together under highly unusual circumstances. It’s possible that contacts established (or reestablished) now can have beneficial impact down the line. There can also be experimental financial or commercial initiatives taking place now as well, and Venus in Scorpio can be focused on investments or merging of resources. There can be a lot to talk about in the coming days, and the atmosphere can be fun, exciting, and experimental under the Leo lunation that begins tomorrow early evening. The Cancer lunation can be focused on settling in and getting comfortable after a period of adjustment or musical “chairs.” There are a lot of social and interpersonal shifts occurring now and there can be a lot of contacts to keep up with. Venus squaring Jupiter can feel larger than life, and Venus also forms a sextile to Pluto today as well while trine Neptune, so things can truly feel surreal and even divinely guided as major and impactful transformations are underway. A highly unusual time, with fateful contacts. A lot of serendipity. The universe is working in mysterious ways right now, so having an open mind and being gentle with ourselves and others through these dynamic changes can help get the most out of these configurations. Late night see’s the Mercury/Pluto square perfect, so there can be some very impactful news or communications or interpersonal or commercial initiatives can experience a crescendo moment tonight and tomorrow. As they say in Kung Pow Enter The Fist, “It will be significant.”


Today see’s us under the perfection of the Mercury/Pluto square, which can see some significant contacts, news, or social/ interpersonal or commercial initiatives reach some sort of transformative turning point that can make an impact for some time to come. Nothing happening now is “random”, and it can feel as if things are being guided by some higher forces. Granted, this is a Mercury retrograde, so allow for some delays, indecision, hiccups or changes of plan. This whole period is best used to gather information, make contacts, build bridges, expand contacts, and navigate what will ultimately represent a sort of crossroads for everyone. If you feel uncertain or indecisive between now and then, just remember that it’s okay to make mistakes or change your mind, Mercury in Libra needs to weigh the pros and cons of everything before getting off of a fence or committing to a particular direction, so being in a sort of “free fall” or experimental frame can actually be an asset right now, as it provides room to maneuver. Today can see pleasant contacts and social experiences with the Moon trine Venus, but there can also be an undercurrent of intensity coming from certain quarters to navigate with the lunar/Pluto opposition. Embracing the intensity of changes and releasing any tendency towards jealousy, or a desire to control other people if that’s a tendency that exists at all in your character, will get you through any potential discomfort this particular configuration may pose. For the most part however, there’s a lot of diplomacy and pleasantness in these configurations. The Moon enters theatrical Leo in the early evening, where it will oppose Saturn and Pluto simultaneously, and this can see some underlying tension, challenge, or a possible undercurrent of drama, passion, intensity, or possible competitiveness to navigate. Hopefully, any potential pettiness can be set aside for a focus on social grace, respect, peace, getting along, humanitarianism, and dignity.


Today can be socially dynamic and exciting, it certainly isn’t boring, with the Moon in fun seeking Leo sextile the Sun and Mars in socially oriented Libra, while trine Chiron, square Uranus and opposite Saturn. There can be some unusual dynamics to navigate, but there’s an emphasis on fun, excitement, play, passion and social enjoyment with the Moon in Leo making pleasant contacts to the Libra planets. There can be supportive relationships, socially and otherwise, and even if there are some subtle challenges, inhibitions, or a need for some self restraint, self control, pacing, or slight holding back for whatever reason, there’s an air of excitement, and there can be some surprising exchanges and a dynamic atmosphere. This can be a fun way to kick off the weekend and there can be parties, get togethers, or creative endeavors to enjoy. Saturn might damper spontaneity just a bit or create some obstacle or other that means maybe we can’t let loose as much as we may want to or there’s something else we have to consider that keeps us grounded in reality or practicality a bit, but there’s still plenty to enjoy. There may be a bit of competitiveness in the social atmosphere to navigate but nothing too terrible, as Mars is in diplomatic Libra after all. 


Today can see a slight continuation of yesterday’s proclivity towards enjoyment with the Moon in Leo sextile Mercury in Libra, opposite Jupiter, square Uranus, and Venus. Letting loose a desire to control things will help get the best out of these impassioned and indulgent configurations. The lunar square to Venus in Scorpio can see undercurrents of intensity, and the day can see a desire to indulge and have a good time. There can be enjoyable conversations today and even some bonding experiences are possible where a lot is shared between others. Overall, it seems this weekend is about letting our hair down a bit and having some pleasant experiences and indulging a bit. The Virgo lunation will shift the focus towards adapting to upcoming changes and shifts for yet another phase of musical chairs, where perhaps in some cases, the need for realism, problem solving, making improvements, practicality and crisis prevention, and being prepared takes precedence over simply having good times.


Today see’s the Moon in practical Virgo, bringing us back down to earth to navigate more changes and adjustments coming down the pike. The Moon forms a trine to Uranus so there can be some innovation or experimentation in the air, and a minor aspect the Moon makes to Mercury can see adjustments or last minute changes or revisions being discussed. Perhaps some of this was already anticipated. Venus in aspect to Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto wants to squeeze as much magic and enjoyment out of things as possible while it can, and the Virgo lunation can highlight the limits of time or resources and the need to economize wisely or plan ahead and be prepared for changes ahead. The week ahead can being on this note of planning and organizing the details of incoming shifts, and there can be a certain element of uncertainty or a feint longing to navigate this upcoming Monday, but a determination and fortitude to see things through and minimize potential problems along the way. This see’s a practical and down to earth end to the weekend.


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