Astrology For The Week Of Nov 18-24 2019

We begin this week with the Moon in fiery, playful, creative Leo. With Mars at 29 degrees of relationship oriented Libra, and Mercury getting set to station direct in deep, instinctual Scorpio, this can see many of us preparing to make some pretty decisive moves. Where Mars in Libra acquiesced, accommodated, compromised, and weighed decisions, Mars in Scorpio is decisive and unwilling to compromise authenticity.   This see’s relationships/partnerships (business or personal) reaching a decisive tipping point moment, and “make or break” type of decisions loom this week. The Moon in Leo forms a square to Mercury rx in Scorpio, and a pleasant trine to Venus in Sagittarius. This places an emphasis on following our bliss, doing what makes us feel good, expanding our experience for fun, pleasure, or creative expression. There can still be some indecisiveness, or we can feel in two minds about something, (or how to go about it.) We are still sorting through some powerful instincts, urges, preoccupations, obsessions, compulsions, and getting to the core of certain drives, fears, desires, and solving mysteries in ourselves, and perhaps regarding others as well. As Mercury goes forward, it will plunge us deeper into these processes in a more thorough and irrevocable way, where certain things are more difficult to gloss over, compromise, or prevaricate about. This creates an opportunity for some powerful, potent transformations and experiences that can be very “out of the box”, where we can surprise perhaps even ourselves. The evening hours of Monday look excellent for passion projects, fun, pleasure, and enjoyable creative outlets. There is an optimistic, and expansive mood to these configurations which is excellent for fortifying courage in ourselves, our capabilities, and the possibilities that lay ahead, even if there are still lingering doubts, unknowns, and a need to improvise.

This morning see’s Mars move into deep and probing Scorpio, where we plunge certain depths, or broach certain topics or taboos in a more uncompromising and decisive way. Whatever is driving us can feel pretty intense through this transit, as Mars here is extremely powerful and even obsessive about going after what it desires, and will ruthlessly pursue whatever it’s on about. Lunar trines to both Venus and Jupiter, and a square to the Sun in Scorpio, have definitely got us amped about something, and our hopes and enthusiasms are high. With both Mercury and Mars squaring up to Uranus, our proclivities can be…pretty fucking weird to be totally blunt with you. This is a time of fierce authenticity, and it can be powerfully liberating to embrace certain denied aspects of self, and this can see people in a much more confrontational mindset, and less willing to stuff things down. Conversations or dialogue that’s been averted or avoided can come to the surface and people can be more inclined to say what they really think or feel, even if that ruffles some feathers, or creates the potential for shock or discomfort. Conversely, this can see certain powerful instincts, urges, obsessions, desires, or preoccupations being transmuted into a completely unrelated avenue if it’s not possible for such powerful desires to be either fulfilled nor extinguished. So, potent alchemy is a strong potential here. The afternoon hours see’s the Moon still trine Venus and Jupiter, adding in a sextile to Mars and a growing trine to Uranus. This is some highly creative math, and can see us preparing the groundwork for some completely new initiatives that are set to expand our world, and our way of perceiving and experiencing it. The drive, enthusiasm, courage, authenticity, and intensity behind this is pretty significant.  The Moon moves into detail oriented Virgo in the evening, placing a more practical bent on any inspired musings gleaned through the lunar phase of Leo. A very decisive tipping point is on it’s way, for some, as soon as tomorrow.  

Mercury stations direct today at 11 degrees Scorpio, with the Moon in Virgo forming a lunar sextile to it. The Moon also forms a trine to Saturn, and inevitably Pluto, while opposing Neptune. This is a decisive day, and although certain things are still unclear and there are still some unknowns, this detail oriented lunation can help us get down to brass tacks and come to some decisive conclusions that help us settle the mind and orient ourselves in a direction that satisfies both our need for authenticity and stability, setting the stage for more freedom, growth, and expansion. We may receive some positive, unexpected news or communication out of the blue, or find a practical solution or innovation around a problem or blockage, or at least, the beginning intimations of a solution. Whatever occurs can feel stabilizing, and we can be laying down some bricks, a foundation for something longterm that can transform how we do things going forward. Today can bring with it a feeling of relief, or at least, having reached some new step in regards to something. With Mercury now going forward, we can begin to take whatever we’ve learned about ourselves and gotten to the bottom of in ourselves, and put it into action. Making sense of, and making peace with our own inner demons and, for lack of a better way of putting it, make them our bitch, -make them work *for* us,(instead of the other way around.) Today, there is a sense of resolve, -even if some things are still as of yet …unresolved. We still have a shadow phase to get through, so.. patience.

Today see’s the Virgo Moon square Venus and Jupiter in Sagittarius, and still in trine to Saturn and Pluto,  opposing Neptune, and sextile the Sun in 29 degrees Scorpio. There may be a lot we want or have to do, and our high ideals or expectations of ourselves or certain situations can make us anxious, and perhaps prone to indulgence, avoidance, escapism, worry over unknowns, or a general sense of social awkwardness. Maybe we are shit testing certain hopes we’re entertaining and finding reasons why this or that won’t ever work or how such and such is never gonna’ happen. It’s good to be realistic, sure, and to keep your expectations reasonable. But try not to be overly self critical, (or critical of others,) or to deflate your balloon too much. You need some wind in your sails to do stuff and things. These configurations can see people prone to overthink things to the point of analysis paralysis, particularly with regards to relationships/money/self worth/pleasure (Virgo Moon square Venus in Sagittarius.) This can also see people analyzing their options in regards to their personal lives, or feeling somewhat lost, anxious, or unsure of themselves in relation to others, or somewhat anxious or nervous around expanding their interpersonal or even financial terrain (Venus in Sagittarius), as it could entail the mixing and merging of completely different elements, cultures, languages, beliefs,-essentially a huge growth in consciousness. Foreign territories and elements. But we may simultaneously deeply crave this transformation and growth, even if it makes us kinda nervous or insecure, we know it’s necessary if we’re going to be completely and utterly true to ourselves.  The evening see’s the Moon enter relationship oriented Libra, strengthening it’s opposition to Chiron. This can highlight some wounds or insecurities in regards to relationships, and dealings with others can be a point of sensitivity for some reason.


The Sun moves into freedom loving and horizon expanding Sagittarius today, placing the solar emphasis on higher learning, consciousness expansion, beliefs, and people and places at a distance/from other cultures. This lightens things up considerably, and adds more optimism, less pessimism, and a desire for more space, exploration, and freedom is further accentuated. This morning is highlighted by a lunar opposition to Chiron in Aries that tapers off as the morning progresses. This illuminates some sensitive points or insecurities in regards to our dealings with others. A lunar square to Saturn later on can see some reality checks, blockages, or inhibitions in regards to personal interactions, and a square to Pluto can see some heavy breathing intensity under the surface that would be best channeled into creative pursuits. Venus, in late Sagittarius, also begins to form a square to Chiron today, suggesting that the need for growth, expansion, self fulfillment, honesty, space, openness, and freedom, by others and ourselves, can somewhat challenge relationships or illuminate unresolved insecurities, -for the sake of (actually) healing them. Mars in Scorpio opposing Uranus see’s people much less willing to compromise, and this Libra lunation can really highlight these tensions, and make the need for transformation very apparent. Reducing and minimizing your expectations of others would be the best way to handle this energy, as there is a very liberating and unconventional quality to these configurations. It’s best to simply accept people as they are, and seek your own personal fulfillment and enjoyment, as opposed to relying on others to fill your cup. If you can’t enjoy your own company, do your best to work on that, because the more you enjoy your own company, the more others will enjoy your company as well. There may be some mild disappointment and tension in todays math as people negotiate their differing needs and desires, but it all functions as a catalyst towards deeper levels of authenticity, pleasure, and personal fulfillment. 

This morning see’s the Moon in partnership oriented Libra form a sextile to Venus, a conjunction to Mars in early Scorpio, while still holding a square to Pluto. Something has shifted in regards relationships to others, and it feels optimistic. There is a building drive to go deeper into new, perhaps foreign territory, to get to the bottom of certain mysteries (or mysterious compulsions or compelling attractions.) The afternoon sees a lunar sextile to Jupiter and a growing opposition to Uranus. This can see rules or taboos being broken, or some pretty unconventional interpersonal situations unfolding, in the name of authenticity, curiosity, or irresistible pulls and urges. This might be unsettling for some, or upset the applecart of what is normal, customary, or “expected”, but it also looks exciting, even growth inducing. We can shock ourselves or others with some out of character behavior or deviations from the ordinary. This weekend can see some more decisive moves, particularly in regards to personal interactions. The desire (and courage/audacity) to expand our territory, and do and be whatever we feel like doing and being, grows stronger. The Moon enters passionate and instinctive Scorpio to conjunct Mars late this evening, which can see us act on some powerful, and perhaps deeply repressed, urges, or in the very least, can see us extremely determined to a heavy breathing, obsessive degree around something.

Today is kind of lusty, curious, probing, and intense, I mean damn yo… I don’t know how else to put this, but the universe is on it’s freak shit right now. Uncompromisingly. The Sun forming a trine to Chiron suggests that some healing and repair works can begin to happen, and this can be through expanding our consciousness and reference points in some way, or stepping into new territory or our of our comfort zone, literally or metaphorically. There can be something “inevitable” feeling about whatever is happening now, and in some cases, it’s a release of a lot of stuffed down feelings and drives. It’s definitely weird and new. This could be entirely going on within, privately, as certain epiphanies, but it can equally be transpiring within communications with others, perhaps a swapping of secrets, or private conversations, confessions, sharing confidences, things of that nature. It can bring a lot to the surface that’s been submerged. A lunar trine to Neptune can add a dreamy, wistful, and reflective element that can see us retreat to the imaginal realms to process whatever it is we’re digging up within ourselves and/or others. This can see us very sensitive to “picking things up” from the ethers, psychic impressions, intuitive insights, and we can be very much “feeling things out”. There could be unspoken nuances or things going on below the surface that have yet to emerge. The Venus/Jupiter conjunction see’s our optimism around relationships with others, and overall joy and pleasure in general, considerably heightened. A lunar sextile to Saturn in the evening hours adds a stabilizing influence and suggests that some kind of instinct we have that we’ve relegated to the realm of fantasy, actually has merit, and the potential to actualize. In the very least, we make peace with it somehow, and one way or another, funnel it into something tangible, making some kind of dream a reality, in one way or another. Sunday closes out on a private, reflective, dreamy, wistful, hopeful, yet oddly grounded and surprisingly stable and edifying note. A philosophers stone. This is some Holy Mountain type shit. If you’ve never seen that film, go watch it.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay curious my friends. I’ll see you all next Monday.


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