Monday, July 31, 2023



The Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto, trine Uranus and square Chiron. There can be a major push for progress and breakthroughs, but a feeling of sensitivity, weakness or vulnerability can also be present. Two weeks ago, we endured Mars opposite Saturn, which saw some frustrations, and this week, Mercury follows the footsteps of Mars, opposing Saturn, so progress may not happen as quickly as people may fancy. Mars trine Jupiter see’s a strong “Ganesha like” energy, primed to remove obstacles and blockages to progress and abundance, and although things are moving into a positive direction, it’s an Augean and laborious endeavor. People can have a lot on their plates, so take care not to get overwhelmed. Breakthroughs are happening, but it takes grit. The Moon enters Aquarius at 8:58 PM PST tonight, where it will build up to a Full Moon tomorrow mid morning. Rest up tonight, as there will be a push to get caught up and get on top of things, but there are also things to look forward to.


The Full Moon in collaborative Aquarius is exact at 11:32 AM PST  9 degrees, square Jupiter in Taurus. This decan of Aquarius is associated with exile and heresy, a breaking away from the herd, whether forced or intentional. The associated tarot card is the 5 of swords. A card of defeat, of taking a loss, and of looking after one’s own interests. However, beyond the herd or the trappings of orthodoxy, tradition, conformity, or the way you have always done things, there lies a richness of possibility, and this is particularly emphasized by this Full Moon’s connection to Jupiter. This full moon is actually overwhelmingly positive. Pay attention to what unfolds over the next few weeks. By embracing your own unique path, authentic callings, gifts, and idiosyncrasies, and cutting from you that which is no longer appropriate for your further development and personal fulfillment, you in turn open up new worlds to yourself that were otherwise unavailable to you had you stayed within the fish bowl that provided comfort and predictability, but at the sacrifice of something implicit and necessary to your soul. Sometimes this decan is associated with relationships being sacrificed, though others may come to replace them that are better fitting and truly meet the standards and needs of the participants. Relationship dynamics can also be unusual or exciting now. Mercury also perfects it’s opposition to Saturn today at 5 degrees, seeing some frustrations within communications or routines that needs to be overcome in order to push through positive changes. It’s an excellent configuration for things requiring concentrated attention. That all being said, take care not to throw the baby out with the bathwater or to sabotage that which sustains you. This Full Moon signature emphasizes a quest to meet needs and desires that may require stepping outside of a known comfort zone. It has a liberating and expansive effect. There is a process underway that requires patience and courage.  


The Moon in Aquarius is opposite Venus and square Uranus, and this can see a rebellious, exciting energy, interpersonally, creatively, or socially. Relationship dynamics, business, personal, or commercial, can be changing, and it can be equal parts exciting and unsettling. The Moon is sextile Chiron, seeing a morale boost, and signifying that changes occurring now are deeply healing. There can be care and compassion for the suffering of those who are vulnerable. Mars perfects it’s trine to Jupiter today at 13 degrees, which outlines progress that has been made and encourages it to continue. Actions taken in good faith will yield positive results over time. There can be an element of synchronicity to the day. Mercury opposite Saturn can slow things down a bit and challenge positive thinking at times. There may have been some sorry sights or sad stories, and people can feel a bit held back or unable to make progress as quickly as they would like. Keep your intentions and vision firmly in mind, and exercise careful control over the thinking, actions, and words. Blockages will be overcome. In many ways, people aren’t even fully ready yet for the situations they would like to see materialize. The Moon conjoins Saturn as the day progresses, seeing a great time for anything that requires focus and endurance, and is good for establishing new rituals and routines. This combined with Mercury opposite Saturn can see a lot of focus and concentration Healing breakthroughs can be a part of things, whether physically, emotionally, psycho-spiritually, or even financially. Or there may be some crises or challenges to address. New realities are being absorbed and integrated. The Moon enters sensitive Pisces at 8:05 PM PST and goes on to oppose Mercury this evening. Take care to avoid misunderstandings and negative thinking. Prayer, meditation, affirmations can be helpful.


The Moon in Pisces is conjunct Saturn, opposite Mercury and Mars, going on to sextile Jupiter today. There can be some impatience to start new dialogues or activities that feel good and fuel inspiration. A lot of concentrated effort can go on behind the scenes to make things happen, and there may be some challenges to address. These signatures are excited to “get to the good parts already”. A lunar semisquare to Pluto can see intense feelings or instincts coming to the surface. Insights can occur into ourselves or others that can be very helpful or even inspiring. There can be a preparation going on to allow new, fresh energy in. The Moon opposite Mars today can be irritated with blockages or easily overwhelmed by everything there is to do. Everything that needs to be fixed or improved can feel urgent. Everything is happening in divine timing. Try not to be overwhelmed or demand more of yourself or others than is reasonable. Going with the flow can yield surprising results or renewed inspiration. It’s going to be alright.


The Moon in Pisces sesquisquare the Sun can feel a bit blocked as far as forging ahead externally goes, but the lunar conjunction to Neptune and trine to Juno suggests that much is going on internally. Relationships can be preoccupying to some degree, and have a deeply spiritual component. Tuning into subtle, metaphysical realities is worthwhile. As the day wears on, a lunar sextile to Pluto and semisquare to Jupiter can require people to lean on their faith in the face of strong emotions or potential triggers. There can be some powerful emotional or spiritual undercurrents, or the need to transmute fears and doubts into prayers (or, to become more conscious of the fact that their fears are a form of affirmation and prayer.) Mercury will eventually trine Jupiter just as Mars did, suggesting new perspectives, ways of thinking, speaking, and perceiving will become easier over time, and the rewards of concentrated efforts, hard work, love and faith will be generously rewarded. The Moon enters dynamic Aries at 8:19 PM PST, seeing tomorrow exhibit a more outgoing, courageous energy.


The Moon in Aries is trine the Sun in Leo today, which is warming and encouraging. There can be a certain tension or chemistry in certain dynamics or initiatives, with a desire to communicate and overcome a certain awkwardness. The Moon goes on to conjoin Chiron as the day progresses, seeing an emphasis on healing, and a lunar quincunx to Mars can see a lot of pent up desires and frustrations and a strong drive to overcome anxieties, perfectionism, inhibitions. There can be an anxiousness here to make some kind of move, initiative, or take some kind of small risk. The wee hours of Saturday on into Sunday can see a focus on love, pleasure, relationships, creativity, and enjoyment as the Moon syncs up to Venus. Once inhibitions, doubts, or negative thinking are challenged, confronted and overcome, things can really crackle with possibility.


The Moon in Aries is trine Venus this morning while making a semisquare to Saturn, seeing a shy but spicy mathscape. The Sun also perfects a square to Jupiter, which can see a tendency for excess or going over the top. The Moon goes on to square Pluto and conjunct Chiron. Interpersonally, something can really be heating up, or something or someone can really be getting under our skin. Not necessarily in a bad way, though it's possible. It can be really healing to take small, modest risks that subtly challenge previous negative preconceptions, doubts, fears, inhibitions, or insecurities. In some cases, this math can see a lot of chemistry under the surface. The Moon goes on to square Mercury, suggesting the cat may get peoples tongues, and although prospects are promising, anxiety, worries, fears, and doubts will need to be overcome in order to tackle certain situations. There can be a need for more clarity. As the day wears on into evening there can be a compelling, exciting quality to certain relationships or endeavors. Undeniable truths, insights or feelings can bubble up to the surface that have possibly been suppressed for some time. Next week, Mercury is out of the clutches of Saturn, and is conjunct Mars and trine Jupiter. There can be more courage around communications and confronting certain people or situations. New, beneficial foundations can be laid, so that wishes can be granted.   


Monday, July 24, 2023



Many things happened over the weekend. Venus stationed retrograde, Chiron stationed retrograde, and Mercury perfected a square to Uranus at 22 degrees. This could see some reveals, surprises or plot twists. Things can definitely be a bit topsy turvy, or there can be a weirdness in the air, but Mars in Virgo is determined to bring order and dignity to chaos. The Moon is in harmony seeking Libra today, opposite Chiron and square Juno. This can see some interpersonal sensitivity. Mercury and Uranus may have caused some shock or sudden realizations, or the need to do things differently, perceive things differently, or even speak differently. Unusual situations can have some people feeling a bit raw, sensitive, vulnerable or challenged. Staying open to new possibilities or different perspectives can help integrate new or unusual insights or realities. The Mercury/Uranus influence is still strong today, and although there may be challenges or unusual things to contend with, this can also be mobilizing. Last week, we dealt with the Mars/Saturn opposition. This week, Mars comes in contact with Jupiter, and solutions are more readily in sight. 


The Moon enters Scorpio at 9:55 AM PST, squaring the Sun in Leo and Pluto in 29 Capricorn, and trine Saturn in Pisces. Although there can be some tension, and pressure, there can also be a push for breakthroughs and a tenacious determination to stabilize things. The Moon goes on to sextile Mars and oppose Jupiter, which can see more motivation to get things organized and streamlined. There can be some optimism around progress. Tomorrow can see some decisive energy.


The Sun is still opposite Pluto, and although out of sign now, is still an underlying influence. This can see a push for major overhauls. In some ways it can be kind of menacing or intimidating, but also motivating. The Moon is sextile Mars and opposite Jupiter, which can see a tendency for people to bite off more than they can chew. There’s definitely a strong desire (or requirement) to get a lot done. Excitement can build as the Moon goes on to oppose Uranus, this can also give some people a case of nerves. An awkward quincunx to Chiron can offer up opportunities for healing, forgiveness, and bridge building. 


There can be some things that feel unsettled socially or interpersonally as the day starts off with the Moon opposite Uranus, and square Mercury and Venus, which are exactly conjunct today at 28 degrees Leo. The Moon is also trine Neptune, bringing a lot of understanding and compassion to dynamics or situations that may be unsettled or rocky. In some ways there can simply be tension between people wanting to enjoy themselves, and the need for hard, but rewarding work. In spite of the lunar squares, good agreements can be worked out and there may even be some sparks. Feelings can play a big role in communications today, and in some ways this can be centered on the past or offer new or surprising insights into emotions or instincts around relationships, recent happenings or investments, just when you think you had something or someone figured out. The Moon enters optimistic and forward looking Sagittarius at 5:24 PM PST, to trine the Sun, and eventually Venus in Leo. There may be some obstacles or frustrations to contend with at first, but things will eventually find more of a foothold.


The Moon squares Mars in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces, seeing a bit of crotchety energy as the day begins, in spite of optimism and support. There may be situations that require some patience, hard work, and attention to detail. Recent disturbances in the force likely serve an ultimately beneficial purpose. Mercury enters Virgo today at 2:31 PM, which can see a pause for thought when it eventually goes on to oppose Saturn. Mercury will also go retrograde in August, where it will aim to sort things out, improve and perfect them. Today can see the power of positive thinking in the face of any frustrations, delays or obstacles. The lunar square to Saturn lets up in the afternoon, but the square to Mars doesn’t relent until around midnight. Try to funnel any frustrations into productive ends and take care not to overreact.


The Moon in Sagittarius forms a trine to Venus in Leo, while square Neptune and trine Chiron. There is potential here for little pleasure trips but there may also be an out of sorts feeling where maybe the will is there to execute things but the energy is low, or there are things that still need to be tended to which can leave people feeling a bit spaced out. There can be positive and even emotionally healing interchanges. Maybe taking care of work, chores or responsibilities has to happen before people can really let their hair down, or maybe a compromise can be found. The day can be largely pleasant, but it’s possible that responsibilities or things that need to be attended to aren’t far from the mind. The Moon enters dutiful Capricorn at 8:44 PM PST, seeing the rest of the weekend oriented towards streamlining, organizing, cleaning, problem solving, and preparing for the week, and month ahead, which can require a lot of dedication to making improvements.


The Moon in Capricorn is trine Mars and Mercury in Virgo while sextile Saturn, going on to trine Jupiter in Taurus. It can feel surprisingly good to get on top of certain things, organize, accomplish, prepare and improve. If there’s been anything that’s felt out of sorts, this energy is determined to address it head on as opposed to simply resign to complaining about it or feeling helpless. It's a pull yourself up by your bootstraps energy. A lunar trine to Pallas also highlights longterm efficiency, health, organization, work and improvement strategies. There is an eye here on the long term. Today is down to earth, grounded, sensible, and pragmatic. Next week kicks off on an ambitious and productive note, determined to make some changes and whip things into shape.

Sunday, July 16, 2023



It’s the Grand Finale Manic Monday, the final Monday in a streak where all of the major planetary activity occurred on Monday. Today see’s a New Moon at 11:32 AM PST in 24 degrees Cancer, trine Neptune, and opposite Pluto, while also weakly sextile Uranus and square Chiron. This can highlight the dynamics between those who are in vulnerable positions and those who are in powerful positions. The haves and the have nots. Dependency dynamics. Certain realities are confronted here. There can be some penetrating insights into our own or other peoples emotions or habituated patterns. This face of Cancer is ruled by the 4 of cups in the tarot, and speaks of an overwhelming, even miraculous surplus in one sense, but also a sense of scarcity in another. It’s a card of simultaneously having more than what you need, while also feeling that something is missing, absent or scarce. It can also symbolize having the wisdom to refuse to take more than what is needed. Things may not be entirely perfect just now, which Mars in Virgo is all too aware of, while Mercury in Leo can still be too proud to admit any weakness, vulnerability or problem. Regardless of conditions, there is still a surplus, abundance, and even small miracles that would be unwise to ignore the value of. In many ways, it’s just a matter of knowing what to do with such overflow, gifts, and potential, and giving what is readily available it’s proper due. After the New Moon, the lunar North Node retrogrades back into Aries, bringing emphasis back to this axis of your chart for the next long while, where Jupiter was until May. Collectively, the emphasis is on increased self sufficiency, autonomy, independence, (and interdependence). Coming together for the right reasons, relating out of want, not out of necessity, dependency, or obligation. The Moon enters Leo at 9:39 PM.


Today begins with the Moon in Leo square Jupiter and quincunx Saturn. Striking a balance between being overly optimistic and grandiose or overly pessimistic and self effacing (or condescending) can be tricky at points. Realistic assessments, and not being too hard on yourself or others if you or they have made some missteps in the past is the key. As the day wears on, confidence and optimism can be easier to come by, and there may be some good news, positive feedback or something to look forward to with the Moon conjunct Mercury and square Jupiter. A little can go a long way, so avoid going too over the top with something, particularly in communications or driving home a point. Increased sensitivity and imagination can be highlighted this evening. 


Early morning can highlight news, ideas, or written or spoken communications that can be exciting, unexpected, morale boosting, or even healing, with the Moon in Leo conjunct Mercury, trine Chiron, while going on to square Uranus and conjoin Venus. This can see shifts in social and interpersonal dynamics or creative or commercial affairs. It can feel a bit nerve wracking to relax into getting too excited or optimistic just yet about certain things, as people or situations can still feel a bit unpredictable. Financially, creatively, or interpersonally, things can be a bit tense just now with Venus quincunx both Neptune and Pluto. There are things that need sorting out, and in some ways, people can lack insight into their own or others motives. There can be subtle power struggles under the surface in certain interactions where time, and taking a step back to let things settle before attempting to confront or handle them is the only answer. 


Mars in Virgo opposes Saturn in Pisces exactly today at 6 degrees. Horns can be locking over intractable problems that require endurance and discipline to deal with. If you do encounter any awkwardness in certain dynamics or situations, stay calm, dignified, and politely stand your ground. The Moon enters problem solving Virgo at 10:13 AM PST, heading towards Mars, to oppose Saturn as well as form a trine to Jupiter in Taurus as the day wears on into evening. Although there can be some frustrations or feelings of weakness or vulnerability in the face of obstacles, challenges, delays, blockages, or the sheer amount of all there is yet to improve upon, fix, or rise above, there can also be a lot of energy and motivation available. Ok, in some cases, this energy and motivation can feel a bit forced, or be the result of tension or necessity, but it’s a healthy kick in the pants and dose of pragmatism that can result in much needed positive breakthroughs. It can actually feel good to get your hands dirty, make improvements, or make things more efficient and streamlined.


The organizational push for productivity, organization, pragmatic problem solving, and improvement continues today, and the Moon slowly breaks away from it’s opposition to Saturn. It can feel good to be getting more on top of things, and to actually be seeing progress and improvement. The Moon sextile Juno can also see partnerships under the microscope, not necessarily in a negative way, but in a helpful way. Improving dynamics can be a feature. It’s also possible that improved environments can contribute positively to relationship dynamics. The Sun in home and family oriented Cancer goes on to perfect an opposition to Pluto, seeing certain breakthroughs, or bringing certain things to light that are undeniable and impossible to ignore. It can be evident that certain shifts need to occur or simply are occurring, that are ultimately for the betterment of all concerned. Daily rhythms, systems, and increased efficiency can be implicated here, and it’s possible for some dramatic improvements to be made. The Moon goes on to trine Uranus this evening, opening up new possibilities.


Venus stations retrograde this evening at 6:33 PM PST, and the Sun makes it’s annual ingress into Leo at 6:50 PM, joining both Venus and Mercury. Until evening, the focus is still very much on sorting out muddles, making improvements across the board, with the Moon in Virgo trine Uranus, opposite Neptune, and going on to trine Pluto, while the Sun in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn are still at an exact opposition at critical degrees. For some this can see major changes within the home or family, or power dynamics in career settings. For some, it’s both. Regardless of where it transpires in your personal chart, there can be upgrades, but there will still be much to reevaluate, revisit or reflect upon. The Moon enters Libra at 10:54 PM PST, emphasizing the shift towards relationships, values, desires, self esteem and confidence that the Venus retrograde station and Sun’s entry into Leo highlights. Restoring balance and harmony come into focus.


Early on, vulnerabilities, minor aches and pains, interpersonal tensions or differences, or emotional issues can have physical manifestations with the Moon in Libra opposite Chiron. Chiron stations retrograde this morning at 5:42 AM PST, at 19 degrees Aries. This degree of Aries is associated with the creation of worlds that are of your own making, mining and uncovering hidden treasures, and is considered the exaltation point of the Sun. Chiron taking a pause to hang out here for a bit longer and retrace it’s steps suggests it’s worth revisiting the source code of the world you have built for yourself, and the vices and virtues which maintain it. Is there anything missing? Do you like how it’s going? Deeper focus on the area of your chart ruled by Aries can yield buried gems with profound healing potential that can ultimately enhance a sense of sovereignty and personal leadership over your own “world making” abilities. The Moon in Libra connects to Mercury this evening while semisquare Mars. There can be impulsive or passionate communications, venting sessions, or creative brainstorming. Interpersonally, vibes can be thick, and this upcoming week kicks off with the Moon in Libra square Pluto while sextile Mercury and Venus. This can definitely see people extremely preoccupied with something, interpersonally, socially, creatively, or in regards to business or commercial affairs, personal projects, or self expression.

Monday, July 10, 2023



Week 3 of 4 consecutive weeks where all the big deal celestial activity happens on a Monday. This Monday kicks off with a bang. Mars enters Virgo at 4:40 AM PST, seeing a cycle of organization, problem solving, stream lining, improvement, healing, and crisis aversion and management ensue for the next while. Mercury in 29 degrees Cancer perfects it’s opposition with Pluto at 29 degrees Capricorn, an aspect that won’t happen again in our lifetimes. This can see poignant emotional and psychological downloads that issue significant turning points and reorientations. The Moon is in Aries for the first half of today, trine Venus and also Mars as it shifts into Virgo. It’s also squaring both Pluto and Mercury, as Pluto and Mercury perfect an opposition. Mercury is also trine Neptune, seeing imagination, psychic sensitivity, and fantasy run rampant. The Moon enters practical Taurus at 4:55 PM PST, to trine Mars in zenith degree of Virgo, bringing an emphasis to getting certain things under control. Mars in Virgo represents a cosmic roomba, entering the scene to clean up messes, improve terrain, and optimize efficiency. It’s ultimately a helpful influence that can keep certain thoughts, plans and actions based in reality, but there can be a lot to stay on top of that requires careful attention. Mercury enters Leo at 9:11 PM PST.


The Moon in Taurus is conjunct Jupiter this morning, going on to sextile Saturn and Juno and semisquare Neptune. There can be an out of sorts feeling at points around relationships, money, possessions, and values, and a reorientation and adjustment process is underway. Mercury now in Leo, will bring an increasing attention and focus upon relationships, money, values, dreams and desires, and sorting what is possible, and what is real, from what is not. Today’s Moon/Jupiter conjunction is a feel good influence, but the lunar semisquare to Neptune is loopy, sensitive, day dreamy and distracted. Nothing can be forced right now. Soothing the nervous system with music, meditation, or creative or spiritual activities if energy is low can help fuel the motivation tanks to tackle the untangling of any knotty problems or issues. Being flexible, adaptable and innovative will help smooth the way forward. 


The Moon in Taurus conjoins Uranus this morning, introducing the element of surprise to the day. Thinking on your feet and being adaptable can be helpful for integration of any recent revelations, changes, or happenings. The Moon goes on to square Venus later on, while trine Pluto, seeing interpersonal, love, social, creative or financial issues a little unsettled or preoccupying. Certain truths and realities are being confronted and absorbed. Embracing truths with compassion is entirely up to each individual. There can be subtle clashes under the surface to navigate around. 


The Moon enters Gemini in the wee hours of 12:26 AM, to sextile Mercury and square Mars and Saturn. Thoughts, ideas and communications can flow freely in some areas, but can feel inhibited and limited in others. There may be tension and blockages to manage. Challenging issues can be apparent that require mental dexterity and versatility to navigate. Try not to let the weight of certain realities, obligations, burdens, or responsibilities get you down too much. Break things down into manageable chunks. Take it one day at a time. 


The Moon in Gemini is sextile Chiron and semisquare Mercury. Communications can be sensitive for some reason, certain interactions can require careful handling or taking extra care to think before speaking, or communications are weakened somehow for the moment. The Sun perfects a sextile to Uranus today while sesquisquare Saturn and square Chiron. “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Certain reality checks can see a need to do things differently and implement some changes, or upgrades to certain systems or methods require temporary sacrifices. Realities being addressed now can be sobering, humbling, sensitive, or slightly inconvenient, but ultimately helpful in the long run. Mercury in Leo quincunx Saturn suggests delays or frustrations that require taking an alternate route. Avoid being too narrow in your thinking. 


The wee hours of this morning the Moon in late Gemini squares Neptune, seeing a hazy, sensitive, spaced out bemusement and even confusion around certain things. People's routines can feel slightly thrown off initially. The Moon enters security oriented Cancer at 10:13 AM PST, going on to sextile Mars in Virgo and trine Saturn, seeing a desire to get certain matters under control, stabilized, or carefully compartmentalized so that life can continue to function smoothly. The Cancer lunation can see a lot of emotional endurance and fortitude. 


The Moon in Cancer trine Saturn and sextile Jupiter today can see a lot of satisfaction from cultivating stability. There can be a lot of emotional fortitude, compassion and maturity available in these configurations. The Moon going on to square Chiron and semisquare Mars this evening can see hypersensitivity, vulnerability, or irritability with the flaws in certain plans, dynamics, or initiatives. A New Moon in Cancer occurs tomorrow morning, tuning people into the subtle aspects of life, and certain unavoidable truths that have to be faced down and adapted to. In many ways this can see exciting changes, but people should take care to avoid power struggles. 

Sunday, July 2, 2023



 The Full Moon occurs in 11 degrees Capricorn at 4:39 AM PST, trine Jupiter, opposite the Sun and Mercury in Cancer, while sesquisquare Mars. This decan of Capricorn is ruled by the 3 of pentacles in the tarot, and calls for a stable foundation to be laid down in order to become something greater than the sum of it's parts. A sense of realism, along with discarding what is not possible, sensible or relevant while embracing what is, compliments and assists the earthy ambition of this decan. There may be a lot on people’s plates at this Full Moon, and a strong desire to upgrade, consolidate and steadily improve situations, materially, spiritually and emotionally. Feeling a bit out of sorts, frayed around the edges, or strapped with a lot of responsibilities can be a theme, but in spite of this, even if there are challenges, things are actually quite encouraging. The Moon goes on to square Chiron, so it wouldn’t be surprising if people feel a little weak in the face of all the work ahead of them. The squares that Mars and Venus have made to Uranus, along with Neptune’s station retrograde can see people feeling a bit of nervous overstimulation.“No pain, no gain”, as the saying goes. Go forward gently, and don’t underestimate the immense metamorphosis available in this mathscape. Enterprising new ideas and innovation can be in the spotlight. 


The Moon in late Capricorn conjoins Pluto as the day get’s started, and this can see obsessive focus on a goal. The perfection is exact around 9:30 AM PST, and then the Moon moves into Aquarius at 10:30 AM PST. This can see innovative breakthroughs, perhaps after considerable pressure. The Moon/Pluto conjunction can see a lot of intensity that’s best channelled into something constructive. This evening there can be something to pat yourself or others on the back about, with the Moon squaring Jupiter, creating a sort of congratulatory atmosphere after rolling a large boulder up a steep hill. Some people make it look easy, though it likely has been anything but. 


The Moon in Aquarius can have some difficult decisions to weigh up, or in the very least, it can be challenging to meet your own needs and desires and that of other people. There are a lot of changes to adapt to, and things can be exciting, but it can feel like adaptation needs to happen at a breakneck pace. Finding balance amidst it all, and being patient with both yourself as well as others can help alleviate some pressure and prevent clashes with others. Positively, there is a strong electrical charge to these configurations, as the Moon is square Uranus and opposes Venus and Mars. Evening time can be particularly active, and some people may find it difficult to sleep. Take time to ground out so that you don’t short circuit. People may need room to breathe and maneuver changeable circumstances. 


The Moon opposition Mars that goes on to conjoin Saturn after the Moon heads into Pisces this morning at 10:33 AM PST can see a lot of energy as the day gets going. Energy that could also be described as tension. There can be responsibilities to attend to and certain situations that need to be brought under control. By the time this week is over, things can look very different than they did at the beginning, and any tension that’s been present can be followed by a sense of relief. This evening can see some vulnerability or sensitivity, either due to challenging but ultimately beneficial circumstances, or potentially awkward but necessary confrontations with situations or people, possibly even authority figures, bosses, or VIPs, or a sense of looming responsibility. Things can go a lot smoother than you might presume, so if you’ve been stressed or your nerves have been overtaxed, try to relax and reduce any pressure.


The Moon in Pisces makes some lovely aspects today, offering a sweet sense of relief. There’s a lot of compassion and understanding in these configurations, with the Moon making harmonious trine’s to the Sun, Mercury, and Uranus. If you need to make some changes to schedules or do something differently for whatever reason, people are likely to be understanding and forgiving under these configurations. The heart and mind are in sync today, which can make it easier to go with the flow. This evening the Moon quincunx Mars can see some nervous tension. Although there’s a feeling of relief around certain things, it can still feel challenging to completely relax, because there is still so much work to do. The Pisces lunation really just wants to dream and unwind. Still, there are things to feel excited and motivated about. 


There can be a desire to get certain things more organized or sorted out today, and make some adjustments so that relaxation can truly be possible (at some point.) The challenge is that many people need to be able to relax NOW. The Moon conjunct Neptune this morning really wants to fall into reverie and dream, but the quincunx to Mars is irritated or compelled into productivity. The Moon enters dynamic Aries at 12:19 PM PST, where it will semisquare Uranus this evening while Sextile the domestic goddess Vesta. Getting things to flow more smoothly within the home, work, or every day environment can be integral to achieving more peace, ease and stability. There is a lot to integrate and consolidate. 


The Moon in Aries squares the Sun in Cancer while trine Chiron, and this can see a lot of action around home, family or domestic situations. Mercury perfects a trine to Neptune today at 27 degrees while opposite Pluto in Capricorn, and this can see a lot of understanding for people going through unusual circumstances or major changes. There can be a lot of pressure to get things sorted and more comfortable. Pallas, asteroid of creative intelligence, wisdom and mental strategy enters detail oriented Virgo at 11:55 late this evening, right before the new week begins, hinting at an exhaustive organization, healing and improvement process that requires attention to details, discernment, and dedication. Mars will follow suit, entering the zenith degree of Virgo bright and early Monday morning. Next week can get off to an excited and motivated note. What has felt like drudgery combined with a series of uphill battles or electrical shocks to the nervous system can begin to feel more inspiring. There can still be some indecision or uncertainty to navigate, but this incoming Mars cycle will help sort the gold from the dross and establish healthier, more efficient foundations and find solutions to longstanding issues.