Monday, September 25, 2023



This week, and the coming Month of October, can see a lot of loose ends being tied up, and we enter October with certain things still feeling unresolved. Interpersonally and socially as well, things have to change. Relationships can be reassessed, and Libra season highlights the North and South node axis, which emphasizes independence and fierce authenticity needing to find a balance with compromise and interdependence. The Moon kicks this week off in Aquarius, in trine to Mars in Libra, squaring Jupiter, and going on to oppose Venus. Things can become interesting again. Minor tensions can see people innovating a new path, and breaking away from dynamics or situations that are unworkable, unhealthy, or no longer meeting basic needs. Mercury linking up to Jupiter can see opportunities for honest disclosures, but there may be a need to push beyond superficial niceties. New arrangements or foundations can be surprisingly profitable. There can be subtle vulnerabilities under the surface with the Moon in sextile to Chiron. It’s an interesting mathscape, because it seems that even if there are concerted efforts to alienate, ostracize, or undermine certain individuals, it only empowers and emboldens them. Mercury is still trine Jupiter, which see’s a quest for more information, which is still incomplete just now. Humility, curiosity, and an awareness of what you don’t know will yield more information than arrogance, assumption, appeals to authority, ego, or a need to be superior. Venus is sextile Mars and square Uranus this week, which can see interesting alliances forged, or shifts in dynamics that can be quite surprising. People themselves can be quite surprising, particularly so if they’ve been underestimated, mistreated, disrespected, taken for granted or given the short end of the stick.


The Moon in socially oriented but independent Aquarius today, which can see a serious attitude or a commitment to a task. Today can require focus and endurance, as there is a need to knuckle down and get things done. Socially and interpersonally speaking, there can be somberness in the air, but Venus in Leo and the Sun in Libra keep things civil, cordial, humorous and warm. This can see a stoic attitude and a focus on handling things with maturity, humor and grace. Venus strengthening it’s square to Uranus can see quirckiness, fun, weirdness and quiet revolutions brewing socially, interpersonally or otherwise that can have some interesting manifestations at the Full Moon. Other people’s behavior or reactions can be unpredictable, so it’s probably wise to simply manage your own and enjoy the weirdness as much as you can. If you’ve already identified fair weather friends, unstable dynamics, or out of balance situations, now is a good time to become more internally moored and impervious to the antics or potential sidewinders that people or events could throw at you, and focus on strengthening foundations with what or who is dependable, stable and reliable, while keeping a good sense of humor intact. The Moon enters Pisces at 5:18 PM PST, making awkward aspects to the Sun, Mars, and Chiron. This can see the evening wrap up on a sensitive and reflective note, and people can be highly attuned to subtle shifts in dynamics, behaviors, or unspoken “new rules”, realities, or proclamations. 


The Moon in Pisces is conjunct Saturn and opposes Mercury today, while sextile Jupiter and semisquare Pluto. There can be some strong feelings under the surface, and although certain changes are largely positive to some, others can be feeling some doubts, uncertainties, or a bit at sea, yet perhaps feel unable to communicate this. There can be things that feel really consequential, or heavy. Do your best not to take life so seriously. People can be sensitive to unspoken power dynamics in relationships. Equally, there can be positive news for some, despite having been undermined, cast off, or left to their own devices, but still, it’s a better day for underpromising and over delivering than for overpromising and underdelivering. The Moon in Pisces conjunct Saturn and opposite Mercury in Virgo can see a lot of compassion for the less fortunate or those who are suffering, but it can also see confusion, a troubled psyche, or misunderstandings. Equally, there can be a lot of inspiration even if there are troubles. A strong lunar sextile to Jupiter can see faith and buoyancy pulled from seemingly nowhere. Strength and fortitude of spirit and access to deep internal resources can be intimidating, or inspiring. Small, humble things can be a source of great inner wealth. 


The Moon is sextile Uranus, which can see inspiration or surprising emotional, spiritual or psychological insights which can see epiphanies coming home to roost. There may be something quietly brewing under the surface which can come to a head at the Full Moon. Today can see some powerful downloads or inner emotional peaks as the Moon goes on to sextile Pluto. Instincts and ESP can be strong. There is a lunar semisquare to Hygeia, placing a healing or health slant on things, and there can be some epiphanies or breakthroughs. An awkward lunar aspect to the South Node in Libra can shed light on imbalances in relationships, or imbalances in general, but this also presents opportunities to correct them. It’s possible some people (or organizations) have revealed their true colors in recent times, which has made an internal and external reorientation necessary. The Moon enters dynamic and pioneering Aries at 5:17 PM PST, opposing the Sun in Libra. In some ways, the Aries lunation can see a compromise occur through gritted teeth. There could also be some tea spillages and “fuck it” moments. Venus is still in her post shadow phase until Oct 7th 2:22 AM PST, so in many ways, people are still adjusting and reorienting to the shifts and downloads that occurred during the retrograde. The Aries lunation can make it difficult and uncomfortable to be fake or inauthentic with others. Conflicts of interest can be challenging to reconcile. Humor can diffuse things and serve as a good outlet. In some cases, people will opt to go their own way to meet their needs or protect their own interests, in others, a compromise can be found, but not without an honest confrontation. This can be nice, like a confession or outpouring of warm feelings, kind words of encouragement or supoort. In others, this can be working through something more complex, involved, and longstanding.


The Full Moon in Aries is exact at 2:58 AM PST, at 6 degrees. This face of Aries is associated with the Two Of Wands in the tarot, and symbolically, with an axe. One that can cut a path through chaos, -or sever and destroy contacts. In either case, it’s a decisive and self directed energy. This can see a graduation of sorts, and now it can be time to look and plan ahead for the future.  The Moon here is fiercely self reliant, but can have difficulty forging relationships with others. Aside from the opposition to the Sun in Libra, the other strong configurations of this Full Moon are a sesquisquare to Venus in Leo, and a semisquare to Uranus in Taurus. Venus also perfects the last of 3 squares to Uranus. This can see certain relationships, dynamics or partnerships experience some breakthrough points, or in some cases, they are abandoned altogether, or reach a new stage. There can be quite a show, and people can crackle and pop with weird aliveness and possibility in response to unusual circumstances or shifting dynamics. The proud and uncompromising nature of the first face of Aries struggles to reconcile with the need to “go along to get along” of Libra. A balance is sought, and it can't be overemphasized how important humor can be. Mercury trine Uranus now is insightful, honest, matter of fact, and unafraid to stir the pot or be a bit goofy, weird and out of pocket. There can be surprising information revealed, excitement, or people reveal a new side to themselves. The Full Moon configurations support an independent, authentic and self reliant frame that can be very take it or leave it, but there may also be a vulnerability driving this. In some cases, it’s necessary to rely on oneself now, or in the very least, be prepared to embark on something alone. In this case, there can be a hard bargain or a stoic self reliance and splitting off or mitosis ocurring. For some, it can highlight a parting of ways, but not necessarily on bad terms, and a new path forward is forged where more suitable or promising dynamics or situations can emerge, or a larger emphasis on self determination is embraced. In other cases, a compromise is made through gritted teeth, but it's uncertain how long such a situation can last. What is certain, is that shifts in dynamics or priorities can be expected, and throughout October, the precedent of various interactions or contracts going forward will be under evaluation, scrutiny or improvement efforts. Right now, the passive aggressive politics of Mars in Libra opposite Chiron in Aries can see much of this occurring on the surface via a polite veneer, while under the surface, deep changes and reorientations are being considered or are already in motion. Certain situations may be politely tolerated for now, but undeniable patterns have been recognized, for better or worse. Dynamics have shifted. Notes have been taken. Next week, things can begin to get more serious, organized or established.  


The Moon in Aries is conjunct Chiron and forms a warm and proud trine to Venus and Juno in Leo while opposing Mars in Libra and squaring Pluto in Capricorn. This can see a lot of passion, as well as some interesting contrasts. There can be a sense of confidence or even playfulness, even in the face of opposition, tension or weirdness. Mercury in mischievous link to Uranus can see new insights and ideas. There can be some rash behavior, strong feelings, tension or irritation accompanied by attraction (Moon opposite Mars, square Pluto, trine Venus.) “I hate that I like them so much” is almost what this math looks like. This can see certain dynamics or situations eventually stabilize or reach a point of compromise, as the Moon goes on to sextile Saturn as it enters Taurus at 6:18 PM PST.  In the very least, there can be endurance that helps make certain things more bearable, even as there is a push for transformation. 


Today can see more optimism and wider horizons, with the Moon conjunct Jupiter. The Moon is also semisquare Neptune and square Hygeia, so there can be a lingering out of sorts energy that’s suitable for relaxing, self soothing activities or boosting the spirits of those in need. Mercury is opposite Neptune now along with being trine Uranus and Pluto, so things are a bit weird, and there can be confusion that needs sorting out. There can be some vague worries that are preoccupying, and insight, answers, and solutions are sought. Venus is sextile Mars just now, so enjoy this charming goofiness while you can. She leaves her post shadow period on Oct 7 and enters Virgo Oct 8, where she will oppose Saturn and need to get down to business. Money matters, relationships or values may also become more serious, and there may be a need to budget or reign in expenses, honor commitments or responsibilities, or take the woes and concerns of others more seriously. There may also be increasing focus on the well being of a loved one, or those who are vulnerable or in need. Health, healing, routines, animals, pets, cleanliness, making improvements and being of service in practical but meaningful ways can take more precedence interpersonally, and highlight the value of compassion, helpfulness, empathy, kindness, and basic human decency in relationships.

Monday, September 18, 2023



The Moon enters Scorpio today semisquare the Sun in Virgo while sextile Mercury and opposite Jupiter, sesquisquare Neptune and square Hygeia. This suggests that patience may be needed around forging ahead, but a pause in the action, and slowing down to address things that feel out of sorts can give rise to vital insights or “aha” moments (which there have been a lot of), but with Mercury going forward now, things can begin making more sense or missing puzzle pieces can begin to fall into place. Information uncovered can be immediately applicable. With the lunar square to Hygeia this can revolve around healing, and suggests actions can be taken to address longstanding issues. Venus perfects a square to Jupiter at 15 degrees which can see a climax around over the top indulgences, spending, or other issues that have seemed to have no cap on how far they could be taken. Take care to avoid overdoing anything. Mercury in Virgo is capable of detailed analysis and noticing things that have been overlooked. Mercury is strong in all decals of Virgo, but particularly so now that it has resumed forward motion. Take note of any insights you glean. The Moon goes on to square Venus tonight, indicating some minor tensions interpersonally or otherwise, but there is also a resilience here as the Moon in Scorpio is capable of dipping into deep reserves and has quite a lot of endurance. Avoid drama, overblowing things, taking things too far, over reacting to things, or tense interactions if possible. Things will become more stable, and progress and results will be seen around Fri and Sat when Mercury trines Jupiter once more. 


Today can be somewhat tense or unsettling or there can be a need to be taken out of normal routines for some reason, with the Moon opposite Jupiter and Uranus, squaring Venus and quincunx Chiron. This can see a lot shelled out for a loved one or someone who is vulnerable, and in some ways the day can be rather expensive or require a lot of output energetically. Try not to go too far or take on more than you can reasonably handle. Put off anything that isn’t urgent and focus on dealing with what is essential. There will be time to catch up on anything that needs to be temporarily shelved later. Venus in Leo square Jupiter may have seen an over the top energy, whether that be financially or simply just biting off more than you can chew. For others this may have played out socially or interpersonally. Its a luxurious, impulsive and indulgent aspect, and is still particularly strong now. The Moon goes on to trine Neptune, which can see a lot of compassion, milking every ounce of Venus square Jupiter before they drift out of orb. These configurations suggest one of those times where there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for another, and it can see noble sacrifices out of deep love and care. The day can keep people on their toes and require an adaptable frame. Evening time the Moon sextile’s the Sun and Pluto, which can see an accomplished feeling, but nerves can still be a bit jangled and there can be some worries around certain inevitabilities. There is also a lot of love and support, but responsibilities can feel overwhelming. Take one thing at a time. 


Early morning can feel a bit pressed, challenged, frustrated or blocked with the Moon in late Scorpio in tension to Mars and Saturn. Some people can be reaching their limits with blockages or other issues cropping up, but much is still being accomplished in spite of this. There is still a lot to get done, but by weeks end, there should be a noticable foothold. Try to avoid over stressing your mind or body or demanding too much from yourself or others. There may be some temporary issues to get around. The Moon enters Sagittarius at 7:06 AM PST, going on to square Mercury in Virgo. This can see a lot of responsibilities, a preoccupation with health, diet, routines, technical issues, or taking care of others, and there may be some bickering, worries, vague aches or pains, or a lot of details to fuss over. Conversely there may just be some new information to analyze or muddles to resolve. This is a good time to be observant or gather new information or integrate recent realizations. Try to conserve energy for what’s immediately essential and avoid overreacting to temporary inconveniences or pushing yourself to take on more than you can handle. Timing may not be quite right just yet. Integrating the details into a congruent, broad picture can be a factor just now. Things can feel like they’ve piled up and become unmanageable in some cases, but in spite of this, spirits can be high. Try to be understanding of others who may be hobbled by life circumstances or inconveniences. Everyone is doing the best they can, striving towards doing better, and adapting to changes in some way, with the Sun trine Uranus and Pluto, opposite Neptune. Tomorrow can see a bit more momentum, sharper attunement and even better spirits.


The Moon is trine Chiron, Venus in Leo and sextile Mars in Libra, which can see a buoyancy and social charm return. Morale can be boosted through pleasant connections and supportive exchanges. There can be a sense of hope and optimism returning. This can be an emotionally or even physically healing time (Moon/Chiron.) Today can be very constructive, and people can be very accommodating and helpful to one another. Some people can feel very sensitive or vulnerable right now. There may be some bruised egos or issues of pride. Regardless, there's a sense that certain things are on the right path to being sorted out, but there’s still a lot of work to do. Some processes have been exhausting to deal with or adapt to, so today is a nice respite and a boost to morale.


The Moon squares the Sun and Neptune, which can see a lot of compassion, or vague fears or worries, or a feeling that things are in the hands of the fates now. There can be a need to slow down or get more rest, especially after large pushes for progress. There have been many downloads to assimilate. Mercury perfects it’s trine to Jupiter today and through the weekend, which can see progress, results, and more stability begin to unfold. The Moon goes on to sextile Saturn, so grounding yourself and focusing on what’s in your immediate control, and letting nature do the rest, can help allay any doubts, fears, or uncertainties. The Moon enters Capricorn at 1:20 PM PST, and the Sun enters Libra at 11:50 PM PST. There can be a shift in focus and a feeling that certain things are under control enough to be able to move on to other things.


We are officially in Libra season, and the change is palpable. The Moon in Capricorn is square Mars in Libra and trine Mercury and Jupiter as they perfect their trine, and this can see things beginning to feel more established, which can be quite motivating. There can be a desire to get back on top of things, and even a sense of accomplishment or “graduation” , but things can still feel a bit out of order. A lunar square to Chiron can see sensitivity and vulnerability under a stoic demeanor. Positive momentum can be building, regardless of weaknesses or vulnerabilities. Things can feel like they are stabilizing. There can even be some good news. There can be a lot of energy to get things done, in the very least the lunar tension with Mars would best be funneled into constructive action or joint activities. Patience is needed, as you can’t expect to go from things feeling upside down to feeling absolutely perfect overnight. But it’s nice to see positive results unfolding.


The Moon in Capricorn conjoins Pluto, while trine Uranus and sextile Neptune. There can be a feeling of looking back at all that you’ve been through, all that’s been accomplished or gone over, and there may even be a sense of relief and a forward looking attitude about what may now be possible to focus on, now that certain issues and problems have been addressed. Today can see moments of clarity, insight and illumination. The Moon enters Aquarius at 4:29 PM PST, to trine the Sun freshly in Libra, seeing a decided shift in gear. The upcoming week can kick off on a motivated and ambitious note, with the Libra/Aries axis of your chart now taking up more emphasis.   



Monday, September 11, 2023



The Moon is in Leo conjunct Venus, while Venus and Juno are exactly conjoined. The Moon is also sextile Mars in Libra while square Jupiter and sesquisquare Neptune. This can see courage and determination around high ideals, as well as compassion and diplomacy in negotiations. Partnerships, forging agreements, or working with others from where they and you are at can be central. The early morning hours can be driven and some people can leap out of bed (or found it difficult to remain asleep). There can be a lot of motivation or spark to this energy, and it can feel good to smooth out bumpy waters or sort out misunderstandings. The Moon perfects a conjunction to Venus and Juno around noon PST, and this can see supportive connections that can boost morale. There may even be a healing component, with the Moon going on to trine sensitive Chiron. There can be more confidence in certain endeavors or dynamics, and some people may even feel smitten. There may be some catching up to do with certain tasks, and although it can feel good to have certain other confounding issues sorted out to a manageable level, Virgo season (with Mercury retrograde in Virgo due to oppose Saturn eventually) isn’t a time to get too comfortable sitting on your laurels. This week can keep people on their toes, perhaps adapting to changes on short notice.  Evening time can see some tension. Something or someone may surprise you.


Today can see some impatience with impediments or a feeling of having a lot on your plate with a desire to take care of it all immediately. The Moon in late Leo is in tension with Mars while squaring Uranus, which can see some interpersonal tension where needs or desires conflict, or unexpected things crop up that create issues or schedule conflicts. There can be a desire to escape confrontations with the Moon in awkward quincunx to Neptune, but equally, today can present opportunities to release things that have been bothering you. Not everyone is on the same page today, but that's ok. veryone is grappling with something different. Venus square Jupiter has grand plans and visions, but with Jupiter retrograde (and 6 other planetary bodies along with it), patience and modest growth is key. The Sun in Virgo trine Jupiter and Uranus brings attention to the little, humble things that are going quite well now, so wherever things aren’t quite perfect, count your blessings. There can be sudden realizations today which help simplify things. As the Moon heads out of Leo and into Virgo late this evening, it makes an opposition to Saturn. There is still a lot of work to do or little issues to manage, but things look more promising on the other side of all the effort, so try not to get bogged down by worries, and try to keep things simple and minimize complications for best results.


This morning can see a serious tone with the Moon in Virgo opposite Saturn and conjunct Mercury. This can see a preoccupation with problems that need solutions. Issues involving health, pets, routines, schedules, regiments, technology, mechanics, organization, and improvements that need to be made, can all weigh upon the mind under the Virgo lunation. A lunar sesquisquare to Chiron can feel vulnerable in the face of all the tasks at hand, or problems that seem vexing, draining, or overwhelming. Try not to succumb to negative thinking, or focusing on everything that could go wrong. Instead, focus only on what's in your control, tying up loose ends, and releasing attitudes or issues that are out of your hands to lighten your load. Things aren’t as bad (or hopeless) as they seem. Innovative solutions will present themselves, and things will be sorted out. By evening time, things can feel a lot more optimistic and stable, and it’s possible there is even some good news, with the Moon trine both Mercury and Jupiter. A new look at old problems can bring refreshing insights, or there can be new ideas, lightbulb moments, discussions, or exposure to uplifting books, movies, information, or media that uplift the spirits and shift outlooks for the better. Tomorrow evening see’s the New Moon in Virgo. Do what you can now to align with a more stable and abundant timeline. This New Moon signature is good for healing, purification, and detoxification regiments, sober and rational analysis, good discernment, and care for the less fortunate. Reduce anxiety. Calm the mind. Ground the body, and take care around what enters it.


The Moon in Virgo conjoins the Sun, and forms a trine to Jupiter and Uranus, while also quincunx Chiron. This can see opportunities for healing as well as forgiveness. The focus is on all of the little things in life. Cleanliness, organization, nutrition, health, medicine, animals, routines, schedules, and making improvements.  The New Moon is exact at 6:40 PM PST in 21 degrees Virgo. This is the precise degree that Mercury stationed retrograde in Virgo on August 23, 2023, (fascinating,) and suggests that problems which came to light around this time are now coming full circle to begin a process of healing, improvement and resolution. This process will reach another climax on Feb 24, 2024, which see’s the corresponding Full Moon in Virgo. Between now and then, an ongoing series of breakthroughs and improvements can be underway that may seem humble and easy to underestimate, but take note of where you are at right now and what has shifted by February. This face of Virgo is ruled by the 10 of Pentacles in the tarot, a card of wealth, security, safety, loyalty, security, and mastery over 3D reality. This brings many peoples attention to the material realm, and of course, to money and long term security. The strongest configurations this New Moon makes is a trine to Uranus and an opposition to Neptune, which can signify changes being made to escape or innovate around untenable situations, or feelings of uncertainty. There can be inspired ideas to do something differently. Prior to the New Moon becoming exact there is a strong trine to Jupiter in Taurus. This can see a lot of hopefulness and optimism, however, the other configurations suggest a hesitancy to buy in completely into believing that troubles are completely resolved, or to get carried away with too much blind faith. There can be skepticism or doubts, and it can be hard to trust that the positive trends unfolding are reliable or trustworthy. Stability can still feel fragile and in need of vigilant guard and maintenance. Keep digging. Continue doing what is working, but remain flexible and open to adopting new ideas or methods. Prospects can seem up and down throughout Mercury’s retrograde and shadow period, but by Sep 24, Mercury(stationing direct tomorrow) will perfect a trine to Jupiter once more after passing Saturn’s shit test, bringing assurance that optimism has a sound and realistic foundation.


The Moon perfects a trine to Pluto before entering Libra at 10:44 AM PST, signaling empowered and savvy negotiations. Mercury stations direct at 8 degrees Virgo at 1:21 PM PST. This decan of Virgo is particularly altruistic, humble, and fond of nature. Protect such people, proclivities, and creatures at all costs, do not allow them (or yourself) to be preyed upon. This is a good day for releasing past misgivings. As the day wears on into late evening, the Moon conjoins Mars while in minor tension to Uranus. This suggests a breaking away from frustrating situations or dynamics and stepping into a more empowered frame. Interestingly, this Sunday see’s Venus, ruler of Libra (partnerships, balance, harmony) and Taurus (money, values, pleasure), reach peak brightness in the sky the same day that Venus and Jupiter perfect a square. This suggests a return to grace, a reclaiming of dignity and equilibrium. Watch for Venus in the sky at the end of this weekend to enjoy the view.


The Moon in Libra is in energizing conjunction to Mars, and forms a sextile to Venus. This see’s a passionate energy that is both forthright, direct, while being charming and conciliatory. A lunar quincunx to Jupiter and opposition to Chiron can see people feeling sensitive and generous, but also vulnerable to excess, overindulgence, or going a tad too far. Venus and Jupiter in a square want to live the good life and enjoy luxury, and will do anything for those they love. There is an emphasis on pleasantries, and enjoyment of the finer things in life. Keeping a sense of proportion can help keep the good times rolling for much longer than just one weekend. Make hay while the sun shines, but don't be suckered out of (or into anything.) It can actually be therapeutic to do something nice for yourself, others, or in the company of a lovely companion.  This is a sociable and congenial mathscape that wants to spread joy, smooth troubled waters, and negotiate better conditions. By evening, the value of patience, discipline and restraint becomes apparent, as the Moon makes a minor tense aspect to Saturn. There can be some vulnerability or second guessing if you feel out of your depth with an issue or that you’ve overextended yourself. It can be a good time to clear the past, let go of hurt feelings or worries, or engage in self soothing activities. 


The Moon makes some interesting configurations today. Early on in the morning hours there is a minor tense aspect to Mercury, which only recently stationed direct on Friday in Virgo. This can see some overthinking, misunderstandings, and a desire to rectify or clarify situations, understand something better, or simply be understood. With some consideration and thoughtfulness, the right words or information will be found. The Moon also squares Pluto and forms a quincunx to Neptune. There can be a desire to escape or transmute strong feelings, provocative situations or confrontational dynamics, or to get to the bottom of situations that feel unclear. Venus reaches peak brightness in the sky, so keep your eyes peeled this evening to catch a glimpse. Venus also perfects a square to Jupiter at 15 degrees, creating an air of luxury, beauty, creativity, enjoyment, refinement, and even royalty. This can see an atmosphere of indulgence that can have a compelling quality. Take care to mind your budget, waistline and dopamine receptors to avoid any regrets or hangovers. This warning aside, this mathscape can be quite enjoyable, and there can be a feeling of reclaiming your rightful throne and certain issues being made right. There can be a sense of triumph over testing circumstances, trials and tribulations. The Moon enters Scorpio at 9:58 PM PST, to trine Saturn in Pisces, which ends the evening, and begins Monday on a stable and accomplished feeling note. New possibilities can begin to emerge that previously seemed out of reach, unfeasible or shelved due to circumstantial impediments or self imposed limitations that are now only visible in the rearview mirror. 



Monday, September 4, 2023



Jupiter stations retrograde this morning, as we adjust to Venus stationing direct. This can see a standstill or energy shift. There can be some realities to absorb and adapt to. Jupiter retrograde in Taurus can see a deemphasis on spending and expansion and an increased emphasis on security, saving, and valuing what you have. There can be a need to catch our breath or regain focus. The Moon in Taurus is trine the Sun and Mercury Rx in Virgo, squaring up to Venus in Leo while conjunct Jupiter and Uranus Rx in Taurus. This can see a shoring up and critical analysis of recent events and shifts in dynamics, feelings and circumstances. Things can feel slightly unsettled or weird, but it’s not necessarily unpleasant. There’s an emotional generosity here, but there may need to be limits so that focus can be maintained on practical issues. Venus now direct can see interpersonal, social, creative, romantic or financial issues begin to smooth out. However, Mercury is still retrograde, and is due to conjoin the Sun exactly this week, which can see certain things come to light that can piece together a puzzle or bring focus to things that may have escaped our attention. This can prove to be very enlightening. Joy and pleasure can be found (or rediscovered) in humble and unexpected places over the coming days. Mercury’s link to Jupiter with both being retrograde can see a reinvigoration of something. It will also become equally important to pair things down and simplify them, to avoid spreading yourself too thinly, biting off more than you can chew, or overcommitting to too many things and then wishing you hadn’t. Today can see some surprising news, communications, or interesting plot twists. The Moon goes on to sesquisquare Mars in Libra, indicating that some of these shifts cause a bit of tension somehow, but overall, there is much to feel gratitude for.


The day begins with the Moon in late Taurus conjunct Uranus, sextile Neptune, and trine Pluto, while square Saturn. There can be some doubts, hesitation, or delays, or even a feeling of being undermined or weighed down, but in spite of this, high ideals can be stoked by unexpected shifts, good news, or things working out advantageously. There may be plot twists taking place that can see people feeling privately excited around new opportunities, ideas, or the chance to pick something back up that was previously dropped. Even mistakes can seem to work out better than anticipated. Previously overlooked opportunities or diamonds in the rough can be revisited, polished, dusted off, and given their due, and because of this, people can find that there is much more value there than previously assumed. Like uncovering buried treasure, or finding out you're due for a tax refund. There is a need to avoid too much negative thinking and to stay focused on the opportunity available within blunders. Delayed gratification is a major theme this week, as is dealing with certain reality checks as gracefully as possible, with the emphasis on earth in the configurations. Mercury making a trine to Jupiter can sprinkle some Mary Poppins on to otherwise sobering reality checks, but eventually Mercury will confront an opposition to Saturn, discouraging any full blown evasions from reality, so the sooner you make peace with reality, neat, no chaser, the better equipped you'll be to actually deal with it. The Moon moves in to curious and talkative Gemini at 1:07 PM PST, to trine Mars in Libra and square Saturn in Pisces. This can see a lot of initiative socially and interpersonally, and communications can be highly active in certain directions, while limited or quiet in others. Or conversely, one person can be more eager to make contact and another person can be more quiet, reserved or overwhelmed. There can be some private but intense feelings, drives, or preoccupations with the Moon still in contact to Pluto in late Capricorn while semisquare Chiron. Try not to obsess or overthink things if there are delays in responses. Many people are adapting to shifts in routines or priorities, and with the emphasis on Virgo, people are having to sweat the small stuff. Changes in dynamics or situations can see people formulating new strategies going forward.


The Moon is square Mercury Rx in Virgo while sextile Venus in Leo and trine Mars. There can be excitement around social, creative, or interpersonal possibilities, or around the potential of partnerships. There can also be the potential for misunderstandings, speaking without thinking, or forming premature conclusions. It’s possible that in the face of excitement, skepticism or anxiety is naturally aroused, or opportunities are heavily scrutinized. Small details can be taking up large portions of available headspace and hard drive. With so many planets retrograde, try to savor the journey and enjoy the process as opposed to passing premature judgements, as this will allow for maximum bandwidth for absorbing previously overlooked information or missed opportunities. There is an open window here to notice nuance and details that were previously neglected in order to get a more accurate and full picture. The Sun and Mercury perfect a conjunction at 13 degrees Virgo. This degree of Virgo is extremely perceptive. Anything that is not in alignment with your highest good or best interests can be particularly obvious now, and therefore, unlikely to affect you, as it will stand out like a sore thumb and help you avoid pitfalls. Conversely, this degree is also very capable of spotting hidden treasure, rare beauty, talent, wealth, potential. Things that a dopamine saturated world oftentimes misses or overlooks, because it’s not screaming, loud, garish, cheap, neon, or obvious, but is more subtle, quiet, and sorely underestimated, like the intricacies of a spiders web, or the secrets of nature, fecundity, and creativity. Today can see some lightbulb moments, where something is illuminated that was previously overlooked or underestimated, adding more layers of information to the picture. Stuck patterns can be broken, and this evening can see an emotionally healing atmosphere with an emphasis on finding a balance between head and heart and restoring a sense of inward congruency. 


This morning can start out on a dreamy, sleepy, sensitive, perhaps somewhat confused or avoidant note, with the Moon square Neptune. There can be a desire to get certain situations back on track or recommit to a dream, ideal, goal, or moral code. Venus in Leo squaring Jupiter can be pulling people in many directions at once, and this can see some people’s social calendars very full. There’s a need here to strike a balance, and to ensure that your heart and soul are really in alignment with whatever you’re doing. There may be a need to reconcile certain things, or simplify in certain areas in order to make sure you’re really deriving genuine pleasure out of things. The Moon heads into comfort seeking Cancer at 10 PM, reentering people into their nesting instincts and emphasizing security, integrity, stability, and mystical inclinations with a trine to Saturn in Pisces. This lunation can be apropos to create space and quiet time free of intrusions, demands or impositions in order to explore feelings, passions, enthusiasms or possibilities in private before the more dynamic and spicy Leo lunation this weekend. Potentials in relationships, partnerships, or collaborative efforts can factor into reflective explorations. 


The Moon in Cancer is trine Saturn in Pisces and square Mars in Libra, while going on to sextile Mercury in Virgo and semisquare Uranus in Taurus. This can see a slightly pressed feeling, where the demands of others or commitments made previously can perhaps feel slightly imposing under the light of newly revealed possibilities, circumstances, or unexpected plot twists or shifts in dynamics can cause an inward shift in priorities that can feel somewhat out of step with current trajectories. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can cause new ideas or buried desires to percolate. There can be some slight frustrations, worries or pent up passions that will require an outlet for expression or release, (most likely under the Leo lunation.) The Moon sextile Mercury can see ideas flow freely, and it can be easier to communicate feelings clearly. Even if there is tension, frustration, (or passion?) under the surface, Mars in Libra is capable of diplomacy and decorum, and the lunar link to Saturn in Pisces is grounded and intuitive, and protective of it’s privacy or inner world. The Moon goes on to sextile Jupiter in Taurus, suggesting there are things to look forward to, and it can feel good to enjoy creature comforts in a private sanctuary, build up anticipation around something pleasurable and mull over possibilities. There can be opportunities to do something a bit different that are presented.


The Moon makes a sextile to the Sun in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus, while trine creative Neptune. There can be an air of preparation and perfecting a craft here, and the imagination can be highly active. Creativity and inspiration can be flowing, and as the day wears on, spontaneity can take hold. The Moon square Chiron can see some vulnerability. Perhaps unexpected situations have certain people feeling out of their comfort zones, usual territory, or terrain. Even if things are exciting, it can all feel a little unreal. The Moon opposite Pluto later on can see some intense feelings, instincts, needs, or desires to grapple with or negotiate. Some people can be feeling a little out of their depth, or simply overwhelmed. Acknowledge whatever truth emerges within you and honor it, (respectfully of course.)


The Moon perfects it’s opposition to compelling, intense Pluto in Capricorn early this morning, and then heads into dynamic and expressive Leo at 9:36 AM PST. Do what you must, as this energy cannot and will not be denied. This is a spicy, creative, and inspired energy, with an emphasis on pleasure and enjoyment. A lunar quincunx to Saturn can see some shyness, doubt, or inhibition, but a conjunction to Venus see’s opportunities to build confidence and increase self esteem without losing a sense of realism or hurling oneself into an egomaniacal hyperdrive. There can also be something to celebrate or smile about, and for some, sparks can fly or chemistry can build, or the muse can pay a visit. There can be strong attractions, flirtations, or creative inspiration. Perhaps even some enjoyable outings or something to feel happy or enlivened about. Venus and Juno are also perfecting a conjunction in Leo today. This can highlight very special relationships, for some, even marriages or engagements. If that’s not the case, the potential in certain partnerships can be keenly felt by the spark of life and creativity that it can breathe into things. Someone can bring out the joy joy feelings in you and make you burst into song and dance. Established partnerships can also be reinvigorated. The coming week can start out on a passionate and enthusiastic note. Even if you’re working, something can have you whistling while doing so.