Monday, October 19, 2020



This week begins with the Moon in freedom loving and truth seeking Sagittarius, emphasizing broadening horizons, learning, expansion, travel, and people and places at a distance or from other cultures. With A New Moon last Fri in partnership focused Libra, big things are happening in tandem with others, and a new chapter is beginning here. With the Moon in Sagittarius today in trine to Chiron in Aries, and going on to trine Mars Rx in Aries, there is a lot of courage and enthusiasm about taking some decisive action around something involving expanding our worlds somehow. Sagittarius is truth seeking and being honest and authentic in ourselves can require a lot of courage. With the Mars/Jupiter square exact today, today can represent a peak moment and actions taken now can mark a critical turning point. There’s a lot of courage and bravery involved in this. The Moon goes on to square Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, and this can increase sensitivity to criticism or highlight anxieties around details about the mounting things we may have to take care of and address. On the one hand, it could be that speaking the truth, being true to ourselves, and being/living authentically can come with a lot of criticism, risk, and vulnerability, hence the requirement of courage. There can also be some vague anxieties, uncertainties, and vulnerabilities around buggy little problems and nit picky issues, but a steady determination will help tackle things one at a time.


Today see’s the Moon in Sagittarius squaring Venus in Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces, and trine Mars in Aries. This can highlight a need to problem solve. Minor lunar aspects to Mercury Rx in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus in the afternoon emphasize a need to improvise around challenges, fuckery, and obstacles. Later, a lunar sextile to the Sun in Libra suggests that teamwork makes the dream work. Others can come through for us some how, or working with others can be a key to getting around some irritating obstacles. There’s definitely determination, and this energy is determined to keep it’s head up amidst challenges because it’s focused on the goal. The Moon will enter serious Capricorn tomorrow which will shift the emphasis on navigating the challenges ahead, knuckling down, making a big push towards a goal in true mountain goat fashion. This evening can end on a somewhat anxious, but passionate, enthusiastic, and determined note. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Today begins with the Moon in serious Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus, and sextile Mercury in Scorpio. This can see some thinking outside the box, a weird "focused restlessness",  quirky peevishness, as well as some behind the scenes agreements or negotiations. A lunar square to Chiron suggests we may be getting ourselves or others out of a tight spot, or tacking a series of "must do's", and there can be some vulnerability here as we gather steam for a series of tasks in preparation for incoming shifts. Certain negotiations may be under the radar for the time being. There is also simultaneously a concerted effort to bring the truth to light. In either case, this is a serious and determined energy, and some radical, or at least highly unusual or unorthodox actions may be taken in order to push through an agenda or make something happen. These can be some pretty intense vibes, and it can feel like we are up against a lot, or at least, could feel very challenged. But the stoic Capricorn stellium, combined with Venus in Virgo, can handle this with the precision of a surgeon, and has the will, determination, patience, and thoroughness to carry it through.


The Sun enters do or die Scorpio today at 4 PM PST, adding a certain grit and bite to the mathscape. Today we see the Moon in Capricorn trine Venus in problem solving Virgo, square Mars in action oriented Aries, and conjunct Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn as well. These are some intense configurations. The Sun takes off it’s kid gloves in Scorpio and certain realities become harder to brush off or ignore. The Sun here highlights what has been buried or occulted. With Mercury also in Scorpio opposite Uranus this can highlight both the emergence of buried truths, as well as the attempts to keep them hidden. It can also underscore the need to go around and innovate through various obstacles and achieve certain things in less direct ways, along with somewhat clandestine conversations, negotiations, and dealings. Everything is very outside of the box right now and we could be in some pretty unconventional and weird terrain. This will require equally weird adaptations. This weekend can bring some shocks and surprises, and a lot of rebelliousness.


Monday, October 12, 2020




We begin this week with the Moon in playful, creative, and fun seeking Leo, making a sextile to the Sun in partnership oriented Libra in the early morning hours. This adorable mash up is emboldened by a lunar trine to Mars Rx in assertive Aries, and with the Sun in Libra making intense squares to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, while opposite Mars in Aries, there’s certainly initiatives in the works with others, and much to play for. Mercury in penetrating Scorpio sextile to Venus in detail oriented Virgo can suggest that pleasant conversations can come easily, but there could be one particular ongoing conversation that consumes most of our attention, and in a pleasant and somewhat invigorating way, there is a lot to assimilate and unpack here, and some pretty radical changes and transformations going on that are making quite an impact. Mercury will station retrograde tomorrow at 6:05 PM PST, to backtrack through Scorpio, holding it’s position a while longer in opposition to unconventional Uranus. Interpersonally, and even commercially, this can be a very interesting, even radical time, with some quite unprecedented situations unfolding. On a broad scale, this can see a lot of investigative probing force some moments of reckoning, with some weird reveals and facts that need to be faced, looked in the eye and accepted, in the name of common sense. With Venus and Jupiter both trine in realistic Earth signs, high hopes are tempered by realism, and this can result in some very fortunate developments unfolding, realistic idealism is the key. The Moon enters Virgo late evening to accentuate the very physical element of Earth. Under the Virgo lunation it can feel good to get organized, grounded. It can feel pleasant to correct, eliminate, cleanse, and purify the extraneous bullshit from the micro and macro systems. 


Today see’s the Moon in healing and simplifying Virgo, and we can be in for some pleasant surprises, or some unexpected but clarifying reveals, with the Moon in trine to Uranus in common sense Taurus, and sextile to Mercury in Scorpio. Minor lunar aspects to Saturn in Pluto in the early part of the day suggest we may need to express or clarify a boundary or share information that makes things more clear for someone else. It may feel good to do so, and a lunar trine to Jupiter in Capricorn can help to bring us more in alignment with our own integrity. It's a no bullshit type of vibe. It can limit options somewhat, but this also provides the ability to focus more intently on a much desired goal.  A lunar opposition to Neptune throughout today suggests that such clarity is needed, as there can be some confusion, perhaps simply missing information that has made a scenario or person hard to read. “You can’t please all the people all of the time” is another proverb that comes to mind when I view these configurations, but you can be more true to yourself, and doing so can have an overall beneficial impact long term. With Mercury stationing retrograde in Scorpio tonight at 6:05 PM PST, much of what is going on is under the surface, low key, or privy to only certain close confidantes. It can take quite a while actually for all of this to burst out on to the scene or be made known to all and sundry in any kind of obvious way. It could take until the beginning of December in fact, when Mercury enters blatantly honest, and truth seeking Sagittarius and what’s been cooking in the shadows of backrooms comes forth and begins making it’s results fully apparent. In the mean time, things are rather modest and low key, and much is still in the planning stages. This Mercury retrograde can help slow things down enough to work out the kinks of what is in fact, quite a lot of radical changes. It can feel like we are up against a lot, but simultaneously there is a lot of hope and a sturdy realism that provides the determination required to achieve our ends. Today’s energy is impressive in it’s ability to navigate a massive sea change and what may even be a radical upheaval with dignity and poise. The Moon/Venus conjunction suggests it pays to simplify, purify, organize, clarify, focus, improve, perfect, cleanse, and eliminate. This can apply interpersonally, as regards to relationships, social and personal, but can just as easily apply to the environment, personal possessions, money, and how we care for our body/personal appearance (Venus). This can be a time of preparation for some major revisions and reorganizations.


This morning see’s the Moon in Virgo conjunct Venus, trine Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, and opposite Neptune. There is a lot of hope and idealism here, but it is a realistic hope, that is willing to put in the work to make things happen. A lot of resilience present in these configurations. A minor tense aspect between the Moon and Uranus emphasizes the general undercurrent of “holy fuck these are some radical shifts”, and can see some actions taken towards ^that end^. The lunar trine to the Capricorn stellium (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto), suggests a day that can represent somewhat of a turning point, and there can be a push towards completing a task or a process. Later this evening see’s the Moon enter partnership oriented Libra to oppose Chiron, which can see some sensitivity or subtle insecurity present, but also compassion. The Libra lunation can see mild frustrations or sensitivities that could seem somewhat magnified or overinflated. Equally though, there could be a lot of hope, energy and excitement.


This morning see’s the Moon in Libra, putting a spotlight on relationships, opposite Chiron. With Venus in anxious Virgo trine Jupiter and Uranus, then later, Pluto, things can feel unorthodox and larger than life right now. The Moon forms an opposition to Mars as well in the afternoon. It’s possible to feel both pleasantly challenged and overwhelmed right now, but the stellium in Capricorn syncing up with Venus is rock solid, sturdy, and calm. With Mercury in Scorpio having just stationed retrograde and holding an opposition to Uranus, things can be rather cognitively intense, with various shocks and revelations. It can be a lot to keep up with, but Mars Rx in Aries squaring Jupiter and Pluto has sheer will power and determination to drive the whole thing in a steady, if obsessed direction. With both the Moon and Sun in opposition to Mars now, this could involve relations and working together with others some how. The Sun/Pluto square is exact today at 22 degrees Libra, so some pretty intense negotiations and agreements are being made that could have longterm or even permanent impact, and change things significantly. 




Today begins with the Moon in Libra conjunct the Sun, opposite Mars in Aries, and square Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This places a spotlight on cooperation, partnership, and relations with others in a rather big and transformational way, and with Saturn involved things require patience and planning, but it can feel like big things are brewing between/with ourselves and others. Things are in the works now that will significantly shift our paradigms and possibilities for the future, and with Pluto involved, this could change things forever. Things unfolding now will have lasting implications and impact us in deep and significant ways. Jupiter magnifies this energy and things can feel pregnant with possibility, but Jupiter in Capricorn is also staunchly realistic, taking measured, modest steps towards something that will eventually turn out to have an enormous impact. There is tremendous energy between ourselves and others now, with Mars in driven, enthusiastic Aries squaring Jupiter while the Sun and Moon in partnership oriented Libra does the same. Venus in Virgo trines Jupiter as well, and this signifies a team effort towards chipping away at details, times, dates, and various arrangements towards cooperative, collaborative, and mutually empowering ends. Mercury Rx in Scorpio squaring Uranus can see some radical truths emerging and this aspect can be rather bullshit and fuckery intolerant. It shines a light into what is being kept in the dark and occulted and makes hiding the truth rather difficult. It is a radical and fearless “tell it like it is without kid gloves” honesty. It’s the universes way of saying it’s time to stop running from certain truths. This isn’t a totally terrible Mercury retrograde and actually provides an excellent opportunity for refreshing insights, cognitive breakthroughs, and psychological insights. Very much outside of the box, and perhaps comfort zones. It’s a zany time. Definitely not boring, and in spite of how wild it all is, it’s surprisingly constructive. The Moon enters reflective and intense Scorpio in the final hours of the evening, intensifying the emotional momentum behind some already radical changes. “You could say things are getting pretty serious.”


This morning see’s the Moon in secretive and intimate Scorpio conjoined Mercury Rx, Juno (also in Scorpio) and opposite Uranus n Taurus. There can be a lot of inner excitement going on in relation to merging resources, skills, assets, etc with others. With the relationship asteroid Juno now in do or die Scorpio it’s all in or all out. No fucking around, half hearted, half assing, or dithering. Scorpio is all or nothing. So things can feel rather intense, life changing, and exciting now. There can be some deep or confidential conversations with others, surprisingly honest personal disclosures “on the downlow”, or we could receive some privileged information, or just be brimming with penetrating new insights into something. It’s a mentally rather juicy atmosphere. Evening time see’s the Moon trine escapist and otherworldly Neptune adding a touch of fantasy and an impetus towards tranquility and dreaminess. A lunar sextile to Venus in Virgo lends a pleasure seeking vibration here, but Virgo seeks pleasure selectively and moderately, and it can be pleasant to focus on ways to enjoy ourselves that also increase our wellbeing. 


Today see’s the Moon in Scorpio sextile Saturn, Pluto and trine Neptune, suggesting that the time to dig into inner reserves and really get serious about actualizing something we feel deeply idealistic around is nigh. We can begin to feel more courage as we chip away at our goals, and the Venus/Jupiter trine being exact at 19 degrees confers a lot of promise and optimism around things that is also grounded in realism and has long term potential. There is a steadiness, sturdiness, and reasonableness here that can feel very reassuring amidst a backdrop of chaos. The Moon enters optimistic and explorative Sagittarius in the evening which can place emphasis on the distant horizon, widening our scope of action, travel, people and places at a distance/from other cultures, and expanding territory and freedom of movement. Next week will begin on a decisive and action oriented note that is focused on precisely that. Tally ho, sally forth, and such! God speed! There will be much enthusiasm and initiative around whatever this is.

Monday, October 5, 2020



Hey everybody, it’s good to be back, I’ve got my laptop again. We begin this week with the Moon still in Taurus, with Venus having recently changed signs into anxious, problem solving, health minded, and detail oriented Virgo, forming a trine to unpredictable Uranus. It’s a “stay ready and prepared for anything” type of vibe. The Taurus lunation over the weekend was pleasantly grounding, and may have even seen some positive developments or opportunities out of the blue. This lunation can see us kicking off the week in a practical frame that can be focused on consolidating resources and assets, and planning ahead for the future. As the Moon heads into the later degrees of Taurus, it forms a square to Venus in Virgo, which can see the possibility of taking practical actions and working together with others to sort out the details of things that can be beneficial long term, or set us up to be better equipped to navigate changeable or unpredictable circumstances and increase or maintain our level of freedom and ability to prevent, manage, or mitigate crises. With Venus in Virgo forming a trine to Uranus in Taurus, the emphasis is on organizing for the possibility of great change, and working with others to tackle all of the details. Around 9 Pm the Moon heads into talkative, and multitasking Gemini which shifts the emphasis on to communication. Speaking of which, it should be noted that Mercury is in a shadow phase and will station retrograde on the 13th, so plan for the usual Mercury Rx glitches and delays. It’s typically most intensely noticeable in the week and days prior to it’s station. Everything about 2020 has been clown world, so we’ve all kind of adapted to everything being completely whack at this point. Some extra wackness thrown in there has just become par for the course. The Gemini lunation will place focus on communicating and working together with others, and spinning plates, perhaps focusing on several things simultaneously. As they say, “Team work makes the dream 



Today see’s the Moon in chatty Gemini in trine to the Sun in diplomatic Libra. This highlights likeminded connections and people that share our viewpoints on the world, and can see some harmonious interchanges that can produce a sense of companionship and a feeling that you have people on your “team.” A lunar sextile to Chiron in Aries suggests that such likeminded companionship can help make us feel stronger than we may feel alone. It’s nice to know there are people out there that share our worldview and are willing to work with us in the face of what may feel like an ongoing crises, indicated by the Moon in square to Venus in fastidious Virgo. Things may not necessarily be “ideal” at the moment, as there are a lot of details to attend to and a whole lot of organization as of yet that needs to be wrapped up in order to solidify certain agreements and points of unity, but with Mars retrograde in Aries in square to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, there is a major push towards transformative actions, and a background feeling of urgency and determination as a driving force. Later in the day, a lunar semi square to Mars can emphasize an action oriented energy that can also express itself mostly through the intellect, communications, and the mind. This can see some impassioned communications, and a busy atmosphere, with a lot of coming and going, and perhaps a lot of communications coming in and going out. Towards evening, a lunar square to Neptune can see a highly idealistic longing take hold, and there can be the possibility of some confusion, but certainly compassion is emphasized. This in combination with the lunar/solar trine suggests that certain connections remain just out of reach for the moment. Venus in Virgo will continue to organize and innovate in order to reach her point of unity in partnership oriented Libra on Oct 27th 2020. Until then, there can be vague periods of longing as a particular process runs it’s course. It’s hard to say what’s on the other end of this, as there are a lot of unknowns, but there is certainly a drive to get there, in spite of considerable delays, blockages, and challenges.


Today is colored by the Moon in talkative and busy Gemini in square to elusive Neptune and sextile to Mars in Aries, with some minor aspects thrown in to Mercury and Uranus. This can see people biding their time, and perhaps engaging in some lovely distractions while also simultaneously working towards an inevitable goal. Todays energy can see a lot going on perhaps in the local environment, or with neighbors, siblings, and the like. There can be some confusion or the sense that things are not yet complete, and again, some vague longings, or a feeling that some things need to simply be waited out. There can be plenty to do and engage ourselves with in the meantime, and it can be easy to find things to keep our hands and minds busy for the time being. Mars is determined towards a very specific set of goals here, and is pushing towards some huge transformations, so it’s highly possible today can see some chipping away at this, while also taking some time to smell the flowers and enjoy the journey a bit. Tomorrow takes us more into the feelings, with an emphasis on comfort seeking and a need to self nurture and to create a port of security amidst a whole lot of demolition and restructuring. Even if we feel vulnerable amidst change, there are people to lean on who provide a sense of comfort and home.


Early morning begins with the Moon in 29 degrees Gemini in square to Chiron, which can signify a climax in regard to errands, wrapping things up in communications, and running around, it’s possible something is being brought towards a stage of completion. The Moon then enters emotionally sensitive and comfort seeking Cancer,to trine Mercury in Scorpio and sextile Venus in Virgo while also squaring Chiron. It can actually feel good to be vulnerable with select others as we navigate a complex organizational process, and it’s possible we either find ourselves getting assistance or providing assistance or help to others. There can be a strong sense of solidarity here, in the face of some feelings of vulnerability, and deep bonds can be highlighted under these configurations. It’s perhaps a crisis atmosphere, *shared vulnerability*, that has brought certain others together and forged powerful bonds and connections. Later, towards evening see’s a lunar sextile to Uranus that can see some unexpected emotions, or some pleasantly surprising disclosures, declarations, or communications. Even with a lunar square to Chiron, which can be somewhat sensitive, vulnerable, or even slightly painful, somewhat insecure in nature, there are signs of good news and pleasant surprises coming down the pike that can be a source of great relief and inspiration over the weekend.

Monday, September 7, 2020



We begin this week with the Moon in sensual, tactile, and indulgent Taurus, and both Mercury and Venus having freshly changed into different signs, while we gear up (or down rather), for Mars stationing retrograde, to remain in tension with Saturn until October. The Moon in earthy Taurus is conjunct Uranus, trine the Sun in Virgo, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, and sextile dreamy and idealistic Neptune. This actually get’s the week off to a surprisingly buoyant start, and if there is still a bit of a crisis atmosphere, there is also the resources and determination available to resolve them. The Moon in Taurus sends some grounded shockwaves through the atmosphere and places emphasis on reshaping, transforming, and improving things, and making the best of them. What would you like to change for the better? There is a powerful and pleasant idealism in this mathscape that wants to turn dreams, ideals, fantasies, and aspirations into practical reality and mold things to it’s liking, and there can be some profound, transformative experiences and dynamics unfolding that can really be making an impact. These configurations can shine a light on the resources and various potentialities at our disposal, and ways in which we can use them creatively to improve our lot, build strong foundations, and multiply our abundance.  The sextile to Neptune can see an element of serendipity as well, and things going on can have a certain amount of surreality to them that can have us rubbing our eyes in disbelief at certain points. There’s a lot of generosity and fecundity in these configurations. Mercury in partnership oriented Libra sextile Venus in creative and passionate Leo can see some pleasant and charismatic interactions that can be quite beneficial and a sense of revitalization, passion and enthusiasm to life via some very harmonious, entertaining, and life affirming exchanges that can be really inspiring and motivating. Excellent for creative collaborations, romance, enjoyment and entertainment. Even if things have felt otherwise imperfect , challenging, or testing our patience, as the Sun in Virgo highlights crisis, crisis prevention, and what needs improvement and attention, and the Mars/Saturn square tests our endurance, exchanges with others, thinking creatively, and seeking to increase joy and confidence, can be the spark of life and motivation that help pull us through the bumpy parts and keep us motivated and inspired. Today can see a powerful focus on taking inventory of our respective situations, resources, connections, and seeking to innovate a firm foundation from which to springboard forward from. It’s an overall pleasant, abundant, blessed, easy going (but determined) energy that has a lot to offer, in spite of what can feel like some significant challenges or blockages.  The Mars retrograde can be best viewed as a steady and determined building phase, in preparation for Saturns final official re-entry back into Aquarius, (and hence, a different house in your personal natal chart.) Whichever house in your particular chart is ruled by Aquarius will be a primary focus of mastery, discipline, hard work, building, chiseling,  strengthening, and generally pulling our shit together for the next 2 and a half years. This will have a  pronounced focus on the future, and will call for some innovative, perhaps unconventional or even highly unusual approaches.


Today begins with the Moon in late Taurus, in trine to Saturn, Pluto, as well as Mercury. We can be absorbing the profundity of impact of certain exchanges, and there can be some powerful negotiations, agreements, collaborations, conversations and interpersonal experiences underway that can really be bringing a lot of creative inspiration to the table. The Moon in the final degrees of Taurus goes on to sextile Venus in Leo as well, and this can see some pleasantly visceral and warm exchanges. The Moon moves into talkative and curious Gemini at 2:28 PM PST, and the trine to Mercury in Libra and sextile to Venus in Leo can place the focus on connecting and communicating with others, bouncing ideas back and forth, and keeping the inspiration and motivation flowing and growing. This can be quite an expressive atmosphere, and a lunar trine to Saturn suggests there’s something longterm about this. There’s work and patience involved, but there’s a focus on setting foundations, making agreements, and utilizing our creativity and our connections to others to form a workable game plan. This can be a pleasant, talkative, and charming energy, and quite busy socially and interpersonally.  Venus in Leo trine Chiron in Aries seeks to build confidence and strengthen the solar plexus chakra, and it can be that interactions with others have prompted a desire to polish our aura a bit and address anything we know is keeping us from being our most confident selves. Venus in Leo is a bit of a peacock and wants to display all of it’s beautiful feathers, and so the trine to Chiron is great for addressing weak spots in self esteem, taking inventory of any insecurities that may be holding us back, and doing what’s in our power to address and resolve them. There is a warm, compassionate encouragement here that can be really inspiring. Even if there is some shyness present, there is also courage and healing. With the trine Venus makes to Mercury, our interactions can be a source of continuous inspiration and encouragement. The Gemini lunation certainly see’s communications highlighted in a stimulating and pleasant way, and conversations can really bring a lot of enjoyment and vitality. With the lunar sextile to Chiron, there can be a very healing and compassionate quality to this. 


Today see’s Mars station retrograde at 3:22 PM, at 28 degrees Aries. The Moon in clever and curious Gemini square the Sun in worry wart Virgo, trine Mercury in Libra, while later going on to square Neptune. There can be a bit of nervousness, worry, or anxiety to these configurations, and navigating a host of unknowns and what if’s can be a team effort, that definitely highlights the benefits of cooperation, and staying in touch and connected with others, and keeping in the loop. Minor lunar tensions to Mars and Saturn can add to a sense of hypervigilance or highlight the potentiality for challenges. The retrograde of Mars is a slow grind characterized by it’s square to restrictive Saturn, and this can see a test of patience and endurance, but there is definitely a passionate drive that will need to be channeled towards constructive ends in order to “unlock the next level of the game.” While many astrologers may fear monger about Mars retrograde, any transit, aspect, or configuration is an opportunity. With a square to Saturn, also retrograde, (in Capricorn), this is intended to function as a catalyst to some carefully considered action, or series of actions, and the backtracking can provide opportunities for reevaluation and consolidation of energy. This can help provide opportunity to focus our drive with more pinpoint precision, intention, and economy, and eliminate waste of time or energy. Sure, with the square to Saturn it’s possible to feel somewhat limited as to our scope of action for one reason or another, but it’s possible for any frustration to be funneled into something constructive. In fact, with Jupiter in frugal and disciplined Capricorn, it would be beneficial to do so. With the Moon in Gemini square the Sun in the other Mercurial sign of Virgo, and Neptune in Pisces, this kicks off the Mars retrograde off on a somewhat anxious and high strung note, and it can feel like a rather worrisome atmosphere that can have a “sleep with one eye open” kind of feeling about it, and have the nervous system alert for any potential crisis, danger, or what could possibly go wrong next. If the Venus retrograde in Gemini that squared up to Neptune in 2020 taught us anything at all about the nature of this year, it’s that there has been a whole lot of fuckery afoot. If 2020 had a slogan, it would be something akin to “FUCK. NOW WHAT?” If 2020-2022 had an official mascot, it would be Dr. Weird from Aquateen Hunger Force. Don’t even pretend like that isn’t a hundred percent accurate. That being said, this Mars retrograde begins on a somewhat tentative tone, with a touch of hyper vigilance to any potential fuckery afoot, and a lot of unknowns. This stresses the importance for a strong internal locus of control, which is a theme I discussed at length when Jupiter entered Capricorn. It will continue to be very important to stay focused on what it is that we *do* have control of, and channel any worry, anxiety, angst, frustration, or fear of any unknowns into constructive mediums that can provide a sense of stability, calm, self control, and self reliance. The Capricorn stellium has definitely heavily emphasized the sheer utility and practicality of lived and applied stoicism. Wherever you’ve been hosting this powerful Capricorn stellium in your chart, is where you’re undergoing a massive reconstruction and mastery process.  Look to the house in your natal whole sign chart that is ruled by Capricorn, to see what area of life you’re hosting a major transformation and rebirth, and where you’re seeking to reclaim your own sense of authority, power, and personal mastery.


This morning sort of carries over a little of the nervousness or anxiousness from yesterday with the Moon Gemini square the Sun in anxious Virgo, and mysterious Neptune in Pisces. There’s a lot of unknowns, but a lunar sextile to Mars Rx in Aries see’s the cleverness of the Moon in Gemini team up with the drive and passion of Mars in Aries to create a t shirt that I used to have with a calculator on it that said “If there’s a problem, I’ll solve it.” This creates a keen adroitness that can be alert to taking action in a crisis (or to prevent one). In the very least, this energy doesn’t just take anxiety lying down, and is determined to do something about it. This can see physical movement be very good for the nervous system, as there can be a lot of mental and physical energy building up. A lunar trine to Juno in Libra spotlights relationships with others, and they can continue to be a source of motivation, harmony, and source of inspiration. Over all, this day can be action oriented and communicative, and the Sun in Virgo trine to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn can highlight an organization process, and place a focus on what we need to improve, perfect, purify, and prepare for, and all the little details that need tending to in order to lay down a strong foundation for the future, and reduce worry and anxiety as much as possible by covering all the bases.


This will have to be a synopsis, because I'm navigating a straight up genocide at the moment.

I didn't write the astrology for the weekend, but we kick it off with the 9/11 anniversary, in classic Rockefeller/zionist fashion.

In short, this is going to get pretty hairy, and is going to require a lot of innovation. Saturday looks especially difficult, especially towards the evening hours, with a moon/Mars square, and moon/ Saturn/Pluto oppositions, (Moon will be in comfort seeking Cancer)-confoet could be difficult to come by and we will have to fight for it. There could be some pretty challenging circumstances to navigate, and the atmosphere can feel a bit pressing and pressurized, emotional, intense, and possibly dramatic. Sunday see's a little relief but not by much, with the moon in Leo linking to Venus in Leo, and trine Chiron in Aries. A sliver of sunshine perhaps, amidst rapidly shifting and highly chaotic circumstances. This weekend is going to push a lot of people out of their comfort zones and could be very challenging. Next week can see some assistance, starting with the Moon in Virgo, which will emphasize crisis, so it doesn't mean things will be easy, but there can be some hard won improvements in circumstances due to sacrifices, attention to detail and hard work. But Virgo season this year is very crisis and worry oriented. When the Moon enters Libra, the focus will be on cooperation and working well with others. It won't be easy at all times to be on the same page, but it's imperative that people set any bullshit aside to deal with any crisis at hand and stick to the most pertinent issues. Because of my situation, I can't guarantee the weekly astrology will be posted next week, so I've tried to include a little bit of next week in this synopsis. I'm not going to sugar coat it, this isn't going to be easy. Once the Moon enters Scorpio, compassion will be key to navigating extremely destabilizing circumstances, and the lunar square at this Scorpio lunation to Venus in Leo can see some potential for drama that is largely unnecessary and perhaps even petty in light of the real issues on the line, so it will be important for everyone to keep their priorities straight and not allow any jealousy, competitiveness, or otherwise petty ego squabbles add unnecessary stress or friction to already chaotic circumstances. 

Monday, August 31, 2020



We begin this week with the Moon in detached, innovative, and rebellious Aquarius, making a trine to Juno in Libra, signifying a shared vision with likeminded weirdos. Minor lunar aspects to Mercury in Virgo and Venus in Cancer, as well as Chiron in Aries suggest kind of a crisis atmosphere that brings out compassion, understanding, and a desire to nurture, help, serve, and assist others through chaotic times. It also may translate to getting by with less, or having to make certain sacrifices for the time being. Everyone would be well advised not to forget to look after their own needs as well. In the afternoon, a lunar sextile to Mars in Aries can bring more self assurance, independence, and initiative. With the Pisces lunation tomorrow along with the Full Moon, we can see the possibility of something finally wrapping up and coming to a close. This can coincide with some nervous exhaustion, burn out, mentally and/or physically, so it’s a good idea to take extra care to be gentle with the mind and body, and find ways to nourish the soul, as this full Moon can see people running on fumes and in need of more rest, reflection, and tranquility than usual, as we adapt to the constantly shifting landscapes. Until then, the rest of today and this evening can see quite a lot of restless energy that seeks an outlet, physically, mentally, creatively, or all of the above. There’s an unconventional energy at play here that could require a lot of improvisation, and the Mars/Venus square, combined with the Mars square to Saturn and Pluto can be experienced as frustrating, invigorating, and revitalizing all at once, with the nervous system very stimulated.


Today see’s the Moon in reflective and sensitive Pisces, opposite the Sun in crisis prevention and detail oriented Virgo. This can see a mopping up period, where certain crises will (hopefully) begin to show signs of waning. The Full Moon occurs exact at 10:22 PM PST, and in it’s build up we see it make a sextile to Uranus in Taurus, and a semi square to Pluto, Saturn, and Mars, and a conjunction to Neptune. A trine to the Part Of Fortune can see some turns for the better in certain situations that may have had us a bit frayed around the edges, but it looks like being adaptable is the primary theme of this full Moon. There is certainly a lot of compassion and sensitivity in the air, but with the Virgo/Pisces axis being activated, this places an emphasis on rest, recovery, and crisis management. Again, hopefully what we are seeing here is a crisis period coming to a close and wrapping itself up, as full moons are about completions. I would highly advise everyone be gentle and forgiving with themselves and others under this Full Moon, as the lunar/solar opposition of Pisces and Virgo can be experienced as somewhat draining.


Today see’s the Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune, opposite the Sun and Mercury in Virgo, sextile Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn, and trine Venus in Cancer. In spite of the fact that there could be somewhat of a hustle and bustle with the Moon/Mercury opposition, and perhaps some indecisiveness or doubt around what to do, there are also some pleasant influences that indicate some positive, and generous trends that can see certain challenges on their way out or at least easing up considerably. The lunar sextile to Pluto and trine to Venus suggests some pretty powerful dynamics in the works, and things going on that can make quite a deep impression. There’s a lot of emotional power in these configurations, so take care that your emotions have a creative, and positive momentum. Late night in the final moments of the day see’s the Moon also sextile Saturn, which can add a feeling of added stability. The lunar opposition to Mercury can see a lot of nervous energy, busyness, and a need to check the details and make sure nothing is forgotten or overlooked, as this particular configuration can be prone to nervous exhaustion with a lot to assimilate and digest. Over all, this day shows some positive trends with a great deal of compassion, and emotional and spiritual generosity. Largeness of spirit.


This morning see’s the Moon in late Pisces, in opposition to Mercury in Virgo, trine Venus in Cancer, and for the first part of the morning, sextile Saturn Rx in Capricorn. This can indicate the possibility of a crisis situation coming to a close, bringing with it some feelings of comfort, safety, and security. The Moon enters the more assertive sign of Aries at 1:22 PM PST, to conjoin Chiron, while still holding a trine to Venus in late Cancer.  The Aries lunation can see a call to action, and the conjunction to Chiron can increase awareness of vulnerability and sensitivity, and can prompt an assessment of weak spots, while also generating a renewed enthusiasm for a fresh cycle with increased potentials and much broader horizons than before. Albeit, things will take hard work, discipline and focus, and the Mars/Saturn/Pluto squares will continue to hold influence over the remainder of the year, but as much as squares such as these are challenging, they also have the potential to produce significant breakthroughs and function as a catalyst. The lunar/Chiron conjunction can bring to light areas we may want to strengthen and consolidate over the course of the rest of the year. Mars stationing retrograde on Sep 9th will second this notion, as it won’t be in any other sign or occupy any other house in your personal chart for the remainder of 2020. Because it’s been in it’s shadow phase, from now until the duration of it’s time spent retrograde, Sep 9th, to Friday, Nov 13th, it’s a better time to form and reassess plans of action, and take inventory about what we want, our approach to getting it, and our desire nature in general. There can be a lot of introspection, second guessing, and reflection upon our impulses, which is a good thing. Acting in haste, impulsively, on a whim, won’t necessarily work out very well. It’s better to sit with any intense, pressurized instincts or desires a while longer, and form a workable, and realistic plan that won’t put us in a regrettable bind later. It’s a “look before you leap” transit, in the most simplified of terms, but can be used as a powerful catalyst.



Today see’s the Moon in Aries conjunct Chiron while squaring up to Jupiter. There can be a caring, compassionate energy to the day, perhaps a lot of big feelings that command attention. A lunar opposition to Juno in Libra suggests that others aren’t entirely on the same page as ourselves, and perhaps circumstances call for a certain amount of independence, or at least being able to draw a line between being caring and nurturing towards others, while also still properly looking after ourselves and our own needs. The Sun in Virgo trine both Jupiter in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus has been placing the focus on being adaptable, innovative, broadminded, generous, and philosophical through crisis. Mercury is in the final and most urgent degree of “crisis management” Virgo today, and will enter into the more interpersonal, venusian realm of Libra tomorrow. This will shift thoughts, communications, exchanges, and short distance travels to a more relationship oriented theme. It’s much more pleasant to go somewhere because you want to, not because you have to, because of a crisis, health, or safety issue. Just as it’s much more pleasant to talk about things other than the latest crisis. With Mercury heading into a Venus ruled sign, this should lighten things up considerably, and there can be the opportunity for some pleasant and beneficial exchanges. Thank dog, because talking about the AQI has been getting really played out. I'm over it. 


Today see’s the Moon in Aries conjunct Mars, square Venus in Cancer, as well as Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, while opposing Juno in Libra. Mercury enters Libra at 12:46 PM PST. This places the focus on interactions with others, and makes it’s entrance on a very intense wave of configurations. The Mars/Saturn/Pluto square can create some significant passionate energy, due to the blockages, challenges, and delays that Saturn creates. Today can be very action oriented and bursting with energy. There can be some impulsiveness, but Saturn can temper that with patience and resilience. There’s certainly an intensity to the day, and there can be a lot of power in our interactions with others, perhaps even some tensions, certainly some intense undercurrents. Over all, this looks like a pretty impactful and transformative day, with Venus in the final and most urgent degree of comfort seeking, emotionally sensitive, and security oriented Cancer, and Mercury just having moved into partnership oriented Libra, there can be a heightened emotional atmosphere that can feel somewhat climactic in nature. Venus in her final degree of the security oriented crab works to nail down a foundation for something so that she can move on to focus on more playful, creative, and passionate matters, in Leo, where she will harmonize well with Mars in Aries. In short, today is potentially very intense.


Venus moves into showy, creative and theatrical Leo at 12:22 AM PST, in the wee witching hours of Sunday morning. The Moon is in sensual and physical Taurus today, trine the Sun in Virgo, conjunct Uranus, square Venus, while still holding close contact with Mars in late Aries. The Moon later goes on to trine Jupiter in Capricorn, hinting that overall, this is an energy geared towards enjoyment, and it can be quite visceral, electrifying, or exciting somehow. Mercury in Libra sextile to Venus in Leo can hint at some really pleasant, and feel good exchanges. This looks like a pleasant Sunday overall, and there could be some unexpected turn of fortune for the better somehow, or a general feel good atmosphere of abundance, good will, and expansiveness. This looks set to kick next week off on a pretty magical, serendipitous, and powerful note.

Monday, August 17, 2020



 This morning see’s the Moon in Leo square Uranus, sesquisquare Neptune, and trine Chiron. This can see an enthusiastic, idealistic, and innovative energy, with a compassionate bent. The lunar square to Uranus strengthens throughout the day and can see some spontaneous and surprising impulses and a desire to lighten things up after a somewhat strange and for some, frustrating weekend. With Venus in Cancer sextile to Uranus as well, there can be a desire to learn, and go about things in new and innovative ways, and there is also a great deal of emotional independence as well, probably ironically due to increased sensitivity. Venus square Chiron reminds us of old wounds and can see a protectiveness, which the Venus sextile to Uranus mediates via keeping a slight distance and not letting others get too close, even if you would like to. With the intense undercurrents of Mars square Saturn and Pluto, the Moon in Leo emphasizes the directives of the Sun and Mercury, both trine Mars in Aries. This see’s a desire to focus on what inspires, and motivates, and what is life affirming, in order to keep things moving forward and avoid getting bogged down by intensity. There’s an unpredictable atmosphere and a lot of strange happenings, shocks, and surprises, and in general the week begins on a curious note with a certain child like enthusiasm. There is a rebelliousness growing and people can be more outspoken if they feel cornered or pressured.


Today see’s the Moon, Sun, and Mercury in Leo in an energizing trine to Mars in Aries, in the build up to the New Moon that is exact at 7:42 PM PST. There can certainly be a sort of infectious passionate enthusiasm in the air that is quite appealing, and there is something extremely charismatic about these configurations. A lunar sextile to Juno in Libra suggests that others can be very persuasive, or in the very least their passion, drive, and enthusiasm can be quite catching and perhaps spark inspiration. This energy can be playful, communicative and impulsive and can see an expressive atmosphere. Someones message, tone, or the way they communicate, can be difficult to ignore and can make an impact or be highly influential in some way. Harmonious lunar contacts to the North and South Nodes on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis indicate a turning point and a desire to expand the mind, learn, and perhaps widen our circle or reference points a bit, and this can be guided by a life affirming creative spark. Perhaps something or someone has sparked our curiosity. There may still be an underlying caution or vulnerability present but the impulse to follow the guidance of the heart and expand our sense of joy and personal empowerment (Solar Plexus chakra) is very emphasized here. The energy of this New Moon in Leo can be best summarized with some Solar Plexus Chakra affirmations and powerful mantras, which I highly recommend meditating on, and fully integrating. The more damaged or weakened your Solar Plexus chakra is, the more these should be repeated daily, until they become your very nature. I will leave them with you below:

*I love and accept myself.

*I stand up for myself.

*I am strong and courageous.

*I am worthy of love, kindness, and respect.

*I choose the best for myself.

*I express myself in a powerful way. 

*I am proud of my achievements.

*I honor myself.

*I choose healthy relationships.

*I am authentic.

*I direct my own life.

*I appreciate my strengths.

*I feel my own power.

*I am free to choose in any situation.

*I seek opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

*I am at peace with myself.


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo, trine Uranus, and conjunct Mercury in 29 degrees of Leo. A sesquisquare to Pluto and a quincunx to Chiron can indicate a bit of intensity and sensitivity, and with Mercury in the most urgent and final degree of Leo there can be a feeling of urgency, or impulsiveness as well, that can perhaps cause a bit of anxiety in the undercurrent. Lunar sesquisquares to both Mars and Saturn suggest that there could be differences in pace, with one person wanting to push things way faster than the other. The Moon in detail, health, and fitness oriented Virgo makes a pleasing sextile to Venus in cozy Cancer in the afternoon which can ease tensions or differences. It looks like the “slow turtle” has the upper hand in this situation, with Earth emphasized now. With Mercury about to head into analytical Virgo, the other sign of it’s natural dominion, at 6:30 PM tonight, it appears that certain things will need further analysis and that a slow pace is best for everyone involved. Lunar trines to Jupiter and Uranus suggest big changes, perhaps in small and humble ways. This can bring some healing innovations to the table and a strong desire to improve, fix, heal and perfect. For some this can take a very physical dimension, for others, it’s more psychological or spiritual, as a lunar opposition to Neptune in Pisces highlights psychological issues, and perhaps emotional confusion over a love situation, or someone who has been in some distress. With the emphasis of Virgo growing, this will link up to the Capricorn placements and there can be a desire to “fix something” or level up in some way and improve. The lunar link to Venus in Cancer suggests an emotional and/or spiritual connection under the spotlight somehow, but it’s also perhaps an area of life that is under some analysis, due to some confusion, distance, circumstances, or vague worries. Otherwise, the lunar links to Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune can certainly see some interesting and mysterious synchronicities, and perhaps we are exploring new ways of relating, or cautiously widening our circle. This can see people exploring beneficial and helpful contacts that could have a spiritual or healing dimension.


Today see’s the Moon in Virgo trine Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, and opposite Neptune in Pisces. These configurations definitely indicate a desire to heal or address a weakness, and increase personal empowerment, physical, emotional, and psychological health and resilience. The Virgo lunation focuses on crisis and crisis prevention, and there can be some anxieties about unknowns, and for some a need to release attachment to outcomes. However there are also hints at slowly increasing stability, but the Neptune involvement suggests a "lack" of some sort that is undermining stability. This can also see us mysteriously drawn to very unusual people, who may be spiritual, musical, or artistic. Basically these maths sort of indicate that something higher may be at work here and whatever we have going on there can be some compelling and mysterious pulls and strange synchronicities, and a strong desire to firm up our foundations and connect with our own spiritual and transformative power. A minor (but rather strong) lunar aspect to Uranus suggests this is a good time to shed limiting beliefs, stuck patterns or perspectives, embrace new possibilities, and cultivate and nurture new skills or contacts. It's also a lot of unpredictability that can be keeping everyone on their toes. With the Capricorn stellium being activated, and with Venus sextile Uranus, opposite Jupiter, and square Chiron, there is certainly change and expansion happening interpersonally, and some weaknesses to address. There can be a general feeling of security being challenged and vulnerabilities can be highlighted. For some, there may be feelings of dependency, or an expectancy that someone will come to the rescue. (Will they though?) There is a need here for moderation, self sufficiency, realism, and preparedness... Remember how to stand tall on your own if this resonates with you. Interactions which help encourage individuality, personal development, independence, and self empowerment will be helpful. The weekend can see relations with others under the spotlight, and it can be a tricky balancing act. The Moon in Virgo goes Void of Course at 8:37 PM tonight suggesting a good time to reduce/avoid too much pressure, slow down, and keep things "basic". Overall this is an anxious lunation and these configurations can be prone to worry.



Today see’s the Moon in relationship oriented Libra, opposite Chiron in Aries, and square Venus in sensitive, security oriented Cancer. A quincunx to Uranus late in the afternoon as well adds some unpredictability and indicates a need for some adjustments. There may be some things going on that might make us feel a bit vulnerable and focused on protecting our security. The Sun in 29 degrees of theatrical, dramatic Leo trine Mars in Aries can highlight certain heated situations, and as the Sun gets closer to entering Virgo (which it does tomorrow) it links up with Mercury, which freshly entered this crisis oriented sign. This can highlight a need to stay informed and stay in touch with others, and highlights communications and being on the move, or the possibility of needing to be. With lunar squares to both Jupiter and Venus, this can magnify the emotions and make us more aware of weaknesses. Things can also seem larger than life at the moment. A crisis atmosphere can be challenging to manage, but the square to Jupiter can make us prone to apathy, and the Moon in a Venus ruled sign just wants things peaceful. There can be some intensity this weekend to navigate, but people are eager and willing to help one another out and keep each other in the loop.


Happy Virgo season and Happy Birthday to all you Sun sign Virgos out there! Today see’s a bit of a crunchy atmosphere…with the Moon in Libra squaring Venus, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, as well as opposite Mars in Aries. It looks slightly distressed or in the very least, intense, perhaps a bit draining, but the Libra lunation emphasizes the importance of compromise, harmony and diplomacy. A minor, but strong lunar aspect to Mercury in Virgo suggests a need to stay in touch with others, and perhaps some anxiety, and overall busyness. The lunar/Mars opposition definitely indicates the potential for tension, stress, challenge, or some urgency. This is magnified by the squares to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, making everything kind of a big deal right now, and teamwork is very important. Late this evening, as the Moon get’s into the later degrees of Libra, it forms a helpful sextile to the Sun, now in crisis prevention oriented Virgo. This opens the potential for relief, or at least some positive or serendipitous contacts on the way, but this weekend can close out on a restless, emotionally changeable, moody, and excitable note. In the very least, it appears that help is on the way.


Today see’s the Moon in Moody, intense, and private Scorpio, opposite Uranus, sextile Mercury in Virgo, and trine Venus in Cancer. This can see a lot of resourcefulness, as well as a need for innovation. There can be some good news, serendipity, compassion, and perhaps some rabbits pulled out of hats at the last minute. It could be we get some news that helps make us feel a bit more secure about what may have been some pretty chaotic influences this weekend. We may not be out of the woods yet, but there’s a major push towards resolution that can help bring some comfort and security, even if things are a bit dark, intense, or dramatic, and a bit unpredictable, (the emotional climate can be very changeable.) Late evening throws in a lunar trine to Neptune which can certainly see compassion and sensitivity heightened even more, and there could be some unusual, mystical, or profound connections or experiences to reflect upon. Minor hard aspects to the North and South nodes can show that some lessons are being learned the hard way, but as Monday rolls in it appears that there are kind and generous influences that wield their considerable power to help to bring more stability and calm, and bring some resolution to what has felt to be a crisis atmosphere. Again, we aren’t out of the woods yet, and there can still be a bit of an uphill battle, but in spite of precariousness, certain configurations can help to bring more confidence, calm, and stability amidst the more chaotic and worrisome influences, even though there is still much work ahead to really gain a foothold, which we will hopefully begin to see once the Moon enters Capricorn midweek.

Monday, August 10, 2020



Today see’s the Moon in Taurus , conjunct Uranus, and square Mercury in theatrical and expressive Leo. This can see a sentiment of some being fed up with restrictions and very vocal about it. The lunar/Uranus alignment emphasizes freedom from constraints, but can also see a lot of weird, wild things going on, while the lunar square to Mercury can see this have somewhat of an overdramatic flair. The later goes on to square the Sun in Leo as well, and form a trine to Jupiter in Capricorn. This can see more emotional generosity, while simultaneously bringing more attention to stubborn resistance to impediments on freedom and human rights. The spotlight is certainly on the fact that people want their basic human rights back. I woke up this morning and my attention was very much on the situation in Melbourne Australia. The current configurations certainly exemplify the world events. The Mars/Saturn square shows two factions that do not agree, and it can be difficult for people to resist divisiveness and a demonization of “the other side.” It will be important therefore, to try and maintain our common humanity for the rest of the year, as there are celestial trends that could encourage a certain dehumanization, particularly of those who “don’t follow the rules” or question “authority” in any way. Under such configurations, it will be wise to question the merit of such “authority”, as the proclivity towards abuse of power is certainly present in the configurations of 2020. Currently not only is Mars in Aries squaring Saturn in Cap, but also Jupiter, so there is an inflated reactionary response on both sides, but particularly so on the side with the most power and authority that is emphasized in triplicity in Capricorn (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto.) As the week starts out with the Moon in Taurus we see unconventional, shocking, and unexpected moves on behalf of authority as well as on behalf of those opposed to it, and with Leo currently emphasized there is a certain overdramatic, even bombastic flair to all of this, and Jupiter certainly magnifies and exaggerates everything beyond all proportion.


This morning begins with the Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus, square the Sun and Mercury in dramatic Leo in the early morning hours. For some this can see some lucky breaks or bizarre strokes of fortune, or other interesting, noteworthy happenings. The trine to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, as well as a loopy, relaxed sextile to Neptune in Pisces dominates for most of the day, which can see some unusual, out of the ordinary occurrences that stand out somehow. This can certainly see some pushback against repressive measures gain some foothold. It also creates a potential opportunity to dissolve division with a lunar sextile to Neptune in the picture for a portion of the day. This can see empathy and understanding, or at least the potential for it. The lunar square to the Sun in Leo, along with the trines to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto certainly brings authority (and clashes with it) into the spotlight, perhaps in a dramatic way.  For the most part today offers a grounded energy that is good for getting a foothold and making transformations that can help to form a good foundation. There is an edginess to the configurations of the week that are a consistent background theme, but the Taurus lunation can help to keep things simple and focus in on what’s in our own control and what’s in front of us. Cultivating self determination can help to stave off feelings of powerlessness, as with Mars in tension with Saturn (and with Pluto, exact on Thursday), this can be a source of edginess and discomforting undercurrents, as it can feel like certain powers are operating unchecked over our lives that can add to feelings of frustration, unsettled power dynamics, or looming confrontation. Self determination can help to transmute any such sources of edginess. Today offers a good opportunity to get grounded, rooted, and help to cultivate some stability and focus in on our center of power and internal locus of control.


Today see’s the Moon enter talkative, busy and multitasking Gemini. No major aspects form for the majority of the day, but a sextile to Chiron, a semisquare to Mars in Aries, and a sesquisquare to Pluto in Capricorn suggests taking initiatives, or perhaps having conversations via text, online, or with neighbors, or taking short trips in the local environment that can help to boost morale, or set a completely new precedent as to how we go about things in our everyday, local environment. The emphasis is on siblings, neighbors, and communications under the Gemini lunation, and things are changing and transforming in this area for sure, and people in our local environment could be catalysts for a new precedent. It could be that certain things are difficult to put into words for now, and that much of what we are doing now is simply observing and planning. There can be an increased sensitivity to what is said or done now, and it’s possible we’re just feeling things out or are in a fact gathering phase on how to approach something or someone, (or whether to do so at all.) The Moon in Gemini is inquisitive and curious, and there could be a subtle, low key fascination with something or someone perhaps rather different from ourselves, or perhaps we feel misunderstood, or have misunderstood someone else. If that's not the case, it could be that things are simply transforming in our neighborhood or local environs in a big way, and this could set off some nervous excitement. Regardless, the lunar sextile to Chiron provides a certain compassion and understanding for other people’s struggles, as well as some healing synchronicities. This lunation can heighten our curiosity about the world around us, and see us seek more variety and stimulation through our everyday environment. Today may be more about observing. Tomorrow can see more actual communication or talks transpire, or agreements reached, but there can be some confusion in the air, -at least initially. It can be challenging if it feels like people are from “different camps” or “different cultures”, or simply have different points of view that can feel irksome to get around or reconcile, as people can be pretty entrenched in their viewpoints. Otherwise, this is a very catalyzing mathscape that can see some powerful changes and negotiations unfolding.


Today see’s the Moon in Gemini sextile Mercury, and eventually the Sun, in playful and creative Leo, -while also squaring Neptune. It could be that a common chord can be struck through playful or creative activities, and there can be a playful, competitive streak to these configurations. There could also be good news, but also a feeling that more information is yet needed. The Mars/Pluto square is exact today at 23 degrees, which can certainly see some intense, if rather passionate undercurrents, and the lunar square to Neptune can bring up some of the confusing themes we experienced under the Venus retrograde. It can also potentially help function to dissolve entrenched viewpoints or barriers if given the chance. This powerful square can see some potent transformations or major power moves. There's definitely something "big" going on here that changes the landscape entirely. There is definitely a mischievous, curiosity and a playfulness to these configurations, that can see a sort of subtle competition of viewpoints that can spark some rather impassioned reactions, or stir intense feelings, or excitement. The Moon later goes on to sextile Mars in the evening, which really emphasizes the Mars/Pluto square, and on a positive note this can function as a sort of catalyst, and see some powerful actions being taken. The lunar square to Neptune all day can make for a sensitive, confused, if somewhat delusional vibe, and there can be an element of longing, dissatisfaction, or spaciness to this that can seek an outlet via entertainment, fun, creativity, recreation, or playful competition. There’s also the potential here with the Mars/Pluto square, for some drama, intensity, impulsivity, or compulsion, but this energy can just as easily be funneled into something extremely constructive. In either case, something changes forever going forward, and in a big or noteworthy way that makes an impact and a difference. The weekend can see a more emo, comfort seeking turn, with a simultaneous drive to seek creative stimulation, fun, or amusement. There's definitely some excitement in the air, and the configurations certainly suggest that some major shifts are happening that indicate the possibility that life could become more fun or entertaining.



This morning begins with the Moon in Gemini sextile the Sun in Leo and Mars in Aries, while still making a square to Neptune. This definitely suggests that there are certainly new initiatives that are infusing life with more excitement, motivation, and joy, and possibilities can feel promising. The lunar square to Neptune indicates the need for more information before we get too balls to the wall excited, but there is promise there for more excitement and opportunities, particularly in the local environment, and through communications. There’s a childlike enthusiasm here that can be bursting with energy that can really serve to light up any sense of flagging motivation. Suddenly things seem less drab and there can even be something to celebrate, even if it seems a little premature to draw conclusions. There’s definitely a lot of action this morning and perhaps a busy (but exciting) atmosphere. Mid morning see’s the Moon conjoin Venus as it prepares to enter cozy Cancer late in the afternoon at 4:36 PM PST. This can see some positive developments in relationships, partnerships, and on the home front, and regarding security, rootedness, and a sense of tribe. Evening see’s the Moon square Chiron, which can see a bit of vulnerability, but this also provides an opportunity to work out and assess any weaknesses. There are definitely some powerful changes happening under these configurations that can change our whole sense of “home”, “tribe”, “family”, and some people can be uprooting entirely, whilst others can be welcoming new (or old) members into their family or circle of close trusted others. A reconfiguration and revitalization of some sort is happening that is certainly causing a transformation. 


Today see’s the Moon in Cancer conjunct Venus, square Chiron,  sextile Uranus, opposite Jupiter and Pluto, and trine Neptune. Wow. Talk about big changes. Some people could literally be moving or uprooting. Whatever is the case for you personally, it’s clear that things are definitely changing in a big way. Change can make us feel vulnerable, even when it’s positive. There’s something almost idyllic, synchronistic, or fated about this, and the lunar oppositions to Jupiter and Pluto definitely suggest that there’s nothing small fry about the changes unfolding at a foundational level in our lives right now. In some ways, with the lunar square to Chiron, we can feel a little out of our depth or a bit vulnerable in the face of what may feel like a rapid sea change, but there is something simultaneously sort of mystical and serendipitous about what’s unfolding, almost an answer to a prayer.  In some ways these configurations indicate that the universe seems to be sending nourishment and a sense of comfort, security directly where we’ve needed it most. Kind of like a big hug. There can definitely be a lot of emotion and sensitivity in the air, and things can feel “poignant”. Just the lunar contact to Uranus alone indicates foundational changes. Things are in flux right now, but seem headed in a positive direction that can set a completely new precedent. Big changes in the works, and there can be a lot of inspiration around this. 


Today see’s the Moon in sensitive Cancer square Mars in Aries, while opposite Jupiter, Pluto, and eventually Saturn joins in on the action. Moon/Mars squares can sometimes be irritable and emotionally impulsive, frustrating, and intense, but for the most part this day can be centered around taking action around the home front or in regards to domestic situations. Again, a lot of people could literally be uprooting or moving house, or simply changing something big at a foundational level. There can be some impatience, aggression,and intensity to todays configurations, but this energy can be channelled into some constructive actions, as squares always indicate action. Certainly there is intensity in the air today, I can't emphasize that enough, considering the planets and signs involved, but the trine to Neptune suggests using our intuitive faculties and leaning on faith or connecting to whatever our concept of the divine is, to navigate very powerful currents. It also indicates a lot of synchronicity is afoot. This energy illustrates a foundational overhaul, and the construction of new foundations being set into place. The lunar opposition to Saturn can indicate that perhaps duty or some seriousness overrides our need for comfort and connection, and this can see some feeling cut off and perhaps a bit lonely or despondent, but this too shall pass, and it’s most likely just impatience, or circumstances beyond our control that is at the root of any despondency or discontent anyhow.  There’s definitely a lot of energy available to get a lot done.With both the Sun and Mercury in Leo making trines to Mars in Aries, there’s a hint of drama excitement, perhaps a stormy or theatrical atmosphere. For some, this can even have a romantic or creative dimension, and can see some exciting negotiations, intense undercurrents, or interesting plot twists, shifts, or handshakes underway. Next week begins on an exciting, unpredictable note, with the Moon in competitive, playful Leo squaring Uranus in Taurus, and trine Chiron and Mars in Aries, indicating dynamic and positive changes, plot twists, certainly a lot of strange dinner theater, some of which can do a lot to boost morale or bring surprises.