Monday, December 26, 2022



This week see’s the end of this year and the beginning of a new one. The week begins with the Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn, which can see a lot of a work to do and a lot of new things to adapt to. With Venus trine Uranus, and both Venus and Mercury conjunct Pluto, but Mercury not quite reaching Pluto before it stations retrograde on Thursday, this highlights powerful changes and even upgrades being made. In some instances, power dynamics in relationships may need a sea change, so that negative patterns are no longer repeated. In others, Mercury’s backtrack represents a process of adjustment to a series of creative changes that represent major upgrades and strides towards progress. The end of December can see some power moves that open up new possibilities that may take some getting used to, even if they’re ultimately beneficial. For some, this can be a labor of love.


The Moon enters Pisces at 2:34 AM PST, to square Mars Rx in Gemini while sextile the Sun in Capricorn and semisquare Venus and Mercury. This mathscape is creative and experimental in nature, but with a purpose or end goal in mind. The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn are ambitious, determined, and goal oriented, while the Moon in Pisces square Mars is creative, adaptable, whimsical and excited, almost as if it’s got something up it’s sleeve. There can be inspiration, excitement, and imagination fused together with an enterprising spirit. The Moon goes on to sextile Uranus, seeing even more imaginative and experimental energy enter the fore. Today can see some interesting twists, and something can take us by surprise. These configurations are great for creative endeavors of all kinds and can see new ideas emerge around what’s possible. New visions can be tested out over the coming days. The Pisces lunation is a bit sleepy, but the square to Mars calls for activity, so there can be a bit of energetic overwhelm to navigate, but in either case, the day can see inspired initiatives and creative innovations in the works. 


The Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Juno while trine Pallas, makes inspiring sextile’s to Venus and Mercury in Capricorn. This can see imagination fuse with reality in a productive way. There can be constructive meetings or conversations today, or it can be easier to see the possibilities contained within certain situations, dynamics, or projects. Support from behind the scenes can pay off, and there can be strategic advancements.  Mercury and Venus sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto can see behind the scenes creative endeavors, partnerships, talks, money moves, or projects that can shift things significantly and change the playing field considerably. In the very least, there are things in the works that stand to really make an impact. The Moon sextile’s Pluto as the day wears on, and it can feel like a whole new ballpark is being entered into, which is apropos considering the New Year is right around the corner. This can see the year closing out on a bit of a climactic note, with the feeling that much has been achieved, but Mercury’s backtrack will see a need to consolidate achievements and work out the kinks in new arrangements.


Mercury stations retrograde at 1:32 AM PST, and the Moon enters action oriented Aries at 2:36 AM PST while conjunct Jupiter and square the Sun. There is a lot of optimism around new initiatives, projects, dynamics, or a new era that has been kicked off. There’s also a lot of discipline, responsibility or work involved. Mercury stationing retrograde in Capricorn provides an opportunity to get things right going into the new year to get the most out of new structures or agreements set into place. Of course there can be some technical or communication glitches to work out, but there is a lot of promise here. Today can see enthusiasm and excitement around new potentials, and a feeling of growth and expansion. The Moon conjoins Chiron and forms a sextile to Mars while semisquare Saturn as the day wears on, signifying the importance of timing around certain initiatives. There can be compassion and sensitivity, as well as a feeling of vulnerability, but this is a “feel the fear and do it anyway” kind of atmosphere. The planets in Capricorn are ambitious and driven, and the Moon in Aries has enthusiasm to spare. 


The Moon squares Mercury, Venus, and eventually Pluto, while sextile Saturn, and this can see a lot of pressure to succeed. Early on, the Moon is still conjunct Chiron, which can see a certain sentimentality or sensitivity as the day begins. As we reach the afternoon and early evening hours, these configurations are seemingly all business. There is a certain grit here that can really knuckle down to a task, with a keen eye on seeing results. This math can also equally see some intense discussions or negotiations on the table to sort out or get to the bottom of. For some, this can see the completion of projects in the works, with an intense amount of focus and determination. With all of these planets in Capricorn, something solid and concrete can be the result of hard work and consistency. There is a focus here on achievement, and a new era can be unlocked as we approach the new year. This is an incredibly driven and ambitious mathscape. There may be an almost obsessive fixation on something, or in the very least, getting something completed or making something happen. This is the kind of math that can see people working themselves into the ground on something. Talks, news, commerce, collaborative projects, and communications are also highlighted, with a bent towards reaching breakthroughs or milestones.


It’s the final day of 2022, and the Moon is void of course at 4:44 AM, seeing a point of reflection after dynamic efforts. The Moon enters easy going and sensual Taurus at 9:08 AM PST, to trine the Sun in Capricorn. This can see a pinnacle being reached, and New Years Eve can see a turning point to celebrate. The Moon conjoins Uranus as the day wears on, which can see excitement in the air, and there may be some surprises or reveals to anticipate which have been the result of a lot of hard work. Venus and Pluto are exactly conjunct at 27 degrees, which can see an intensity permeating relationships, friendships, desires, money situations, ambitions, or creative projects. There’s an obsessiveness and raw power here that can be immensely productive if used constructively, but there can also be elements of intimidation or a hint of the taboo permeating the atmosphere. These configurations can also see some intense and compelling attractions and/or some creative or financial breakthroughs. Transformation, advancement and up-leveling is the dominating theme.  Venus and Pluto together are a deadly serious, sultry, and unstoppable combo. Sometimes Venus and Pluto can highlight taboo desires or relationships, or major transformations via a merging of energies. Intense power dynamics, power disparities, or an interchanging of dominant and submissive roles can factor into certain dynamics. In either case, Venus conjunct Pluto makes people extremely driven about getting what they want and achieving certain goals, positions, breakthroughs, or milestones.  The Moon in Taurus brings a touch of luxury and indulgence to the New Years celebrations. 

SUN JAN 1 2023

With the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon (exalted) in Taurus both in aspect to Uranus, it can certainly feel like a new year. It doesn't really kick off until March, which brings with it some palpable shifts. Right now, there is a focus on creative breakthroughs or milestone moments. The Moon forms trine’s to both the Sun and Mercury, which can see a certain level of satisfaction around progress that has been made. The Moon conjunct Uranus goes on to square Saturn while trine Mercury, which can highlight creative problem solving and planning ahead. Today’s configurations hint at taking in all the progress that has been made in 2022, with an eye towards making even greater strides in 2023. With Mercury retrograde escorting us into the new year, the way in which we have leveled up, or certain milestones that have been reached can give us a new vantage point and a new perspective on how to proceed, and how best to maximize the potentials available from these new vistas. May your year ahead be filled with blessings, happiness, love, and abundance.

Monday, December 19, 2022



Today see’s the Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus and sextile Venus, while Venus is in trine to Uranus. This, combined with the fact that Jupiter reenters Aries tomorrow suggests that bold initiatives and calculated risks are bubbling and gestating under the surface. There’s a certain wisdom and clout from experience here, with Jupiter in forward motion in the anaretic degree of Pisces in tension with the Sun. Jupiter wants to go all in on impossible dreams. The planetary pile up in Capricorn helps make realistic assessments and wise investments and money moves, but there’s a tinge of rebellion, experimentation and shaking things up here as stagnant ruts and dead ends are risen above and broken away from. This is not without a directed sense of purpose. There can be some nervous tension and underlying instinctual frustration today (Moon quincunx Mars Rx), that can give rise to strange impulses or a strong desire to do things differently or unlock new levels in life. The ambitious energy only grows stronger this week as the Sun enters Capricorn on Wednesday and a New Moon follows suit on Friday, seeing major impulses to upgrade, renovate, level up, and increase a sense of personal agency. Mercury conjunct Venus can highlight upwardly mobile social networking, and meetings, negotiations, pitches, and discussions with VIP power people, or surrounding overall goals and ambitions. 


Jupiter enters Aries once again for it’s final trek through the Ram bright and early at 6:32 AM PST this morning. The Moon in Scorpio is trine Pallas and Juno while trine Neptune and square Saturn. This suggests a strategy, negotiation, meeting, or power point presentation in the works, while working up (or maintaining) the courage and confidence to rise to a challenge. The Moon square Saturn can be a bit cumbersome or imposing early on, and it can feel like there are high expectations to live up to or a lot of responsibilities. Just do what you can, not the most. The Moon heads into buoyant Sagittarius at 11:21 PM PST, seeing more optimism, courage and motivation available. 


Today marks the Winter Solstice, with the Sun making it’s ingress into Capricorn at 1:48 PM PST. The Moon in Sagittarius is trine Jupiter, Chiron and opposite Mars, and this can see a desire to make some bold moves. Keep in mind that Mars is still retrograde. This doesn’t mean that no progress can be made, but playing a long game, keeping expectations realistic, and having patience with results is key. Venus trine Uranus loves surprises, and this can see certain norms, patterns, traditions, structures, or relationships being shaken up, reevaluated, rearranged, reinvented, or looked at in a new way. With the Sun and Hygeia exactly conjunct at the zenith point of Capricorn, there’s an emphasis on health and healing. The stellium in Capricorn is extremely grounded, physical, somatic, and anchored. In Sagittarius, the Sun identified new territories, and in Capricorn, the Sun endeavors to secure a new position and set roots. The Sun’s ingress can highlight taking on more responsibilities. The Moon opposite Mars and semisquare Pluto can see a lot of energy, drive and instinctual intensity under the surface, which emphasizes a strong desire to rise above and beyond ones current position, while the Moon trine Chiron see’s courage to rise to challenges.


The Moon in Sagittarius is sextile Saturn and square Neptune today. The Sun square Jupiter is optimistic and goal oriented. This solar shift is discernible and still metabolizing. Although there may be some doubts, early on, the lunar sextile to Saturn today can see good opportunities to network or demonstrate reliability or competency to higher up’s or VIP’s, or to stabilize things that have felt wishy-washy or ill defined. As the day wears on, and the Moon heads into the later degrees of Sagittarius, ambitions can grow with a lunar square building to Jupiter. Keeping expectations realistic will help produce the most solid gains from these configurations. The Moon enters Capricorn at 11:49 PM PST, seeing the New Moon in the wee hours of tomorrow. Things can be revealed tomorrow onward that can help inform decisions.


The New Moon is exact at 2:17 AM PST, conjunct the Sun and Hygeia in 1 degree Capricorn. This face of Capricorn is the Prima Materia, the soil and foundations from which all possibilities spring. Heavily rooted in the body, it’s associated with Asklepios, the Greek god of healing, so the conjunction to Hygeia is doubly significant, individually and collectively. The tarot card associated with this face of the goat is the 2 of pentacles, a card of harmonious change and transition. Deeply understanding and mastering the terrain of where you are at and what binds you to it is pivotal to understanding what possibilities are available beyond it. This New Moon is also square Jupiter and sesquisquare Uranus, indicating that there’s a need for discipline here that may take some adjusting to. Wherever you are hosting this new moon, there's a need to keep things on track so they don't run off the rails. Mercury sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto is deeply curious and probing of all that’s mysterious, and wants to penetrate any veils or cloaks to unearth what is hidden to make a thorough assessment of the facts. The area of your chart ruled by Capricorn will be subject to shifts, upgrades, rebellions, and reconfigurations, as Mercury will begin it’s backward journey here next week. The end of December can see some intense dynamics to navigate for many. This evening can see some pleasant surprises or shocks, socially, interpersonally, creatively or financially, with the Moon conjunct Venus and trine Uranus. A square to Chiron can see some sensitivity, compassion, or a feeling of being caught off guard, but some deep talks or even private confidences can occur tomorrow.


The Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Mercury and Venus while sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto. This can see some substantive discussions, pleasant gatherings, and powerful alliances. These configurations can highlight giving or receiving good advice, sound council, generous and valuable gifts or exchanges, and a wise and empathetic ear. It's a right place, right time, right people configuration. There can be some penetrating insights, breakthroughs, or revealing discoveries or disclosures with the Moon in contact to Mercury and Venus, and Venus in trine to illuminating Uranus. The day is focused on pleasure, gatherings, communications, meetings, and traditions with a non traditional spin. Interactions highlighted today are established, or carry a history that has clout, mutual respect and substance to it. Exchanges are poignant, meaningful, and carry weight. People connect beyond a superficial manner, and something can hold more substance and meaning than it seems. Important information (or assets) are uncovered and exchanged as people penetrate beyond niceties and catch up on each others stories. The Moon goes on to sextile generous Jupiter in the evening as it reaches the later degrees of Capricorn, kicking off the spirit of giving. 


The Moon enters altruistic and future oriented Aquarius at 2:14 AM PST, trine Mars Rx in Gemini and square Uranus in Taurus while sextile Chiron in Aries. This can see surprises and a whole lot of activity and rushing around going on. Mercury conjunct Venus is pleasant and charming in demeanor, even if somewhat reserved, but with both conjunct Pluto there can be some power dynamics or buried intensity under the surface to navigate, or in the very least, a very powerful drive to succeed and transform situations for the better. Something is different. Something is changing at a deep level. Today can see surprise visits or spontaneous communications at the last minute. A lot of mingling. The evening see’s the Moon conjunct Saturn, which can see a stabilizing influence, with certain commitments made or a dedication to certain goals, structures, alliances, or responsibilities going forward. 

Monday, December 12, 2022



We begin the week with the Moon in Leo, square Uranus, sextile Mars, opposite Saturn and trine Chiron. This can see some curve balls and challenges. The Sun is square Neptune and sextile Saturn all week, which emphasizes opportunities to rise to challenges amidst a lot of looniness or draining influences. Keeping the morale high and the kick drum of your life going even amidst discouragement, distractions, or energy feeling sapped is highlighted here. The Moon in Leo sextile Mars and trine Chiron has courage and self belief in the face of challenges or blockages, but the lunar opposition to Saturn can see a heaviness or delay momentum. There may be some mildly discouraging or confusing energies to contend with, and although it doesn’t halt productivity entirely, it does challenge people to adapt. 


The Moon in Leo is void of course this morning at 7:52 AM, seeing the day get off to a reflective start, then a trine to the Sun, opposition to Saturn,  sesquisquare to Mercury, and quincunx to Neptune and Pluto are the main aspects of todays show. There’s a resilience of spirit here, and Saturn slowing things down only seems to concentrate and pinpoint energy even more effectively. As we get into the later evening, and the Moon inches closer to Virgo, building a trine to Venus, opportunities to network, smooth things over, and make them run more efficiently are highlighted. The Virgo lunation (Moon enters Virgo at 12:45 AM PST on Wed Dec 14) can see productive or helpful conversations, introductions, alliances, or good news. This can be professional in nature for some, but it can equally be social or interpersonal. 


The Moon enters Virgo at 12:45 AM PST, seeing a lovely trine to both Venus and Mercury, and as the day wears on, a square to Mars in Gemini. This can see a lot of energy and motivation, and even if there’s nervous energy or irritability, there’s a lot of harmonizing energy available that smoothes things over. The Sun/Neptune square is a bit hazy, loopy, and imaginative, but the stabilizing earth trines can help keep a sense of realism. There can be a strong drive to understand the reality of certain situations. There can be a focus on harmonious cooperation, quality control, eliminating unnecessary elements, and creating more efficiency, to set a higher bar of quality and integrity going forward. Of course, Mercury will backtrack in Capricorn, seeing a lot of reevaluations and making sure all the kinks are worked out. The Moon goes on to trine Uranus later on, seeing some surprises and an innovative and progressive atmosphere. Today’s maths highlight productive conversations and helpful alliances. 


The Moon in Virgo is square Mars Rx, trine Mercury and Uranus and opposite Neptune early on, which can see a desire to eliminate fuckery and confusion, or to innovate around whatever is dissolving. There may be a need to confront simmering tensions or buried grievances, or there can be some interesting personal discoveries. There may be some nervousness around unknowns that makes it important to stay in touch with reality. The Moon goes on to oppose Jupiter and trine Pluto as well, which can open the floodgates or see some surprising reveals, insights, or shifts in perspective that can be grounding or helpful. The Moon opposite Neptune and trine Pluto can see a strong draw to unusual people, interests or situations, while a sextile to Pallas suggests a strategic approach. An element of mystery of intrigue can be highlighted, and the Moon squaring the Sun can see an inner conflict around how to act or assert oneself in certain situations, or confusion around whether or not we’re assessing things correctly or are on the right path. Reaching out for guidance or getting someone else’s perspective can be helpful.


The first portion of today see’s the waning quarter Moon in Virgo, then the Moon enters cooperative Libra at 11:49 AM PST. The idea of partnerships can be percolating, but with the Moon still opposing Jupiter, trine Pluto, and sesquisquare Uranus, there can be high expectations (perhaps unrealistic), and doubts around others intentions that can reinforce an independent mindset. The lunar trine (out of sign) to Pluto early on is all or nothing, while the opposition to Jupiter has an idyllic fantasy that seems too good to be true. Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus is utterly realistic and focused on illuminating facts and figures, rapidly adjusting to who and what can withstand the shit tests. Tomorrow see’s more dynamic initiative socially or interpersonally, but it looks important to know where to draw a line in order to not be derailed or taken off track. 


The Moon in Libra is square Mercury and Venus, while trine Mars Rx and Saturn, and opposite Chiron. Social or interpersonal tensions (either positive, negative or neutral) can catalyze or inspire action today or even spur us on towards our goals or ambitions. The lunar trine to Mars is assertive, but the squares to both Mercury and Venus can see some indecision or a need to find a compromise between conflicting needs. The lunar opposition to Chiron can see some sensitivity or vulnerability, or a feeling of being misunderstood, but it also has the capacity to exhibit it’s energy by bringing out the ability to understand or help others. An awkward lunar quincunx to the North Node highlights lessons that have been learned the hard way, either because of the potential of this repeating itself, or due to a memory evoked that steers us clear of repeating mistakes. In either case, the Moon trine Mars is confident, talkative and sociable early on, but the lunar trine to Saturn gains the upper hand as the day wears on, and confidently draws lines and boundaries to focus energy more succinctly or keep things from getting out of hand. 


The Moon in Libra is sextile the Sun in Sagittarius while trine Saturn and square Pluto. This can see tunnel vision on a goal, and it can feel good to cultivate a sense of consistency or congruency. A lunar square to Pallas suggests that there’s a bit of a long game to whatever this is. A lunar sesquisquare to Mars and quincunx to Jupiter can make it easy to over do things, and there can be an almost obsessive zeal around something. The lunar square to Pluto can see some underlying intensity around relationships, socially, interpersonally, or otherwise. Keeping a sense of proportion intact along with healthy boundaries can be helpful. The Moon enters intense Scorpio at 7:31 PM PST, which can see next week get off to an interesting and surprising start. Monday can see people acting out of character or there can even be some pleasant surprises.

Monday, December 5, 2022



Today see’s the Moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus and square Saturn, emphasizing the Saturn/Uranus square. There’s still a lot of work to be done around changes being made and realities being faced, and Mercury in square to Jupiter today can see a lack of clarity, where intuition can easily be confused with high hopes or visions of worst case scenarios. In some cases, there can be some jangling news, reality checks, or just a bit of a murky swamp to navigate that makes it necessary to get priorities into order. Mercury just crossed over the Galactic center and will enter Capricorn tomorrow, which brings a more realistic and sensible perspective as certain facts of life are faced. The Moon goes on to sextile Neptune and trine Pluto, which can see a lot of compassion and empathy amidst unavoidable or inevitable processes. There can be a desire to take time to absorb things, and bring more focus and reflection on to a dream or ideal in order to sort out what’s possible from what’s not. This can  start to become more clear after the Full Moon. 


We begin today with the Moon in the critical degrees of Taurus, where it enters Gemini at 12:49 PM PST. A lunar sextile to Jupiter can see optimism, generosity and positive intentions, while a quincunx to Mercury can see some indecision and a desire to get more focused and get to the bottom of something. Mercury enters Capricorn at 2:08 PM PST. This Mercury cycle can see the mind fixed on a goal, wanting to get down to the nitty gritty of things, eliminating waste, distraction, delusion, and anything unnecessary. It will station retrograde on the 29th of December, seeing an opportunity to reevaluate, innovate, and make solid decisions and agreements going forward that are based on a more realistic premise. Both Mercury and Venus are square Jupiter right now, and Mercury’s entrance into Capricorn helps to pair down unrealistic expectations into something more manageable and sustainable. There can be a mild sense of deflation, but this is only the case if expectations have been unrealistic or delusional to begin with. Tomorrow evening see’s the Full Moon in Gemini, which also aims to eliminate any premises that are based on delusion, fantasy, or a lack of realism.


Today see’s the Moon in curious Gemini conjunct Mars, trine Saturn, and eventually going on to square Neptune. This can see a desire to get certain talks on the table or get things stabilized. The Full Moon is exact at 8:08 PM PST this evening, exactly conjunct Mars Rx at 16 degrees. Unless you're on the east coast or southeast, you'll be able to see the lunar occultation of Mars, where Mars disappears behind the Moon. In some cases, this can see emotions blind people to the facts, even if they're painfully obvious. This decan of Gemini is filled with both inner and outer contradictions, with the aim being to reconcile the two. Associated with the 9 of swords in the tarot, a card of high anxiety, worry and sleeplessness, and a myth of a hermaphrodite, separated by the Gods, only to become lovers later, this decan evokes the struggle to reconcile contradictory and opposing realities. The popular romantic notion known in modern times as “the twin flame journey” is epitomized here. The pains of separation, the longing towards wholeness, paired with the potentialities of unification, creates a state that challenges those who experience it to make peace within themselves with this internal cycle of love and war, life and death, masculine and feminine, between the dualities of existence. Between a coming together, and a going apart, is a purgatory twilight that demands to be reconciled with. This can revolve around certain decisions. There may be a need to get more information before either throwing in the towel, or committing to a particular course of action. The Sun and Mars are directly opposed at 16 degrees today, so there can be a need for some inner alchemy, patience, and to avoid haste in the presence of impulse or urgency. Mercury in Capricorn is deliberate, careful, and calculated, while the Sun opposite Mars wants to bring up the FAFO chart “fuck around and find out.”


The Moon opposes Venus as Venus passes over the galactic center this morning. There can be a need to stay grounded, focused, and to control impulses early on, but as the day wears on, there can be a desire to explore certain talks, negotiations, or discussions to see if it’s possible to stabilize certain agreements. Venus and Hygeia are very close, so consciously or unconsciously, elements of health and healing are involved. With Mercury and Venus conjunct and squaring Jupiter, communications can be cooperative, generous, and charming. Avoid making promises that you can’t keep. There can be a need to seek compromise between your own needs and those of other people. The Sun opposite Mars persists through obstacles and tries to keep faith and optimism intact amidst any struggles, but it’s equally important to release what you don’t have control over. The Moon enters comfort oriented Cancer at 11:49 PM PST, seeing a more security conscious mathscape kick off the weekend.


The Moon in Cancer opposes Mercury this morning, which can see some doubts or indecision early on. There’s also a square to Chiron, seeing a sensitive and compassionate atmosphere, with a focus on well being through daily ritual with a lunar trine to Vesta. Venus enters Capricorn at 7:54 PM PST, squaring Jupiter and sesquisquare Uranus. The bar is raised high, and there’s a disinclination to lower it or compromise security for anything below standard. With Mercury and Venus now both in Capricorn, the focus is on quality and not quantity, as well as on longterm plans, things and people with longterm potential, substance, and staying power. Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius saw exploration and expansion, now there is a narrowing of focus and a desire to get serious and hunkered down about certain goals. 


The Moon in Cancer is conjunct Pallas, sextile Uranus and Trine Neptune, seeing the morning get off to an inspired and imaginative start. There can be strokes of insight or inspiration as the day begins, with a strategy in mind around certain dreams or things close to the heart. Then the Moon forms a trine to Jupiter and Juno while opposite Pluto. This can see some intense feelings come up around relationships, with hopes and dreams deeply activated. It’s possible certain repressed feelings come to the surface. Mercury semisquare Saturn can feel a bit shy, awkward, or inhibited, but the Moon trine Jupiter and Neptune and opposite Pluto is just gushing with feeling, instinct, and emotion. Channeling intensity into something constructive can be cathartic. 


The Moon in the late degrees of Cancer trine Jupiter this morning see’s a rich emotional landscape. There can be something to feel hopeful about, and desires can be strong. The Moon enters playful Leo at 12:09 PM PST, still trine Jupiter, and then forming a trine to Chiron. There can be a morale boost, or something to smile about. In the very least, there can be an inner courage and self belief that can be helpful for making creative changes, taking calculated risks, overcoming blockages, and innovating a way forward.