Today see’s the Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus and sextile Venus, while Venus is in trine to Uranus. This, combined with the fact that Jupiter reenters Aries tomorrow suggests that bold initiatives and calculated risks are bubbling and gestating under the surface. There’s a certain wisdom and clout from experience here, with Jupiter in forward motion in the anaretic degree of Pisces in tension with the Sun. Jupiter wants to go all in on impossible dreams. The planetary pile up in Capricorn helps make realistic assessments and wise investments and money moves, but there’s a tinge of rebellion, experimentation and shaking things up here as stagnant ruts and dead ends are risen above and broken away from. This is not without a directed sense of purpose. There can be some nervous tension and underlying instinctual frustration today (Moon quincunx Mars Rx), that can give rise to strange impulses or a strong desire to do things differently or unlock new levels in life. The ambitious energy only grows stronger this week as the Sun enters Capricorn on Wednesday and a New Moon follows suit on Friday, seeing major impulses to upgrade, renovate, level up, and increase a sense of personal agency. Mercury conjunct Venus can highlight upwardly mobile social networking, and meetings, negotiations, pitches, and discussions with VIP power people, or surrounding overall goals and ambitions. 


Jupiter enters Aries once again for it’s final trek through the Ram bright and early at 6:32 AM PST this morning. The Moon in Scorpio is trine Pallas and Juno while trine Neptune and square Saturn. This suggests a strategy, negotiation, meeting, or power point presentation in the works, while working up (or maintaining) the courage and confidence to rise to a challenge. The Moon square Saturn can be a bit cumbersome or imposing early on, and it can feel like there are high expectations to live up to or a lot of responsibilities. Just do what you can, not the most. The Moon heads into buoyant Sagittarius at 11:21 PM PST, seeing more optimism, courage and motivation available. 


Today marks the Winter Solstice, with the Sun making it’s ingress into Capricorn at 1:48 PM PST. The Moon in Sagittarius is trine Jupiter, Chiron and opposite Mars, and this can see a desire to make some bold moves. Keep in mind that Mars is still retrograde. This doesn’t mean that no progress can be made, but playing a long game, keeping expectations realistic, and having patience with results is key. Venus trine Uranus loves surprises, and this can see certain norms, patterns, traditions, structures, or relationships being shaken up, reevaluated, rearranged, reinvented, or looked at in a new way. With the Sun and Hygeia exactly conjunct at the zenith point of Capricorn, there’s an emphasis on health and healing. The stellium in Capricorn is extremely grounded, physical, somatic, and anchored. In Sagittarius, the Sun identified new territories, and in Capricorn, the Sun endeavors to secure a new position and set roots. The Sun’s ingress can highlight taking on more responsibilities. The Moon opposite Mars and semisquare Pluto can see a lot of energy, drive and instinctual intensity under the surface, which emphasizes a strong desire to rise above and beyond ones current position, while the Moon trine Chiron see’s courage to rise to challenges.


The Moon in Sagittarius is sextile Saturn and square Neptune today. The Sun square Jupiter is optimistic and goal oriented. This solar shift is discernible and still metabolizing. Although there may be some doubts, early on, the lunar sextile to Saturn today can see good opportunities to network or demonstrate reliability or competency to higher up’s or VIP’s, or to stabilize things that have felt wishy-washy or ill defined. As the day wears on, and the Moon heads into the later degrees of Sagittarius, ambitions can grow with a lunar square building to Jupiter. Keeping expectations realistic will help produce the most solid gains from these configurations. The Moon enters Capricorn at 11:49 PM PST, seeing the New Moon in the wee hours of tomorrow. Things can be revealed tomorrow onward that can help inform decisions.


The New Moon is exact at 2:17 AM PST, conjunct the Sun and Hygeia in 1 degree Capricorn. This face of Capricorn is the Prima Materia, the soil and foundations from which all possibilities spring. Heavily rooted in the body, it’s associated with Asklepios, the Greek god of healing, so the conjunction to Hygeia is doubly significant, individually and collectively. The tarot card associated with this face of the goat is the 2 of pentacles, a card of harmonious change and transition. Deeply understanding and mastering the terrain of where you are at and what binds you to it is pivotal to understanding what possibilities are available beyond it. This New Moon is also square Jupiter and sesquisquare Uranus, indicating that there’s a need for discipline here that may take some adjusting to. Wherever you are hosting this new moon, there's a need to keep things on track so they don't run off the rails. Mercury sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto is deeply curious and probing of all that’s mysterious, and wants to penetrate any veils or cloaks to unearth what is hidden to make a thorough assessment of the facts. The area of your chart ruled by Capricorn will be subject to shifts, upgrades, rebellions, and reconfigurations, as Mercury will begin it’s backward journey here next week. The end of December can see some intense dynamics to navigate for many. This evening can see some pleasant surprises or shocks, socially, interpersonally, creatively or financially, with the Moon conjunct Venus and trine Uranus. A square to Chiron can see some sensitivity, compassion, or a feeling of being caught off guard, but some deep talks or even private confidences can occur tomorrow.


The Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Mercury and Venus while sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto. This can see some substantive discussions, pleasant gatherings, and powerful alliances. These configurations can highlight giving or receiving good advice, sound council, generous and valuable gifts or exchanges, and a wise and empathetic ear. It's a right place, right time, right people configuration. There can be some penetrating insights, breakthroughs, or revealing discoveries or disclosures with the Moon in contact to Mercury and Venus, and Venus in trine to illuminating Uranus. The day is focused on pleasure, gatherings, communications, meetings, and traditions with a non traditional spin. Interactions highlighted today are established, or carry a history that has clout, mutual respect and substance to it. Exchanges are poignant, meaningful, and carry weight. People connect beyond a superficial manner, and something can hold more substance and meaning than it seems. Important information (or assets) are uncovered and exchanged as people penetrate beyond niceties and catch up on each others stories. The Moon goes on to sextile generous Jupiter in the evening as it reaches the later degrees of Capricorn, kicking off the spirit of giving. 


The Moon enters altruistic and future oriented Aquarius at 2:14 AM PST, trine Mars Rx in Gemini and square Uranus in Taurus while sextile Chiron in Aries. This can see surprises and a whole lot of activity and rushing around going on. Mercury conjunct Venus is pleasant and charming in demeanor, even if somewhat reserved, but with both conjunct Pluto there can be some power dynamics or buried intensity under the surface to navigate, or in the very least, a very powerful drive to succeed and transform situations for the better. Something is different. Something is changing at a deep level. Today can see surprise visits or spontaneous communications at the last minute. A lot of mingling. The evening see’s the Moon conjunct Saturn, which can see a stabilizing influence, with certain commitments made or a dedication to certain goals, structures, alliances, or responsibilities going forward. 


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