This week see’s the end of this year and the beginning of a new one. The week begins with the Moon in Aquarius conjunct Saturn, which can see a lot of a work to do and a lot of new things to adapt to. With Venus trine Uranus, and both Venus and Mercury conjunct Pluto, but Mercury not quite reaching Pluto before it stations retrograde on Thursday, this highlights powerful changes and even upgrades being made. In some instances, power dynamics in relationships may need a sea change, so that negative patterns are no longer repeated. In others, Mercury’s backtrack represents a process of adjustment to a series of creative changes that represent major upgrades and strides towards progress. The end of December can see some power moves that open up new possibilities that may take some getting used to, even if they’re ultimately beneficial. For some, this can be a labor of love.


The Moon enters Pisces at 2:34 AM PST, to square Mars Rx in Gemini while sextile the Sun in Capricorn and semisquare Venus and Mercury. This mathscape is creative and experimental in nature, but with a purpose or end goal in mind. The Sun, Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn are ambitious, determined, and goal oriented, while the Moon in Pisces square Mars is creative, adaptable, whimsical and excited, almost as if it’s got something up it’s sleeve. There can be inspiration, excitement, and imagination fused together with an enterprising spirit. The Moon goes on to sextile Uranus, seeing even more imaginative and experimental energy enter the fore. Today can see some interesting twists, and something can take us by surprise. These configurations are great for creative endeavors of all kinds and can see new ideas emerge around what’s possible. New visions can be tested out over the coming days. The Pisces lunation is a bit sleepy, but the square to Mars calls for activity, so there can be a bit of energetic overwhelm to navigate, but in either case, the day can see inspired initiatives and creative innovations in the works. 


The Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Juno while trine Pallas, makes inspiring sextile’s to Venus and Mercury in Capricorn. This can see imagination fuse with reality in a productive way. There can be constructive meetings or conversations today, or it can be easier to see the possibilities contained within certain situations, dynamics, or projects. Support from behind the scenes can pay off, and there can be strategic advancements.  Mercury and Venus sextile Neptune and conjunct Pluto can see behind the scenes creative endeavors, partnerships, talks, money moves, or projects that can shift things significantly and change the playing field considerably. In the very least, there are things in the works that stand to really make an impact. The Moon sextile’s Pluto as the day wears on, and it can feel like a whole new ballpark is being entered into, which is apropos considering the New Year is right around the corner. This can see the year closing out on a bit of a climactic note, with the feeling that much has been achieved, but Mercury’s backtrack will see a need to consolidate achievements and work out the kinks in new arrangements.


Mercury stations retrograde at 1:32 AM PST, and the Moon enters action oriented Aries at 2:36 AM PST while conjunct Jupiter and square the Sun. There is a lot of optimism around new initiatives, projects, dynamics, or a new era that has been kicked off. There’s also a lot of discipline, responsibility or work involved. Mercury stationing retrograde in Capricorn provides an opportunity to get things right going into the new year to get the most out of new structures or agreements set into place. Of course there can be some technical or communication glitches to work out, but there is a lot of promise here. Today can see enthusiasm and excitement around new potentials, and a feeling of growth and expansion. The Moon conjoins Chiron and forms a sextile to Mars while semisquare Saturn as the day wears on, signifying the importance of timing around certain initiatives. There can be compassion and sensitivity, as well as a feeling of vulnerability, but this is a “feel the fear and do it anyway” kind of atmosphere. The planets in Capricorn are ambitious and driven, and the Moon in Aries has enthusiasm to spare. 


The Moon squares Mercury, Venus, and eventually Pluto, while sextile Saturn, and this can see a lot of pressure to succeed. Early on, the Moon is still conjunct Chiron, which can see a certain sentimentality or sensitivity as the day begins. As we reach the afternoon and early evening hours, these configurations are seemingly all business. There is a certain grit here that can really knuckle down to a task, with a keen eye on seeing results. This math can also equally see some intense discussions or negotiations on the table to sort out or get to the bottom of. For some, this can see the completion of projects in the works, with an intense amount of focus and determination. With all of these planets in Capricorn, something solid and concrete can be the result of hard work and consistency. There is a focus here on achievement, and a new era can be unlocked as we approach the new year. This is an incredibly driven and ambitious mathscape. There may be an almost obsessive fixation on something, or in the very least, getting something completed or making something happen. This is the kind of math that can see people working themselves into the ground on something. Talks, news, commerce, collaborative projects, and communications are also highlighted, with a bent towards reaching breakthroughs or milestones.


It’s the final day of 2022, and the Moon is void of course at 4:44 AM, seeing a point of reflection after dynamic efforts. The Moon enters easy going and sensual Taurus at 9:08 AM PST, to trine the Sun in Capricorn. This can see a pinnacle being reached, and New Years Eve can see a turning point to celebrate. The Moon conjoins Uranus as the day wears on, which can see excitement in the air, and there may be some surprises or reveals to anticipate which have been the result of a lot of hard work. Venus and Pluto are exactly conjunct at 27 degrees, which can see an intensity permeating relationships, friendships, desires, money situations, ambitions, or creative projects. There’s an obsessiveness and raw power here that can be immensely productive if used constructively, but there can also be elements of intimidation or a hint of the taboo permeating the atmosphere. These configurations can also see some intense and compelling attractions and/or some creative or financial breakthroughs. Transformation, advancement and up-leveling is the dominating theme.  Venus and Pluto together are a deadly serious, sultry, and unstoppable combo. Sometimes Venus and Pluto can highlight taboo desires or relationships, or major transformations via a merging of energies. Intense power dynamics, power disparities, or an interchanging of dominant and submissive roles can factor into certain dynamics. In either case, Venus conjunct Pluto makes people extremely driven about getting what they want and achieving certain goals, positions, breakthroughs, or milestones.  The Moon in Taurus brings a touch of luxury and indulgence to the New Years celebrations. 

SUN JAN 1 2023

With the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon (exalted) in Taurus both in aspect to Uranus, it can certainly feel like a new year. It doesn't really kick off until March, which brings with it some palpable shifts. Right now, there is a focus on creative breakthroughs or milestone moments. The Moon forms trine’s to both the Sun and Mercury, which can see a certain level of satisfaction around progress that has been made. The Moon conjunct Uranus goes on to square Saturn while trine Mercury, which can highlight creative problem solving and planning ahead. Today’s configurations hint at taking in all the progress that has been made in 2022, with an eye towards making even greater strides in 2023. With Mercury retrograde escorting us into the new year, the way in which we have leveled up, or certain milestones that have been reached can give us a new vantage point and a new perspective on how to proceed, and how best to maximize the potentials available from these new vistas. May your year ahead be filled with blessings, happiness, love, and abundance.


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